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 EntryNo: 3811
 Date: Sunday
03:55 PM
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Wells Fargo prays on the elderly my Mom will be 80 years old in a couple of months she has a ARM that Wells Fargo just reset increased her rate .750%. My Mom still works to pay her mortgage and has never been late. This increases her monthly payment $65 decreases the amount that goes to principal and increases of course the amount that goes to INTEREST. My Mom just received $50 increase in social security isn't it ironic that they increased her payment $65 per month. Wells Fargo taking advantage of 'anyone' high and low to make a buck. Wells Fargo sticking it to you at every turn. They are one of the most incompetent slimy banks! I know from the inside but there day is coming... It's not a matter of if it's a matter of when they self implode.
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 EntryNo: 3810
 Date: Friday
09:28 PM
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On 1/24/19, Seattle SNT VP Lani.Dalrymple wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> It's good to hear from you. How is the Chromebook working? I hope your
> foot is better. Let me know if you need anything like new shoes or socks
> and I can have Irene order some for you. The ABC payment for $172 went out
> on 1/22. We'll send it every month.
> Take care,
> Lani Dalrymple, CFP(r)
> Vice President
> Special Needs Trust Services



Thank you for your reply, to issues I raised in my earlier e-mail.


Reason is Mujahidin KNOW what you do or do not do and your intent.

IF they think a reason exists, to generate an insurrection, including murder and arson, THEY JUST DO IT, W/F VP @Seattle Center Lani Dalrymple.

Ever hear of 'JUST DO IT?" PG&E thinks it wants bankruptcy, while CalFire suppresses discovery, of ME and MY FACTS! They just did THAT, so mind your impulses.

WHAT -BADWORD-S, are PG&E, who employed my stinking uncle, who ferried the deed to the RSG SNT over to -BADWORD- Walnut Creek, George Gaebler, for his entire, corrupt career and my Dad, for a couple of years, when I was little.

I'll NEVER get Nancy Aldritt in Walnut Creek to move her lezzie -BADWORD-, to help me! If their pigs -BADWORD- up, and a Sgt.David Rangel WCPD did this, swatting ME, with SJPD, Boko is liable, to do something, like spend Mujahidin, to kill SF Sgt. LaDavid Johnson and three of his US Army Ranger companions, trying to infiltrate, into Niger, without talking, to ME.

So when you -BADWORD- up and failed to pay, Mujahid Christian Rivera, an illegal alien butchered Molly Tibbetts, which I could see was a hadjing because he looked EXACTLY like "Dennis," the Filipino who helped move my SJ holdings, into A-1 Storage, which I abandoned, a month later, so you didn't need to pay THAT bill.

But you were holding out, on ABC Wyandotte LLC, with all my Mtn.View belongings in there, and THIS was known, to Mujahidin, not to me, and THEY KILLED BECAUSE THEY COULD SEE DOWN THE ROAD, TO THE COUNTY TRYING TO INTER ME, again and again, in 2018.

Since SJPD and SCCo.Sheriff were very busy at their corruption, directed at ME, on your behalf, Molly Tibbetts was slaughtered because she looks like my college buddy, whose CAL boyfriend, Professor Doug Whitman had gotten into a Kay Jewelers TV ad, which would show, later in the year, before Christmas.

The Mujahidin know YOU, what you had for breakfast, your Mom's name, the works!

WHEN YOU SCREW UP, IN YOUR USUAL WAYS, THEY FIND OUT, but they don't just give me an e-mail, since THAT would open me up, to conspiracy counts.

As it is, from your usual negligence, stemming from refusal to house me, when I was healthy, at some place like The WOODS, so I could move myself, Mujahidin have killed a lot of people and burned a lot of ground and houses.

