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 EntryNo: 3710
 Date: Tuesday
10:39 PM
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https://www.consumeraffairs. com/finance/wells_fargo.html

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 EntryNo: 3709
 Date: Sunday
09:02 PM
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Hardcore Henry is hella movie.

One reason it's hot is the SF Giants are always trying to suck a big old jet airliner into AT&T, over collusion, including with WELLS FARGO, to profiteer, including to have all the ripoff rock punks over to games, POST-FUKUSHIMA.


I just found out that's all about ME, and YOU KNEW, when Tim was on the mound, so Flan had to go, etc.


You deserve to die, for racketeering, in a way that caused 911 and got Mueller up for making it happen, and then Barry and Balco got in the way of discovery, and now there's GIRLS, with their hands in their coots, and cell-phones app'd, to Gloria, but I will accept reorganization and a settlement, including for racketeering at me over the million in the -BADWORD- Robert S. Gaebler SNT, but YOU GO DOWN, who is on the dodge, and too big, also TOO FAT, TO FLY, knowing my fatwa, better than I know it, inc.


In the long run? MLB is on the dodge, and the Giants at AT&T may be the worst racketeers.

The lot of you are on the dodge AND looking for blood trouble, when the magic fails!

Lakers AND all lost, since G let Bill Walton hang, and it turns out?

FUKUSHIMA is about all those AC-ZZ gits and the Dead ripping my guitar, with AT&T implicated, with Budokan protocols violated, Lennon shot, Leningrad bombed, cops and FBI 69ing BIG TIME, but not taking reports, AND YOU FOOLS LET METALLICA IN THE HOUSE, AGAIN AND AGAIN, while Bill Walton ranted up, but Fukushima happened, when I'd been forced back from Berkeley to Mtn.View to cover Faces hits, while Rod Stewart did HOT LEGS TOUR, on my 1970s playing, AND YOU JUST LET KATE STEINLE GET MURDERED BY HADJ, who knew THEN that Wells Fargo would dump me in San Jose, AND that I am where ALL of AC-ZZ ripped, AND this includes significant Stones, Ramones, DEAD, and believe it, they found out about The Sex Pistols, BIG FOOLS.

Luke and Bill went back down, where Lakers play TCB by BTO, with their business partners.

BAD IDEA, BIG FOOLS! I am a pre-Haas CAL B.S. with an accounting emphasis, neglected in the several injured courts, while Sharia grounds are explored, by honor killings, at me, since Boston Bombing, AND YOU TRADED BACK FOR PABLO, meatwads, with Akayad Ullah being about Polo Sandoval and Pablo having a concept AND Jesse is a Starbucks barrista, over here, where I am falsely imprisoned but comfortable, BUT YOU GET HADJ SHOTS, meats.

They are flipping MY guitar, while the Dutch hate Muslims too much, for whacking where punks like Eddie Van Halen play, with Edge likely getting his feed from the same Judeo-Catholic OC sources, who made sure Atta got on the planes and crashed, so we all have to listen to Dutch shit, made from Logan Act-RICO violations, by -BADWORD- NATO-RICO perps, who also rip the Stones and all of AC-ZZ, here.

As plagiarists and plagiarism go? Don't know why I'd play like this, again. It's wussy pop with top end. Petty plays another genre of no-lead pop-shit, which is B-pop, ripped from my guitar, usually the Gibby but sometimes way back to Danny Garcia's busted JP wood.

So there's STEELY DAN, geeks. With all of AC-ZZ ripping MY guitar, while you punks pretend I don't need a bassist and drummer, for 50 years, to keep you queers, from punking my good guitar, to harps, keys, and maybe up to three guitar parts, when you queers have enough time from butthole, alcohol, and drug abuse, to overproduce and fence.

IF this band tours, the shows in Ramadan, May 15 - June 14, 2018 seem dangerous, given ISLAMIC STATE bombed the St.Petersburg, Russia subway, back in April or so. Google.

YOU CAN'T GET ROMANTIC ON A SUBWAY LINE. U2 is punk, and they are plagiarists.

YOU PLAGIARISTS ARE WARNED, REDUNDANTLY, including at Bataclan, where U2 protege EAGLES OF DEATH METAL got hit, big-time.

