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 EntryNo: 957
 Date: Tuesday
11:31 AM
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I've been a long time Wells Fargo customer, with a checking account, savings account, auto loan and credit card, never having missed a single payment on any of them. Not only that, but I pay ahead on my car payment and make more than my minimum monthly payment on my credit card. I didn't have a great rate to begin with 15.99, but I recently got a notice stating my rate is going up to 18.99, despite my never having missed a payment and paying more than is required. When I called and asked why, I was given the same old bs about the market. I can either opt out of this deal and they'll cancel my card, or I can accept it and take it up the rear for 18.99, for being a good customer.
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 EntryNo: 956
 Date: Tuesday
02:52 AM
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You guys are just a bunch of ignorant morons that don't know how to manage your credit and finances. You obviously don't know how banks work you group of moronic -BADWORD-ic dip-BADWORD-!
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 EntryNo: 955
 Date: Monday
06:08 PM
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Got a WF credit card via some work from Bath Fitters. Charged about $1200 in regular charges on the card, plus the $2000 in Bath Fitters work (supposed to be interest-free for 6 months). Paid what was remaining on the Bath Fitters account, only to find out when we got the bill (Saturday) that they had applied our payments to the regular charges. Called to move the payments to the Bath Fitters charges Saturday and they were closed. Called today (Monday) to get the payments moved and now they say that beginning TODAY they don't do that anymore. That means you now have to pay off the ENTIRE CARD or the deferred interest that's been building for 6 months (at a much higher APR) gets slammed on you at once! That's almost $300 in interest charges you can't recover. I didn't agree to that when I signed up for the card. I'm calling our local news station to at least attempt to get WF some bad publicity. Everyone should know what their ridiculous policies are.
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 EntryNo: 954
 Date: Sunday
04:54 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3 Johanna Bott
Firefox United States of America
After 6 months of trying to modify out house loan, many phone conversations and sending in the same info asked for over and over, they did not register one of our phone calls which put us over the time allowed for modification...Now we must start all over again..another 6 months i suppose...Nice game they play..When we called to complain they were rude and very nasty and basically said "oh well, not our problem"..Any one know how to complain about this? Im about to start writing my government and see if their is anything they can do to put pressure on wells fargo to stop acting in this manner...
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 EntryNo: 953
 Date: Saturday
12:46 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009082707 Firefox/3.0.14 pauline white
Firefox United States of America
Wells Fargo is the worst bank in the country, they try to put you out of your home , there not honest wit h the public they say they helping to to save you house but they haven't , it is a fake bank javascript:insertEmoticon(' ','angry.gif')a fake investment , and they deceived the public , and i think they should be put out of business, . nobody needs to do an investment with wells Fargo bank , it is the worst in the country, i hope that they will fix there act, and stop deceiving and lying to the public. javascript:insertEmoticon(' ','angry.gif')
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 EntryNo: 952
 Date: Friday
01:50 PM
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6 years ago my husband and I bought our dream home. This home had plenty of space for a growing family and it was even great just to retire in. Well we got our mortgage through Wells Fargo and after about a year we noticed some shady practices so we refinanced and not even 2 months later Wells Fargo bought our loan back and then the nightmare began. I had been laid off in Feb. We spent our savings keeping up with our payments. When, we didnt have any money to pay December's mortgage we called Wells Fargo and they were very nice, they said because we hadnt had a late payment in 3 years we could wrap our payment around. so thats what we did. When we went to make our next payment, We called them to make sure that we didn't need to send extra. To our astonishement the rep said that we could no longer send payments cuz our house was in Foreclosure. We were shocked. We were ony 2 payments behind and we had set up that payment wrap. She said we didnt qualify for that program because we had a sub-prime mortgage and the rules did not apply. That also meant that they could foreclose immediatly. So we managed to gather all the money we owed about $4000 and they refused to take it. Said if we sent it they would just send it back. They did agree to do a forebearance. We made our payments on time for the forbearance and then went into the Loan modification. After making our first payment to the loan modification, 2 weeks later we recieved a check from Wells Fargo for the amount that we had payed into our loan modification with a letter stating that they could no longer work with our Loan modification. At this time we went to court. For once the Judge was on our side and demanded that Wells Fargo find away to work with us. We redid the forebearance and filled out a budget worksheet. There offer to work with us was to Double our payment amount and raise our interest to almost 12%. We called and told them that there was no way that we could afford this payment and that we thought with all the new rules for the Government refinance they had work with us not the other way around. They said that the investors (From China). Dont have to follow those guidelines. We hired an attorney now and have gotten nowhere. We have been dealing with this for 3 years. We have to be our of our house by Feb of 2010. I wrote them a letter, telling them they ought to be ashamed of themsleves for further compounding the mortgage crisis and displacing a family of 8. And then I see these bold face lies of commercials about how they help people. Bull Shit!!! They help people, they are nothing but a corrupt conglamerate company that wants to do nothing but line ther pockets with your dreams!!!
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 EntryNo: 951
 Date: Friday
07:57 AM
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) AnitaGo
Internet Explorer United States of America
I am in real estate, and from professional and personal experience, I can tell you that