When you screw up, like you do it or maybe it's SVILC, where I sometimes do phone and PC work, they do murder suicides, with people who are evocative, of SVILC persons of interest, like former Marine Albert Wong, who shot three dead, in Yountville, CA., after a punk at SVILC by that same name kept trying to fight me, or Madden Games killer, David Katz, who killed two and himself, looking exactly like SVILC staffer Frances Merrill's brother.

WHEN YOU SCREW UP, PEOPLE GET DEAD, over your abuse of the very active but totally understated SILVER BULLET FATWA, so wise way the -BADWORD- up, Lani.

I still need to recover my health and MOVE, to proper housing, not stay in sub-code places, run by Filipino tweakers that Irene engaged or my lucky but temporary residence, at Mission Motel.

Sherry Reid is crazy, continuing to have sub-code contracting done, such as causes the circuit breaker for my kitchen light to cut power, whenever 104 has the TV on or 107 has a heater, etc.

She thinks I'm running the e-blanket when I'm not in bed, so she gets accusations out, for the last couple of months, same nonsense, when my blanket is OFF, by 6 am, and my space heater NEVER is in the circuit, which breaks, and it has its own breaker.

We didn't have outages, until she wouldn't let me move, into 101, away from the smokers, in 105, who blew out my kidneys, back in July 2018, and so when I get ready to watch GAME OF THRONES, this Spring, I want to be healthy.

I am working out, while seated, using rubber and weights, but I think Sherry's handyman, who does her plumbing and -BADWORD- like the circuit breaker, with 104 through 107, to include the laundry room is they guy who burgled a number of items, when he fixed the leak, in my shower, which has poor hot-cold balance, so I shower only once, per week.

Without that bed, to help during my extended illness, I'd be in more of a hurry, to move.



You sure as can be don't get it that Mujahidin are killing and burning, over YOUR lousy job performance, which endangers the public, criminally, since 2016.

You conspire, to violate the Logan Act and Sedition Act, with RICO.

Now get it, that I need to -BADWORD- MOVE, to a real apartment, like at The WOODS, hey!

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 EntryNo: 3809
 Date: Thursday
09:49 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
W/F VP Lani Dalrymple Fl.40, Seattle Center:

You failed to reply, AGAIN.

YOU are inciting arson and murder, in California and in the several states and nations.

YOU do this, while failing to read, write, and reason, above the third-grade level, from your -BADWORD- office, Floor 40, W/F Seattle Center, where you choke out payouts, from the Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, a -BADWORD- scam, with $950K assets, hogged by YOU and your -BADWORD- bank, which has no functional customer service.


The Camp Fire alone took out 14K houses, from co-incitement to arson, by YOU and the State of California, with others.

It was preceded, by the Borderline Bar shooting, in Thousand Oaks, California, where Alaina Housely was center-mass target because thousands of houses would BURN, starting the day after the carnage.


All this, and Islamic State is twitting at Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, by killing, with a former Marine, named Albert Wong, same name as a punk who tried to fight me, and by the Madden games killer, who looked like a male version, of my contact at SVILC, Frances Merrill, close enough, to be her sibling.

Don't you -BADWORD-s on Floor 40 reply, to anything? IF IT'S IMPORTANT, YOU CLAM UP.

YOU kept me at Contemporary Victorians, in February 2016, to precede all of this murder and arson, in the Orlando Massacre Trend.

I guess you and the -BADWORD-s at the FBI must be kissing and agreeing, to fabricate fake news, with known false reports, YOU -BADWORD-.

Don't forget to pay my goddamned storage bill, this year, since you keep giving money to Irene and her posse, for hacking me, with that court of fraud we had, in D61, with -BADWORD- Judge Stephen Manley co-inciting attacks, by Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and the rest!


You kept me out of proper housing, since 2016, to incite the lot of this mayhem.

I can only wonder how much of Washington burned the hell down, from you punking the storage, to precede the slaughter of Molly Tibbetts, in Iowa.

