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 EntryNo: 3479
 Date: Monday
04:15 PM
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As Ex-Employees Sue Wells Fargo For $2.6 Billion, Some Wall Street Support Wavers

Maggie McGrath , FORBES STAFF
Got one eye on the markets, the other on Gen Y's pressing $$ issues

“There should be no more excuses for the lack of answers to key questions,”

John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO, in his testimony for the Senate banking committee. Stumpf said the company has expanded its review of unauthorized customer accounts to include those created in 2009 and 2010 — but former employees allege that the fraud may extend all the way back to 2006. Photographer: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg

What a difference a public scolding, stock downgrade and $2.6 billion class action lawsuit can make: one week after defending Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, Wall Street analyst Mike Mayo is wavering in his support of the embattled chief executive.

While he was never exactly full-throated in his defense of Stumpf, Mayo, who works at CLSA and is well known on the Street for his criticism of the industry’s pay and accounting practices, argued last week that the phony account scandal shouldn’t cost Stumpf his job. “It’s extremely unlikely, in our opinion, that any evidence shows that the CEO wanted the unauthorized opening of two million accounts because these actions cost Wells estimated $5 million while it took place,” he wrote at the time. One week later, however, Mayo is less bullish on Stumpf.

“Our support for the CEO is now wavering and contingent on his ability to better detail repercussions to top management and contain reputational damage from the cross-selling fiasco,” he wrote in a new research note Monday. “His actions have been reactionary versus leading.”

Mayo hasn’t entirely reversed course on Stumpf. He acknowledges that the 63-year-old “may still be the best to provide closure on the regulatory, legal and political issues” that have arisen out of the bank’s fake account episode, and reiterated that Wells has had “superior” revenues, returns and risk while Stumpf has sat at its head. But he also said Monday that the bank is bigger than its CEO, that Stumpf should voluntarily reduce his compensation this year, and that the chairman position should possibly be split from the CEO role (Stumpf currently holds both titles).

“There should be no more excuses for the lack of answers to key questions,” Mayo says.

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Mayo’s criticism comes just days after two former Wells Fargo employees filed a $2.6 billion class action lawsuit against the bank, alleging — among other things — that Wells engaged in “unlawful” business and labor practices over the last ten years by subjecting its workers to “unrealistic and impossible” sales quotas and then firing those that did not resort to fraud to meet those quotas.

“The biggest victims of this scheme are a class of people that nobody else has talked about,” said the suit (not entirely accurately, as several senators brought up discharged employees during last week’s Senate Banking Committee hearing). “The good employees with a conscious who tried to meet the sales quotas without engaging in fraudulent scams are the biggest victims of this scam. They are the employees that this lawsuit seeks to redress.”

The two former employees who are named in the suit, Alexander Polonsky and Brian Zaghi, say they were hired by Wells to meet certain “solutions” (Wells-speak for accounts) quotas and were demoted and/or terminated when they could not meet the quotas without engaging in illegal sales behavior. Polonsky and Zaghi say they are filing on behalf of all other employees who may have found themselves in the same position at any point over the last ten years. (This timeline, while not the point of the class action suit, is notable: Wells originally said that phony accounts were created between 2011 and early 2016; in his testimony to the Senate last week, Stumpf said they were extending their review of unauthorized accounts to include those which may have been created as early as 2009. If the suit’s allegations are proven to be true, it would mean that Wells employees have been opening accounts for customers without their knowledge or permission since 2006.)

As damages for being unduly fired, compensation for attorney fees and “other relief,” Polonsky and Zaghi are seeking $2.6 billion from Wells — and, the suit says, “possibly more.”

Whether they recover that amount of money remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain: $2.6 billion counts for a significantly larger percentage of the bank’s annual profit than did the $185 million it paid regulators earlier this month.

