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 EntryNo: 3746
 Date: Wednesday
05:30 PM
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Had a secure credit card with them for almost two years and they did take it off being secure after the first year . However when we ask for a increase they denied us said we were late on payments . Never been late not once most of the time we would just paid it off too also said our credit wasn’t I guess up to par for them . However I am able to get other credit cards with no problem there card limit only 300.00 but I am able to get a $3500.00 Credit Card through Chase and a credit card for $2000.00 through citi bank . Think it’s time to leave Wells Fargo after 8 years of doing business with them . 😩
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 Date: Wednesday
05:04 PM
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Your individual performance is NOT important to upper management.

Don't speak up or out-perform and you will keep your job.

If you by chance book business they will figure out ways to move it to another portfolio so commissions are not paid.

Has this happened to you?

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 Date: Tuesday
04:13 PM
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Lee Tune,

How long have YOU been at Wells Fargo, without me getting housed or a car?

NOW I WANT A CARPENTER BASEBALL GLOVE AND A GUITAR OR TWO, since I am a modern ambidextrous pitcher/inf. AND I play guitar better'n anyone AND LH.



Would you believe DJT 45 has this sense of hella funna as -BADWORD-? REALLY.

Stormy's face is significant because she resembles blonde superstar version of CAL co-ed in my day and now an attorney and possible material witness MOM LEUKE.

Bobby Leuke's sister. Burn-victim-looking Canuck Bobby went to CAL with us, so he knows shit like the young gal in Diceman's FORD FAIRLANE is based on one of our Barrington Juggalettes from L.A., like she had a kid with ED WEIL from S.D. and a long-time Cali DOJ atturdney who with Bob Leuke clammed on ME because I'm where AC-ZZ through ZZ Top copped music, and it's skebarrassing to see stuff like MTV's -BADWORD- re-runs, while tied up and vibed, etc., so Mom (Nancy, same as all the others in 314) Leuke is this little RUNAWAY, with BIG BREASTESESES!

Like Stephanie Morgan's, bigger'n Steven Morgan's, even bigger'n Brian Morgan's, and Brian went to CAL engineering.

WHERE IS MY CAT, LOST WHEN IRENE KEENAN SWATTED ME FOR LANI, using D61 Judge Stephen Manley so Stephen Paddock shot up Vegas and Austin bomber Conditt knew when he was killed, Chief Brian MANLEY APD would announce this, on TV.

YOU LET LANI DALRYMPLE'S UK CONNECTION DOWN HERE ENGAGE THIS JUDGE STEPHEN MANLEY, TO INJURE ME, TO HOLD ME FOR SIX MONTHS, TRYING TO GET ME TO EAT WHAT CAUSES ME TO SWELL UP TO 350 LBS., as nephrotic minimal change, with all the Stanford -BADWORD-s begging a Sharia swatter over me, a squatter, who wanted to be IN Santa Cruz, by 2015. but YOU HAD OTHER IDEAS.

The gang scene here won't let go, AND NEITHER WILL ISLAM.

So you may ask yourself! Do you feel lucky, when a USDC comes looking, to NAME THAT TUNE? You are gambling, with Gaebler, right NOW.

Cross-posted to Wells Fargo Sucks.com, since neither you nor Morgan ever get that turtle unsnapped so as to call or send an e-mail, while funneling to lousy Lani, as Hadj hits, over you using Santa Clara Co., to hold me and hit me, abetted by CSGs.

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 Date: Wednesday
04:05 PM
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Safari United States of America

You just are NOT dealing with the debit card problems, ongoing.

WE ARE STUCK HERE BECAUSE CAIR/sfba blew me off, and you perps all know it.

You need to get CUSTOMER SERVICE for me because you trashed my online account.


Then my card got lost, and I was able to cancel it.

