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 EntryNo: 3622
 Date: Friday
06:09 PM
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Let's see if the UK can figure it out, about HUGO.

I bet the LION knows there's a tiger-cat, of American Domestic Shorthair variety, involved.

Islamic State sacrifices guys, like Mr.Shazad -BADWORD-, to evoke Robin Williams' "shazzbatt" exclamation, from the old Mork and Mindy TV show, late 70s.

Then yesterday, the Robin Williams Tunnel was blocked, by a wreck.


So you think maybe I won't get credit, for the music, while I get thrown in jail, to keep me from any sort of credible witness against Wells Fargo, WHILE W/F IS SEC MEAT?

You believe in gambling,, but since YOU CHEAT, you keep riding your same bets, thinking that you won't get pulled over by Islamic State casino monitors.


Why YOU are not in a bigger hurry, than two years ago I should be a Santa Cruz resident, but I met Hugo and lived with him, HOMELESS shows that you are messing with Islam and messing with Muslims, as hard as you can.

Please reconsider your absolutely stupid, unviable position on all of this.

Look how well Terry May is doing, with sandbagging my issues and calling for shit!

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 EntryNo: 3621
 Date: Thursday
05:05 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0 Paul B
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I made a video to tell my horror story, and to request that viewers cease using Wells Fargo on principle, and as a matter of self-preservation. Please spread the video link: https://youtu.be/YnoX5q5lEDM
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 EntryNo: 3620
 Date: Tuesday
03:43 PM
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Timothy J. Sloan,President and COO
Total Annual Comp.$10 million USD
Change in Comp. (%)-4.1%
Tenure 2006 - Present


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 EntryNo: 3619
 Date: Friday
10:54 PM
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I am a college student (attending school out of state) who uses Wells Fargo account to buy food and school supplies. I never buy anything remotely out of the ordinary, and maintains over $5k in my account at all times. I pay my credit card bills on time (through their automatic payment option).
Yet, Wells Fargo has decided to close my account.
I was no doing anything "strange," and the only thing that's not normal in terms of my day to day account handling is the fact my family wired me some money to pay for my expansive TUITION internationally. The letter they sent stating that they will close my account due to "business decision," and that the relationship is no longer "mutually beneficial," was dated exactly one day after the wire came in. Although Wells Fargo denies that this might be the reason, they also refuse to provide any concrete reason at all. The banker at my local branch even tried to intimidate me by telling me, "Wells Fargo will share information with other banks and if they see something they didn't like, it will affect your chances at opening accounts at other banks."
After verifying with a banker from Bank of America, they dismissed this statement.
Overall, extremely horrid experience. I am trying to clear out my accounts ASAP. In light of this event, coupled with the scandal of how employees opened unauthorized accounts, and the recent lawsuit Philadelphia filed for discrimination, I am worried about my money's safety.

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 EntryNo: 3618
 Date: Tuesday
04:55 PM
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Lani Dalrymple SNT Seattle, Wells VP,

You keep ignoring that you need to send a letter of income support, to let me self-house.

You have not stipulated how much rent you paid or for how many months, when you deflected away from housing in Santa Cruz or Monterey County.

Since you keep deflecting, and you are doing interstate rackets, let's review the recent I.S. activities!

The Manchester concert by Ariana Grande is of interest, with the over-looked murder of two room-mates in Florida, who disrespected Islam, to a former skinhead, who killed them both.

These are related incidents, exactly one week, before Ramadan 2017, May 27-June 26, 2017. Remember last year, when exactly one week into Ramadan 2016, on June 13, Omar Mateen shot up that Orlando nightclub.

The attacks are all related, so something is up, with YOU. We don't know what it is, yet.


Since you did a phish scam that landed in Palo Alto, PAPD report is indicated, with any USDOJ support, from cyber-crime center.


