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 EntryNo: 697
 Date: Monday
02:00 PM
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I moved to IL back in November - I decided to use Wells Fargo for my third home loan. Since 2001, 2003, and 2006 I had nothing but great service from Wells Fargo in NC.
However the Peoria IL branch is a true definition of ignorance. They started the loan 15 business days late, they decided to take their time and then as the emails began generating to Management staff the work started being addressed.
Eventually this made my frustration level very high and it led to a few choice emails to my Wells Fargo agent -

She decided to take CONFIDENTIAL emails wwith my loan information and share them with her husband. Now since when does an issue with Wells Fargo become amatter to address at home with your family? So he decided to take these emails to my place of employment.
The emails had loan information attached to them?

Now I am in the middle of obtaining a lawyer, stressed out because the Loan almost took 3 months to close,
my employer has information that they did not need to see
and this local peoria IL branch does not have any local supervisors so these people can do whatever they want.

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 EntryNo: 696
 Date: Monday
12:20 PM
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So, does this make sense to anyone??? I qualified for a $221,000 mortgage for the house my ex husband and I bought last year.
We just accepted an offer; the buyer is pre-approved, everything's signed and agreed upon, his financing is backed up, BUT we're selling the house at a loss to be done with it.
That being said, I went to Wells Fargo AND Wells Fargo Financial, to obtain a personal loan for my half of the loss on the house.
The amount comes to $8k. Not a SMALL loan, but a lot less than half of $221k. Anyhow, they denied me for the loan because I have the mortgage on file. I explained that I needed the personal loan because I was selling the house. That I needed the money to get the closing completed at the end of this month. I have perfect credit. I have little to no other debt. I provided proof of our buyer's financing... still they said no.
So essentially, it does me no good TO have good credit etc, because I can't get a loan. Additionally, this makes no sense to me because all I'm trying to do is establish a new borrowing agreement with them. I'm not foreclosing that would cause them to never see their money again. I'm not even doing a short sale where they'd loose SOME of their money. I'm being very responsible and saying "look, I'll make sure you don't loose a dime because of my divorce, just help me get to the closing."
If I DID foreclose, or do a short sale, I'd have nothing to worry about. I'd owe nothing. My credit would be lowered, but again, what good IS good credit when you can't even get a loan when you need one?
So my question is... what is Wells Fargo thinking to offer no other option for anyone selling their house at a loss right now? Plenty of people are, and it even makes bad business sense for them to offer no alternative other than not seeing their money. It looses their profits, it's bad for their customers, it's bad for everyone.
Financially it'd be a TON easier for me just to foreclose becuase again, then I wouldn't have to do anything but sign my name a few times and within a couple years I could have my credit back up at least enough to get another house. I just can't fathom their logic. Without the help of family I WOULD have been forced to do a short sale etc. just over that stupid $8k. And the result? They'd loose money, I wouldn't, but it'd all be due to their OWN loaning policies because they won't help me GIVE them their money back. They shoot themselves in the foot and leave customer's out in the cold.
I will never again bank with them. I have been a customer of their's for a long time, keep a good average in the bank, never been over drawn, held several accounts with them, always paid my mortgage on time and this is what they do for the first time I've ever asked for their help.
So, I'm writing here, on myspace, the BBB and even writing local news stations. I'm sure nothing will change but what an awful policy to do to good customers- especially when so many other's ARE foreclosing. What do they do? Stab the people paying on time in the back. Be warned about Wells Fargo.

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 EntryNo: 695
 Date: Saturday
09:07 PM
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I use to work for Wells Fargo Financial and I can tell you that they were completely unethical and my manager in particular frequently referred to customers as -BADWORD-s, stupid, etc. Some of the shady stuff they would do included: Calling numbers on the do not call list or calling customers after repeatedly being told not to or that it was a wrong number (FTC 6k fine per occurrence), they would act like there was a problem on a person's account in order to get them to come into the branch, they would slip a credit card application into a person's paper work in order to get them to sign it without telling them it was a cc application, they would leave out fees. With the fees for instance, they would try to get a person to refinance a mortgage less than a year old thus incurring a 3% fee, eg. 100k mortgage = 3k fee in addition to other closing costs. When people inquired about the 3% prepayment penalty fee the manager would tell them that they were going to wave it. He of course could not and did not even give a -BADWORD-. I had to leave there because I never worked in an environment where people were taken advantage of so often. In fact, when I first began I was encouraged to do anything I had to in order to sell a loan, even if that meant breaking company policy because as my manager said "compliance does not matter unless compliance is in the office." He also told me that anything wrong I did he would cover up as long as I "played ball". In short, I did not play ball and quit. I was so happy that day I quit.
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 EntryNo: 694
 Date: Thursday
09:31 PM
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 2.0.50727) Nancy Rawson
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There are no words to express my disgust with the unethical, slimy, greedy, lowest-form-of-life business practices of this company. They intentionally delayed my refi until the interest lock expired, promising to honor the rate and then slapped a 1.25% fee on top of the loan at the very last minute hoping, I suppose, I would go along with it in order to get the rate. What a bunch of sleaze-balls! They deserve to be out of business and back in the gutter where they belong.
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 EntryNo: 693
 Date: Thursday
11:33 AM
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I am so pleased to find this site - I've just had it with this corporpate bloodsucker! I typed in "Wells fargo Sucks" into my search engine out of pure anger and frustration and - lo & behold - there is a website.

