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 EntryNo: 1165
 Date: Friday
09:23 AM
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Paid my heating repair guy with a check which he needed to cash right away, but realized he didn't have his I.D. with him, so I went into the Wells Fargo branch where I've banked for years.

The check was written to a his business name "... Mechanical".

I presented my state issued drivers license as proof of being the account owner and requested that the teller/manager cash the check for "my heating guy".

Two managers refused to cash the check even though I was standing right there with my identification, demanding that they honor my check, drawn on my account with Wells Fargo.

They refused to cash the check because it was written out to a business. Apparently Wells Fargo won't cash their own checks written out to a business unless the business opens an account with them.

I finally had to reach across the counter take the check back, draw a line through the business name, an write "CASH" in its place initial the change and then tell them "NOW GIVE THE MAN HIS MONEY!"


I will be changing banks as soon as possible.

Since when can banks refuse to honor checks drawn on an account when the account "OWNER" is standing right there demanding that the check be cashed???

It would appear that once our money goes into these banks we no longer own or control it.

But when they get caught in the lurch due to their own dishonesty and greed then the taxpayers are obligated to bail their sorry asses out.

The entire system is corrupt - bankers, politicians, insurance companies - just greed and corruption - our system is on a downhill slide and nobody in power has the guts to fix it.

Any politicians who try are destined to be "one-termers."

Wells Fargo Sucks! No truer words have ever been spoken.


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 EntryNo: 1164
 Date: Thursday
11:30 AM
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Its the truth, worst bank imaginable. I havent had many dealings with them myself, but my best friend and past girlfriends have all gotten royally screwed. First, this gal I dated got her purse stolen, after all the police hooplah, it was nearly impossible to convince those suckers that it wasnt our fault. Had to plead with them to smooth things over, wtf? Then my buddy got declined with his atm card at the store the day after depositing about $1000 into checking that already had $3500 in it. So he goes there and they tell him they dont know where his money went. What was that? After EXPLODING on them they "found their error." Dont let em push you around. My boss hates em so much he makes it a point to be asked to leave regularly by insulting them. How many of you have gotten stuck with fees when THEIR OWN website is down and cant do business? For all the -BADWORD- they pull Im surprised they still operate. I wont have nothing to do with them. Nothing but bad stories from everyone I know.
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 EntryNo: 1163
 Date: Tuesday
09:58 PM
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Thank you so much for this site. If you did not put it up I would. I have SOOOO many horror stories from Wells Fargo that I have made a file since I was going to post it all on the internet somewhere.

Ok, here is one. Recently I received a letter from WF stating that they had 'positive news regarding my line of credit account'. Down near the bottom of the letter that stated that they were raising my interest rate from 8.5% to 11%. So I took the letter in to my branch and talked to the branch manager to find out what the 'positive news regarding my account' was in the letter. I pointed out the raising of the interest rate.

I asked 'What is so positive about this?' She replied, 'Its definitely positive for the bank' in a smug attitude.

Wow! I had moved most of my business accounts elsewhere for day to day transactions. I had a customer wire my old WF account $50K+ so I was in there pulling it out.

The manager quipped up 'I haven't seen you very much lately.' I replied 'Yeah, its because of the all the new positive changes to my account I couldn't handle so I moved my accounts to a regional bank.' This time I was smug about it.

I just want to puke on the floor thinking that my taxes propped up this POS. Money that was originally supposed to ease credit for businesses but instead let big bad banks gobble up small good banks. What a horror.

And this is the payload of the economic malaise this country has - because it is these banks that caused the mess and are continuing to perpetuate it. WF has nearly killed my business because of their new credit policies they put in place (designed to kill off small business growth). I'll write more about this later on because this is important for people to know.

Bottom line: I had to lay of 17 employees in 2009 because of tightening credit (I had never been late on ANY payments) - by not rolling over our business' credit lines. Nice. Very Nice.

Better stop before I explode....

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 EntryNo: 1162
 Date: Tuesday
05:31 AM
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I work for Wells Fargo in a call center. FYI we are not "customer service" reps we are "phone bankers". It is not Wells Fargo's goal to provide great customer service. It was Wachovia's goal to provide excellent customer service. Wachovia was #1 in customer service for 8 years. I believe that's the only reason Wells Fargo has been able to achieve #1 in customer service for the last 2 years, it's the Wachovia customer's that are still happy with the bank. Although the banks are merging, some states still have only Wachovia locations, are operating on Wachovia systems and have the same employees.