U2 is risking lives after already helping incite deadly attacks, since you may not come to "America," in your way, now, as rip-offs, supported by other punks, where you stole and fence.

U2 is getting like Ariana Grande, up against a fatwa, to deliberately seek trouble. Expect it.

France is pretty much a no-go, at this point, with UK.

So now, U2 thinks it wants to tour the US, with all the popping not at all stopping!

WHAT PUNKS, to hide danger, while Hadj does honor killings since 2010 to announce an I.S.U.S. presence, and WHO KNEW?

Bono should have, since he has all top showbiz feeds, AND HE LET YOU PUPPIES DIE.

Bet more go, before the show is over, including ALL AT ONCE!

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 EntryNo: 3708
 Date: Friday
08:59 PM
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How come criminals like Greg Gwizdz are not in jail. He lives a luxury life, family thinks he is all that, but he made his money STEALING from the average homeowner. People making ends meet, not like him making over 1million a year. BY STEALING from us.

But yet he prances around like he is superior to the world.

He should be in jail

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 EntryNo: 3707
 Date: Tuesday
01:50 AM
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Mozilla United States of America
I applied for the WF Visa card and was denied. My credit scores are all over 800. So, I called WF to find out why I was denied, and all they could tell me was that I had too many new credit accounts. Most of my cards are over twenty years old, so I am not sure what they are talking about. Oh well, their loss.
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 EntryNo: 3706
 Date: Monday
06:45 PM
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Safari United States of America
I am sure TDBanker is some kind of little moron-mind, in an out-grown, sluggo body, that can't play football well enough, but thug is getting done, isn't it.


The Dutch guy who does this site may have to make an adjustment.

Of course, with the FBI fubaring, ISLAMIC STATE is aware of who you are.

So's Wells Fargo, since you can get them hit or busted or both.

You like attention, like a moron who maybe has like ONE TD, in his entire life, so you can't get over it and throw the damn ball the way it needs.

Since THIS is the end of Wells Fargo, YOU think maybe you want to endorse any of your punk media.

Back way up, for starters.

You are hooking up with people who didn't do concert warnings, and depending on who you are, Banker?


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 EntryNo: 3705
 Date: Friday
09:51 AM
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Safari Pitcairn Islands
TD Banker

I never could get my bank account right because I stopped receiving statements
I will stop by the local credit union later today and set up an account.
I finally came to my senses

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 EntryNo: 3704
 Date: Wednesday
05:14 PM
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Safari United States of America
The reason turds from Los Gatos like 'anonymous' and 'TDBanker' spam this site and mention ME is because they worked the Mueller fraud and simultaneous fraud on court, 1998-2000, and this stood, while Wells Fargo now tries to kill me or finish me off, during conversion of the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, AND YOU CAN GET DEAD, FOR MESSING WITH THIS.

So naturally, the Los Gatos punks into this site have to be connected to the Kapp family and -BADWORD- JJ, a former PDO, getting you killed by ISLAMIC STATE and evading review, locally.

So -BADWORD- 'anonymous' and 'TDBanker' are likely known to me, and they haven't been purged, yet!

Since CAL sucks, I guess.

So Mueller moves from San Mateo punk to bronze star fag trashing ME, to false-flag Bob Mueller, in D.C., with all the punks in the world sucking his dick, with Wells Fargo funding this shit and it's spinning, swirling Jerry Brown riot and incitement flaves.

https://plus.google.com/u/0/ +BobGaebler/posts/U4EkfT2rar R

Excuse me vadges and germs, BUT MUELLER IS WHO BLANKET-TRASHED FBI ON ATTA SO HE COULD BOARD AND CRASH, and then he stayed, into -BADWORD- Obama, so the fresh fuel rods went up on the Tepco reactor roof, and crashed into the core, at FUKUSHIMA-DAIICHI, vadgy thangs and stank!

Time Mag shoots Mueller up to see if he gets WAY up there before dropping like a stone, into the waters, off Hokkaido!

Like NOKO, only from the other direction.

Think Asia buys Mueller, putas y putos?

HOPE is a shiP, so is that what's brown and floats our way?