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 EntryNo: 3478
 Date: Sunday
01:10 PM
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Bataclan QB Abdelhamid Abaaoud was DEFINITELY looking down the road, to CAL, to SF Bay Area, to Wells Fargo, past Chris Kikuchi MVPD who may not be working as a cop, just now, given the Dec.7, 2015 he and his -BADWORD--touching Kyle McLaughlin-looking partner were playing to get something back Eastwards, for me to know about, just to see what I knew because MVPD and Co.Santa Clara were at that time conspiring to mass murder, by inciting local attacks.

Bataclan showed Wells Fargo and Co.Santa Clara they could bring attacks to the USA, then to the west, ANY YOU WENT FOR IT, AS OF 2015, FINE-TUNING SEDITION.

AND CONSPIRACY TO MASS MURDER, then co-opted by PDO brown clowns and Eddie Garcia's brown clowns, who dumped an illegal warrant, May 11, re the instant case, letting me roam San Jose, for housing at Westwinds, foiled by Irene Keenan's neglect of Victoria Guzman's $500 offer of rent for me and Hugo, and to the IPA, with this warrant, then executed only by MVPD, so Ofc.Garcia MVPD could trash my belongings, and Renault MVPD could concoct a known false arrest report, AFTER MVPD KNEW I WAS IN MTN.VIEW, SINCE THE MORNING OF MARCH 1, 2016.

-BADWORD- of IRELAND! Get the -BADWORD- back, -BADWORD-. Just saying.

Hadj is gonna, shit-potatoes. Yeah YOU, Henry Wells -BADWORD-overs. YOU. FAST or FATWA, punks.

What do you punks think? Am I a ride at G.A., for you to -BADWORD- with, while you don't even fasten your potato-punk safety belts?


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 EntryNo: 3477
 Date: Saturday
12:28 PM
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why do you wells perverts use aol . . .


wells fargo's pervert, inciting riot, locally AND internationally . . .

FBI at -BADWORD- YOU.twaddle can sort you.

Irene, Co.Santa Clara, et al and observers:

Wells Fargo or their agent provocateur IRENE KEENAN are entitled to house me, IN COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ OR IN COUNTY OF MONTEREY.

HEARD OF THESE? You can't house me in Co.Santa Clara because you let Wells Fargo spring a conversion scam, so the county services slammed shut, they won't report or prosecute shit, and now, there was a brown-clown faction at the PDO and with D48 Bernal, trying to use me to engage radical islamists, they succeeded, having inherited this from MVPD grandfather racketeers Chris Kikuchi and another MVPD who looked like DUNE actor Kyle McLaughlin, to do an abusive Chris'n'Kyle stop, Dec.7, 2015.

That this preceded all SJPD, DA, local CSG, IPA, and then brown clowns Ben Roberto Stewart, JJ Kapp, Jose Guzman, and Gilda Valeros with others continued C1634718 as an ex parte travesty, toward 1368 PC, despite a known false police report, forwarded to a vindictive prosecution.

Problem is D61 Manley may fail to see direct contempt or sort previous courts of fraud, since he knows Dr.Yen fails English standard to jury participation, and he issues for incompetent to stand trial, for a known false police report, defended by attorneys, all fit to be tried by Calbar, for evading review in the courts of prostitution, following Bernal's ex officio denials of habeas, so now 40 or 50 habeas petitions in re Gaebler fail to hear OR issue due relief.

Now comes Islam, and Dr.Jack Yen's ramble, about "Al-Qaeda," attributed in contempt, to me, as known submitted perjury, by Yen.

After Bataclan, attack quarterback Abdelhamid Abaaoud did selfies, introducing in tac gear, looking like American actor Jeff Goldblum, at COP-21 that week, after the Nov.11 Bataclan attack, until Abaaoud died in a Paris raid, Nov.19, 2015.

Then he did a series, in a beige Henry 8 outfit, which was taken very seriously by local Filipino gang members, at San Antonio Manor, my closed board and care, which Wells Fargo was helping to jockey toward failure, with HHS and state actors, in collusion.

Elmer Bangalisan fled to LA, immediately, except to let his girlfriend Sheena Gutierrez come back up, Thanksgiving Weekend, to hustle me and Jerry Salinas for $10 each.

