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 EntryNo: 3471
 Date: Wednesday
05:12 PM
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http://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/ 14/wells-fargo-being-investi gated-by-federal-prosecutors -dj-citing-sources.html

Average Joes need to pull their money out of this bank. NOW

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 EntryNo: 3470
 Date: Wednesday
02:05 PM
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FALLOUT — Dimon on actions taken: “We replaced the management team responsible for the losses, we invoked comprehensive clawbacks of previously granted awards and/or repayment of previously vested awards for those with primary responsibility (more than $100 million was recaptured), we reduced or eliminated compensation for a group of employees, and your Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer saw their compensation reduced by the Board as a result of this embarrassing episode.” http://bit.ly/ZiChZ0
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 EntryNo: 3469
 Date: Tuesday
03:08 PM
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Bob Gaebler has been Wells Fargo Bank's security for years and on other boards as a distraction of problems fcing the bank for the last decade.

As an ex-employee I was told to SELL CREDIT BUT ONLY DO CASH MANAGEMENT.
Isn't that called "bait and switch"?

Regards Bob

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 EntryNo: 3468
 Date: Monday
07:57 PM
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My experience with Wellsfargo has been a bad one because I have recently had Identity theft activity on my account there where someone went into my account and put in false charges in which Wellsfargo took my own moneys out and left my account in a negative standing when I tried to dispute this activity and retrieve my funds no one at the main branch or the 1800-number were very helpful. I have never had such a bad experience with a bank before in my life and I am a retired city worker on a fixed income. If anyone knows what I can do please email me, Thank you.
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 EntryNo: 3467
 Date: Sunday
09:12 PM
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Sharkey and courts of the future, cross-contaminated by instant C1634718 D61 SCC:

I have seen this Judge Manley before, at hearing. He must account for about 40 habeas petitions and a 2254 or four, without ONE lousy hearing, but all dismissed, illegally or subverted, illegally.

You racketeer, with the DA, PDO, Sheriff, courts, clerk, and any pervert who washes into court, like IRENE BELL KEENAN, who had no business finding out my last two appearances AND -BADWORD-ting her way into a court so illegal it has a punk bailiff watching the non-inmate side, for persons being set up, since a set-up is how a punk bailiff will be on the weak side post, while the setters do their punk, away from me, thinking to avoid distracting procedings.

But no. You and Irene had in mind more distractions, than ever, with more distortion, in collusion, pleaded before an illegal court, ignoring how its sedition will take away all things, in time.

All possessions will be ceded by a court of fraud and incitement, which reaches contempt, in all officers, to all other courts in session and those erroneously closed, without rehab.

Judge Manley must know what you and the DA and Irene were all up to, last D23.


Your disgusting set-up is effective, you got punk DA spies all involved, during a known fraud, given Dr.Yen is known to respond with gross, aggravated perjury, to a tainted D23's usual subornation because Dr.Yen is a fraud, which cannot read, write, or understand simple English, well enough to be on a jury, but he is charged with illegally distorting modern law and motions, while in contempt, in several courts, knowingly seditious, since he's a crook, from TAIWAN.

D23 Andrea J. Flint has AGGRAVATED INTENT TO INJURE, whatever you think happens, Sharkey. Whatever. Like stubbed toes, or IEDs, or shootouts, or what.

WHATEVER. You seem to have incited some of it, by now because there really was a fatwa, around FAST, and YOU DID NOT REPORT, BUT YOU DISTORT.

Get another e-mail over here, about med-court and Manley, or don't show up.

I will be handing your number in, with a lot of others, but you are featured, this Calbar, while Flint will feature in any Judicial Council report.

Manley I've been before, Sharkey. He needs to know you do victim-witness intimidation and run off, with your thumb up your butthole, squeeking, like a little, 6'6" mousie.

Or you can respond, and give me information, to prepare for court. Whaddya say, -BADWORD-?

And I need Lani Dalrymple, head up skirt 40 floors up at 999 3rd Ave. to get that Subaru and residence thing all fixed up, really sweet!

A LOT sweeter, since you tried to use me to engage Hadj, you did it, you tried to hide this, you queered into Ramadan, AND YOU INCITED THE ORLANDO MASSACRE TREND, more than anyone, Lani Dalrymple, now joined by Sharkey, at continuing to offend Islam by face.

As in your face is really bad, this morning, Lani, Wells, and Sharkey.

But then, Abaaoud at Bataclan would not have featured Henry Wells as eventual sighting, 72 virgins later.

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 EntryNo: 3466
 Date: Saturday
06:08 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Lani and observers,

Irene and Thompson Sharkey, the attorney assigned in error are both in contempt and evading review, for direct contempts in the presence of a sitting judge in a court, in session.

So you need to get me another Shittermediary or whatever it is you say about Irene.

She does NOT come back here, now.

