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 EntryNo: 3517
 Date: Friday
05:20 PM
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I thought B of A was bad, but this bank (Wells Fargo) takes the word "sucks" to whole another level.
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 EntryNo: 3516
 Date: Thursday
12:43 PM
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They wouldn't let me deposit money in my SEP IRA.

When I went to the bank about this in person, the banker didnt even know what a SEP IRA was. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW THEIR OWN PRODUCTS.

They blamed this on their online division, then called them in front of me and we sat on hold together. It took them 2 hours to resolve this.

They constantly decline my card for no reason then blame it on the merchant.

In summary, they dont let me access my money, they dont let me save my money, and they charge me fees. WHAT IS THE POINT OF BANKING?!?!

DAMN THEM TO HELL! THEY SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES. THEY SHOULD NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO CONDUCT BUSINESS. Which politician's -BADWORD- are they climbing up because nothing like this should be legally allowed to function in America!

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 EntryNo: 3515
 Date: Tuesday
04:51 PM
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Wells Fargo To Pay $50M To End Home Appraisal Class Action - October 31, 2016

Wells Fargo will pay $50 million to a class of more than 250,000 mortgage holders to resolve California federal claims that the bank improperly marked up fees for third-party home appraisals following loan defaults, Baron & Budd PC said Monday.

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 EntryNo: 3514
 Date: Monday
11:16 AM
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Wells Fargo Wants Key BlackRock Info In $1B Mortgage Action

Residential mortgage-backed securities trustee Wells Fargo urged a Manhattan judge Friday to order BlackRock Funds and other big investors suing it for more than $1 billion over faulty mortgage bundles to turn over their own internal modeling techniques, saying the information will undercut their case.

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 EntryNo: 3513
 Date: Wednesday
01:43 PM
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Some -BADWORD- named Diane Meyers pulled a fast one in favor of one of the main Wells Fargo contemnors, getting you kids around the world shot and blown up, or Allahu K-bar, kids!


Put OUR COURTS in order, or Hadj gonna.

Calbar in re Diane Meyers rejecting a Thompson Sharkey case, WHEN HE'S DUE IN TAINTED COURT, TOMORROW:

You miserable -BADWORD-TING PUNKS.

YOU do not contact me, ever, EVEN WHEN I ALLEGE every last bit of material APS, FAST, TRAC, GANG, and all reporting has been suppressed, in these rogue counties and likely in the USA, at large.

So you let gangs roll around, on VTA, working me in collusion with the punk courts.

I JUST SUFFERED A HUNDRED OR MORE SERIOUS ATTEMPTED HOMICIDES and countless assaults, while stuck here, homeless, as your client Wells Fargo converts the million dollar principal in the RSG SNT, named after me until I am Mohamed.

WHICH WILL HAPPEN, if I get that over-due pay-day.

You are playing TOO BIG TO FAIL, with Wells Fargo, also too stupid, to try to minimize your imminent splatters, all over the world, or maybe you think other jurisdictions want to get hit because you -BADWORD-s in California are such -BADWORD-, evading any and all review.

So there's a riot of criminal misconduct, SO PERVASIVE, Co.Santa Clara and San Jose have locked out all possible competent representation, and now this.

Your 280 Howard -BADWORD- Dianne Meyers rejected a Thompson Sharkey complaint, which I had not separated from Calbar 16-26865 because ALL ATTORNEYS IN THIS COUNTY ARE IN CONTEMPT.

ALL ATTORNEYS IN CO.SAN MATEO ARE IN CONTEMPT, AT CONSPIRACY TO WITHHOLD EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE, but since I am a fiat material witness, These counties and their contaminated jurisdictions oppress me, with fraud after fraud, yet DD Meyers is a hooker from L.A. who does not get it, about riot and incitement, by fraud.


I think reference to Elk-harvest by .280 and an account by one of my liberalforum.net guys may be that he and other servicemen KNOW what you did. Hadj sure as shit knows. Or no Ray Estelita selfies, when Ray Mueller may still be punking around.

So will prosecution of Jerry Brown's new law head off ongoing Sharia review, which you refuse to discover, while denying without hearing FIFTY HABEAS PETITIONS and a 2254 that grounds USDC to whack you and these derelict counties?

You morons already begged Allahu K-bar:

http://www.rferl.org/a/pakis tan-police-suicide-attack/24 979835.html

Pakistani police have been allegedly killing suspects, directly in custody.

