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 EntryNo: 3821
 Date: Wednesday
01:16 AM
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I’ve been using Wells Fargo since I graduated high school in 2006. Every time I get a new debit card they lock or deny access to my card. They claim to do this for security reasons but I think it’s too much. If my card is lost or stolen I’ll report it. I don’t need the robots at Wells Fargo thinking that every time I do some online shopping it’s someone else misusing my funds. Most meddlesome bank ever. They act like it’s their money instead of mine.
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 EntryNo: 3820
 Date: Tuesday
10:16 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/72.0.3626.119 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
W/F VP Lani Dalrymple, you crazy Washington state dyke, abusing me,
while converting the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, so we even have problems,
leading to the Orlando Massacre Trend, at deadly INTIFADA:

The SSA reduced repayment rate argument is way, WAY out of order, for
representation, by interested parties, at Marlene Bennett's Law
Foundation of Silicon Valley, you MORON.

Marlene is refusing and failing, to simply go get the contact
information, which would allow her to alleviate SSA fraud, aggravated,
during my time, in -BADWORD- San Jose, WHERE I TOLD YOU AND YOUR -BADWORD-,

You Catholic shit-panties dykes do NOT get it, about DO NOT MESS, WITH ISLAM.

So you -BADWORD- alll over me, where there's the SILVER BULLET FATWA
leading to injuries.


You can't read, write, think, or assess TRENDS, -BADWORD- up lezzie -BADWORD-.

We're at least a day early, to let Marlene shithead move, to let SSA
defraud me, while she concedes to not go get SSA specialists, when
there have been THREE, for her to know.


Damn you to lezzie -BADWORD-, for thinking you should pile the -BADWORD- on, just
now that -BADWORD- Smollett got busted, for a false crime report, where
those might get BUSTED.

YOU -BADWORD-! Think of another plan, other than piling on, with the other dyke.

On 2/22/19, Lani.Dalrymple@wellsfargo.co m <Lani.Dalrymple@wellsfargo.c om> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> It looks like Marlene will be able to help you in requesting a reduced
> repayment rate. I think this will help you.
> I'm concerned about your health. Did you make it over to Planned Parenthood
> like you had talked about? I know you don't want to end up in the hospital
> again.
> Lani Dalrymple, CFP®
> Vice President
> Special Needs Trust Services

W/F VP SNT Seattle Lani Dalrymple:

When you want to show off how you can't read, write, think, or
remember, review my previous e-mails.

The reason I forward these to YOU is YOU are moving, from simple
injuries to ME and a class, to more aggravated violations of law and
commons sense, so PG&E and insurance adjusters are likely to go
bankrupt, SOON, over your incitement of INTIFADA, which you are
somehow able, to block out of your stupid mind, while damages
continue, to accrue.

I remind you, I am where AC-DC through ZZ Top, inclusive ripped off
guitar, or they don't have hit ONE.

Mujahidin know this, and there's a SILVER BULLET FATWA, which name
sticks because Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band released
plagiarism of note, in 1978, right as Iran was ready, to dump the Shah
and his cancer, while -BADWORD-py Jimmy Carter gaped because Atlanta's and
Burbank's WB connections were so profitable, from ripping of MY
guitar. and overproducing hit after hit.

Things are ripening, to where the media won't notice INTIFADA, so
maybe YOU think nobody knows what you are up to, when you ignore all
information about Law Foundation of Silicon Valley and Marlene
Bennett, in my several e-mails, to tell me she could "help" anyone,
but her greedy self.

IF Marrlene won't go find the actual facts, here, her foundation has
been injuring me, since first contact at 5150 nuisance, years ago and
worse, since YOU started hooking me, in San Jose, 2016 through

You DUMB -BADWORD-, don't pitch your evil girl-friends at ME, when they
might be even more evil, than YOU are, and you are evil.

You are getting people killed and property destroyed, by inciting

AND WHAT BRAND OF CUSS-OUT DO YOU THINK YOU DON'T DESERVE, for blocking EVERY LAST POSSIBLE MATERIAL FACT, out of your review, of any of this, before you tell me to let an interested party, Marlene
represent ME, after working harder and harder, since 2016, to injure
me, while YOU all co-incited the Orlando Massacre Trend, a
particularly deadly series of outcomes, YOU STUPID HOOKER IN SEATTLE?!