Thompson Sharkey and Irene are both agents provocateurs, in your and several employments.

So they both attempt to distract and annoy me, any time they are with me.

This includes BEFORE COURT, when Thompson Sharkey hadn't done his e-mails, and this appearance he started right up, trying to get me over to where the DA was listening, then to start up the usual row, over his contempt and abuse, instantly.

I had to shut them both up, BEFORE Sharkey got to me about moving to Santa Cruz and how he was intending to argue before the court, the un-brokered issue that I might be remanded, illegally, while in his illegal custody.

Then we went in, and Irene would not converse, but to distract.

When it came time for Sharkey to talk, I had to gather Irene, IN COURT, away from the prisoners in red because we are not to distract those, but opposite the bailiff to the right of the court, Irene waved her hand in my face, to distract and annoy the court and me, while refusing to take my keys and drink, then resisting the information as to their use.

The bailiff came over to threaten to remove me from court.

This is what happened, when I filed, on 9/14/16, when the clerk would not access a stapler, and a punk with an ear-stud abused me and called a deputy, to hang at me as I loaded my stapled habeas documents, which this D23 fraud then denied, ex parte, for the 1368 PC report, WHICH WILL BRING ISLAMISTS, TO YOU.

Your guilt is aggravated, before a Sharia counsel.

Your intent to engage Muslims and violate a known fatwa is aggravated.

You deny, yet you continue to offend.

So the unseen but active insurgency migrates toward us, in the western USA, from YOU AND YOUR DELIBERATE INJURIES TO ME AND OTHER MUSLIMS.

And there's the matter of your contempt and evasion of review, in a thousand sitting courts, affected by your contempt in SCC Super Court and USDC.

Whichever review issues penalty hearings FIRST will carry out a sentence.

I wonder who the -BADWORD- will do THAT, Lani Dalrymple with 13 letters, in your guilty name!

So as usual, any local cops are in Bcc.

You are too wicked GUILTY, to continue, but here you are, so you riot and incite, with aggravated intent and culpability, with a deadly Sharia review, underway and rolling.

Without any notice, from a court. Whee. Catch up with reality all at once, Lani.

But then, you do get to waste us by riding elevators up 40 floors in a doomed building.

And then you get paid, by perps, to be a perps, and you evade review. Whee, Lani.

Then you do vacays, plural.

And your boss, Nancy Aldritt is on permanent vacay, right?

However, you are now contemnors in Co.Santa Clara, and respect this by replacing Irene.

She got the deputy over to see me, to hinder key issues, in a court, where like all other places I've been, where she just wanted to show up, she incited a riot, not mere argument.

And our county is not getting it, about FAST or fatwa.

You are thereby enabled to evade and be a stupid shit, about your incitements to riot, which have turned out really deadly, all the way to MASS MURDER and special circumstances for you and your posse, for holding me up from Santa Cruz, this way, for years, while your false process rolls me around.

But yes, -BADWORD-, you are now a Sharia counsel subject, in the western USA, and although you concealed you were seeking this and death, for others, you remain.

And although Sharia review waits for your further violation of law, it assesses your incitement to riot much more quickly and efficiently, than the courts of fraud, funded by illegally interested and for public removal all Wells Fargo N.A. rioters and inciters, for cause and for all death penalty reviews, for profiteers, inciting deadly riot, for discovery.

Pull Irene, or there's an instant problem, LANI DALRYMPLE.

She likes inane banter with Thompson Sharkey, your fellow Irish punk contemnor too much, for her good, here, right before and during a hostile court of fraud.


Allahu Akhbar.

I'm a Muslim.

Pick up your goddamned game, you -BADWORD- lezzie. You got Teq Moultrie murdered.

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 EntryNo: 3465
 Date: Thursday
08:11 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Sue
Mozilla United States of America
Wells Fargo will not re affirm a home loan after a bankruptcy. They said they will not sell the loan either. They will not let it show up on the credit report if it is being paid or not. They want the house back but they said they will not make me move.... WOW.... I owe less then what it is worth. What -BADWORD- holes.... they don't want my loan but they don't want to show anyone who is paying on the house either... I guess it is time to get a new loan.... not with them... they bought my loan in the first place... what jerks...
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 EntryNo: 3464
 Date: Thursday
05:18 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

Thompson Sharkey and Irene Bell Keenan met me before court in D23 Andrea J. Flint, 190 W.Hedding St.San Jose 95110 at 9 AM, Th.9/15/16, for the badly skewed, unfavorable 1368 PC report by the culpable Dr.Yen, now a direct contemnor, with Irene Bell Keenan of Palo Alto, Lani Dalrymple and Wells Fargo's deeply contaminated indirect contemnor, in several courts, affected, but now Irene and Lani and Wells Fargo are direct contemnors in re Gaebler matters, in all courts and USDC, for discovery.

