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 Date: Saturday
03:41 AM
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The branch on Limonite and Clay in Riverside is best to be avoided. Long wait times(manager inept at staffing) and arbitrary holds they are unwilling to over-ride where other branches have no issues.Closing my account and going elsewhere along with my children (5) they are now on the same level of hell with Bof A....
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 EntryNo: 3762
 Date: Friday
02:33 PM
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 Date: Thursday
06:31 PM
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Recall THIS:

SJPD has been number-dropping my police reports and updates, in aggressive, seditious, illegal constructions, to enable and abet any related fraud, like Wells Fargo conversions of trusts, like mine, with any rackets in support of eventually fatal elder abuse, SO AS TO CO-INCITE THE ENTIRE ORLANDO MASSACRE TREND, but the Steinle murder, Middleton murder, other infamous cold cases, and STATE v. BROCK TURNER are of HADJINGS, where the court knew, should have known, or DA Rosen arranged for enough collusion, to suppress the material facts, so here he is, sleazing with Judge Persky.

Like Ladoris Cordell, he is fudging and hedging, to minimize damage he has caused, in large part, WHILE EVADING REVIEW, FOR YOU AND HIMSELF, as you all get PAID.


You hate ME, no fooling! I am where AC-DC through ZZ Top copped chops and defrauded the rest of the world, and you don't seem to mind the distortion or how deadly it can get, when you ripp me and distort the markets, ON WHICH I MUST DEPEND, TO BREATHE, EAT, SLEEP, and damn you for failing to tune up new guitars, so kids suck at guitar, while they think Whammer Jammer is a harp tune. NO IT IS NOT, little girls.

Like all J.Geils and Halen and anything alphabetized, it copped from my Gibson MM1 or Danny Garcia's old busted JP death-axe, OR THE ROLLING STOLENS FINISH, BY GET YOUR YA-YA's out, AND the booting of good musician Brian Jones, for plagiarists, hired to overproduce what I was playing, at CAL, in the 1970s.

Donald James Trump knows he owes, over five business lives, but it's INDIRECT and nasty, since we both hate punks and any kind of noises, off, and look how he had to dump that great little reality show gig, when he could have run the world, from THERE.

If he lives, he can go back to reality, which here demands special prosecutors.

BUT NOT FALSE-FLAG BOB MUELLER III, who trashed ME, in re CR9 087, and then the FBI, so 911 ate world, and mind how well the Niners do, Eags or not.

YOU DO NOT GET TO KEEP MUELLER AND BEER IN THE SAME ROOM, new-school kiddies, who don't have a DAILY CALIFORNIAN, for anyone to actually read. Your BANG papers stink, and I think CAL deserves a lot of the blame, for conspiracy to undermine general and political media, so the regents should now fail or get prosecuted, HARD.

THE REGENTS OF UC AND ANY PUNK, APOSTATE SCHOOL-GEEKS FAIL AT MASTERY OF BASIC MEDIA OR COMMUNICATION OF THESE SKILLS, and so the scam to replace surveillance of smart kids for Viet Nam corporations is replaced by surveillance over smart FOREIGN kids, paying outrageous tuition, so we natives should go enlist.

But there was the Pat Tillman tragedy, ALREADY. Whether this was Pat, finding out about GW Bush and sedition, so he said something, and that said to perps, here's an NFL SAFETY, out of order, in US Army Ranger uni and occupation, and WHAT, he gets .50 for 40, and NOBODY NOTICES that Iraq is out-of-order, but when you hide Mueller, and he comes BACK, and you suppress every bit of information and material fact media, SINCE MUELLER HAD SOME INVESTIGATIONS HALTED, BY MURDERING FBI AGENTS, so Rudy Giuliani could work to this very day, knowing how well his budget limits on communications spending could translate, to all those tower casualties, all at once?

Rudy looks and sounds great, for a dead man, walking, getting Tweety 45 money.

Tweety 45 tried to lose the 2016 US Presidential election, likely knowing SJPD was co-inciting the entire Orlando Massacre TREND, with Co.Santa Clara, Wells Fargo, et al, so as to gather he might be a three-year-and-OUT President, which R.I.P.s him at 74, since no rioting punks can plead, from false standing, accurately enough, to get proceedings.

NOT GONNA. And I found out that SJPD has been number-dropping my updated reports, since 17-284-9731 M.Boyer 3016 SJPD gave me a card, which I found an hour ago, which an officer replaced, with "1-1-", leading to the dropped files!

Which I did NOT know, since 2017, but SJPD and any swatters, since they figured out I was updating 2017, headed "1-1" WERE SUPPRESSING THE LAS VEGAS TREND, IN ISLAMIST ACTS. It's RAMADAN 2018. See any problems with upcoming sentencing?

YOU MAY BE HARD OF HEARING, is my first impression. You let SJPD and Sheriff play me, since this, and THEN SJPD prevented me from entering City Council special session re IPA/SJ Aaron Zisser and his fabulous continuance of all misconduct and evasion of review, since a cover-up is blatant, to include all local agents and corporations, FOR ANY REVISION THE EMPOWERED UNITED STATES SHALL ORDER, my treat.