There's some bimbo attorney, in San Mateo Co., Asst.DA Albert Serrato,
who maybe hasn't heard, of AL QAEDA, already engaged, over all this,
so he's blocking my relief in re fraud on court SC33559A, claiming I
don't have a case, for "actual innocence!"


Jussie Smollett just did another snitch--BADWORD- false report, JUST LIKE
THE ONES BY SMCo. and SMCo. native USA/SF Robert S. Mueller III,
directed at ME, for spite.

Lousy queers like YOU think you get to invent snitchery and then deny
your creepy misconduct, with continued blocking, like there's no
penalty, when Hadj shows his stripes!

You stupid, Catholic -BADWORD-. Learn to like getting cussed, AGAIN, like
when you failed to pay ABC Wyandotte Storage and then didn't notify
me, while Hadj whacked Molly Tibbets, to see if you bimbos would pay
attention, by the time fires started up.

-BADWORD-! Insurance companies are letting you get away, with this shit.

Al, there's a cadence, picking up pace.

Get a clue, I am INNOCENT, you mid-peninsula Catholic MORON.

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 EntryNo: 3819
 Date: Wednesday
03:59 PM
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Safari United States of America
Logging in
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 EntryNo: 3818
 Date: Saturday
03:21 PM
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“Missing” accounts. Lean into it Smells Fartgo. Lean into it.
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 EntryNo: 3817
 Date: Friday
07:04 PM
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Nice going Smells Fartgo. Deposits are now disappearing. Check your pockets.
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 EntryNo: 3816
 Date: Thursday
07:48 PM
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People can't check on their checking accounts at the bank today? This might start a RUN ON THE BANK!
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 EntryNo: 3815
 Date: Saturday
11:41 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 12_1_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/12.0 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1 Carole
Safari United States of America
Warning ... to anyone who has or thinking about getting a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage or Equity Line of credit. Although WF requires you maintain a Homeowners Insurance Policy, if you are in need of filing an insurance claim, WF will keep your claim proceeds & refuse to respond to you. They have breached their very own claims protocol to which we had to hire attornies just to get our own insurance proceeds that we’ve already paid into. This process has lasted for over eight months. We have over five personal accounts & four business accounts with WF ... soon to be “had” .... Disgraceful & Inexcusable !!!
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 EntryNo: 3814
 Date: Thursday
05:04 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 John Doe
Safari United States of America
Ed Meister and Wells Fargo Merchant Services - former employee. The most horrific, damaging, experience of my life. And i'm tired of "just letting it go".

Here is the correspondence I emailed to him and the CEO but NOTHING will come of it. When employed, went to HR who did NOTHING... as expected from what others have experienced. This company is corrupt ... run far far away.

Ed, i'm sure you know who this is and trust me when I say, there will be more to come. You were an integral part of "taking" 2 years of my life - away from friends, my family, and myself. The highs initially, then the lows following - what a roller-coaster ride you inflicted.

I'm not getting into too much details but I've kept a detailed journal of my experience at Wells Fargo Merchant Services, full of recordings, documentations of many HR violations from what i've read online - even involved HR (which is a corporate ruse/band aid).

My primary physician who has put me on medication for my anxiety which Wells Fargo, YOU - brought forth upon my family and I - this i will never forget. And to this day, I experience much traumatic stress and please do not try to relay any of this on your existing team - some who I stay in touch with.

I was 208 pounds when leaving Wells Fargo and now I am 175, feeling amazing, renewed, but still broken. My confidence as a professional but more importantly, as a father and human being - an extremely caring one, YOU took that from me. And TRUST me when I say EVERYTHING has been documented.

And you need to be held accountable - the way you have treated me and others, the "ones" not in your favor ... absolutely dehumanizing. And many are afraid to speak out, trust me on that too.

You owe me an apology moving forward, i'll give you 1 week - if not, i'll start listening to my attorney.

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 EntryNo: 3813
 Date: Tuesday
10:42 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
https://plus.google.com/+Bob Gaebler/posts/Md4uR3RMsc8


FBI subject information:

This woman has conspired and colluded, with Co.Santa Clara, State of California, and City of San Jose, to injure me, KNOWING of the Silver Bullet FATWA, which I did NOT suspect, until Bataclan attack in Paris, November 11, 2015 or confirm, until I retro-analyzed selfies, by Mujahidin, AND I noted the Nice Bastille Day rundown driver looked like CAL student Ahmed Fareed, in his selfies, while CAL junior Nick Leslie was center-mass target, in the rundown, which killed 87.

