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 EntryNo: 3532
 Date: Tuesday
11:39 AM
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#BOYCOTTWELLSFARGO #wellsfargosucks
THEY REPOSESSED the truck of a dear friend of ours. She lost her husband to cancer a short time ago. Our friend called Wells Fargo to make arrangements to pay off the truck and have ownership changed to her name (it was titled in his name).
Wells Fargo said she couldn't change the name on the title but could pay off the vehicle. This was last month. She has since made 2 extra payments, and planned to pay it off in full soon.
The bank repossessed the truck the night before thanksgiving at 12:30 am. She is heartbroken, and suddenly and shockingly without a vehicle. Imagine the shock to her when she realized what had just happened. Wells Fargo kicked her while she was already down. First, she loses her husband, then the sentimental attachment to her late husbands pride and joy vehicle.
Who does that??! As if Wells Fargo hasn't had enough press coverage lately. Please help me spread this. I have already sent it to all of the local News rooms.

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 EntryNo: 3531
 Date: Monday
06:04 PM
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November 23, 2016

Wells Fargo Seeks To Arbitrate Suit Over Phony Accounts
Wells Fargo Bank NA has urged a New Jersey federal judge to compel a customer to arbitrate his proposed class action over thousands of unauthorized accounts opened without customers’ consent, saying the customer agreed to arbitration when he opened his Wells Fargo bank accounts.

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 EntryNo: 3530
 Date: Saturday
07:27 AM
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I have been frustrated for years with their Shareowner services and have tried numerous times to sell my stocks and never have to deal with them again. I get statements from them all the time, yet they can't seem to find my account when I call them and my account is not eligible for using the online services. The company will never, ever get any serious business from me.
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 EntryNo: 3529
 Date: Tuesday
04:28 AM
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 EntryNo: 3528
 Date: Saturday
07:32 PM
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I just dont like them, they take forever.
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 EntryNo: 3527
 Date: Thursday
04:29 PM
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I posted my story earlier but now I have an update! The basic story is that I asked Wells Fargo for the payoff amount on my line of credit back in May. They gave me the wrong amount, which I paid, then charged me interest and penalties on the remaining balance they claimed I still owed. They never explained to my satisfaction why I still HAD a balance after a payoff (they just said it was "the amount still owing on the account"). I battled with them all last summer, then gave up and asked for a second payoff just to be done with the matter. This time, they had me overpay and there was a credit of $40.03 on my account that showed up on 2 statements, so I asked that it be refunded. They sent a cashiers check for $40.30 (.27 too much), but I didn't notice it was wrong and deposited it. They then STOPPED PAYMENT ON THE CHECK and my bank charged me $12 bounced check fee. I went back to WF to demand refund of the $12 (I believe WF charges $45 for bounced checks, so they got a deal); naturally, WF wouldn't accept an emailed scan of the notice and check I received from my bank, and I don't have a fax, so I had to go into the bank and waste time waiting for someone to fax it to WF for me. Today, I had a call from WF's "Executive Offices" saying they had received a complaint about the bounced check fee, but have no proof that they ever stopped payment on a check! I told the silly woman that I faxed proof to David Coffee at WF on Monday and she said, "Who's David Coffee?" I replied, "How would I know? I don't work for WF, although sometimes it feels like I do." Oh, and another thing - this month's line of credit statement says I have a debit balance of $3,167.37 with a $255 payment due 12/1! I haven't used my line of credit and don't plan to EVER use it again until I can close it in March 2017 without incurring a hefty $400 early closure fee. So, I had to call WF again to find out what was going on. The new stupid woman kept me on hold for about 15 min. and then reported that the timing of the statement had caused an inaccurate statement balance to be posted and that she'd send a statement showing my account balance is zero. I simply cannot believe how inept, unprofessional, -BADWORD-ic - and now, per recent news stories, criminal - Wells Fargo bank has proven to be. Get out while you can!
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 EntryNo: 3526
 Date: Tuesday
08:48 PM
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They're a good company they paid for my maintaince heroin medicine .... Thank you Wells Fargo for taking care of your employees
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 EntryNo: 3525
 Date: Saturday
08:59 AM
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I agree that wells Fargo sucks as a company, but People need to stop bashing their phone employees. They aren't "inept stupid" people. They are under trained over worked people. I work for this nightmare and everyone I work with is a smart, perfectly capable human being. They just want us to an impossible job. And then customers like you who blame them for not being able to help you make it worse. Trust me, we don't have a lot at our disposal to help you other than information. It sucks but it's Wells fault. Not the poor employee. So stop being a -BADWORD- customer and -BADWORD- person and stop shooting the messenger. Learn to aim.
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 EntryNo: 3524
 Date: Thursday
09:43 PM
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The WF website redesign is a horror show. An absolute travesty of value. Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? Just...go check it out for yourself. 'Nuff said.
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 EntryNo: 3523
 Date: Tuesday
07:19 PM
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So all I wanted to do was transfer my paycheck into cash so I could buy some stuff for school. The lady at the desk couldn't help me because she wanted a debit card and a drivers license. I didn't have a debit card because I had to make enough money to open a direct account.And I'm just starting on this new job and for some f=&Ă—;$@ reason I didn't even have a social security account to begin with so I asked her I asked her if I can give het both my residency and she said if you don't have those things I can't help you soooooo... then I just -BADWORD- left cuz all i want to do is open up a -BADWORD- bank account and get a debit card so I don't have to worry about that -BADWORD- chip!!! But this -BADWORD- is like nooooo I can't -BADWORD- tell you that I can't help you because I have to make it awkward that -BADWORD- sucking cun t -BADWORD- -BADWORD-!!!!!!!!#&!, $&!; $
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