This was actually to find out if either of us knew 1. Bataclan was directed at US and Wells Fargo and MVPD and Ofc.Chris Kikuchi, who participated in the 12/7/15 stop.

Abaaoud is an actor, looking down the road, from inside a cab.

His showbiz skills should be taken seriously.

The Henry and Roy aspect of this preceded neglect of crime by Henry Santos and Roy Tibayan and the Carreras, who ran San Antonio Manor, and then SJPD started up the vindictive subornation, submission of known perjury, and vindictive false prosecution, which is C1634718, while Irene Keenan and her posse invaded my life, at the end of May and into June 2016.

This reached into RAMADAN 2016, June 5 to July 5, 2016.

A week after Irene barged into where my cat Hugo's and my benefactors were sleeping off jet-lag after an instant return from central China, the afternoon of June 6, Irene invited herself and NICOLE from EPA, to their house, to disturb peace in Mtn.View, again, as part of her usual trend.

Wells Fargo and Irene have no intention to house me.

They undermined all county services, including at Momentum in Palo Alto, ALREADY.

The county rioters yet in office refuse to serve me, in Palo Alto or San Jose.

City Attorney Martello, no longer in Mtn.View banned me from the senior center and MVPL, illegally, YEARS AGO.

This violates ADA, but Irene and Sharkey would not be here, inciting the Orlando Massacre TREND, since a week after Irene barged into the Wen's driveway and ranted.

Orlando was June 13, so given Bataclan, a reasonable observer would note you incited the Minneapolis Mall stabbings, since Dahir Aden was a martyr, who resembled a what-if one punk MC from SMCo. Derreck Abdallah had a kid with DA/SCC Jeffrey Rosen, a review-evading contemnor and public nuisance, in Minnesota, with Superior Court and all officers, connected to in re Gaebler, since now there's a FAST or FATWA onus, on YOU.

You are either part of or abetting TOO BIG TO FAIL, with Wells in collusion with the county and inferiors, reaching to the US and inferiors, at riot and international incitement.

Counter-incitement has been deadly, as incited acts, massacres and other violence.

You need to stand your contempt and incitement down, NOW.

Just how you do that depends on the FBI.

They have rogue offices, near me, but up in Minnesota, someone in their FBI office wonders why they have a stabber, and we have JEFFREY FRANCIS ROSEN, continuing C1634718, with a FAST or FATWA onus, on Co.Santa Clara, MVPD, City of Mtn.View, SJPD, DA/SCC, APS which publishes 800-414-2002 to New Jersey, not to APS, HHS, SSA, but actually, the state and inferiors invite lawsuit, to reduce California to scratch.

Got a material witness?

Quit letting your perps -BADWORD- me up, Jeff.

There's been the Orlando Massacre TREND.

Like your HAIR, and Abdallah's, we don't want that TREND.

Get Agent Bullwinkle the hell down here to bust this scud and his punks, not yet purged.

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 EntryNo: 3476
 Date: Friday
11:36 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Say. JJ Kapp likes to post, HERE, as jj, no caps. And now, there's this other two-line queer, anonymous, calling me out.

Yes, anonymous, Wells Fargo might use the FBI. Then go online and tip, punk.

Or hang around here and get to bureaus.

PLURAL, punk. Make their day! Geek.

JJ Kapp likes to par-TAY, like it's NINE-TEEN-NINETY-NINE. Don't you.

So that year I finally got this dingaling to do a conference, where he was holding me up in Palo Alto, for Travis Doerres MVPD who did a known false police report.

This got to be an abomination when JJ listened to the old Johnny Winter tape, which he knew was made when Winter got off smack to overproduce for what'shis-BADWORD- their producer, with my ripped playing, for Winter and Rick Derringer to plagiarize, 1971.

The biz stuck me and my playing with this English vampire, STING.

Every move you make, JJ! They are watching YOU. Don't you forget it.

At least since 1999, fool. That will all be incorporated into every bit of mall stabbing.