Since you and Co.Santa Clara and Co.San Mateo started this up with Bob Mueller of San Mateo, know there might be a relative, in Menlo Park councilmember Ray Mueller, which may be one of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's digs, when he did the perfect Ray Estelita face, in a suited up selfie.


So discover your hatred of all material facts, and relieve -BADWORD- DD Meyers, NOW.

She indicated Thompson Sharkey was given a separate number, WHEN YOU ARE AT CONSPIRACY TO WITHHOLD EVIDENCE, in my case a lot of it, back to 1987.

Since I am a fiat material witness, including against Democrats, Republicans, Wells Fargo, AND ATTORNEYS, you get your steady bar court investigators to D61 Thursday October 27, 2016 Co.Santa Clara Family Court, NOW, 1:30 pm, I believe.

Thompson Sharkey and the DA's officers routinely tried to bully me, outside D23, and then they argued that my reaction to this indicates unreadiness to stay outside, WHEN YOU HOOKERS HID UNTIL AUGUST 22 THAT SJPD EVICTED ME, MARCH 1, 2016, SUPPRESSED ALL MATERIAL WITNESSES, IN COLLUSION WITH DA JEFFREY ROSEN, AND THEN THEY SUBORNED PERJURY FROM MICHELLE TERRELL AND ALI SABANKAYA, OC punk slumlord Semih Sabankaya's eldest, leaving me, David Silva HHS/SCC, and Semih out of the known false report.

Illegal delays followed, then a false arrest by MVPD, after Wells Fargo and Silva tried to get me back into San Jose, where they knew the false report was signed by DA Rosen, April 1, 2016, to issue fraud C1634718, WITHOUT TIMELY DISCOVERY OR RELIEF.




And the NFL needs to relief commish, Jerry Jones, AND whatever -BADWORD- owns the Cards, since they let GW Bush into the Boys opener, and the Cards have not updated their Pat Tiilman whitewash.


So get your investigators into our court, bust Sharkey, any other delinquents in there, likely not the DA, since this is an illegal Family Court continuance.

NO AGENCY IN THIS COUNTY SERVES, so we just wasted a month, while Wells Fargo agent Irene Keenan tried to get Gardner HC in San Jose to come see me, but they only send phishing e-mails.

Gardner sent exactly ONE E-MAIL, to my hundred.

So I believe since your hooker DD Meyers closed Sharkey, and he's the main conspirator, in court, you are begging Mujaheddin to get busy, post Orlando Massacre Trend, WHICH YOU CALIFORNIA -BADWORD-S INCITED.

Like how other communities get hit because nobody has an attorney, to sort order?

-BADWORD-, send investigators or prosecutors, not DDDs, like Meyers, so BACK TO L.A.

YOU -BADWORD-S! Send talent, not -BADWORD-.

YOU get the physical evidence, -BADWORD-S. I don't have a home to store paper shit.

My camp got capsicum'd, yesterday, as my strep-fever was breaking.

I discovered red residues, in my cat's food bowls, so he had to eat this shit, and our water got hit, so the heat is still all over my hands, now that I can see, again.


Racketeering is usual, on top of fraud, SO GET YOUR -BADWORD-S TO BED, and investigate, you fatwa-stomping -BADWORD-.

Or I am sure Sharia will have a council, to conduct discovery.

How about those CHARGERS?

On 10/25/16, The State Bar of California <BARCOMM@calbar.ca.gov> wrote:
> Thank you for contacting The State Bar of California. We will respond to you
> shortly.
> Office of Communications
> The State Bar of California

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 EntryNo: 3512
 Date: Tuesday
05:00 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/6.0) Bob Gaebler
Internet Explorer United States of America
-BADWORD- on Howard St., particularly DDD Meyers,

Your media fails my homeless access, to simply copy and paste, while Hadj and I are well familiar with your nuisance media.


When I allege you are multiple degrees OUT OF ORDER, CROSS-CONTAMINATING, IN ALL DIRECTIONS, GET YOUR PUNK TEAM OVER HERE, before Muslims remind you how well we research Sharia, as in YOU ASKED FOR IT, hosted by the late Jack Smith, while you have a Dr.Jack C. Yen from Taipei, who is now a problematicon, for you negligent contemnors, ducking all kinds of US counts.