Then I found my wallet, per many, MANY E-MAILS, including to your
-BADWORD-s, Irene and Mila, where all were ignored, so I don't have
coffee, brown sugar, or butter, but a lot of the same kind of bread
and no pen or paper, for messages, no working internet, no e-mail for
shopping lists, and NO BANK CARD because you incited riot in our

This certainly includes local W/F branches, SO I COULD NOT GET A NEW CARD,

Why, even in your whorish, molly-boggled mental dilemma could you not
surmise I NEED A NEW CARD, but the online W/F -BADWORD-s knew before I did
that SSA deposited a LOAD of money, so my account was already almost
$8K, and I'm telling the hooker the third-party deposit is a
hundred-something for retirement, on day three, but NO.

SSA put that money in, without telling me, other than a sudden notice,
to Mail Window.





Then I can get a car and go look for a lawyer, to eat you all up.

On 4/10/18, Lani.Dalrymple@wellsfargo.co m <Lani.Dalrymple@wellsfargo.c om> wrote:
> Bob,
> You have sent me several very unprofessional emails. Please stop or I will
> not reply.
> I will pay rent anywhere you want to live the same way I paid Mila and Puno.
> I can mail a check to your landlord. Give me the information for your
> landlord and I will mail a check.
> If you need to replace your debit card you can call 1-800-869-3557 or go
> on-line at https://www.wellsfargo.com/h elp/lost-wallet/.
> I will be out of the office next week. If you want your rent paid, get it
> to me this week.
> Lani Dalrymple, CFP(r)
> Vice President
> Special Needs Trust Services

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 EntryNo: 3742
 Date: Thursday
04:03 PM
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The Economics of Why Companies Don’t Fix Their Toxic Cultures

Kevin Stiroh
March 22, 2018

Over the last decade, industries, academics, and the public sector have turned their focus toward culture and ethics in response to the financial crisis as well as misconduct at a broad range of corporations. But what role does culture play in corporate misconduct, and why do these problematic cultures persist?
My perspective and approach to misconduct risk are influenced by my work as a bank supervisor, and by my background and training as an economist. In my view, bank supervision must include attention to the culture at financial firms, not just to their financial safety and soundness. The justification for this attention comes from relatively simple economics. By thinking of a company’s culture as a form of investment subject to market failures, we can better understand why companies sometimes tolerate misconduct, and why they can’t always fix it on their own. Though my experience is in the financial sector, these lessons apply to other industries as well.
The economics of corporate culture
Analyses of recent cases of misconduct in the financial sector suggest that misconduct is not just the product of a few individuals or bad processes, but rather the result of wider organizational breakdowns, enabled by a firm’s culture. One way to think about the underlying factors involved is as “cultural capital.” The possibility of employee misconduct — the potential for behaviors or business practices that are illegal, unethical, or contrary to a firm’s stated values, policies, and procedures — is a form of risk just like liquidity risk or operational risk. Investments in cultural capital is one way to reduce that risk.
A firm’s cultural capital is a type of asset that impacts what a firm produces and how it operates. Cultural capital is analogous to physical capital, like equipment, buildings, and property, or to human capital, like the accumulated knowledge and skills of workers, or reputational capital, like franchise value or brand recognition. In an organization with a high level of cultural capital, misconduct risk is low, and its organizational structures, processes, formal incentives, and desired business outcomes are consistent with the firm’s stated values. Unspoken patterns of behavior reinforce this alignment and drive corporate outcomes.
By contrast, in an organization with low levels of cultural capital, formal policies and procedures do not reflect “the way things are really done” — that is, the stated values of the organization are not reflected in the behavior of senior leaders or the actions of the organization’s members. Misconduct then results from norms and pressures that drive individuals to make decisions that are not aligned with the values, business strategies, and risk appetite set by the board and senior leaders. Rules may be followed to the letter, but not in spirit. All of this increases misconduct risk and potentially damages the firm and the industry over time.
As with other forms of tangible and intangible capital, a firm must invest in cultural capital or it will deteriorate over time and adversely impact the firm’s productive capacity.
When viewed through this economic lens, the question becomes: If misconduct risk is bad for firms, why don’t they invest in cultural capital and reduce the risk themselves? Why do regulators and supervisors need to get involved?
Market Failures and Misconduct Risk
It’s worth noting that many large financial firms have increased their attention to misconduct risk and cultural drivers in the wake of serious frauds and enforcement actions over the past several years. But the degree of commitment and progress in these efforts has not been even across the industry, and serious and persistent misconduct continues in some businesses.
So, why wouldn’t a firm do more to invest in cultural capital? Traditional economic theory may offer a few explanations. Namely, firms may operate with sub-optimal levels of cultural capital due to different types of market failures. Three well-known phenomena — externalities, principal-agent problems, and adverse selection — may help explain why misconduct risk persists.
Externalities. Externalities are the impact that a transaction between actors has on other unrelated actors. If a company pollutes when making a product, neither the buyer nor the seller bears the cost of that pollution — the cost falls on the rest of society. Externalities can drive a wedge between private- and socially-optimal outcomes and lead firms to underinvest in their own resiliency by ignoring the broader impact of bad outcomes on the financial sector and the real economy.
Does a firm’s toxic culture create an externality? Yes, because the impact of employee misconduct extends beyond the individual and even the firm — in finance it can affect the safety, soundness, and effectiveness of the financial sector and the broader economy.
If a firm commits fraud or another type of misconduct, for instance, much of the cost of that misconduct does fall on people involved — managers, employees, and investors — in the form of fines, diverted management attention, or even bankruptcy. But this can also impose costs on people not directly connected to the company. Customers might lose confidence in the firm or the industry as a whole and financial intermediation could decline. In such a case, misconduct has created an externality.

