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 EntryNo: 2595
 Date: Wednesday
08:43 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:17.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/17.0 John Smith
Firefox United States of America
Im a Former 12yr employee of WF and they are truly of the 1%. I could probably write a book but let me just relate hi level overview.
Currently they are moving many jobs to India and trying to hide it while publicly claiming to be this US based regional. Upper management has been heard to say "we can hire 2 in India, for the price of one US employee". they have been laying off (very quietly) by the thousands (2-300k), while the work is being transitioned to a subsidiary named "Wells Fargo India". they claim they cant find qualified technical help in the US yet in reality those are the people being laid off. much of their server support and help desk is now done from India. this is somewhat alarming because it includes security which is now hidden and no longer regulated in the US, amazingly, everyone seems to look the other way or perhaps they just don't realize that thousand of people in India now have complete access to all of the confidential information stored on WF servers located here in the US.

WF also received a $25B bail out in 2009, claimed they did not need it. then they turned around and bought Wachovia bank and merged the 2 into WF. Much of Wachovia bank was liquidated and the employees were let go, WF is now much larger and it was a profitable merge. but at the expense of so many jobs and considering the bail out it's as if we paid for it.
sad that while this is a drop in the bucket for WF, they are all doing it, this is the new US corporate model, Mitt would be so proud.
these jobs are gone forever and nobody can do anything about it, its all about the 1%.

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 EntryNo: 2594
 Date: Wednesday
06:15 PM
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB7.4; .NET4.0C; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) Ed Kelleher
Internet Explorer United States of America
Full name: Ed Kelleher
Street address: 5529 Whirlaway rd.
City: Va.Beach, State: Va.
ZIP code:23462

Text of letter:
I had a money market acc . that I used for overdraft protection with my crown classic checking acc, I had to many withdrawls so wells fargo sent me a letter saying they were changing my money market acc. to a value checking acc. so i went to my branch on princess anne rd. in va.beach .The lady at the desk told that nothing was different that was still a money market acc. and i did not have to do anything .expecting i still had overdratf protection.this was four weeks ago . I recieved a letter last friday stating i was over drawn and and had $280 dollars in over draft fees . I went bank to my branch again. this time it was a over weight fat lady at the desk on a private phone call while i was sitting there for at least ten min. she saw me because i was sitting right in front of her . finnally she got off the phone after i she knew i was watching her the whole time . she said there was know over draft protection on a value checking acc. and that they changed my o.d.p. to my line of credit .(with out notifying me) I had it paid down to$ 5000.00 Now i find out i owe $9400.00. I had her close the value checking acc. and put my money in my crown classic acc. When i ask about the fee's she said they didn't take them off at the branch office. there any more and that i had to call the billing dept. I stood up and told her that I was done with wells fargo and she said don't forget your key's that were lying on her desk. so i call the billing Dept. and she said she could only take off a portion ($120.00) sense i needed proof that i was told this information . I am not exaggerating about any of what i have said. If this is the way wells fargo does business this country is in a world of trouble .needless to say i will be closing all of my account's . I've been with this bank sense it was First Va. in the 70's . From now on i'll be burying my money in the back yard. It's getting so street thugs are better to deal with than bank's Ed Kelleher

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 EntryNo: 2593
 Date: Wednesday
03:21 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:19.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/19.0 Karyn
Firefox United States of America
My ex was awarded our house in January 2008 and was told to refinance within two years. The next month, he stopped making the payment. I called Wells Fargo and gave them my name and address. That hasn't changed to this day. First, they filed a Trustee Sale and sent me the required notices. Then they changed it to a request for a Judicial Judgement, but they sent the paperwork to the old address. A friend in the postal service intercepted the paperwork and it said they couldn't find me and they requested the judge to allow them to list the notice in "The Times". There is no such newspaper in Oregon. I contacted a real estate attorney who contacted Wells Fargo's attorney in Portland in the spring of 2012. I have a copy of the letter from their attorney saying they were not going to seek a judgement. Now I am trying to do a financial transaction and have learned a judgement was filed against me in October 2012 in an amount that is $73,000 over the amount of the $220,000 home loan. These are the fees they have incurred over the course of messing with my ex. The state of Oregon says that I could not step in due to the property settlement agreement. If they would have continued with the Trustee sale, most of these fees would have been avoided. PLUS, the paperwork they submitted to the judge for the Judicial Judgement still states they don't know where I am.

I have proof they have mailed paperwork to my current address in the past. Oh yeah, they said my attorney is "unknown" yet I have a copy of correspondence my my attorney to theirs.

I don't know if I should just keep pouring money into trying to fight them or roll over like they want me to do.