Also send a text version of the doc, SO I CAN GET TO IT WITHOUT PAYING PAPL, also all full of shit-queers, punking the browsers, here.

NOBODY does PC tech, of all the queers in this town! There's a lot, or I would not have a third strep in the last year, AND I would not get stampeded by all the punks in every last CSG, during racketeering, WHILE YOU PUNKS LET WELLS FARGO CONVERT A MILLION BUCKS, AND COURTS ALL CHEAT DISCOVERY.

Discovery is pretty basic. You should have chips in your buttholes, to zap you really good, when you -BADWORD- up a basic investigation, to try to close, for Wells Fargo on top of your too-stupid courts and punkass racketeering attorneys.

Sharkey abets withholding of exculpatory ev, SO PUT HIM AND ALL OTHER IN 16-26865, you moronic twats.

So I will mail the following allegations to add, where you disorderly perps want to file it.

Damn, but you Catholic -BADWORD-s beg Frank to rise from the grave on Halloween and ZAP.

I am SURE that is what Frank Zappa had in mind, when he recorded CATHOLIC GIRLS.

Now then. My fiat material witness is to be applied, here, or beg disaster, elsewhere.

The Jeff Rosen investigation just got a goose from Jerry Brown signing felony beef for withholding exculpatory evidence, on which you -BADWORD-s have been widely profiteering.

In MY cases, however, a fatwa emerged, and you let Thompson Sharkey et al continue known fraud C1634718, without discovery or timely rehab, RIGHT INTO RAMADAN '16.

So when your moron, Diane J. Meyers sends a piece of shit closure notice, YOU NEED TO TAKE A DAMN KNEE, and hold your punk elbows IN, -BADWORD-s.

Mind your aggravated SHIT and incitement to riot, PUNKS TO BE DIS-BARRED, hole-sale.

So you just jumped onto the Orlando Massacre incitement TREND, punks.

From way off the wall.


So NEVER send me shit about closure when YOU did not interview me about riot and incitement to deadly international violence, while you let Wells Fargo continue, at conversion of the RSG SNT, and Wells Fargo is in your -BADWORD-s, in SF, for more YOU ASKED FOR IT.

I post this to WellsFargoSucks.com and Google+, JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU -BADWORD-S GET NO MORE BENEFIT OF DOUBT, since you think you don't get Sharia.

You screwed with me AND other Muslims, but wait.

It turns out, Mujaheddin with both IS and resurgent AQ (dead Paki cops, this morning) have top intel, there is a fatwa around me, AND YOU QUEERS WON'T TALK TO ME.

I cannot send you punks more paper.


You incited the Orlando Massacre TREND.

YOU know SJPD and SCC Sheriff have let APS go to hell, but they won't do FAST, TRAC, GANG, or any report.

IT'S A RIOT OF CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT, in all county and local agencies, -BADWORD-.

And thanks, Jerry Brown. FINALLY. He didn't just incite this shit, he signed a law we need, and YOU CONSPIRE TO ABET VIOLATIONS.

So when does felony beef for punk Cali DAs get prosecuted? When Dahir Aden comes back from Minneapolis?

So don't make a homeless guy with a cat and strep, dodging Wells Fargo racketeering and conversion of the RSG SNT trust to house us, a million principal, while abetting fraud on court, WITHOUT TALKING TO ME, QUEERS.

So since you like Black Friday so well, STAY HOME, -BADWORD-S.

I might have to rely on one of you, to rehab all state courts, cross-contaminated.


Of course, punk as you are, UNDISPUTED on Fox S1 is liable to be all over downlow reporting and sketching on your shit, obstruction, and conspiracy.

Also, you morons don't get more Halen, maaahn.

I play; they ripp, or they have to get up with the other greatest -BADWORD- and play THEIR ripps.

At least notice when Dave the singer wants you obfuscating morons to stop your shit. He'd put "folks aren't over-joyed," and Portland Prof Marty Farty Shearer would stfu, but remain treacherous, so you are ducking a family fatwa problem.

"MORE, than just an aggravation!" And my dad, Paul Gaebler stfu'd.

DON'T GET LOUSY DI-JETSTREAM, AND NEGLECT PLAGIARISM, PUNKS. It just does not make good sense, during your Sharia episode, which you seem to be trying to not discover, like any other material facts.