And there is evidence that financial misconduct can have broader impact, imposing costs beyond the industry. Recent surveys, for example, have found that confidence in the financial sector has fallen by half over the last decade, which can impede the efficient intermediation of credit and the provision of financial services.
In the case of pollution, externalities motivate government intervention. In banking regulation, externalities are the conceptual driver behind the enhanced prudential standards for capital, liquidity, and risk management that are currently applied to the largest, most systemically important financial institutions. The same reasoning suggests a possible role for regulators and supervisors to consider company culture and the potential misconduct. Because the costs of that misconduct are not always paid by the firm, it may substantially underinvest in the cultural capital required to prevent it.
Principal-agent problems. Principal-agent problems occur when the incentives of employees don’t align with the broader interests of management or shareholders. This can lead to excessive risk-taking, underinvestment in risk-reduction and risk-control mechanisms, and a focus on short-term returns at the cost of long-run viability. Think about the trader who is compensated on short-term profits and losses and not long-term value creation. The misalignment of incentives can tilt the firm toward excess risk-taking unless curbed by the appropriate culture and focus on risk management.
These issues can be amplified by the opacity intrinsic to many financial activities that allows misconduct to persist and erodes the cultural capital of the firm.
Adverse selection. Adverse selection occurs when those particularly ill-suited for something are the most likely to participate. This could occur in the context of culture and misconduct if conduct-related events change the composition of a firm’s workforce. Firms with relatively low cultural capital (and a relatively high tolerance of misconduct risk) may attract and retain employees and clients more inclined to take inappropriate risks and push beyond internal limits and controls. Further, high-quality directors, executives, and employees might leave such firms or decline to join them, depleting the firm’s human capital and contributing to the deterioration of cultural capital.
Role of the Public Sector
These market failures suggest a role for the public sector to encourage resiliency, including investment in cultural capital, beyond what the firm would choose to do on its own. That is, if firms don’t have sufficient incentives to overcome these forces, then the public sector should push toward a better overall outcome. Given my role as a bank supervisor, my focus is on financial firms, but these types of phenomenon can lead to inefficient outcomes in any industry.
While misconduct risk poses clear threats to both firms and the overall financial system, addressing culture reform across an entire industry is a complex challenge, and there is no one action or approach that will fully address it. The work bank supervisors do in this area is critical because there are limits to the regulatory or deterrence and enforcement approach. To understand how a firm manages misconduct risk — and to improve resiliency and reduce the potential for unwanted disruptions to financial intermediation — we must increase our focus on firms’ decision-making practices and behaviors as a core aspect of good governance.