Now it's understandable people would have many negative experiences with WF call centers. Policies/procedures are updated all the time. WF reps don't have time off the phone to read these documents. WF reps are expected to keep an average call time of under 4 minutes and expected to convince a customer to open a new account 1 out of every 4 calls. WF also is all about scripting, we have to say things like "I'd be happy to assist you today", "have I answered all of your questions", "it's been a pleasure speaking with you". I don't mind saying those things, but when a customer is upset it seems like a slap in the face... Also, since it's required it just sounds fake. Who wants to talk to a robot?

I was very happy as an employee of Wachovia, where we could treat the customers as individuals instead of another account. I hate having to decline a refund because the "account doesn't qualify" I haven't seen an account qualify for a refund in over a year. Even if it's the first fee for a long time customer. It doesn't matter the situation a customer is in, basically if it's not a "bank error" the account won't qualify for a refund.

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 EntryNo: 1161
 Date: Sunday
06:11 PM
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My own story started only 2 years ago with WF, last year I discovered they will not help if you can not meet their payments, there are extra charges and no consideration, the next time I couldn't make the payment in full, I did not notify them, as they were no help the first time when had I tried 6 months earlier. Since then I have had 5 phone calls a day, 7 days a week., just before christmas they started calling my work. i have been repeatedly and rudely asked the same questions or and over again, with no one bothering to make notes of my answers on my account. the rudeness and audacity of this business is unbelievable! even when i have made a payment over the min to try to catch up, they still keep calling and harassing me... I will never deal with this company again.
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 EntryNo: 1160
 Date: Friday
05:25 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13 A Realtor who had a client get screwed!
Firefox United States of America
We are supposed to close on my clients house on Monday after waiting since Nov 10th! We got news that the title company got the lender instructions so we wiped our foreheads with the back of our hands and said "Praise the Lord we're going to close" just 2 hours later The title company got a note emailed to them from WF saying "This closing is not going to happen the lender can not verify the buyer's income". Really?? After 2 and half months they just not can't verify income?????
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 EntryNo: 1159
 Date: Friday
04:34 PM
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what choo talken' bout willis?1

wells fargo is good.

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 EntryNo: 1158
 Date: Thursday
04:12 PM
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I enjoyed Wachovia!!
After around $350 paid in fees...I have decided to take MY money somewhere else!

Maybe under my mattress?

WELLS FARGO is the owrst bank I have ever been with!

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 EntryNo: 1157
 Date: Thursday
03:06 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 YFF35 Firefox/3.6.10 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) MiMi
Firefox United States of America
This happened one year ago, but I've been meaning to post it somewhere.
I've been a WF customer for about 5 years.
Never had a problem. Last year, while living in La Quinta, California, my mother in law sent my 2 children checks for xmas in the amount of $25 each.
Both of my children wanted to use their money to order things online, so I said I would deposit the checks into my checking account and would use my debit card when they ordered what they wanted.
I took the checks to the La Quinta Wells Fargo in the Stater Bros grocery store.
I gave the teller the 2 checks made out to my children. She asked if they had checking accounts and I said no. She then proceeded to try to sell me on opening accounts for them. I told her no thank you.
She then told me, and I will quote this..."I will do this this one time, but after this, you will need to open accounts for them."
I was dumbstruck. I looked at her in disbelief. Why would a 9 and 14 year old need a bank account????
Needless to say, I am still at WF and I just cashed xmas checks made out to my children at a WF in Texas with no questions asked. Go figure.

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 EntryNo: 1156
 Date: Wednesday
03:06 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729) J Men
Firefox United States of America
I just called Wells Fargo because I can't access my old account Wachovia statements. The response was "sorry, our system shows this account was opened in January of 2010." That's amazing considering I opened this account at a Wachovia branch in 2004. I was then transferred to this woman with the worst attitude who parroted the same line - "this account was opened in January 2010". She was also "helpful" enough to inform me that her supervisor also looked into it and that's all they (Wachovia?) gave us so that's all our system shows - that the account was opened in 2010. So basically, they lost roughly 6 years of financial records...? Thank God, I didn't always do online banking and have paper records. I told her I was closing my account and all she could say was "if you feel that's what you need to do then do it"!! Wow, that's what passes as customer service nowadays? I do plan to switch all of my money to the credit union but would like to know what more I can do. This is unacceptable!!! Also concerned about how this affects me since years of my financial records are now supposedly lost...
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