You either LET punk courts D48/23/24/61 deliberately injure me, in collusion with Wells Fargo, converting the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, so there's no APS or Public Guardian, AND I am easily prevented from expungement, due for 19 years when Gina Gold recanted, due particularly since fraud issues and aggravates from this travesty, THE ENTIRE DURATION, and so, Nikolas Cruz the Mujahid in Broward was 19 years old, and I should be down Highway 17, in an SUV, not necessarily the Hyundai Santa Fe.

I prefer what KIA is doing, with DGI. If it's a Ford, get techie-turbo to go with that salvageable valve-tech stuff, or hey. DGI, and run cooler. But Wells Fargo is calling shots, here, so SJPD need not report, and yesterday, I was told to wait for HOURS, to report, when I found out officers had been number-dropping my updates, so the FBI lets pussywillow suits pretend I NEVER SENT IN REPORTS ABOUT I.S. TRENDS, since Bataclan gave the Filipinos a clue to finish me off or get whacked.

Filipinos are all over this because they have a few smart Catholics, and a load of RETARDS, too dense to make out with any surviving Caucasians, since I borrow a brain, if mine gets fuzzy, and SS be hatin'.

The last smart Filipino I met was ELMER BANGALISAN. Banging at San Antonio Manor, right before I arrived in 2010, in illegal SMCo. custody, from their collusion with Wells Fargo, Elmer was a soldier-athlete, who also told me he did taipan-protection in NYC when 911 rained down, so what was he doing at San Antonio Manor in 2010-2015?

ELMER WAS FILIPINO COP AND ARMY SWAT, and on Mindanao, with PPI sf, he got shot, and he learned that when BATACLAN happened, that was HI, ELMER FUDD, from Islamic State, since most Filipinos were too stupid to stay away from ME, after that.

You are someone special, or leave me be. The punks missed the FUKUSHIMA message, so this keeps happening because local fraudsters know my family helped worsen the situation with bushi-do, by the time Obama kept both Holder AND Mueller, with Holder the mush letting the FBI abuse me and a class, abetted by Mueller and perps, like him, who trashed FBI on Atta, for Bush, so Mohammed boarded, crashed, and passed $21 trillion US debt, and look how fast it gets way up there, from $6 trillion, 9/11/01.

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 EntryNo: 3760
 Date: Sunday
08:03 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Victor Ing
Mozilla United States of America
I have been a Wells customer for a few years since they came into our market....recently, I applied for a home equity loan...my credit score is between 800 and 850 and after a month...they turned me down....I went in the other day to get a notary...they told me they would notarize..only after I bring in my witnesses....their employees would not witness my notary...I closed out my account and they charged me penalties...they are the worst and I was the best customer
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 EntryNo: 3759
 Date: Friday
08:22 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.181 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
ALERT! Connected to recent Islamist violence, WELLS FARGO has prevented my move to Santa Cruz, abetted by State of California, Co.Santa Clara, San Jose, Mtn.View, Palo Alto, et al in collusion to convert the Robert S. Gaebler SNT and any other property for illegal taking.

SJPD just turned me away from Tuesday 5/22/18 SJ City Council review of Independent Police Audito Aaron Zisser's statement to council, which swatted me in Dec.2917, to precede Sheriff/SCCo. refusing burglary in progress. 2/13/18, KNOWING THEY DIRECTLY VIOLATED MY FATWA, KNOWN TO THEM SINCE THE LENNON KILLING, but by Santana Row fire 2002, law enforcement knew injuring me might trigger attacks, A LOT OF THEM.


The reported arrests of molesters of 9-y.o. girls are two, at the same time, as we pass day nine of RAMADAN 2018, month nine, of hijrah, which started May 15 to last through June 14, 2018.




Like will get the out-of-order athletes into guns or control they all cannot have, in any satisfactory way.

Don't plan, if it makes brain hurt.

Wells Fargo takes immediate direct advantage of all fraud opportunities.


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 EntryNo: 3758
 Date: Thursday
02:13 AM
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I had my mortgage with them for 15 years without ever being late on one single payment. Once I got laid off from my job. I got behind 3 months. I called them asking for help. They wouldn't even put the payments I was behind at the end of the mortgage. They wouldn't help me at all. Eventually they repossessed the house. Luckily the people who ended up purchasing it rented it to us until I was able to repurchase it myself. It took only 4 months for them to repossess it. I was given the shaft at every point. I will never do business with them again. And, I will inform everyone I know about them.
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 EntryNo: 3757
 Date: Saturday
03:27 PM
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One of thousands of e-mails to Wells Fargo VP Lani Dalrymple SNT Seattle, choking out the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, so I'm a suppressed material witness, held from a thousand injured courts, with this moniker git, 'anonymous' spamming, to compete:


You still aren't sending a routing number account so I can easily
self-house at Five55 Pacific in Santa Cruz, obviously the easiest,
Seattle, to injured parties, ALL OVER THE WORLD.

So punks come up to me and do dirt, RIGHT AWAY.

The shooting in Texas was about you -BADWORD-s should buy me a Hyundai
SANTA FE Sport 2.0 L turbo and -BADWORD- OFF, to let me move myself, down
Highway 17.