The views expressed in this paper are those of the author only and do not necessarily represent those of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System.

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 Date: Thursday
09:24 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0.0; SM-G955U Build/R16NW) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.109 Mobile Safari/537.36 TD Banker
Safari American Samoa
Bob Gaebler
I caught you working at TD Bank
Traffic dept.
I didnt tell you to come work at TD Bank
I told you to move your accounts to your local credit union

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 EntryNo: 3740
 Date: Wednesday
03:26 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.181 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
You made hooker-journalists missed the tag, AGAIN, when the You Tube attack was timed to occur when baseball is about to happen, and you all are too bleary and beery, to play. So there's NO I-UNITS, AT ALL! ALL ARE FAKES!

OAN, FOX, and maybe someone else and nobody interviewed key witness at the Carl's, Jr. restaurant, MICHAEL FINNEY, so we know that since no guilty -BADWORD-s or Shuman or Larry Beal or weather at ABC have checked in on this complete;y important shitload, Mujahidin ALL know guilty I-Unit producers in the SF Bay Area are sandbagging, ESPECIALLY PUNK 7-IN-UR-FANNY PRODUCER, Michael Finney.

Sleazy Liz Wheeler, you posted two vids, addressed to David Hogg, neither YOU nor your network got me up for an expose on Mueller, and the San Bruno shooter, Nasim was YOUR doppelganger, who intended to lead the Marines from Miramar up here to bust the scum and Schmuckerbergs, which a lot of us Muslims feel is necessary, but you and Tweety suckle up to -BADWORD- Mueller, who trashed FBI, so Atta went.

THERE'S A FATWA, WEAZ. Such as knows when there's keystroke delays, here.

WHEN I.S. SENDS THIS UP, RIGHT BEFORE BASEBALL, IT'S A DIG AT GAMER BABES AND THE SF GIANTS, WHO KNOW JONESTOWN JACKIE SMELLS FUNKY, and I wouldn't miss any of it, but Irene Keenan of UK is rolling me for the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, per VP Lani Dalrymple's elder abuse and evasion agendas, abetted by the State of California and ALL INFERIORS, so hey.



WHERE ARE YOU -BADWORD- REPORTERS? Still walking, to pay for J-school?

And I was thinking you'd work out, at FOX, when Ann Coulter blows up, since Laura Ingraham looks like she might just fizzle and -BADWORD- herself in the subway.

READ BETWEEN 'EM, LIZ. You missed the tag, on Mueller, who trashed ME, in USDC/sf for Clinton and the recording biz, since I'm where AC-ZZ groups ripped, OR NO BIG BANG BOOM IN THE 1970s, with all those Bob tunes, but NO BOB!

So you can all hide ME, and you all cheat at income and actuarial reports, to inflate equity.


You won't be selling your JEE-ZUSS lotions in China, honey.

Here's a paste about some Catholic punk females in California, injuring ME, to get YOU, in Sharia activity, where YOU and YOUR actions are analyzed, SO LOOK ALIVE!

Starred bobgnote Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 6:41 PM
Unstarred Irenekeenan Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 9:31 PM
Add star bobgnote<bobgnote@gmail.com> Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 7:25 AM
To: Irenekeenan <irenekeenan@aol.com>
Cc: PIO <PIO@lvmpd.com>, Lani.Dalrymple@wellsfargo.co m, tips <tips@sheriff.sccgov.org>, mvweb <mvweb@mountainview.gov>, info <info@sfba.cair.com>, reportphish <reportphish@wellsfargo.com> , Homicide <Homicide@lvmpd.com>
Bcc: Bob Gaebler <bobgnote@gmail.com>, Five55Pacific <Five55Pacific.181c0v.5bs56@ tracking.lead2lease.com>, "assemblymember.kalra" <assemblymember.kalra@assemb ly.ca.gov>, "Hernandez, Selena (NBCUniversal)" <selena.hernandez@nbcuni.com >, Martha Shearer <martha.j.shearer@gmail.com> , "stacie.shih" <stacie.shih@asm.ca.gov>, stories <stories@nbcbayarea.com>, Christine Fitzgerald <ChristineF@svilc.org>, "cindy.chavez" <cindy.chavez@bos.sccgov.org >, "vicky.vargas" <vicky.vargas@lawfoundation. org>, Frances Merrill <FrancesM@svilc.org>, "Luevano, Maurilia" <Maurilia.Luevano@pdo.sccgov .org>, marleneb <marleneb@lawfoundation.org>