YOU'VE BEEN INCITING I.S. ATTACKS FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS, NOW, WITH SCCo. and California and Wells Fargo and a load of seditious conspirators, AND YOU'VE BEEN GETTING IGNORED, BY THAT TWADDLING TRUMP AND ALL MEDIA, including today's blather on networks, which ignored impending Ramadan 2017 and my contacts, which indicate I.S. attacks, knowing everything I can and will know, ever.


You did not respond to my information, AGAIN.

So you need to get reported, in all directions, FINALLY, Lani Dalrymple of SNT Seattle, choking out a Texas SNT account, so attacks happened in Seattle, Houston, Austin, et al.

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 EntryNo: 3617
 Date: Thursday
07:37 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Safari/537.36 Anthony
Safari United States of America
Due date for a credit account that I was given for an install of a heating system (meaning I did not CHOOSE this horrible bank) is on the 2nd of the month. But las month the 2nd was a Sunday. My electronic transfer went through on Monday the 3rd - THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY OF THE MONTH. Still charged a late fee cause it wasn't the 2nd. Then, because I didn't suspect this and catch it on time, they were gonna bill be an additional $37. Since I get paid on the last day of the month, the expectation is that I need to send in a payment even before I GET PAID. Now this isn't a problem going forward because I rely on electronic banking. It just points out how the a$$&*@#s could start racking up fees on those less fortunate who have to pay by mail and live paycheck to paycheck.
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 EntryNo: 3616
 Date: Thursday
01:29 AM
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Safari United States of America
I spent a good portion of this week trying to set up autopay for a student loan because I am tired of writing checks. You would think that they could make it less troublesome.

To start, I've made it a point to avoid their web portal for years, because it is garbage, and was designed by retarded twelve year olds. It took two days of phone calls to get my password and username reset, because these inept douchbags would rather transfer you then stay on the line to figure out the problem.

After I had a password, I couldn't log in for two more days because I would continuously receive receive a message informing me that online banking was unavailable, despite many assurances from phone bankers that It was functioning perfectly.

Finally, I'm able to log in after probably four or five hours total of being on the phone with them over the last few days.

So now I go to set up autopay, and guess what? It doesn't work either. It eats my banking information, but won't show that It was entered, despite assurances from the back end that everything is working perfectly.

That is where this saga ends for now. In the next few days will I finally be able to set up autopay on a student loan? Will I spent 12 hours on the phone trying to make them fix it? Stay tuned and find out.

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 EntryNo: 3615
 Date: Thursday
12:28 AM
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Safari United States of America
Has anyone experienced this latest scam from WF (worst bank in the world)?
They show a debit one day as a pending transaction, you make a transfer to cover that debit that same day, then the next day they charge you an NSF fee and enter the transaction the day before. The only way you could prove that they messed around with your account (to make sure they charge you an NSF fee) is if you took a picture of your screen when you saw the transaction as "pending". I hope they get nailed millions of dollars on this latest scam as well like they did with the phony bank accounts they opened for customers.

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 EntryNo: 3614
 Date: Saturday
06:48 PM
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Safari United States of America
WF is horrible! I dep my paycheck via ATM, receipt says funds avail one day later: without being told, funds on hold for 14 days! Called back " sorry nothing we can do" . They should NOT lie and say funds will be avail when they are not. Needless to say, I will be closing my acct with WF.
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 EntryNo: 3613
 Date: Saturday
02:44 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko paul s.
Mozilla United States of America
I have been a landlord for over 12 years and have determined that Wells Fargo is in trouble. I have over 4 mortgages with this company and they have wronged me and I have had an employer blatantly lie to me. The literally took a Money Order check of mine deposited in my checking account - then refused it and credited it my account but never returned it to me stating that "their 3rd party" company they used to manage the ATM collections - destroyed the Money Order check. They can't return it. Only a 1/3 size image of it. When I raised hell and told them, the "loss prevention" dept lied to me and told me I would be refunded the money. I never happened.
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