Mujahidin knew the Rivera brothers, from CAL, and they knew my old roomie, Professor Doug Whitman, an SJSU grad was in an upcoming TV ad, for diamonds, from Kay Jewellers, AND they timed the killing, by Christian Rivera, when YOU and Irene were -BADWORD-ting me about "language," while failing to notice you didn't pay ABC Wyandotte LLC, for my storage, so you went and tipped them a load of fees they tacked on.

Mujahidin Rivera looked just about like "Dennis," the Filipino who helped move me, while the Mujahidin were trying to reinforce my suspicion, that Mark David Chapman, who killed John Lennon was also a Mujahid.

GET IT? THEY KNEW A MARK CHAPMAN AND #7 STEVE RIVERA HAD BOTH GIVEN ME STERN BASKETBALL LESSONS, LONG AGO, AT A COURT THAT IS NOW BUILT OVER, IN BERKELEY, after these talented guys whipped me, 21-0, repeatedly, on the very same court, which should remind YOU that I've needed legal help for expungement, or more people are going to -BADWORD- DIE or get burned out, from your -BADWORD- negligence and from -BADWORD- David Silva's effort, to get me on the same meds, that burned out my kidneys, so I am many pounds, overweight, with blisters on my legs, that look like radiation burns.

How about that Fukushima disaster, that happened, in 2011, when I was in hospital, FROM THE SAME, -BADWORD- ABILIFY, like County of Santa Clara wants to pound into me?

The latest infirmity is from only four days, of forced medication, by VMC, which has Law Foundation of Silicon Valley front, for their abuse of process, while suppressing my actual medical history AND my actual physician, Dr.Abraham Cabebe, of Planned Parenthood, whom I have to call for a February 2019 appointment, since -BADWORD- VMC likes to 5150 me, preceding kidnapping.

I HAVE DONE MONTHS OF BAD TIME, FROM LFSV FRONTING, FOR COUNTY OF SANTA CLARA 5150, 5250, AND INVASIVE MEDICATION MANDATES, while they suppress my actual medical history and my actual physician, all of which we could have avoided, but YOU were fronting, for -BADWORD- David Silva and for Irene Keenan and for attorney Thompson Sharkey and the -BADWORD- 1368 PC review they used, to take me away, from my camp and my cat, while we should already be living at The WOODS, tiger and all.


France, England, Germany, and the several states could sue Wells Fargo under, over this.

YOU PIECE OF SHIT! The Orlando Massacre and insurrections, since could not have happened, but for your -BADWORD- office and your -BADWORD- bank, choking payouts, from the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, so much that I am in a motel, with crazy Sherry Reid not getting it about code violations, from the handyman she lets steal from my room, while he wires the circuit breakers so one controls 104 through the laundry room, to 107, and she keeps ranting at ME, claiming the damn thing closes, from MY e-blanket or refrigerator.

I should be at The WOODS, across the street, since March 2016, -BADWORD-!

And many people, killed by Intifada actions should still be alive.

Wells Fargo needs to get sued right out of business, and YOU NEED TO DO SOME TIME.

---------- Forwarded message ----------


You can't read and write very well, so here's some practice paras, for YOU.

You ignored my request for attorney assistance, from your bully pulpit, in Seattle.

You are probably inciting arson, up in Washington state, but I don't get a lot of news about two states, to the north.

California, on the other hand burns the hell down because of YOUR CORRUPTION and the state's and CAL's and Stanford's, with that fire axe they play football about.

W/F sucks attorneys into corporate advocacy, with all the other corrupt corporations.

So I don't have someone cleaning up my false record, YET, and I'm 67, getting wrecked, in San Jose, which is your idea of a good time, NOT MINE.