Why is moron Irene, your abusive "intermediary," insult to injury,
since VP Nancy Aldritt ripped the deed of my trust, from Mtn.View to
Walnut Creek, then to YOU, in Seattle, then back down to creepy Irene,
in Palo Alto shoving in, here?

You already disclaimed Santa Cruz.

Why cannot moron Irene, who announces visits and never shows up,
simply get online and check 555 for her old self, who got me 5150d so
Islamic State kills EVEN MORE, now, when AQ is on this since 2002 and
Santana Row Fire, I.S. since 2010, AND YOU ACT LIKE NOBODY ELSE IS
AROUND, so punk my crib, right?

WHERE'S THE ROUTING NUMBER, for the Robert S. Gaebler SNT?

The shooting in San Bruno is about you hookers, again.

Irene is PHISHING. She intends no contact with me, but to injure.

The Mujahid who shot up You Tube looked like Liz Wheeler of OAN, and
she contacted MVPD, then went off at You Tube.

ME AND THEN FBI ON ATTA, so he could board and crash.

Islam will NOT be leaving these issues alone, Lani.

This means another SJPD, SCCo.Sheriff, SC Police, FBI, etc. REPORT,
from me, about YOUR CRIME, abetted by Irene Bell Keenan of Palo Alto,
time, in the last 19 years, so Mujahid Cruz was 19.

I then warned about a 25-y.o., and 23-y.o. Austin bomber Mark Anthony
Conditt made a 25 minute confession vid.

Where's the ROUTING NUMBER, so we can assign a damage to YOU, if no rent?

You are a nightmare, for a thousand attorneys, for a thousand years!

When do you start, Lani and Irene?

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 EntryNo: 3739
 Date: Sunday
06:05 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.0; SAMSUNG SM-J727T1 Build/NRD90M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/6.4 Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Mobile Safari/537.36 Person peoples
Safari United States of America
I get paid about $350 every two weeks. EVERY TIME I go to deposit a these checks twice a month (usually at an atm because i receive the check on a Friday and don't get home until 6:30) they always WITHOUT FAIL hold my check until 12 am on Tuesday. I'm so flipping angry and tired of having my funds tied up for no reason at all. Its not like it's a huge amount of money it's literally $345 they keep holding for days and days. When I called and asked them why the h e l l they keep holding them , the jacknard on the phone said "oh well it's because of the type of account you have" b!tch it's a checking account debit card for God's sake there's no reason to put a hold on every single check I get from my job at a school. And here's the kicker, now they won't even let me deposit a check at the atm. I literally cannot deal with this bank, I already live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of people and I don't need some bank d!cking around with the little bit of funds I do have. My schedule does not coincide with their business hours I do not have the time to walk inside and physically cash it out then deposit it and frankly I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get this money! Now I'm stuck having to pay some check cashing place a portion of my check just to get my money. What's the use in having a bank account with these people if they either don't let me deposit it or when they do, don't do so in a timely manner??? They are a useless pain in the -BADWORD-
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 EntryNo: 3738
 Date: Wednesday
02:28 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 Edge/16.16299 mustspeakup
Safari United States of America
Maybe this is why Wells Fargo called FBI on employees who did not follow their directions.

Maybe this is why the Board of Directors cannot respond to turnaround experts willing to fix problems.

Opinions from ex-employees and shareholders the CEO and board need to be FIRED not addressing the banks serious problems.