Where to begin - my efforts to secure mortgage assistance through the federal programs which have given the CEOs and shareholders of WellsFargo millions and millions of dollars has been met with a complete, utter and arrogant failure to respond. There was a great piece on All things Considered (NPR) earlier this week about WellsFargo's incompetance . . . until the media started asking quetions.

What to do - i really need the mortgage assistance, I've been a customer for 15 years, paids thousands of dollars to them in interest and fees and yet i can not even get a response.

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 EntryNo: 692
 Date: Thursday
10:38 AM
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Learn how to balance a checkbook and you wont get overdraft fees. If you cant then you arent responsible enough to have a account!
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 EntryNo: 691
 Date: Saturday
11:09 AM
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I agree, Wells Fargo sucks. The representatives are unprofessional, and lack the necessary skills to properly evaluate the applications that are flowing in for loan modifications. But in their defense, we have to remember that these people are bogged down with loads and loads of paperwork behind which are screaming, frustrated customers like me. And since they are probably getting paid little more than minimum wage to do this work, they hate their jobs and so that fact is reflected back at the customer; you and me.
So I say to them: go back to school, get an education, find a better job, and maybe you'll have something valuable to contribute to society, than just your rotten attitude.

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 EntryNo: 690
 Date: Thursday
01:37 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/312.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/312.6 Donovan Brooke
Safari United States of America
People sometimes have to vent, so thanks for the venue! I am a 5 year customer of Wells Fargo Bank. I have tried to roll with the punches and have tried to give WF the benefit of the doubt. However, even a thick head learns eventually, and for me, the title of this WebSite says well what my conclusion became.

I could make a long list of what I consider to be injustices that I've received from WF, but instead, I'll just state the two most recent frustrations.

First, I'll preface my comments to say that I have 3 accounts with WF, two business accounts that accept credit cards, and one personal account. Both of these businesses were startups (from the ground up), so money has always been tight until recently (5 years later). In a startup business, there is always calculated risks that need to be taken to keep business going. Ocassionaly these risks fall victim to timing issues. This leads to my first gripe, which *can* be a gripe for many banks, though I feel it especially applies to WF with thier harsh stance and no mercy policies, ...at least at the Stoughton, WI branch.

Only in the very first months of my relationship with Wells Fargo was my banker willing to refund some charges that were obvious, to anyone with common sense, too much punishment for the crime. For example:

1.) ..an event where one loses track of one check which overdraws the account and, though it is immediately covered, causes a string of $35 charges to ensue.. ending in $400+ in charges. I think may folks have probably been in this situation and could relate.

My very first banker would have looked at that and said, "oh yea, I can help you out by refunding a couple/few of those fees". He understood that in the real life, a small businessman wears a lot of hats, and a punishment of $400 for losing track of one check is just not good for either customer or customer longevity at a bank. Unfortunately, that only lasted until he transferred to a new bank. In the resulting 4+ years since, I have recieved absolutely no mercy when it comes to situations like that (as well as other unfair and excessive charges).

2.) Starting this year, I grabbed my free credit report that is offered by law to everyone. It basically said the single area that would help me improve my credit score was in creating a larger spread between my "available credit" and my "Balance Owed" on a Wells Fargo revolving line of credit. So, for the following two months, I sucessful created a larger difference in that account. (It was a $5,000 LOC, where I had a balance of about $4500 and in the following 2 months had payed it down to $3000) Well, to my surprise, I checked the account one day and found that WF had taken my available credit down to a close match of what I had payed it down to. Well, this effectively thwarted my efforts of the past 2 months to create a larger difference between the two, and I was now back to square one.

When I questioned them, they said it was because of my credit score that they adjusted it. I explained to them that this very LOC that they adjusted was the very reason for my recently lowered credit score. But of course, and in line with every request I have had with them over the last 4+ years, they responded with "no mercy".

O.K., now that everyone is sobbing in understanding for me. .. lets dry our tears and I'll leave you with this, which summs it up for me.

People should not be fooled with the reports that WF is one of the few banks doing well in these tuff times for financial instituations. Prostitutes and thieves make good money to.. but that doesn't make it right, and surely doesn't make it ethical.


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 EntryNo: 689
 Date: Thursday
09:59 AM
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 EntryNo: 688
 Date: Tuesday
10:39 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009042316 Firefox/3.0.10 Josh
Firefox United States of America
OK, here we go. My direct deposit was deposited into my account on 5/27/2009. I proceeded to pay my bills later that afternoon. I get home later in the evening and check my account balance. Guess what, it was overdrawn 1700.00 dollars. My checks status went from deposited to pending(mind you, it was in pending status on 5/25, and deposited on 5/26). Lets not even talk about the close to 800 dollars in overdraft fees I am now being charged. This was not my fault, and now I have to pay for it. I called them, they wouldn't budge. Guess what? I canceled my direct deposit. They can send me to collections, I really do not care anymore.
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