This dude is a civil RICO whisper-listener, is all. but he gets paid a lot, to front on the downlow for the 911 sedition, so any terrorist at all could get on the damn planes.

MUELLER CAN'T INDICT, or Trump sues his nuts into the US Joint.

Mueller's sedition is easily provable, during relief of usual and rampant sedition. so 911 and then Fukushima are enabled only by Mueller's fiat perpetration, of complex sedition, during conspiracy to violate the Logan Act of 1799, during misconduct profiteering, at misconduct riot.

That the punks into making 911 happen past tight enough surveillance by seditious meddling via Mueller continued past Fukushima indicates more sedition must be rooted or burned out.

Refer to A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, meatles begging beats.

Brown Hadj kills a girl and sets a fire, in California, now.

I.S. beheaded an 11-y.o. Palestinian in Aleppo, among other reasons, to warn of attacks in Palo Alto AND to warn that murderer of Kate Steinle, Jose Garcia-Zarate is a Mujahid, while making faces, like the ones on my Yahoo! profile.


NO SHIT. So your fanny burps at concerts can get dead for Mueller, who was rolling me in a USDC of fraud, in 1998-2000, related to this, and THEN he did the FBI sedition, so 911 ate world.

How about those Niners! Talkin' Jimmy.

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 EntryNo: 3703
 Date: Tuesday
11:57 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Hi perps in the County of Santa Clara, like 'anonymous' and 'TD Banker.'

When I post that Wells Fargo was under ISLAMIC STATE surveillance, and so you Los Gatos cruds into JJ Kapp and his -BADWORD- all night need to lay low.

SINCE KHALFANI MUHAMMAD GRADUATED, which is 2016. You seem unable to comprehend you don't go back to CAL, and you don't go back, to ME, JJ Punks in Los Gatos.


Like when Terry was QB, then Neil, and Neil knew of stealing, during Terry.

So then Merrill Hodge became an icon.

AND IF YOU KAPP=-CONNECTED PUNKS WANT SOME REAL SPECIAL TEAMS? You came to the right murder mystery, turdburgling gits from Los Gatos, punking with the Wells Fargo site, while playing the upcoming CRASH.

Will you live, given you and Wells Fargo let Mueller and abetted him, and then you and Obama punked and queered and so FUKUSHIMA happened, at you?

YOU AND WELLS FARGO MUST BE NEUTRALIZED, KAPP--BADWORD-, begging a sack. Allahu Akhbar, punks.

"Bob Gaebler = Wells Fargo IT Dept.
You and anonymus should move all your accounts to your local credit union"

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 EntryNo: 3702
 Date: Monday
07:17 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SM-G955U Build/NRD90M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.111 Mobile Safari/537.36 TD Banker
Safari United States of America
Bob Gaebler = Wells Fargo IT Dept.
You and anonymus should move all your accounts to your local credit union

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 EntryNo: 3701
 Date: Monday
05:00 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
anonymous, YOU APPEAR TO BEG ISLAMIST EXAMINATION. Stop that for 2018.

Or be known as someone who BEGS distractions in his life, for distracting others, you Wells Fargo SOK.

Now hear THIS!

I am in fact a victim of Wells Fargo kidnapping and false imprisonment, and this anonymous guy is really up a tree in some place, like Los Gatos, relative to his corruption in Co.Santa Clara, where Wells Fargo colluded to drop me off, with a million dollar trust, named after me, all working on the conversion.

So 'anonymous' shows up when I post facts about San Jose or Santa Clara County, GETTING PEOPLE DEAD, by colluding with Wells Fargo, SO MUCH THAT THE FBI AND INFERIOR AGENCIES WILL NOT REPORT OR ISSUE FACTS.

And the CFPB just bonked, on ME, particularly, given Fukushima follows ME, and maybe also anonymous and Wells Fargo, but in different ways, so anonymous is Wells Fargo's deep, secret FEAR, of Asia, leading Africa and Arabia, back at us, in front of Russia.

So anonymous? YOU and your sok-masters at Wells Fargo and Co.Santa Clara are known, in every detail, by superior agents, to you and the USA.

That'd be any busload of Muzzies AND state, nameless pantysmear.

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