But you don't want to keep -BADWORD- me over like I'm old Richard B.RIDDICK, when that movie's been made, seen, while GW just took in the Boys' 2016 opener.

JJ Kapp likes to swing like THAT, but he can't out-play Thomas Manning, I suppose.

Affidavit of contempt coming, for Wells Fargo getting me into San Jose in February, leaving me to get assaulted, Lani Dalrymple went vacay, Feb 27, right after battery incidents escalated, as warned by charging, slamming assailant MICHELLE TERRELL, a brick shithouse and smoking tweaker for extended holds with her absurd, cat-hating punk friends, and her gingery retard b.f. from Florida, Gabriel, who daily tried to pick fights, with me, joined by Michelle and their posse of CSG wannabes, at The Contemporary Victorians, in February 2016.

SJPD would not take a report as of Feb.11 to Horn SJPD at the 10th St. mortuary cruiser-depot.

SJPD would not take a report as of Feb.29 to Cortez SJPD, and after the locked down yard filled with cruds from Semih Sabankaya's three houses, I managed to get into the top hallway, to take gauntlet shots, after the main attempt by the two cooks, to murder me.

This was the morning of March 1, while Lani Dalrymple was on vacay, after her HHS contact David Silva arranged with Semih Sabankaya, to keep me at 98 N.5th, SJ, until I found other residence, but by THAT time, Lani Dalrymple and David Silva had stopped my attempt to self-house at The Woods, with Hugo, my cat.

Then SJPD sent Miller SJPD to the SJSU campus police kiosk, March 1, 2016, to hook the kids and cops into serious Islamist-baiting FRAUD.

Miller was the only officer sent after Zionist-ranter Gabriel's gang jumped me.

This is because SJPD and SCC know I am material witness against the former FBI director, then and as USA/SF, per fraud on court CR 9 087(jl), so any contempt cross-contaminated lots of courts and went seditious with RS Mueller III, easy for YOU to remember because I am Robert S.GAEBLER, Allahu Akhbar, and no thanks, -BADWORD-S.

Your Rush Hour Four is obviously cooking, since the brown punks at BB98-41297 dism. SCC Super Ct. PA Div. in contempt, under former Alternate Defender Palo Alto JJ Kapp, the Minneapolis stabbing is meant to evoke several persons known to me and to the DA/SCC Jeffrey Francis Rosen, in contempt, for all courts to discover.

HE LOOKED LIKE ROSEN HAD A NICE MUZZIE IS GUY, who happened to be from a San Mateo tryst, with a punk MC named Derreck Abdallah, whose dad named him, but who rants for Christianity and any hustle, in his gross corruption.

But that's not just DA hair. That's DA HAIR.

The stabber had the hair. Also a bit of Cameron Newton, bidder for best QB of all.


Hey, FBI? Or some foreign lawyers, or otherwise because who stabbed in Minneapolis is enough into PRINCE, who died up there, around the time Ali died, and this is where JJ Kapp, who punk-trolls wellsfargosucks.com, IN CONTEMPT OF A THOUSAND COURTS AND ISLAM.

-BADWORD-, when you won't quit punking at Islam, you -BADWORD- go ahead and learn some lessons, like you IRISH -BADWORD-S, going where the brown clowns of the PDO went, to get the Minneapolis stabbing to happen.


Try to pay the -BADWORD- attention, when you get learned all to meat and stuff old Krukow won't really want to talk to, upstairs.

-BADWORD-S. Are those Dodgers really gonna do this? dun-da-da-DUNNNN.

What happens? You are in contempt of any several US Courts and SBA, Chief of NDCA.


SO perhaps you think you want more football, now that you continued this contempt shit into Ramadan, which started Sunday June 5, 2016, whereupon Irene Keenan invited herself and NICOLE, an API from EPA, which incited the June 13 Orlando Massacre trend, which included accurate fire at cops, wildfires, set in California, unreported as set, and we shall expect wilder fires, or you have not conducted discovery, AGAIN.

So football? You bought it with Muhammed, Mohamed, Salah, everybody, JJ.