On 10/24/16, Intake <Intake@calbar.ca.gov> wrote:
> Mr. Gaebler,
> Please see attached correspondence regarding Inquiry No. 16-27285.
> Thank you,
> Intake Unit

DIANE J. MEYERS 146643 in re Calbar 272285 which I never heard of, until Diane baited us with this shit.


I don't have the paper or patience for DDD Meyers, here. Retire this.

I knew I could smell LA hooker. First impression:

Diane WAS in L.A. Should have stayed there, -BADWORD-.

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 EntryNo: 3511
 Date: Monday
11:18 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/43.0.2357.130 AOL/9.8 AOLBuild/4346.2023.US Safari/537.36 anonymous
Safari United States of America
Investors Say Calif. Suit Dooms Wells Fargo's Dismissal Bid
By John Kennedy

Law360, New York (October 21, 2016, 9:56 PM EDT) -- A proposed class of investors suing Wells Fargo over the bank’s alleged mishandling of its residential mortgage-backed securities investments informed a New York federal judge Thursday of a Wednesday order by a California state judge that rejected pleading challenges “identical” to those raised by Wells Fargo in the instant case.

The California case, BlackRock Balanced Capital Portfolio v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., is a substantially similar action against RMBS trustees, making California Superior Court Judge Gail A. Andler’s ruling directly relevant to Wells Fargo’s motion...

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 EntryNo: 3510
 Date: Friday
12:59 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Hi! Know why this bank is going to lay down instead of splat?

YOU are going to enlist me as material witness, and my cat and I get your overdue protection, RELIEVING SHARIA COMMANDOS, who are getting busy and planning and stuff.

In re C1634718 SCC Super Ct. incl. gross sedition in contempt, by D48 Bernal, D53 K.S., D24 Ryan, D23 FLINT, an uber-contemnor with Paul Bernal, now in Family Court by subornation of perjury by Flint to engage pathological perjurer Dr.Jack Yen, to issue fraud on court at 1368 PC, now to D61 Manley and neglect of several habeas hearings, with several ex officio denials by Bernal, to ground Sharia.

WAY TO GO, PAUL, you punk. You made everyone's day.

NO WAY can Co.Santa Clara and VTA -BADWORD-s continue, for long, Paulie-Paulie. I'm a muzzie, so you eat Sharia counter-incitement of riot acts, WHICH KILL. So back up lest Red Adair-Muhammad get all into us, you ridiculously greedy misconduct pig.

Monterey Bay residence for Bob and Hugo is overdue, since March 1, 2016, a Wells Fargo too-stupid-to-get-r-done grind of racketeering, Calbar 16-26865, and all injured jurisdictions, imminently in courts, so be advised of your neglect of APS is party to conspiracy, to all local gang crime and AGGRAVATED RICO VIOLATIONS, including those which grounded active Sharia with multiple massacre warnings, not the final sentence CARRIED OUT, BOLLOXERS:

Irene Keenan and other possibly non-compliant APS mandated reporters in despicably and illegally continued C1634718:


YOU NEED TO E-MAIL TO PLAN COURT AGENDAS, INCLUDING IN RE BAR COURT FOR -BADWORD- SHARKEY AND OTHER COURT PERPS and that nut in the chair, Judge Manley, who could end up a fiat contemnor, IF he talks and
listens, both.

Or, he could end up as an officer with a lot of cross-examination, to face, being a cross-contaminator, with multiple degrees of fraud, aggressively and illegally continued, in re C1634718 and now we have Calbar 16-26865.

This can eat Judge Manley, so MAYBE Sharkey is not getting Orca'd by the bar, as well.

Move your -BADWORD-, Irene. Then get off your iPhone. Then quit u-farting around.


Sharkey and that court may have gotten bit, by the Calbar number, Irene. D'ya THINK?

So quit -BADWORD--dialing and really house me and Hugo in Capitola or Pacific Grove or Monterey.

The Monterey Highway is a possibility, for Hugo and me.

Say. Since Superior Court would not discover yarmie-nut Gabriel at TCV shit-knocked his porky former fiancee, March 2, when I was in Mtn.View, not anywhere near these perps or punk PD in San Jose, or maybe since Gabriel and Michelle are inbred trash, they are even back together.