Wells Fargo is NOT here to help those who want to refinance or modify their loans. I've read

many of the complaints, and they are all too familiar. My husband and I have a small

business, and we have been trying to modify our home loan since March of 2009. Instead of

putting us into the HAMP program, for which we qualified, they gave us a 6-month forbearance

(no skin off their backs, just a delay in the inevitable!). Finally, in September, they told

us that we qualified for the HAMP program and gave us documentation to fill out. Mind you,

my husband and I had close to an 800 credit score until we ran into trouble with our

business. Our income was literally cut in half. Our present mortgage payment does not

include Insurance and Escrow, so when their processing department went over our financial

figures, they said that we were right where we needed to be (mortgage payment 31% of Net

Income). However, our housing payment is 45% of our Net Income. I just found a Loophole in

the HAMP qualification process: if your home insurance and property taxes are NOT escrowed

in your mortgage payment, Wells Fargo will use Principal and Interest only to figure whether

or not one qualifies. Furthermore, when I spoke to the SIGTARP representative, I found out

that all we have on the government end is a 'toothless tiger', as they are not in a position

to do anything to the Loan Servicer. In the meantime, we keep getting conflicting letters

from different offices Wells Fargo has around the country. One letter states that we have

not been in any contact with them, another states that they have received our info and are

getting ready to help us, and yet another letter says that we owe them 4 months worth of

mortgage payments and they need a cashier's check by November 10, 2009, or they will

accelerate our mortgage. So, what did we do? I wrote letters to President Obama, SIGTARP,

FOX 4 NEWS, and WELLS FARGO. My gut tells me that our situation will fall on deaf ears, but

my husband and I have decided that we can not let this situation affect our health, which it

already has for me. Worst case scenario, I'll be moving back home with mom at age 42.

Fortunately, we have a good family who will not let us live in the street.

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 EntryNo: 950
 Date: Thursday
11:06 PM
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Has anyone else noticed that if you check your account balance at, say, 9pm and it's postive and all good, then check it again at 9am the next morning, your balance for the day before will now be negative and you will now have overdraft fees? I caught on to this about a month ago when on a Tuesday evening my account was fine, postive.I did have a couple of pending tansactions. I had a direct deposit that goes in on Wednesdays(for the last 7 years that money is in my account Wednesday morning!!) I then checked my account Wed morning and there were 2 new transactions posted for TUES. They were not posted when I checked it at 9pm!!!! And where's my deposit? Not there. So, I go to work and check my accoutn again at lunchtime thinking they just make an error. Nope! My deposit had mysteriously appeared minus overdraft fees for Tuesday.
I immediately called the 800 number and talked to some dipshit that just basically accused me of lying when I explained that those transactions were not posted when I checked it Tues. night. I demanded they reverse the fees and she told me she couldn't and I should better manage my account. At this point, I'm furious, and decide to try to get ahold of some higher-up at the main branch. Instead I get another banker who asks what I need when I asked for the manager. I told her the situation and she told me tht when they post at midnight, it posts all the transactions for the previous day. HUH? WTF?? how can you do that? Isn't midnight the NEXT day? They are backdating so we are all screwed. It used to be if you went negative one day, you had until the end of the business day to deposit money so you wouldn't get $35 overdrafts. Not anymore, they backdate at midnight so you have no chance of bringing it postive before they nail you. Somehow I feel that this is illegal.
And my direct deposit? It now sits in my pending transactions. It has NEVER, i mean NEVER pended, it was always in my account.
You know what else she told me? that they've done it this way for years. ummm...NO you have not it told her, I've played your games for years and you just changed the rules on me. She hung up after that.
Wait, there's more. So, now i've coaught on to their BS and when my acct was low one day with a pending trans, I deposited cash, yes cash to cover it. The cash sat pendng for a day while they completed the transaction. Why does cash pend, what are we waiting on? For them to wipe their asses with my money before they give it to me?
WF is so screwed up and corrupt, it makes me sick!! seriously, check your accts tonight, then check them in the morning, you'll find new transactions from the day before that weren't there.

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 EntryNo: 949
 Date: Thursday
08:32 PM
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Internet Explorer United States of America
This is a short story.. Asked for a roll of 10 dollars worth of quarters..Come to find I was ripped off,and it was short of the amount. I lived to far to go back,and they would only refund if I cam in person. I cold not do that. They knew exactly who they were talking to ,and knew that I did ask for a roll.. So that is the bull.If I would've short changed someone I would be in trouble.However because they are a powerful bank so they can get away with it.What I want them to do is fix it at no trouble to me.And send it to me in the mail.. They would xpect me to take that step.
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 EntryNo: 948
 Date: Thursday
07:52 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.27.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.2.1 Safari/525.27.1 don
Safari United States of America
youtube video of anger directed at Wells Fargo bank after they raised my credit card rate to 23% even though I haver perfect credit fico and never missed a payment. Check this out:
http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=rV3ImC4Ol7s

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