Joe and his younger kid, maybe, the one that played for Tedford could hang.

You'd get to fly-by-wire, JJ.

So this means Palo Alto and San Jose are both out, and I am a kidnapping victim, by another cheating court, in contempt, since D48 denied ex officio, and D61 Manley knows it eats victims of misconduct, in any review by Dr.Jack C. Yen, which cannot hold English or facts in sentences, exceeding one and one half.

So jury duty would seen problematic, where Yen is a psychiatrist, yet licensed, and his perjury is suborned, by the atrocious courts, which led to a brown-killing field going red, in Orlando, Florida, which with any cop-killings mean you need to be sued to shit-piles, for birds to pick at.

This can happen to the county. In fact, since Manley let Susan Sidel out of her bag, knowing Yen at fraud, Sidel interviewed me for all of 15 seconds, enough time to tell her I wanted to move to Santa Cruz, since 2015 and the two perps with me were illegally interested and continued DIRECT CONTEMNORS, so she turned and talked to them, and they excluded me, from planning to put me in another B/C, from Palo Alto.

We got back into court and moron Susie asks me, IN SESSION, if I prefer Palo Alto or San Jose, when San Jose is in contempt, here, the county is in contempt, they both let the VTA have information about this case I was not privvy to, while their drivers conducted rundowns and assaults, on board and at stops.

After filing another unheard habeas, September 14, 2016, I was trying to board a delayed Mtn.View LR at Component, to find myself harassed by a light-blue banger, Af.Am., 18.

He boarded, with me, while a jammer held the bike foyer, and as soon as I got past, the driver jolted, to start, enough to send anybody but me onto his face.

The cams at station and on board should have had the Sheriff on top of this, as it happened, but it was another staged incident, at the Component Landing, and the assailant left next station.

The LR operator did not appear until after I red-buttoned AND the perp put his hand in the door, after repeatedly attempting to fight me, 64, on my loaded bike, after a filing.

Naturally, the habeas petition was not heard.


Do it now. Here comes Hadj, -BADWORD-s.

Do you Dr.Jack-asses really give a rat's if it's AQ or Shabaaby or the statists?

Got them statesboro blues . . . ALLAHU AKHBAR, -BADWORD-S.

Like Coach Del Rio said, when he accepted responsibility for the latest Raiders loss.


Well. If it were coffee, that'd be on me, maybe.

If it's responsibility, for contempt and incitement of riot, unheard, so more die, IT'S ON YOU AND JJ KAPP, FOR DISCOVERY OF INCITEMENT OF DEADLY RIOT.

And Epps needs to go straight to hell for that 2007 matter, please.

You don't get to hand off to contemnor Wells, here.

Palo Alto does not do FAST reports.

PAPD takes no crime reports, and they let a black thug named PHILLIP DAH run IV, for many years, now.

It's riotous, they call it "Paly," and it reminds me of Palestine, a whole lot, today.

So I won't move there, as a kidnapping victim, entitled to SANTA CRUZ, since 2015.

Moron Susie just looked at me and piped, "Palo Alto or San Jose?"

San Jose is in contempt, at sedition, with more gang activity than Palo Alto, even, or Mtn.View, which just acquainted all of us with MS-13 going MVS-13 and unveiling a lot of Super Salvatrucha media, with obvious IS shot-callers on board.

AQ is a legend, now.

As Abaaoud, chosen to resemble and sketch Ofc.Chris Kikuchi MVPD, for FAST or FATWA ultimatum, from France did his selfies, the stage was set, for courts to be reviewed, by other courts and by Sharia counsels.

As MVPD did the Chris'n'Kyle stop, Dec.7, 2015, designed to annoy Muslims, the stage was set for a lot of -BADWORD- victims and most shootings would be at range.

But when you continued YOUR CONTEMPT, into Ramadan, now you assert Irish pig contemnors, in a flock, in the way of your PDO atrocity, by Guzman, Kapp, Stewart, Valeros, et al, brown clowns, of the Norteno look, and so 49 punks were slain, to note the San Francisco 49ers claim SF, but here they are, next door.