Move us to the other county. See, in THIS county, the APS is out, and anyone crashed my services, WHEN WELLS FARGO SPRANG THE CONVERSION AND RACKETEERING INCLUDING MANY ATTEMPTED HOMICIDES, relative to chokeout of payouts, from the million funded RS Gaebler SNT, with HOUSING AND A CAR.



Irene Bell Keenan is Wells Fargo's trust-trasher, two degrees removed from signature, on the illegal trust agreement, an actual RICO device, illegally conceived, unregulated, to incite riot, now featuring neglect of reports, suppression of reports, and multiple Sharia acts, including MASSACRES.

Allahu Akhbar, -BADWORD-S.

When you are tired of shitting around, to get us hacked by Steph and the boys or whoever gets down on this, go ahead and GET MY STATEMENTS, GET MY CAT AND ME PROTECTED, AND DON'T -BADWORD- QUEER AROUND INTO RAMADAN, like you mistakes from birth did, in 2016.

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 EntryNo: 3509
 Date: Thursday
06:30 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Eugenia Robinson
Mozilla United States of America
85 year old retired Texas Teacher lost over $500,000 and most of was through Wells Fargo. There was a case in San Antonio (PD) and the police officer told me that WF said there was no crime. I talked to his supervisor and sent him supporting documents through Plano Police Department. After many months and numerous follow ups, the supervisor said he could not help me. I called numerous times and SAPD said on only the original police office can help me. After numerous calls I got phone from a different supervisor and he tells me that there no such documents. So I went back to PPD and said that he talked to and SAPD requested a fax and send by mail. If any Attorney thinks he can help a 85 year Senior with lewy body dementia please send me an email. Thanks
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 EntryNo: 3508
 Date: Thursday
01:05 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Damn, mousie, you and your molly-brain and your gossipy, anti-strategic posts totally suck. Get a job.

Google+ has a Wells Fargo perps page:

ur link to Kamala Harris is bogus

her sister is boss of ACLU, which is why no prosecutions

GET A CLUE. SBA Oak was injured, or no dead Sandra Bland, and no VTA driver who looks like her tries to run off, while others do run-downs and abet assault.

http://www.chargers.com/team /game/2016/week-7/san-diego- chargers-vs-atlanta-falcons


In Tommy Bradyland, Aerosmith duped the heck out of my playing, to a tune called LIGHTNING STRIKES.

The movie ERASER with the Termie series explain WHY that old Termie chip in Ahnold the good robot had to go down.

YOU know. Ahnold had that old Mercury version of Ofc.Travis Doerres MVPD, who did the known false police report for BB98-41297 dism., featuring illegal continuances by the DA and JJ Kapp, when Joe's worst mistake was the Palo Alto division Alternate Defender.

JJ made me watch him listen with headphones, to Saints and Sinners. At least, Ahnold ended the T.D. copper.

IN A SLAG-DIP. That's a snuff flick, foretelling future. Take a damn knee.

MAYBE -BADWORD- seditous contemnor JJ listened, to the Bob-knockoff, as were all tunes on the LP, a cover of There's a RIOT going on (Down in Cell Block number 9).

Yeah? THERE'S A RIOT. You riot, you incite, and the Mujaheddin are coming for you, sort of in the way ERASER plays out.

That Ahnold is gonna make a play, after the movies, or he's for the molten sheep-dip. Let's see Gov.BROWN do a snuff flick, now, since he's a real evil robot.

Since he's a RICO-level perp, Ahnold is WATCHING, like MVPD, SJPD, all punks, who are entitled or obligated to make an effort to rehabilitate their contempt, abuse of process, and abuse in custody, but no changes are evident.

But Jerry Brown is like JJ Kapp, Nixon, Obama, et al, enabling the Slick RICO to burn us all down, without discovery or a report, by any responsible agent.

IN FOUR LEVELS OF US AND INFERIORS!! Government sucks, so here comes Sharia, OK? So you have TIME.

Like Ahmed Mohamed of Texas would tell you, but the Pamela Geller Zionists are all over the Dallas area.

And the boys featured GW at their opening day loss.

GET BUSY, PERPS. The 5 casualties in Seattle, when the Niners got drubbed by the Hawks, and the 9 casualties in Houston, on the demise of Arnold Palmer mean MAKE A PLAY, or the snuff flick is gonna MIGRATE, toward Super Bowl 51 in guess where, HOUSTON TEXAS, January 5, 2017.

