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 EntryNo: 3943
 Date: Wednesday
11:57 PM
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Safari Ireland
Boss went to local Largo FL bank today to transfer some of a multi million asset account and was unknown. the response to him by the employees of that branch caused him to leave and swear never to do business with them again. waited for 45 min. to open account and when he complained out comes 3 additional personal. not to provide additional help but to inform him to "sit down and wait" !!!! I know he had a ck for over 5.7 m and would have set ground work for other connected contacts to follow. guess he interrupted the circle jurk going on it the back room. thought this would be funny for all you to enjoy
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 EntryNo: 3942
 Date: Tuesday
12:40 PM
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I have had similar problems. US citizen traveling in Egypt. I contacted Wells Fargo before I left home telling them I would be in EGYPT specifically and for how long. It works, almost always, at retail shops, unless you make more than one purchase quickly back-2-back then it will be declined. This happened to me only yesterday while I was in a Burger King - very fraudulently I suppose, so I used cash for the second purchase. In Egypt there is an online company Souq, which is owned by Amazon, that they refused my card for online purchase. I filed a complaint with WF which worked its way up to the Wells Fargo Executive Office. After discussions with them, my subsequent purchases at Souq.com have been approved. So, mistakenly, I thought my online purchases here in Egypt were good to go. Not so fast - I wanted to order some food through Talabat, a food delivery service, and again my credit card was refused, I contacted the WFEO representative that had helped me previously and left a message. Didn't hear back from them and I haven't tried to order on Talabat again for fear my card will be refused. I was concerned my credit rating would be adversely affected by these refusals. So, I as well as you, am looking for another bank for my money - one that is truly an international bank and does not have such petty rules to keep you separated from your money.
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 EntryNo: 3941
 Date: Monday
05:27 PM
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I’ve worked for Wells Fargo over 7 yrs gave them much of my time and only wish I could take it back during my work experience I’ve took on many of their disgruntled customers assisting with their -BADWORD- up comp system. customers saying they have been cheated or just upset Wells is holding their money for extended periods of time. Through your the yrs constantly apologizing for the companies mistakes. Worked an entire location with just me on the floor seeing 40-45 customers a day with no help from neighboring branches to be over looked on two positions only to be given to outside parties and than ask if I could assist in training them watch racial discrimination happen right in front of me. Was told I had to come to work during the height of covid only to be told they have to let me go after u have me come out and deal with customers face to face to tell me they have to let me go only to find out that many of the employees at my branch have been switched out for Spanish speaking employees all because the the branch that held most of the Spanish speaking employees permanently closed which explains why me and a few other black colleagues were told we are no longer needed
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 EntryNo: 3940
 Date: Wednesday
06:17 PM
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Safari United States of America
Had a 30 year mortgage with Wells Fargo 19 years into my mortgage my son was murdered didn't have the will to live his home was least than a mile from mines. Decided to fight to keep my home went to NACA received modification with a lower interest rate a HAMP Loan Wells Fargo denied it
Was hit with another 30 year mortgage Wells Fargo has no record of this mortgage . I decided to pay off my mortgage in full I received a pay off quote paid it off in full now Wells Fargo is refusing to give me free and clear deed. Looking for a attorney to sue Wells Fargo .

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 EntryNo: 3939
 Date: Saturday
09:57 PM
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Safari United States of America
In August, Wells Fargo sent us balance transfer checks be used before 10/30/2020 on our card which balance had been paid in full in early March 2020; however we continued to get zero balance statements through 9/25/20. Upon attempting to take advantage of the offer on 9/29/20, we were informed that our credit card was closed. No reason was given over the phone; we were told a letter would be sent within a week. On 10/7/20 we received the letter dated 9/30/20 which stated that our account was closed on 9/29/20 (the day we called) listing 3 reasons, 2 of which were completely erroneous. They claimed amounts owed on credit cards were near or at limit (we had no credit card balances; all had been paid in March 2020), and that there were late payments on our credit report (had none of these either except for the hardship WF had suggested and granted to us on our mortgage for storm damage in 2018 that many people had experience and which arrearage we paid in full in January 2019). We pulled our credit report which confirmed our position. On 10/7/21 we again contacted them to file a complaint and state that our credit report was totally contrary to their reasons. We were told via email on 10/21/20 they would "research" it by 10/22/20. Instead on 10/22/20 (one day of "research"?), they sent the identical letter to us again and further stated that they had a right to cancel a card "at any time and for any reason". Had they "researched" it and looked at our credit report, they would have seen that their reasons were erroneous. The third reason they gave was that we had no checking or savings with WF; this was/is true. We had a mortgage with WF since 2011. In March 2020 we reached out to WF to refinance at a lower interest rate. They could not meet competitive rates and we began inquiries with other lending institutions. In April, they (WF) reached out to us to refinance but again they did not want to reduce the interest rate, only to extend the term, so we refinanced elsewhere in May 2020 at a much lower rate. As previously stated, up through 9/25/2020 we continued to received zero balance credit card statements from WF showing a full credit limit available. Up to that date, we were never told the card had been closed, and, if so, why send us the checks. We believe the real reason that WF closed our card was that we refinanced elsewhere, yet they negatively and erroneously reported false information as to why our card was closed. The joke is on them as they have lost all the mortgage interest they would have continued to receive on our refinanced 30 year mortgage. We agree that they have a right to cancel a card at any time and for any reason. We do NOT believe they have the right, however, to fraudulently report false and erroneous reasons and to negatively impact our credit score. We completely understand why they have so many complaints against them.
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 EntryNo: 3938
 Date: Monday
03:05 PM
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Safari United States of America
Currently on a call with Wells Fargo simply trying to get a "text" confirmation so I can send MY money via Zelle. As of right now, the call has lasted 56 minutes...and counting. TERRIBLE customer service and technology. If I weren't compelled to use this bank, I'd drop them in a heartbeat.
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 EntryNo: 3937
 Date: Saturday
08:01 PM
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Safari United States of America
Response to Ms. Summer experience. As I related in my previous experience. Beware of any experience with Wells Fargo. The FTC should totally close Wells Fargo they are Crooks Their actions speak for their selves. It will be a good story to see what she has to go through to recover her $1000.00 GOOD LUCK
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 EntryNo: 3936
 Date: Friday
04:04 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36 summer smith
Safari United States of America
Wells Fargo stole $1000 from me and they refuse to reimburse me. They have a bogus customer complaint process where nobody answers and nobody calls back. It is been 2 months.
In short, I opened online a savings and checking accounts (application 1). The WF website malfunctioned and kicked me out before the end of the process so I restarted the process (application 2). To open an account online you need to fund it so I did it with my CHASE account ($500 for the savings and $500 for the checking account through ACH transfers).