Mind your manners, blue babies. But you know when the do a salah, that will be Allahu Akhbar, for us. YOU?

Has the court not learned where Highway 17 is?

You Irish! Count to 22, one of you.

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 EntryNo: 3475
 Date: Friday
10:09 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.130 AOL/9.8 AOLBuild/4346.2023.US Safari/537.36 anonymous
Safari United States of America
"Want to get fed to the FBI"

Wells Fargo uses the FBI for intimidation of employees. Right Bob?

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 EntryNo: 3474
 Date: Thursday
02:55 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Bob Gaebler
Mozilla United States of America
Looks like a mousie, "anonymous" has a bee under its widdle maskie-poo.

Want to get fed to the FBI, mousie?

MEEEEE-yoooowwwww! -BADWORD- . . .


The recent Minneapolis mall stabbing subject may be seen to resemble
Cam Newton and DA/SCC Jeffrey Francis Rosen, here illegally interested
yet continued for C1634718, next D61 Manley 9/22/16 1:30 PM SCC Super
Ct., 190 W.Hedding SJ 95110.

This is about where JJ Kapp would have been conceived, given his dad
was QB for the Minnesota Vikings, back in the day.

JJ has posted at wellsfargosucks.com to suggest several illegal
interests, and I allege he has been a public nuisance since collusion
with RS Mueller III in 1998, in re BB98-41297 (dism.8-4 acq).

Mueller used collusion, deceit, illegal informations, multiple
fabrications of evidence, over illegal continuances, to achieve
conviction in CR9 087(jl), for discovery with collusion with
Co.Santa Clara, Co.San Mateo, and State of California, to fraud,
profiteering, and sedition, in courts of fraud, in collusion.

JJ Kapp has been permitted to evade review since 1998, here, and so he
continues, as an indirect contemnor, under direct contempt by Sharkey,
et al, of the several attorneys, parading in and out of multiple,
cross-contaminated courts, while all offices fail to take an APS or a
FAST report, and APS/SCC issues fraud and ADA physical barriers, by
800-414-2002, to New Jersey, claiming to be to APS for mandated

All reports and mandated reporting fail, in this county, in contempt,
in re instant case.

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 EntryNo: 3473
 Date: Thursday
01:41 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0 Mobile/12F70 Safari/600.1.4 Karen
Safari United States of America
When I called Wells Fargo Advisors today to make a change on my account, the customer service person first told me that my account had another persons name listed on it. Then she asked me "who died?" I told her no one! She then told me that the account was listed as DECEASED.
It took me an hour and about 8 phone calls to straighten it out. It turns out that no one told them I was deceased and there was NO documentation.
Just an error on their part. Angry and FRUSTRATED I then asked them to close my account. Another 15 min on hold, there are fees for closing the account!!!

Had to say something. Happy I am Not the only one!

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 EntryNo: 3472
 Date: Wednesday
07:02 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.116 Safari/537.36 Rik
Safari United States of America
See: What Well Fargo's CEO has done.

Enough Said

*Drops Mic*

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 EntryNo: 3471
 Date: Wednesday
05:12 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Ken
Mozilla United States of America
http://www.cnbc.com/2016/09/ 14/wells-fargo-being-investi gated-by-federal-prosecutors -dj-citing-sources.html

Average Joes need to pull their money out of this bank. NOW

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 EntryNo: 3470
 Date: Wednesday
02:05 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.130 AOL/9.8 AOLBuild/4346.2023.US Safari/537.36 anonymous
Safari United States of America
FALLOUT — Dimon on actions taken: “We replaced the management team responsible for the losses, we invoked comprehensive clawbacks of previously granted awards and/or repayment of previously vested awards for those with primary responsibility (more than $100 million was recaptured), we reduced or eliminated compensation for a group of employees, and your Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer saw their compensation reduced by the Board as a result of this embarrassing episode.” http://bit.ly/ZiChZ0
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