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 EntryNo: 2592
 Date: Tuesday
07:57 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/26.0.1410.43 Safari/537.31 joe blow
Safari United States of America
Don't work for WFHM customer service
They treat you like children,not adults.
Micro managing,that would be an under statement!I have worked there for 7-years
Someone,but i won't mention any names,ha,ha seems to want to try to put something in food,to **ck me up.
I know who it is and that,s the beauty of it.They don't know i know
So this person will be delt with when they least expect it Illegally.So you have been warned,you may want to go into legal protection
out of the country
sincerly,Marty Engebrit...

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 EntryNo: 2591
 Date: Tuesday
04:20 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0) Anicca
Internet Explorer United States of America
Same story as Peter Elstrom. Received letter from Anna Bjork, called her and no response. I contacted Wells Fargo in January 2013 and several times after. When they do respond, it is always a standard letter with the same -thank you for your inquiry- really.... I don't inquire, but stated facts of violations of TILA, an seven page audit on paper, which one of their people saw in person, and they still claim I lied. Anna Bjorn claims to be the only person taking "care-off" the account. I seriously wonder if they know what taking care off means. They are the liars and get away with it. We were part of a lawsuit, granted by the judge, and still they ignore that fact, they have to allow a loan modification. Three years of agony that has seriously affected my health.
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 EntryNo: 2590
 Date: Tuesday
02:11 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/6.0) Cynthia Arnold
Internet Explorer United States of America
I was at the Wells Fargo in Madison Wisconsin. I believe it was East Towne location. My daughter and I had a problem with our account and stopped in there. I was out of town visiting with my college student. The store manager that helped us (I believe her name was Vanessa) was unreal! She should be fired on the spot and if any of the senior bankers read these complaints they should check her behavior when she doesn't know you are looking. She is very unprofessional, rude to your customers and borderline psychotic! What a -BADWORD-, I would never work for her. She couldn't resolve our problem either! I should pull my money out of your bank and warn others!
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 EntryNo: 2589
 Date: Monday
09:09 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_3; en-us; Silk/ AppleWebKit/533.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 Safari/533.16 Silk-Accelerated=true sarah
Safari United States of America
I sent a wire to pay my car loan in full and they sent my wire back. My bank is.Capital communications. I sent a wire at 9am, called 2 hours later and they too me to wait 24 to 48 hours before I would know if they received the funds. At 4pm my bank called and the wire was rejected. NO ONE AT WELLS. FARGO told me how to sent the pay off. I only asked 4 times. Now, I have to wait 4 daysfor them to decide and send a letter out that I will receive in 3 to 5. I'm a good paying, on time costomer treated like a criminal. I will never do buisness with. Them ever. I called and received bad information.
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 EntryNo: 2588
 Date: Saturday
10:15 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 6_1_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10B329 Safari/8536.25 mike
Safari United States of America
I was never told about this "excessive activity fee" which cost me $10. Now I understand that $10 isn't a lot, but it's these tiny little things they don't tell you until it's to late, and your the one calling them like I did. of course they say it's free online transfers but they fail to tell you that you can only do six transactions a month. That's -BADWORD-. These greedy -BADWORD-s are just coming up with these tiny fees for this and that so they can buy that new Ferrari or speed boat. -BADWORD- you WG! Only reason I bank with them is because it's easier to get my money transferred over.
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 EntryNo: 2587
 Date: Thursday
11:20 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:12.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/12.0 smentowski
Firefox United States of America
::::::::Read this if you want to know why these things happen to you:::::::::

I currently work for Wells Fargo on the East Coast, since the first day after the Wachovia signs came down. After a crazy day today, i decided to google "wells fargo fees", found this site, and am compelled to explain why these things happen.

There are 2 reasons why you all have something to complain about. First, sales pressure and second, dumb/lazy people (customers and employees)

I have goals, my boss has goals, her boss has goals, up and up the ladder. There is huge bonuses for DM's based on how many checking,savings,debit card, credit cards, and online services we sell...the goals are outrageously high. 9 checking account per day in my branch...where the hell am i finding 9 new checking customers every single day?? not possible.

All we are told to do is open checking accounts and cross sell other products, by any means necessary.No signatures? No money in the account? No problem...bankers still get credit for them so what do we care? Management makes no attempt to control unethical sales and usually the people who are the most unethical get promoted because their large ammounts of unethical sales as a banker, will make them an unethical manager who will let THEIR bankers a ton of accounts (authorized or not) and make the DM a bigger bonus...this also leads to management who literally does not care about existing customers, unless they want to open another account. Service is preached but not practiced...we actually hope people have problems, so they have to come in the branch to talk about it and then we can sell them something else they dont need or understand...all of this is to hit goals for checking accounts and other products we call "solutions"... how is sending a business customer 9 debit cards at the same time without his/her consent a solution? It actually lowers their credit score, but bankers do it anyway since we need at least 10 solutions a day or we are forced to stay until 7pm to call customer to sell them more things. ( just one example of unethical sales, ive heard of customers being told there is fraud on thier accounts just so they would open new ones, and we get a bonus for it, how easy was that sale!)