Wells Fargo hit with yet another lawsuit — for closing fraud victims' accounts to avoid costs

Wells Fargo hit with yet another lawsuit — for closing fraud victims' accounts to avoid costs
First the fraudsters, then their own bank.
by Ben Popken / Mar.01.2018 / 2:51 PM ET

Embattled Wells Fargo is accused of adding on to fraud victims' troubles by closing their accounts without investigating potential criminal activity, a new lawsuit by an ex-fraud investigator for the bank claims, echoing customer complaints.
By law, a bank is supposed to investigate potential criminal activity when a customer complains of fraud. Instead, according to Matthew Valles, who worked as a fraud investigator for Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon, the bank closed the accounts and got rid of the customer. On Wednesday he sued the bank and his former manager for violating whistleblower laws, alleging he had been fired in retaliation for his complaints about "hundreds" of mishandled cases.

Wells Fargo accused of closing accounts of fraud victims

Valles said he was newly transferred to the fraud unit when he discovered an internal culture whose "directive" was to "meet Wells Fargo’s metrics at all costs."
"When Wells Fargo customers experienced fraud or unauthorized activity on an account, Wells Fargo failed to adequately investigate the fraud, and instead closed the account under the pretext of a 'business decision,'” the suit claimed.

"Improperly closing customer accounts in this manner ensured that customers, not Wells Fargo, were left to absorb the costs of fraudulent activities and unauthorized withdrawals from their checking and savings accounts," it said, which could harm customers' credit if the fraud caused their account to become overdrawn.

Wells Fargo customers have filed consumer complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleging the same behavior, but Valles, in his suit, is the first former employee to corroborate their claims.

The bank has been under extreme pressure to reform in the wake of a massive unauthorized customer fee scandal that found their old CEO John Stumpf testifying before Congress and ultimately led to his sudden retirement and that of another executive.

For more, watch NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt tonight at 6:30 PM ET.
The bank later paid $110 million to settle a class-action lawsuit arising from the outcry and paid $185 million to federal and California authorities.
Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve severely sanctioned the bank, barring it from growing further until its problems were fixed.

"We take seriously the concerns of current and former team members and investigate them thoroughly. Our goal is to protect our customers and the bank from fraud, and we want to do so in ways that minimize the risk and impact on our customers," Jim Seitz, a Wells Fargo spokesman, told NBC News in a statement.

When does the buffoonery finally STOP?

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 EntryNo: 3737
 Date: Sunday
06:38 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.186 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
WELLS FARGO HIRES PUNKS, TO RIP OFF PEOPLE LIKE ME, non-punk, from punk families, who do elder abuse so Wells Fargo is grinding me in San Jose, while choking out payouts, from the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, TO INCITE SHARIA HONOR KILLINGS, IN THE US, SINCE 2010.

-BADWORD-S!!! You riot, to profiteer.

https://plus.google.com/+Bob Gaebler/posts/KkviYiTB2BV

Punks, "code red" was about a Marine private named Santiago, murdered for being -BADWORD-.

Like in standing ARMY situations, the USMC has a -BADWORD- PROBLEM, sometimes resulting, in mysterious demises, plural.

You sure are stupid! And queer. THAT's what it takes, to let faggot Mueller win a bronze star in Nam, trash courts for Clinton, then trash FBI on Atta, SO HE CRASHES THE US BUDGET, EVENTUALLY OR SOONER.

The fake-news, shit-smearing, spinning-on-thumbs-TV news is of a corporate media which also fakes the music, so as to offer made GEEKS, such as fuel genus-George Stepchile media spam, named for an Obama 2008 faceplant, so why not George, to show DDDP geeks that there is a cute, retarded side, to Georges, after all!

So Mueller could trash FBI on Atta, so there's $21 trillion US debt, ANY SECOND, while Trump was inevitable, OR NO DON LEMON, geeking at CNN, all the stupid years that Obama issued NO SUCCESSOR because Obama-BADWORD- SUCK!