Irene and attorney Sharkey wasted our small time, before court, including Irene's opinions of no grounding, into which Sharkey was relatively businesslike, but he intended contempt shall yield deadly sedition, for discovery in the several courts.

Sharkey may have been dismayed by his co-conspirator from Wells Fargo because Irene is from the UK, and she has no business, in a court of fraud, to advance fraud, as the small toe, of a vast criminal RICO, at riot and incitement, around the world.

Thanks, Wells Fargo! Not just Obama, but thanks, W/F.

Wells Fargo was affecting us since Abaaoud's selfies, after Bataclan, before he died in a Paris raid.

Wells Fargo appointed Lani Dalrymple as closer, of the RSG SNT, to make sure I did not get to Santa Cruz, but stayed in San Jose, to be murdered, after a bad but livable Mtn.View time.

Public safety notwithstanding, Thompson Sharkey, the court, the DA, the Sheriff as bailiff, and Irene did perpetrate victim-witness intimidation, to deny habeas out-of-hand, in D23, to spite three filings and a previous out-of-hand denial for Ben Stewart PDO, so now Sharkey attempted to illegally coerce me to not tell Dr.Yen Islamists have a review and it is already deadly, to ground recovery, against Yen and his co-conspirators, while AQ is not likely to be REALLY dormant, AT ALL, despite thanks, Obama.

So he's not very wary, and he perjured, directly lying that I was agitated or appeared this, while I deserved to be agitated, from betrayal by all courts and officers, revealed a moment before the illegal interview, by the interested court and doctor.

Sharkey showed me the non-specific information, with no allegations by the DA, but rather, an incomplete, skewed investigation by SJPD and the DA, to suborn perjury from Ali Sabankaya, when his father Semih, the owner of The Contemporary Victorians was a better witness, with David Silva HHS/SCC who both arranged for me to stay, after I gave notice, so SJPD could let me be repeatedly attacked, until murdered, but this failed.

Yen knew SJPD, VTA, and the county were sponsoring attacks on my person, up and down the VTA line, for months, starting in March and continuing yesterday, Wed.9/14, after I filed the suppressed third habeas corpus C1634718, when I attempted to board a delayed Mtn.View LR at Component, when a young black man approached, to solicit a fight from me, right on the platform, seen by cameras but ignored.

The young attacker continued to wave his hands and challenge, until I boarded the Mtn.View LR, but a bike-rider was lodged in the foyer, so I had to tell him to move, with the attacker, threatening me, from behind, on camera.

The operator did what VTA does a lot, jolted me as soon as a bad start would probably cause me to pitch forward and fall, with the attacker joined, by the apparent gang sentry, neglected by VTA, which lets gangs take positions, usually, including in driver's seats.

Only AFTER I red-buttoned AND we stopped at the next stop AND the attacker gave up, and stuck his hand in the door, to delay our departure, while he was challenging me, all on camera was finally the subject of the driver coming out and offering me a chance to talk to the Sheriff, hiding all this from interested but continuing D23 and now D61 med court, SCC Super Ct.crim division, in fabulously unreviewed contempt and aggravated sedition.

Yes, IS really did go off on the 49ers, in Orlando, while AQ really will be mad at you, and I am asking fellow Muslims to come forward, with attorney talent, especially with expertise and a USDC practice, to help chill your riot and incitement, lest you injure by deliberate affront, to me or any other Muslim you are deliberately injuring.

And Sharkey really DID tell me to not tell Yen AQ is up his -BADWORD-, but sorry doc. Sharkey bites, and THEN he sucks. It's a disgusting habit, but he's also an attorney getting sassy at me, to intimidate, which he knows is illegal.

Yen lied about my disposition, and he in aggravated contempt concealed I told him the information was non-specific as to both laws violated AND alleged acts, and yet he concealed this material fact and lied, to aggravate his contempt and actual Sharia profile.

WHAT BAD WORDS, eh? Bad, bad words!

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 EntryNo: 3463
 Date: Wednesday
06:39 PM
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When I worked at Wells Fargo Bank the motto was sell the cash management and forget the commercial loans. In my opinion it was bait and switch to the borrrower.
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 EntryNo: 3462
 Date: Tuesday
06:42 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; SM-G925V Build/MMB29K) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/52.0.2743.98 Mobile Safari/537.36 Holly Udell
Safari United States of America
The mortgage company strung me along for over 18 months for a modification which ended up adding$10,000 in principle and fees, refused to lower my interest rate and just played a cat and mouse paperwork game with me after losing my high paying management job in 2014. I personally want the bank executives held accountable and prosecuted for the FRAUD they committed to myself and countless others. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Bureau as well as my state senator against them. If any of us did what this bank knowingly did to hard working non millionaires we would have the book thrown at us. I want to see them sink like the Titanic taking all those responsible with it to the depths of hell where those snakes deserve it. Karma baby Karma!!!
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