Anyone who converted to wells fargo from wachovia who sets foot in a branch has likely had their old account closed, and a new one (or 2, or 3)opened. This was for the banker to receive sales credit, regardless of all your auto-pays, direct deposits, and debit cards,, you would have been told "theres no way to keep the same account number, and you will be charged fees if you dont change it", or "this new one is better because, X,Y,Z", this is a lie...any account can be converted to a new type, while keeping the same account number and auto payments.

It works like this, a branch has 3 bankers, they each MUST open 2 accounts per day, They work 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year...3*2*6*52=1872 checking accounts...most branches are not in big cities so where are we getting these accounts from? By abusing the shit out of our current customers by closing and opening new accounts, opening 2nd and 3rd checking accounts sold to you as a means to help "budget your expenses", coercing check cashers to bank with us, and taking "maybes" and "ill think about it" as yes's and opening the account anyway... We, as Employees must focus on these practices to keep our jobs and avoid nagging managers and to avoid having to be on a conference calls to discuss our poor performance if we dont get our numbers.

This focus on sales, results in terrible service as a whole. Next time you want to get a fee reversed, offer to open a separate account if they reverse the fee for you and watch how fast you get your money back.

Oh and if your refi is taking forever, it because your loan isnt big enough and keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile, or your rate's so bad that we want to keep making money off you.

As far as dumb/lazy people, Some of you are hopeless. There is no magic "fee" button that the bank presses on random people. All banks have ways to waive almost every fee and you need to actually look at the fees you may be charged for certain things at the place you keep your most important stuff. YOUR MONEY!! You think everything is supposed to be free and done for you. No the bank cant call you when your about to overdraft, we have 100 million customers and you only keep 96 dollars on avg in your account...if we did look out for customers, we certainly wouldnt care about someone who just gets overdraft fees every month because you cant remember how much money you dont have in your account...if people actually took the time to look at a banks schedule of fees, which is available at every bank and online, there would be no surprises and you wouldnt be so pissed off when you get one.The customer is always to blame for a fee they got unless there was an actual bank system error.

If you want the convenience of a big banks online features and many locations you will have to dodge fees,and get -BADWORD- service, these fees are what keep them being so convenient because they provide income which we operate on. If you dont care about convenience and modern banking and you reaaalllyyy want your fees reversed, then go to a credit union or small bank and bank for free since they survive on your loan interest and deposits and not fees.

I hope this answers some of your questions, its the truth and its sick...we sell and sell and give financial advice for bonuses and salaries, but mostly its so we can go home at the end of the day not fearing what management will do to us the next day if we didnt have a good sales day today.

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 EntryNo: 2586
 Date: Thursday
07:49 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/25.0.1364.172 Safari/537.22 Michael Gross
Safari United States of America
Hah, continuing rant entry 2583 a few hours later. Sure enough, the process of cancelling my line of credit is more fun with WF. Someone did finally call me back and stated that "he would handle the case to close my account, personally." But nearly 7 hours later, a "Dora" from Business Direct called and left a vague message about needing more info along with another reference number. I also got a call with message from the heretofore-silent WF branch that initiated my paperwork. I called the branch back, first, but had to leave a message.

Upon calling Business Direct, I get my old friend "Candice," who doesn't remember or care that the result of our previous call is the last-straw-reason that I am cancelling my account. She puts me on hold for some time after she gets my reference number then says that Business Direct needs additional information from me to update my account from the old business entity to the new one. My response:

"Candice, whether you remember our earlier conversation or not, I have since followed through with what I told you at the end of conversation: that as a result of your performance, and the overall performances leading to it, I am cancelling my account. I do not care what WF is asking for me to provide (at the 11th hour) as I am no longer interested in WF business line of credit."

She sniffed a bit then fed me some zombified, affected line along the lines of "thank you for calling."

Where do they hire these "Candice"s? Does WF know or care that they can actually stand to be as incompetent as they are as long as they don't have the "Candice"s? I had to hang up on her to keep from losing it again, as I had no intention of wasting any more breath with someone that is dead inside, professionally or otherwise.

FWIW, my vendor did deliver my great product today and I happily paid in cash. Peace of mind and happy days!

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