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 EntryNo: 3808
 Date: Tuesday
11:41 PM
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Safari United States of America
No asset cap for Mr.Sloan and Wells Fargo for 2019 and beyond according to Bloomberg.
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 EntryNo: 3807
 Date: Wednesday
02:26 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 12_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) GSA/65.0.225212226 Mobile/15E148 Safari/605.1 Mike
Safari United States of America
After 14 years, I overdrafted once and they could not take away the fee. I had money in my savings and signed up for overdraft protection years ago, but they refused to acknowledge that nor take away my $35 fee. Then when I called to close my account, they made no attempt to save me as a 14 year loyal customer. Furthermore, they ended up not closing my account as promised by two representatives and continued to charge me service fees. What a terrible bank with terrible customer service!
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 EntryNo: 3806
 Date: Monday
06:33 PM
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‘They destroyed me.’ Wells Fargo’s mistake forced her to sell her home.

The bank improperly denied help to nearly 900 homeowners. Here’s one woman’s story.

Michaela Christian was forced by Wells Fargo to sell her Las Vegas home or lose it to foreclosure in 2013. Christian, pictured here in Lake Havasu, Ariz., is among nearly 900 people affected when Wells Fargo refused to modify their mortgages. More than half lost their homes to foreclosure. The company has admitted a mistake in her case and offered her a $15,000 settlement. (Joe Buglewicz for The Washington Post)
By Renae Merle
December 31 at 11:44 AM
Michaela Christian lost a long battle with Wells Fargo in 2013 to save her Las Vegas home, a defeat she says changed the course of her life. When the bank refused to modify her mortgage, Christian moved in with a friend and scrambled to rebuild her life.

Five years later, Wells Fargo admits it made a mistake. Christian, 46, qualified for the kind of mortgage help that may have saved her home after all.
It is a mistake the giant bank admits it made nearly 900 times over several years, pushing hundreds of distressed homeowners into foreclosure.
Christian said when she learned of Wells Fargo’s error, “I was sick to my stomach.”
“They destroyed me and destroyed my everything.”

Wells Fargo’s admission is part of a cascade of lapses that increased scrutiny of the San Francisco-based bank. Some Democrats in Congress are calling for the ouster of its chief executive, Tim Sloan. Over the last two years, the bank paid more than $1 billion in fines after admitting it opened millions of bogus accounts customers didn’t want and then found itself is more trouble after improperly repossessing thousands of cars.

Critics have also jumped on Wells Fargo’s decision to cut 26,000 jobs while it reaps the benefits of a corporate tax cut that is expected to boost its profits $3.7 billion this year.
[Wells Fargo could pay its $1 billion fine three times with funds generated by its 2018 tax cut.]
The bank has repeatedly apologized for its missteps but is struggling to repair its image. Customers who lost their homes are being offered compensation or can enter mediation, company officials say.
Wells Fargo says an internal review found that the bank denied help to hundreds of homeowners after fees charged by foreclosure attorneys were improperly used when the bank determined whom to offer mortgage help. The computer error began in 2010 and was not corrected until last April, the bank said.
Overall, 870 homeowners were denied help for which they qualified, including 545 who lost their homes to foreclosure. Wells Fargo says it has reached most of the customers affected and set aside $8 million to compensate them, though industry analysts say that number is likely to increase.

The revelation echoes the complaints of thousands of borrowers in the years after the financial crisis that banks were stingy about offering help with borrowers' exploding loans.
“Wells Fargo failed to maintain its systems, failed to find problems when they occurred and then masked the problem for years,” said Alys Cohen, staff attorney for the National Consumer Law Center.
Christian bought her home in 1998 when she was 24. At the time, the three-bedroom home was on the outskirts of a growing Las Vegas. There weren’t a lot of stores nearby, but Christian said she loved the neighborhood. “In the 15 years we were there, everything was perfect,” she said.
But in 2011, Christian lost her job as a bartender as the economy continued to sputter after the global financial crisis. Then she was in a car accident that left her with a fractured pelvis and crushed tibia. “I wasn’t even able to walk for seven months. I couldn’t work.”

