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 EntryNo: 3607
 Date: Monday
05:15 PM
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Can't get account number without going in branch need for direct deposit no help from customer service
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 EntryNo: 3606
 Date: Tuesday
07:33 PM
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We naively thought that paying off a car loan and selling the car could be done with one trip to the bank. No such luck, The best Wells Fargo (the lender on the car AND our business bank) could do was take our cash payoff and then make us wait 10 Effing days for the release of lien. In other words, it doesn't matter if you have willing buyers with cash in hand. These sleazebags purposely make it very difficult for anyone to pay off their car loans.

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 EntryNo: 3605
 Date: Tuesday
06:52 PM
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I am feeling incredibly ripped off by Wells Fargo and underserved!!! We transferred two sets of funds from the UAE into our Wells Fargo account and converted one in the UAE and the other in the US. Well, the funds converted in the UAE worked out to be $1300 US more than those converted by Wells Fargo. When I asked the Foreign Finance person, why such a difference, he unapologetically stated, that we charge a much higher rate for conversion, if you were converting millions, then you would get a better rate. So, they are ripping off the middle income people to pamper the wealthy. They are also making a healthy chunk of change from international transactions, we were charged almost 2.7% more by them then the bank in the UAE. I was told that this was normal practice, normal practice is to rip people off!!!! I will be leaving this bank as soon as our American house is sold! On another issue, I wanted to transfer funds from my account internationally and I was told that I had to wait 10 days until my phone number was text enabled!! What kind of nonsense is that, my smartphone is already text enabled. This certainly will not get my money transferred in a timely fashion. Nothing good to say about this sorry excuse for a bank!
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 EntryNo: 3604
 Date: Tuesday
04:10 PM
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Gotta love how WF charges their customers for being poor. They're all "Hey, we noticed cash might be a little tight for you lately, so to add to that, we'll take $5 from your account every month!" Makes no fricken sense.

Also, this dumb restriction about withdrawing from savings is insane. If you transfer money out of savings more than 6x/month, they'll charge you a fee and possible close your savings account/change it to a checking account. I realize that's not WF's doing, but it still sucks. Like, really? I can't access my own money that I earned through hard work without potentially paying you? Ridiculous.

After I pay my bills this month, I'm ditching WF.

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 EntryNo: 3603
 Date: Saturday
01:43 PM
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I was looking to refinance my Mobile Home. So, I decided to try Wellsfargo, because I have been banking with them for many years. As I started the paperwork process, I was advised that I would have to pay for an Appraisal and It cost me $500, I wasn’t satisfied with that, but I took a chance, because I just knew they were going to help me with this loan. After all my paperwork and stuff went through, Sam Johnson said, well now we need you to get an Structural Engineering, which would have cost me another $400-$1000 which I don’t have. My complaint is that, I was trying to save money by asking for a loan with lower IR, monthly payments etc. But they keep trying to get me to spend money. I don’t think it’s fair that I have to pay that appraisal fee when I had to cancel this loan because I couldn’t afford to pay for a Structural Engineer. It’s unfair and a big rip off.
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 EntryNo: 3602
 Date: Friday
04:46 PM
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I have a car loan through Wells Fargo so I went ahead and got a checking account with them. I am late on my payment and they have been calling me. I assured them that I would get payed today, Friday, and I would make my payment. I deposited my payroll check only to find out minutes later that they cannot just transfer funds from my checking account to the loan. Obviously, I thought this was stupid and I asked to just withdraw the funds to pay them. I was then told that despite it being a payroll check it will be "processing" until at least Monday so there is no way to access my money. So now there will be another late fee on my loan payment and my wife, four year old son, and I have to live until Monday on $2.63.
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 EntryNo: 3601
 Date: Tuesday
03:52 PM
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i need to transfer $ from savings to checking, have used e-mail & calling cust support....they will not allow the transfer , it exceeds federal limit...they insist i go into a branch...yrs ago i had exceeded the limit w a different bank...they allowed the transfer on line, charged me the fee & waived the fee when i called to request it.....the e-mails i got are a joke....savings transfers are limited because that money is for savings....really....it is my $$ to use as i need....i dont need a lecture from a bank that commits massive fraud & the executives walk away w millions....i am going to cloe & go to another bank
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 EntryNo: 3600
 Date: Sunday
01:53 PM
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A few months ago I had the need to deposit $ into my Grandsons savings acct. The Wells-Fargo branch was at Governors Square in Bear Delaware. This particular time I deposited $500. The teller took my check, deposit slip and gave me the proof of deposit. While I was at the teller window I asked if I could get five $10's for a fifty. The teller asked me if I had an account. I said no. She said she could only give me change if I was a customer. WHAT???? Well after leaving I decided to open a account at my personal bank, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, for my grandson for any future transactions. I walked into a WSFS branch that did not know me and asked for change. I got my change, no problem, with a smile!! Now THAT is my bank! and a bank that serves.
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 EntryNo: 3599
 Date: Friday
03:04 PM
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Wells Fargo's systems stink. Can't make easy online money transfers between my own Wells Fargo accounts for reasons that are either unknown or stupid. Can't transfer RMD from Wells Fargo IRA to another Wells Fargo account online, and can't transfer cash from one Wells Fargo brokerage account to another Wells Fargo account titled in exactly the same name. Makes no sense. I filled out a form several years ago to fix this but Wells Fargo has no record of that. My opinion of Wells Fargo was very high years ago, but not now.
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 EntryNo: 3598
 Date: Wednesday
07:41 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko chris
Mozilla United States of America
Supposed fraud alert by Wells Fargo on my account. They were unable to tell me what it was. Nevermind that it takes a working password, and 5 phrases, to change either my ID or password.
The shutdown my checking account. I have auto debits with creditors that have to be set up all over again. I have to make sure no checks bounce. Got to move my direct deposit. What -BADWORD-s! When I called the security department, they did not pay attention to anything that I said. Oh, my Wells Fargo cards are shut down too. I couldnt even log on with my credentials and complain about how terrible their service was, because it takes an active wells fargo card to do so. I have had the same online ID for years, and the stupid security software said that I changed it today. I have 2 firewalls on my computer, plus good security software. No one broke in. The system changed my password because it didnt meet their new security rules. I HATE WELLS FARG)!

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