So you need to chill and rehabilitate, since you messed with Texas AND Islam, and Islam gonna do another snuff flick RIGHT AT US. Especially right at you kafir dewches, rioting.

And yes, I am the guitarist who was duped. Not just Joe Walsh gets up and blurts. Also Nixon, Sinatra, and VH.

When David Lee Roth wanted a comic event, he's repeat some -BADWORD-py catch phrase from my dad or sister, like "the folks aren't overjoyed" (Martha Jean Shearer and occasionally other Gaebler females) or "lousy di-jetstream," re where Japan is gonna send flying shit, to commemorate how property gets ripped AND I used to eat Top Dogs and chase them with a Heineken or something.

WHAT was it my dad used to say? I forget, since I have a cold, but he had to stfu. I thought they never listened to rock, but the family did this, and they shut up, for DAVE.

To get that band really playing, it had to have Sammy Hagar, who actually plays enough guitar, to dupe me, totally, so he duped more of my tunes than did the Stones, which had a VAST Bob Gaebler career, all based on plagiarism.

Or no Bobby Canale in pants, for James Jagger's HBO show.

Uncle Sam was LATE, to investigate, THEN. That was in the 1970s. Today, Hadj gonna, and you can't play well, yet.

I play left or right-handed, perps. Ain't superstitious, perps.

So meanwhile, how to erase my musicianship was not a problem, for GANGS.

They simply steal every note and all credit, during overproduction, so Ms.Cyrus is all about taking Joan Jett's black heart and spewing it, which foreshadows a lot of crashes.

Do YOU want to crash, with Miley? A MILE-THICK SHEET OF ICE IS WHAT'S GONNA, from strategy, to whack the USA, Canada, and lower the temps, over HERE, to alleviate sea-level rise.

GET IT? You don't get to harbor Koch Brothers, at your house.

You don't get to drone, while evading review and suborning perjury, with TORTURE, perps.

You should not steal, but look at all the knock-on-wood, from the White House, down.

Total erasing of my playing could not happen, without a massive media conspiracy.

This included all LAW SCHOOLS.

All beg a zapping, hinted at, by the late Frank Zappa, vis Catholic Girls.

He did that when I was at CAL, and he was just off Mothers of Invention.

Note the electric guns Jimmy Caan as BOB ordered right up, until Ahnold be like da heat.

Zap your -BADWORD-, I will, hmmm? I'm your little old material witness. Come and get it, or run like hell.

You better stick it with something because you are rolling me around, letting gangs approach me, while you issue no FAST, GANG, TRAC, or APS.

January 5, 2017 begs Rush Hour Four, like no date before.

I also think Black Friday is out, but Super Bowl? Shuffle off, lest RAM IT.

I sure hope we don't have more trouble from MVPD, in Palo Alto.


And you need to lose that JJ, somewhere, before there's Rome or Romo or trouble, with both. You know? Never let JJ Kapp wander around, until he gets JJ Watt's house zapped.

JJ Kapp can do this, perps. Do not doubt.

Allahu Akhbar. Your riot has earned the attention, of Sharia advocates, again.

I foresee terrible trouble, for you plagiarists and punks.

Shit, you won't even hear any of my 50 habeas petitions, while that D48 SCC Super Court shit Bernal hides behind the shit Clerk, to not hear, then he denies, ex officio, KNOWN TO ALL LAWYERS, EVERYWHERE, since THIS riot will kill you lawyers.

MAYBE A LOT OF YOU. That's a lot of ex offico, from an official San Jose historian, trying to end that punk sprawl's history, altogether, by riot and incitement, from his bench.

Stick and move, lawyers.

Gee. I wonder WHICH LS really really wants to get zapped, not just up their -BADWORD- bottoms, but REALLY STRUCK BY LIGHTNING?

Could this -BADWORD- LS, which spawned Jerry Brown and a host of seditious contemnors be just a block from Kabam Field, looking to get KA-BOOOOOOM?

You betcha. I wouldn't do more than spit on a McGeorge -BADWORD-house, either, before somebody gets it on and perps.

CONDUCT DISCOVERY, NOTICE FRAUD BY ELECTRIC MESSAGE TO THE USDOJ, or shit, perps. You are way too out-of-order, relative to any media, past or present, and I have seen your future.

It's in a snuff flick, or it is foreshadowed, in sports headlines.

One more Rivers to cross, zappatistas.

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