One of her first calls for help, she said, was to Wells Fargo. Christian asked the bank to defer her more than $1,000 monthly mortgage payment or lower the 7 percent mortgage interest rate to the prevailing rate at the time, about 4 percent. That would have lowered her payments to about $500 a month, Christian said.
“They said ‘Have a nice day’ and denied it," she said.
[Wells Fargo admits it incorrectly foreclosed on homeowners it should have helped]
A few months later, Christian said, Wells Fargo began foreclosure proceedings against her. With the help of her father, she found a job that allowed her to maneuver with a cane, and spent months searching for help. she said. Christian said she even offered Wells Fargo an additional $4,000 to make up for some of her missed payments.
Ultimately, Christian said, she faced what she considered an unfathomable choice: sell her home or lose it in foreclosure.

“It was the last thing I wanted,” she said. “I didn’t want to uproot my son. He had grown up there.”
After a quick sale of the home, Christian temporarily moved in with a friend and then into an apartment.
“I was in a daze," Christian said through tears. “I thought, 100 percent, I was going to be able to save my home. I had my finances in order. I could not for the life of me figure out why they wouldn’t refinance.”
The answer came in September when Christian received a letter and a $15,000 check from Wells Fargo, admitting its mistake.
“We want to make things right,” the letter states. “We realize that our decision impacted you at a time you were facing a hardship.”
Wells Fargo’s letter didn’t explain how it determined Christian was due $15,000. After selling the home for $135,000 in 2013, Redfin now estimates it is worth about $250,000. And Christian estimates she had already accumulated about $30,000 in equity after making mortgage payments for more than a decade. And that, she said, doesn’t include the $20,000 pool she had installed.

“You can’t put a price on what we lost. The scars will be there forever, I will never get over it,” said Christian, now part of a class-action lawsuit against the bank. “I still miss my neighbors."
Wells Fargo has declined to discuss what, if any, formula it has used to determine how much each customer is owed. The compensation offered each homeowner is based on “individual circumstances,” said Tom Goyda, a bank spokesman.

Wells Fargo worked extensively with Christian and “completed multiple reviews in an effort to find an option that would allow her to keep the home,” Goyda said. Unfortunately, he said, the bank was unsuccessful.

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 EntryNo: 3805
 Date: Friday
11:14 PM
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Wells Fargo is paying $575 million to states to settle fake account claims
December 28, 2018

Over the past two years, Wells Fargo has faced numerous lawsuits and government investigations stemming from a cascade of business scandals.
On Friday, it took a step to put one batch of accusations behind it.
The bank agreed to pay $575 million to all 50 states and the District of Columbia to settle civil charges related to the bank’s fake-accounts scandals.

The agreement, which applies to charges brought by states’ attorneys general, follows other fines and settlements Wells Fargo (WFC) has paid out since September 2016. That’s when the bank admitted its employees opened as many as 3.5 million fake bank and credit card accounts without customers’ knowledge. Since the first revelation, a series of internal and external probes have uncovered a wider culture of problems at the bank.

In April, two federal regulators fined the bank $1 billion for forcing customers into car insurance and charging mortgage borrowers unfair fees.
In May, Wells Fargo agreed to pay $480 million to settle a class-action securities fraud lawsuit brought by investors who alleged the bank made misstatements and omissions in its disclosures about sales practices.
And in October, Wells Fargo agreed to pay a $65 million penalty to New York state related to the fake-accounts scandals.

As part of the latest agreement with the states, Well Fargo said it will also designate teams to review customer inquiries and create a website that describes the bank’s remediation efforts.

“This agreement underscores our serious commitment to making things right in regard to past issues as we work to build a better bank,” Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan said in a press release.
The bank is still under restrictions imposed by the Federal Reserve in February. Wells Fargo won’t be allowed to grow any bigger than it was at the end of last year — about $2 trillion in assets — until the Fed is satisfied that it has cleaned up its act.