When I logged into the WF personal account, I saw 4 accounts opened (each with $500 withdraw then). I quickly contacted WF to explained what had happened and that I only wanted to open one checking and one savings. The WF rep closed one of each. That was November 23rd 2020.

On November 25th, WF withdrew from my CHASE account 4 x $500 (so $2000), however only opened one checking and one savings in my WF personal account with $500 each (so $1000). They withdrew $2000 so there is $1000 missing. They did not return them to CHASE while the account technically were already closed on November 23rd so they should not have withdrew the funds.

I filed a complaint and they say the accounts were closed. Yes they were but they still withdrew money for the closed accounts and kept it.

I provided them the confirmation of the WF rep that she closed the accounts in Nov 23rd, the confirmation from Chase that they withdrew $2000 on Nov 25th, the confirmation that I only have $1000 in my WF when nothing was paid.

Their abuse is mind-blowing. I guess they count on the fact that it will cost me more to hire an attorney than to give them my $1000. They are wrong....I will file a suit but for more....

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 EntryNo: 3935
 Date: Wednesday
07:35 PM
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Safari United States of America
Buyer Beware. If you do business in any form sooner or latter you will learn that Wells Fargo Bank is the worst Bank in the World to do business with. My experience with wells Fargo started over 20 years ago when they inherited my business loan from First Security Bank when Wells Bought them out. I had a business loan and line of credit, and I shut the business down in 2004 still having a balance on the loan. I continued to make the required payments on the loan on time never being late for the last 16 years. My nightmare with Wells started 2 years ago when I contacted them to ask for an interest rate reduction, as I had shut my business down and because of fixed income it was getting more difficult to meet the obligation. And I am now 79 years old. Dealing with their small business dept. has been nothing but a nightmare. I explained in a letter my circumstance and without any notice or communication my line of credit was terminated and I was turned over to the collections department, I was never and have never been in default with Wells Fargo. I wrote to Lena Jaynes in phoenix Az. and after many letters telling me they could do nothing with the interest rate because the line of credit had been closed. I wrote Charles Sscharf their CEO and he directed me back to the same People in Phoenix who said again tough we can do nothing, and then said contact collections they could work out a settlement arrangement. Which I did and for the las six months I have gotten nothing but delays and put offs waiting for them to tell me what they would settle for. This was after sending them financial records bank statements etc. Never a word back and no way to contact the people who I was talking with. In short there is a corporate culture in Wells Fargo that is devisive and corrupt. Their business practices come from the top down and their care for their customers is only to do one thing screw them out of every but they can steal. My warning is if you do business with Wells Fargo you will get taken. There are many Banks and Credit unions who will care about you. Give them your Business. I personally will do everything in my power and realm of influence to stop and business from going to Wells Fargo they are crooks. I could go into more detail with how I have been treated, but I would take a written novel. Anyone who would like to contact me do so at the above e-mail.
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 EntryNo: 3934
 Date: Monday
10:41 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:84.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/84.0 Diana
Firefox United States of America

after 30 years with WF and its predecessors, I AM DONE. Last straw.. they close most of their branches - if you have any large deposits ( which I would think they WANT to have??)I waited 47 minutes in a drive through window line- as branch lobby is closed. On top of that there is only ONE teller- there could be two- who is having to deal with lots of angry customers

Wells Fargo bank IS begging customers to leave them. I for one am listening.

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