So they could pretend Hildog isn't compromised by Mueller's collusion, to work her, AS LEAD FOIL, FOR THE DINO AND RINO COLLUSION, TO INJURE ALL COURTS AND PERSONS, by aggressive fraud and refusal to report, with all blocking, necessary, to continue at fraud.

ALL OF THEM SUCK! THEY SUCKED, AND THEY STILL SUCK, pretending it's 2008, yet.

-BADWORD-s. DINOs and RINOs need to get banned, parties abolished, sentences SERVED.

https://plus.google.com/u/0/ +BobGaebler/posts/JuY9ujcR5t t

SOME people should not try to kiss this guy, when KISS THE SKY, boo.

In Search OF! Besides one-point-landings at a big-assed ripoff rock concert.

Steven Morgan's wiener and a headset!

FBI online report, Sunday morning 3/18/18:

Now residing -------------------- who was in the Army. They are housing me for Irene Bell Keenan of Palo Alto, California, a UK immigrant, with her husband, Michael, and the father of several grown children, and SO, from the Sharia being judged, elsewhere, from complete intel, HERE, gathered with a completeness I expect of invisible friends from US Gov't. agencies, like yours, so play up for Trump or whatever.

THESE clowns are why Holcombe family, all slain in same numbers, in Sutherland Springs. The triggers are all here. The straw that breaks the camel is here, as the camel, to be feared pretends he is not seen and known, and INCIDENT EVENT, FROM PREVENTABLE HORIZON, THEN IGNORED, AS STORM ALERT I.S. gets no action from you or any local Catholic turdburglar-cops or other perverts, playing criminal misconduct to RICO profiteering, to fail at reporting for me, since 1980, with aggression.

Post-SD HS shooting, all agents and agencies ignored my input, of many posts and reports, including at wellsfargosucks.com, which also chronicles failure of all US agencies, yours and CFPB, foremost at failure, RELATED TO I.S. ATTACKS SINCE 2010.

YOU FAIL TO WARN CONCERT-GOERS, TO WARN MADE PERVERTS ON STAGE, TO DESIST, when you probably are why many are made, few are really GOOD. So when I tune up and play one of my inadequate acoustic guitars, I watch out, to avoid over-playing.

That kind of stuff gets out AC-ZZ groups, and so Timberlake at SB52 makes hella target at halftime, given SB50 was Cold Play, good, better than ANYBODY, at concerts, about cold PLAGIARISM.


For anything and everything, given you hold out, for Mueller, against ME and the POTUS, but he seems about to concede his five empires never paid me a dime for like 4K hits on Time and SONY, so Fukushima and I.S. attacks were around my bales of money I should have made, but they were straw dogs, on a loaded camel's back.

THE CAMEL TO BE FEARED TRIES TO TRIGGER A 25-Y.O. MUJAHID, harder, every day, in San Jose. Will it be geeks, like SVILC, where they let a guy named Albert Wong assault me, so Yountville, since other areas were also heating up? THAT was a 36-y.o., so in San Jose, don't let the perps step on ME, since SCCo.Sheriff won't report or stop burglary in progress, Tuesday Feb.13, 2018, I notice the net, and next morning, carnage in Parkland, preventable, at BOTH ENDS, fubar-detainees!

We are at BOTH ENDS, of North America, with YOU thumb-butting each other, back east, letting Jonestown Jackie's Stanford girls mind ME, out west, so I am where AC-ZZ originated, YOU should know, and mind the RATT, agents.

YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW, agents Sqeeky and Cheesy. Logan and sedition act gits incite RIOT!


The 19 thing was how many years I should have had a -BADWORD- thing, called EXPUNGEMENT or other relief from shit.

The 25 is worse, WAY worse, how many years California should have cleaned out San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and DAs, Sheriffs, local chiefs, so MAYBE there's hits.

Wells Fargo is able to hook up with counties in states, like California, with -BADWORD- Catholic RICO mafiosos and CSG wannabes, end, to stupid, kid-buggering end.

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