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 EntryNo: 3804
 Date: Wednesday
08:22 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 Robert D Monteith
Safari United States of America
I would like to report a lady at the Roanoke Va executive office. she was the rudest and most hateful person i have ever dealt with at Wells Fargo Executive office in Roanoke Va. She Treated me like a kid and and talk down to me like i was a complete -BADWORD-!!!! Her name was Lynn C and her title Research and Remittance Manager.
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 EntryNo: 3803
 Date: Friday
08:59 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/70.0.3538.110 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
https://plus.google.com/u/0/ +BobGaebler/posts/iyt97TwfUZ 2

Regarding the "Coward of Broward," who did not respond to Mujahid Cruz' attack, well enough for some people:

Heck, the FBI and Broward Sheriff Scott Israel have been letting Mujahidin, INCLUDING NIKOLAS CRUZ shoot up Broward, since the Orlando Pulse Massacre, with NO INVESTIGATION, into how Wells Fargo VP LANI DALRYMPLE of W/F Seattle Center SNT division incited all this, by converting the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, so she demonstrated aggressive collusion, with Co.Santa Clara and SJPD, which targeted ME, with aggressive criminal misconduct, since February 2016, including to help incite the Cincinnati bank shooting, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the Borderline Bar shooting, ALL IN NFL VENUES, so get a clue about getting ready, for the football, with the California set fires erupting, the next day.

ALAINA HOUSELY was the center-mass target, at L.A. Rams venue Thousand Oaks because a day later, the Camp Fire and SoCal fires would erupt, SO THOUSANDS OF HOUSES BURNED, to the ground.

Sheriff Israel and the FBI know they should have talked, to ME, about the related SILVER BULLET FATWA and incited INTIFADA acts, since 2016, but hey.

When you are TOTALLY full of shit, you might just stay home, and smear, while Co.Santa Clara colludes with -BADWORD- Wells Fargo conversionist VP LANI DALRYMPLE, getting you shot up, from Seattle, but the trigger for THIS was SCCo.Sheriff's patrol division deputies, including GEENEN punked at me, threatening 5150, when I tried to report burglary in progress, Tuesday 2/13/18, THE DAY BEFORE NIK CRUZ BLEW AWAY 17, when it turns out, Mujahidin knew VP Lani should have had me over Highway 17, to Santa Cruz, in a Hyundai, but she was having the Sheriff and SJPD roll me around, in San Jose.

DO YOU KNOW THE WAY? Sheriff ISRAEL and the FBI let the Orlando Pulse massacre trend migrate, all the way around the world and back, again, several times, including the Strasbourg shooting, since 2016.

Mujahid Cruz went off on a C.O. where he's detained, in November, since he's hadj, and the INTIFADA of November was underway.

The fake news punks won't discover the SILVER BULLET FATWA, despite all the punks letting the CIA prop both the Shah and Saddam, while distorting how Arnold looks like Tom Brady on juice goes to Mars, in TOTAL RECALL and the W/F VP LANI DALRYMPLE triggers this shit, from Seattle, with the pigs, in San Jose, CA., so what are you doing, trying to pin this on the security guard, in 2018?

Get your program turned around, like Coach Scott Frost did, at UCF, and be the $7 million dollar man, at your alumni, OR SHUT UP.



You'll live longer, more productive lives, without Hadj whacking you.

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 EntryNo: 3802
 Date: Saturday
03:32 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; SAMSUNG SM-G960U Build/R16NW) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/7.4 Chrome/59.0.3071.125 Mobile Safari/537.36 Lori
Safari United States of America
I was one week behind in a mortgage. And they returned the check,I called them to ask why. They said your behind in your payment so we are starting for closer and you will be served. All this is happening right now! I am disabled and my husband is Army Airborne from Vietnam and Cambodia. I found an investor and he's Buying our house but WF doesn't know when we go to settlement. I say surprise,bend over and kiss my white -BADWORD-!! They are nothing but scum bags. I've been with them 26 years
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