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 EntryNo: 767
 Date: Friday
05:00 PM
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Did you know that if you "transfer" money into different accounts more than 6 times in statement period you get charged!

BULLLLSHIT. It is my money to move wherever i want between my accounts. And SIX times is a ridiculous number for a month period.

screw off wells fargo. i feel sorry for the new wachovia clients who get suckered into WF banking.

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 EntryNo: 766
 Date: Thursday
07:47 PM
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I got a credit card with Wells, limit of 5000. I used the card and had a balance of 3200. After 1 month they sent me a letter stating that they had cut my credit limit to 2700, and then they started charing me over-the limit charges!

How unethical can they be?

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 EntryNo: 765
 Date: Wednesday
08:17 PM
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I cannot believe that Wells Fargo has the right to charge so many NSF Charges. I was charged over and over again NSF for a charges less then $15! I believe one time in just NSF Charges it was almost $400 and my actually negative charge was only around $100. I've tried calling the banks and they are unwilling to help you and they say there is nothing they can do - I think this is criminal especially the way the economi is right now - I'm sure it is making it hard for people to even have enough money to live with everyone charging outrageous charges.
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 EntryNo: 764
 Date: Tuesday
07:34 PM
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I had the WORST experience ever with Wells Fargo, trying to stay loyal while living in Iowa I started with them in 1997, never a problem. I move to Florida and all the -BADWORD-s work at Wells Fargo. Went thru Wells Fargo Mortgage and was treated rudely, lied to, and had to deal with three people to finally get closed, 5 DAYS after the scheduled date and THEN for them to tell me that I can not get a cashiers check to pay for closing!! Then told no wire transfer except in person...well Florida does not have a Wells Fargo Bank!! I had to call Iowa to get this fixed as I was told by "Customer Service?!!" that this could not be done.

I will tell everyone I know to leave Wells Fargo, and will never suggest it to friends or passer byers!!!


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 EntryNo: 763
 Date: Monday
03:59 PM
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have a car loan with WF and owe 3063 and some change. When I got the loan I was making double what I do now and making my payments were easy. Over the last two years, I fell on hard times (haven't we all) and called the company to ask for help and to see what my options are/were. I was told I could put in an offer to settle below what I owed if I could prove I wasn't making what I was when I originally purchased the car. I gave them an offer and they accepted. I was told that I would have the paperwork faxed to me and that I was the proud owner of my car!!!

The next day (original call was a Tuesday), I got a call from a different person saying I still owed 900 bucks and that my car was in repo. When I told them I had spoken with (Moron's Name witheld) *** and that we were settling the account, I was sent to a manager and told that Moron, didn't have that authority and that basically for 2 days I was lied to. When I lost my cool and reiterated my entire 2 day ordeal, I was told in no certain terms too bad, so sad. For two weeks they called me 12-15 times a day, and actually called my job and demanded that I speak with them, because I had stopped answering my home phone. When I told them I could get fired for getting personal calls they told me "well, we'd stop bugging you if you would answer our calls and pay us." I understand they are in business to make money but to be degraded and belittled is very upsetting and to be sent to repo for no good reason, seems a bit extreme. In the conversation I explained that I was now a single mother, and the person said, "honey, it's not my problem you failed in your relationships, we just want our money or the car, you have 24hours to decide. Can't you call someone and borrow the money?" when I said no, I'm not a Hilton Sister, the guy said "sweetie, this is no time for jokes, your clock is ticking."

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 EntryNo: 762
 Date: Sunday
09:41 PM
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I am a real estate attorney and decided to just google Wells Fargo Horror Stories without knowing what would turn up.

In the past year every real estate transaction that I have been involved with that also involved Wells Fargo has had problems and long long delays. One recent transaction took 4+ months to close. Many others never close at all. Either Wells Fargo fired all their experienced help or the help quit. The initial people that you talk to as a loan applicant tell you everything is fine. Then it gets to a supervisor when you think you are going to close and you have to start all over again. If the seller needs to sell in a hurry you are ultimately out of luck. Even if the seller doesn't need to sell in a hurry you may still be out of luck.

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 EntryNo: 761
 Date: Sunday
03:32 AM
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I have been a Wells Fargo customer since 1989. But what they did recently has me really upset. They closed my credit card account even though I have a credit score of 750 and my we have an income of almost $200K/year. In almost 20 years with Wells Fargo I have never missed a payment on any credit card. I only found out that my account was closed when I called the phone number so they didn't even bother notifying me about it. I am upset because now I don't have the overdraft protection feature linked to a credit card anymore. I probably don't need the overdraft feature, but I am upset that they could take this away from me without any good reason. Overall I think Wells Fargo is just an ATM Machine company and they are terrible about consumer loans. Their customer service dept was of no help at all; they did not care to know about our high income or how long we had been a customer. Overall my experience is that Wells Fargo is only good at one thing - ATM Machines. For everything else I recommend using a bank that actually values customer relationships.
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 EntryNo: 760
 Date: Saturday
06:47 PM
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 EntryNo: 759
 Date: Friday
04:29 PM
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Has no one had a problem since Nov of 2008? Hard to believe that, so I'm assuming we're all just so tired and so used to getting mauled by the banks we don't even protest anymore.

We so need regulations that are enforced.

My horror story with Wells consists of posting the withdrawals before the deposit. That should be illegal, but apparently not.

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 EntryNo: 758
 Date: Thursday
01:54 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 YFF3 Firefox/3.0.5 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) Jerold L. Murray
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Prior to yesterday, we had been banking with Wells Fargo since 1984. THEY TOOK $4,728.58 from my personal bank account without my approval! This shows on my account as a phone transfer as if I approved it. I currently have a closed business line of credit that I owe 39k on . This account started with an interest rate of 5.99% and has been raised over time to 17.25%. I faxed a hardship letter back in March and made my account current at that time as they indicated this was the only way they would lower the rate or give us a payment plan. I have now been told there is no current plan in place for business accounts. During this time I have spoken to Davis Johnson @866-411-7818 and had faxed him my own schedule and made my June payment lowering my rate back to 5.99% that I can afford. He indicated all old fees will be removed if I just make a payment. The back amount owed is around 2k yet they took 4k that includes all old and current fees as well an amount they claim I am over my credit limit as if we have made purchases. All these fees are noted as purchases....While sitting with my local branch vice president he was witness to this department hanging up on me. Bail out these crooks, NO WAY! They claim that on page seven of my contact it gives them the right to remove my money. I have yet to see my requested copy of this page. Please remove all money from your Wells Fargo accounts as this could happen to you! Didn't you read page seven.......
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