W/F VP Lani Dalrymple has with San Jose, Co.Santa Clara, and State of California conspired to violate RICO, the Sedition Act, and the Logan Act, by knowingly inciting insurrection, about which I could not have known, beforehand, but the corporate and government perpetrators of criminal misconduct had every knowledge, all the way, to Reagan and Bush coordinating showbiz intel, with CIA-level intel, as sedition issues, from every White House, since Carter incited the Iranian Revolution, yet he and all ex-presidents endorsed dangerous concerts, now to be avoided, while I am their Judas Goat, in Co.Santa Clara, which abuses me and enables elder financial abuse, by VP Lani Dalrymple, to precede the entire ORLANDO MASSACRE TREND, and YOU GAPED, THE WHOLE TIME~!

Where's Tweety with the lawyers, chasing Hildog, to Moscow? AGAIN?

California does not deserve FEMA or incremental jail subsidies, and the US should sue, for return of all related monies, NOW, or accept sedition to erode border security as the unfair price, for Tweety getting fresh, on his way into the White House, like the Democrats will put up with Whitewater and all, and then cooperate to secure.

NOT! Get busy.

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 EntryNo: 3812
 Date: Tuesday
09:19 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
W/F killer VP Lani Dalrymple SNT Seattle Fl.40 Seattle Center,

Just to make sure YOU and Wells Fargo get it about how YOU are really, REALLY a -BADWORD- selection, under Nancy Aldritt, for my "relationship team," YOU are inciting ongoing insurrection, via INTIFADA, for deliberate abuse, of the SILVER BULLET FATWA.

Your use of David Silva and Irene Keenan is particularly responsible, for the Orlando Massacre TREND, which YOU co-incited, with Wells Fargo, State of California, and others, who conspire to violate RICO, the Sedition Act, and the Logan Act.

Your ongoing negligence is to be remedied, if not relieved.



You sure did clam up, too hard, given you had a career at PSU as professor, pushing the Exxon propaganda, which got Rex-gen Exxon severally investigated and fined, re climate change and anything else they did, questionable.

They got fined a LOT, and Tweety would NOT shut up, so he got called a MORON, since he could see he'd get elected, way back when Obama was the -BADWORD-, in the White House, and then Trump took himself off, with Karen, Stormy, Manafort, etc., but wait.

Let's see if the Democrats will cooperate with any White House effort, given Trump wanted to chase off to Russia, for Hildog's e-mails, in the wake of Linda Tripp, Kenneth Starr, and Whitewater, while Hildog AND Trump both ignore Chris Stevens had two offers from a Marine general, for more consular office protection, but he declined and stayed in Benghazi, anyway.

What in -BADWORD-, who graduated, from CAL! Know CAL Berkeley, if you follow INTIFADA.

Khalfani Muhammad graduated, but we ALL keep up, with the Bears and NFL and NBA.

THAT INCLUDES GUYS, WHO DO SUICIDE ATTACKS, leaving tags, related to what they know about ME, in the events, while the Regents do fake news, with the .edu and corporate clowns, on TV and at foundations.

What's YOUR sorry-as-pooh excuse, for all those "co-authored" methane studies, but you don't get it the earth will go hot-house, for sure, mainly related to fossil fuel abuse, as marginal cause?

I'll settle your climate science, as soon as you quit sucking up to Paul the faggot, who bought that -BADWORD- trust, from Wells Fargo, which assigned -BADWORD-s, to arrange abuse, so there's bound to be INTIFADA, enough to sue Wells Fargo the -BADWORD- out of business!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: bobgnote <bobgnote@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 12:45:21 -0800
Subject: Thank you, Marlene + reply Re: Your recent intake with LFSV


To confirm, SSA sent notice of overpayment, related to my payments while homeless in Mtn.View, to my former UPS box in Mtn.View, knowing or they should have known I was receiving mail, at Mail Window, 80 South Market Street, San Jose, 95113, since I notified them, severally, in May 2017 and later, when Anuja Kumaria handled an earlier overpayment claim from them, Summer 2017, that mail was to be sent to 80 So.Market St., SJ 95113.

They started taking out money, in large part, BEFORE they ever sent me the April notice we now both have, since I never received this, at 80 So.Market, so it's new, to us.

For the purpose of my seeking a hearing, they provided a copy, of the notice they sent, to my UPS box, in Mtn.View, which I cannot now locate, due to hassles, with repeated moves.