This happened because VERLID, with Mylah Spears wanted to test the
fatwa I allege his boss and other connected females deliberately

Without a spec of interdiction, from anybody! Whoop-whoop, other clowns.

Will Joe and JOE think you are funny, at the summer concerts that don't get hit?

On 5/16/18, bobgnote <bobgnote@gmail.com> wrote:
> Lani,
> I will contact A-1, somehow, today, and they will get something to you,
> asap.
> You need to get it to Irene that her Filipinos are going to get
> interdicted, severely, IF they think like you do, that you should
> simply enrage me and then try to come back.
> It's been a year, for Ramses Puno and Mila Alleria. THAT'S ENOUGH

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 EntryNo: 3756
 Date: Thursday
10:24 PM
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Wells Fargo altered documents about business clients

by Matt Egan @MattEganCNN
May 17, 2018: 12:59 PM ET

These companies are trying to win back your trust

Wells Fargo recently discovered that some workers altered documents about business customers, raising new concerns about the embattled bank's internal system of checks-and-balances.
The improper activity took place in 2017 and early 2018 and was brought to light by multiple Wells Fargo (WFC) employees who alerted management, a person familiar with the matter told CNNMoney.

The document altering happened in Wells Fargo's business banking group, which caters to medium-sized businesses with annual sales of $5 million to $20 million.

A Wells Fargo investigation found that some employees may have broke with procedure when they changed forms that are required by anti-money laundering laws, the person said. So far, the probe found the employees were not trying to hurt customers or falsify data, the person said.

Wells Fargo has been trying -- and largely failing -- to turn the page on a series of scandals that have rocked the bank for the past 20 months and led to unprecedented sanctions.
News of the document altering, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, drove Wells Fargo shares down nearly 2%.
A Wells Fargo spokesman acknowledged in a statement on Thursday that "some" employees were "not following proper procedures in the filling out of required customer forms."
"No customers were negatively impacted, no data left the company and no products and services were sold," Wells Fargo said.

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Wells Fargo notified regulators at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency about the matter and the agency is investigating, the person said.

The OCC said it does not comment on supervisory matters related to specific banks.

The Wells Fargo document altering took place as its business banking group had been racing to meet a June 30 deadline from the OCC to fix anti-money-laundering problems, the Journal reported.

In 2015, the OCC ordered Wells Fargo to clean up "critical internal control deficiencies" in the business banking group related to due diligence and customer risk assessment.
Federal laws require banks to know who their customers are and report suspicious activity, such as potential terrorism financing and money laundering, to the government.
It's not the first time Wells Fargo has been accused of improper activity with its business clients. A lawsuit filed last year alleged Wells Fargo's merchant services division ripped off vulnerable mom-and-pop businesses on credit card fees.

Wells Fargo has sought to fix internal problems that allowed the fake-accounts scandal to fester for many years. The bank eliminated sales goals, centralized monitoring systems, launched an ethics office and encouraged employees to speak up about bad behavior they witness.

"Over the past several months we've built more robust internal processes that reinforce our values," Wells Fargo said in the statement. "If we find any situations where behavior violates those values, we take swift action to correct."

Related: Wells Fargo owes $97 million to California workers
The latest bad news for Wells Fargo comes at a difficult time.
Last week, Wells Fargo signaled that the Federal Reserve is unlikely to lift huge sanctions on the bank until next year. The Fed penalties, instituted in February for "widespread consumer abuses," prohibit the bank from growing its balance sheet until it cleans up its act.

Jerome Powell, chairman of the Fed, also agreed to a request from Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren that a public vote by top Fed officials will determine whether Wells Fargo's penalties are lifted.
Analysts said that elevating the Fed's Wells Fargo decision to the level of the top decisionmakers could extend the bank's stay in the penalty box.
"There needs to be an extended period -- measured in months -- without any new controversies at the bank before the Federal Reserve is likely to consider lifting the cap," Jaret Seiberg, financial services analyst at Cowen Washington Research Group, wrote to clients last week.

Wells Fargo recently launched an ad campaign aimed at regaining the trust of customers that has been lost during the scandals.

"Wells Fargo can't advertise itself out of these problems," said Stephen Beck, founder of management consulting firm cg42. "It needs to fundamentally change its approach to governance and put customers back at the center of its business."

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 Date: Friday
03:13 PM
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Safari United States of America
Wells Fargo needs to follow the Deutsche Bank model.

https://www.bloomberg.com/ne ws/articles/201 5-10/at-deutsche-bank-s-u-s- unit-anxiety-grows-as-ax-sta rts-to-fall

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 Date: Thursday
06:33 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko mike
Mozilla United States of America
Received a reimbursement check from Media, written on a wells-fargo check. I do not have an account at wells-fargo. (does not matter) WELLS-FARGO refused to cash my $125.00 check. I had all the proper identification. The "manager" went on a diatribe about checks being "out there" for 7 years..I asked why that was my problem? All I want is my check cashed. REFUSED! DISCIMINATED AGAINST! Yes, wells fargo banksters suck, but I will add, DINOSAUR DICK!
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