The appeal deadline is irrelevant BECAUSE I NEVER RECEIVED THE APRIL NOTICE, but SSA did keep docking my payments, which I have to check, with B of A because Wells Fargo kept abusing me, while holding $950K assets in the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, which SSA kept forcing me to repeatedly produce, for their Mtn.View office, as a trust agreement, routinely abused, by both Wells Fargo AND SSA, so I am never properly housed, while the county conspires to use me as Judas Goat, to incite insurrection, per the Silver Bullet FATWA.

Heard of UBL? I didn't know there was for sure a FATWA, around ME, until 2016, after the Nice rundown on Bastille Day, in France because CAL grad Nick Leslie was center-mass target, for a driver who looked in selfies, like Comcast-NBC BA Sports commentator Ahmed Fareed, a sometime CAL student, who graduated, from Syracuse.

I didn't suspect the understated FATWA, now evident, since 1978, until Bataclan.

Wells Fargo, Co.Santa Clara, and the state co-incited in large part the entire Orlando Massacre TREND, to include all INTIFADA events, world-wide, since 6'6" Omar Mateen shot a lot, at The Pulse nightclub, in Orlando, June 13, 2016.

Somebody messes with me? HEADS ROLL. I am not more aware than THIS belated admission, forty years after the FATWA obviously issued, concurrent with the Iranian Revolution because I DID NOT CONSPIRE, to get ripped off by John Lennon AND Bill Graham, who ended up dead, or stabbed, by HIV+ punk Chris Christensen, at the Presidio, riding around in a vintage Ford Thunderbird, who charged me, stabbed my hand, with a nail file, and then ranted, "CALL 911," to incite UBL and Mohamed Atta, to their fateful actions, WHICH I DID NOT CONNECT TO THE 1998 STABBING, until today!

Christensen and his punk, also suborned for perjury by USA/SF Robert S. Mueller III's vindictive prosecution, directed at ME, CR9 087(mag) were riding around, drunk, in that T-bird, which is why airplanes went into those Twin Towers.

I DIDN'T GET IT, UNTIL TODAY, but who abuses ME is likely to be a conspirator, who knows there's a FATWA and knew about it before I knew, so people get killed, around the world, while I am where groups AC-DC through ZZ Top ripped guitar, and I am now a Muslim, so please be aware of the ongoing insurrections, to include the Cincinnati bank shooting, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Borderline Bar shooting, all in NFL venues, to precede the deadly arson-affected "wildfires," of November 2018.

SSA keeps messing with us, so I will go get exact deposit amounts, about HALF of what they allege in the April 2018 notice, which we did not see, until I visited SSA in December!

THEY CHEATED ME, AND NOW, THEY LIE. They provided me only the UPS notice, for purpose of my appeal, and now, they have another notice, this one addressed to 80 So.Market St., but not in my possession, until December, when I had to wait to talk to reps, at two different windows, to get not enough documents.

I also now have an appointment notice, for 9:30 am, Thursday January 31, 2019, THIS WEEK, so I'll definitely go to THAT and advise you, of any determinations, ASAP.

SSA keeps churning all this and then messing with the processes, of notice and review.

TO CONFIRM, I am very serious about what happened and what will happen, IF I am abused, so let's also try to make sure nobody else gets with the Sheriff, to 5150 me, to either hold me for six months or force me to endure NEPHROTIC MINIMAL CHANGE, so I am 70 lbs. or more, overweight, from all the water, oozing out my lower legs and feet, so I have blisters all over my legs, and the skin flakes off, looking like I'm a cornflake tree.

BECKY MOSKOWITZ comes to mind, here because she knew or should have known of the NEPHROTIC MINIMAL CHANGE, since I told her, in 2013 and 2016, when she did successful SSA appeals, but Jim what'shisname was letting me get slammed, over refusal to take meds, for no-discovery false arrests.

THIS GETS PEOPLE KILLED, so who knows about it conspires to violate RICO, the Sedition Act, and the Logan Act (1799).

Conspiracy counts may come from any direction, since injuries accrue, WORLD-WIDE.

Civil RICO is a possibility, with Wells Fargo having deep enough pockets, to bait an action.

The counties and states could lose their FEMA money, related to the arson, since PG&E is not solely responsible, for all the destruction, on their compromised watch.


Let's make sure SSA plays straight and fair, for once, since they are always cheating me.

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