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 EntryNo: 2574
 Date: Sunday
04:23 PM
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I bk and re-affirmed and bank of america failed to report it to the 3 credit bureaus, i sent them 2 personal 8 page back up letters that proved my re-affirmation . I called them and they said they started a work order that would take 3 weeks, its been 2 years. Not only did my lawyer sens the re- affirmation paperwork but ao did i. When i called they said we never received it bit all 3 packages showed signed for by the california home office and mark keanrney in the iowa office, they continue to aend me bills and statements monthly

What the heck are they soing
Chria moore

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 EntryNo: 2573
 Date: Sunday
03:29 PM
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I have been a WF PMA customer for years. I just had a simple question this week and went to a branch - can I deposit my baby's check into my account (he's one and doesn't have an account). The branch didn't know and said it may or may not be accepted and if not we would be charged. I called the PMA number, they also didn't know. I sent an email explaining and they told me they didn't know and to go the a branch (which I already told them I had). No one knows. Its crazy. If they can't answer a simple question, how can they competently manage my money?
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 EntryNo: 2572
 Date: Sunday
04:15 AM
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I had 8 accounts. Wells fargo closed all of my accounts and my credit card after a customer bounced a 1500.00 to my account. I was unaware becasue I was not at my old mailing address and they forward things by email.. which I no longer had connection with.. and well just laziness in my part, I did not keep close banking tabs for 2 weeks. NO LETTER BTW. The bank sent it to their fraud preventio9n unit and some ding bat decided I was a risk to the bank after 15 years of banking with them. I advised them I had IRS checks coming and that it would clear the balance.. could they allow the depoits. STUPID me, they collected the IRS checks for 6,000. Took the money I owed and REFuSED to give me the balance claiming the deposit was a 3rd party check and they will never give me the money. I needed to file a complaint with the IRS. The thing is... the IRS warns us not to give inccorrect information because if the money is deposited and the bank refuses to return the refund... there is nothing the IRS can do. It is a problem between you and the bank. SOOOOO I thought my relationship with Wells Fargo was sturdy, and if I fell back one time...maybe they would act like a banker and call me or ask me what the plan was..... after all it is a business account. PLUS.... they closed allllllll my accounts, evenmy personal accounts! Go figure. The business is a corporation!!!!! Officer is not tied to the business personally! It really changed my whole idea of Wells Fargo, and they may think I am a risk... but they are committing fraud, and holding that much money wont fly. I have filed all the complaints possible.... now I wait. Did I mention I am a paralegal and my business handles these types of claims! BIG mistake especially since all calls were recorded and all emails were saved!
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 EntryNo: 2571
 Date: Saturday
12:31 AM
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Mozilla United States of America
Where's my effing money!!! I have rent due in 2 weeks!
I went less than .50 cents in the whole. I went and deposited the money that same day. I didn't buy anything or even look at my account for three days and I was 89 dollars in the whole. I deposited the money yet again, and had a positive balance of 129 dollars from my savings from another bank. I just looked again, and I am 60 dollars in the negative! How did this happen?? I am closing my account as soon as I can, I am so mad!

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 EntryNo: 2570
 Date: Friday
02:09 PM
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I decided to move my savings from BOA to Wells Fargo so all my eggs weren't in one basket.

All I wanted was a simple savings account but they talked/pressured me into upgrading and even though I told them I didn't want checks or ATM cards they signed me up for them anyway.

I recieved 2 ATM cards a week later (which I was clear I didn't want) but never recieved the PIN Confirmation letter.

I never used the cards or accessed my account as it was meant just to be savings.

Someone created a bogus ATM card and somehow got my PIN and info because over the next couple weeks they wiped out my account with dozens of cash withdrawls and store purchases.

It was an outrageous amount of card activity and Wells Fargo failed to flag it.

Once I realized what happend I froze the account and asked for a fraud investigation with the high doller fraud department.

After waiting about 40 days they responded and said my claim was denied because they think it was me!!

This is outrageous.
I had nothing to do with these transactions and trusted the bank to protect my money and take care of me as a customer.

Steps I will be taking:
Contacting a Lawyer
Filing with BBB
Filing complaint with State Banking Commission
Filing complaint with Office of the Comptroller of Currency
Tweeting and blogging to warn everyone
Posting on www.ripoffreport.com
Shame on you Wells Fargo...I am innocent and the way you've handled this is so wrong.

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 EntryNo: 2569
 Date: Thursday
03:02 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0) MIKE
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 EntryNo: 2568
 Date: Thursday
01:30 PM
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Internet Explorer United States of America
Closed my account after 40 years with Wells fargo due to really poor customer service. Was told by Reanna Witten that I couldn't have a pin number for my charge account because I couldn't remember an old phone number from a few years ago. So I closed my credit account with Wells Fargo. Got a letter from Reanna Witten stating I had closed it and there was a 0 balance.
Now I'm getting demand letters from Wells Fargo for over $500.00. When I contacted Wells fargo, they couldn't or wouldn't tell me what the charges were for--late payment charges? for what ? They are ruining my credit, I think because complaint to the Banking Assoc. (government) for very bad service and unfounded charges. Wells Fargo is evil and a bunch of lying crooks!!! Why doesn't someone do something about this??????

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 EntryNo: 2567
 Date: Wednesday
12:51 PM
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Never Again will my wife I bank with Take The Money and Run.
We recently moved from California to North Carolina. We have been banking with this so called bank for 20 years. We sold our house and deposited the funds into our savings account.
When we went to purchase a house I went to the bank and got a cashiers check for the amount and deposited it into my local branch.
Time comes to close and I get the funds haven't been released. I questioned them as why if it drawn on WF bank.
To make a long story short they never deposited the funds into my account, the check supposedly fell thru the cracks and was deposited only 3 days earlier. It took them 45 days to find this out.
I then tried to transfer all my other accounts to another bank. ( money market, retirement etc.

They said there was a 100 fee for that.
I contacted my new bank and they got the funds without charge.

WF is now calling and asking if we would like to open an accont. I tell them HELL NO . You should do the same.

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 EntryNo: 2566
 Date: Wednesday
10:17 AM
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Safari United States of America
Anyone ever heard of a daily withdrawal limit? If not, you better find out!

I was paying bills today using the WF debit card. I had one large payment, and as I was paying additional bills, my card was rejected...but my online balance showed money as 'available.'

I called customer service (joke!) and was told I had exceeded my daily withdrawal limit. WHAT?? Never heard of search.

I browbeat the rep to transferring me to a supervisor. Same BS from her. Until I threatened to call the Chairman, she sandbagged me.

Finally she agreed to allow me access to my own damn money (that was big of her)...at personal risk to herself she claimed.

WF does suck! Rules that don't allow access to your money. Unbelievable!

I'll be changing banks ASAP.

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 EntryNo: 2565
 Date: Tuesday
06:59 PM
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Internet Explorer United States of America
I am wondering who I speak to about a very serious issue I have with this 'Bank'. I have spoken with numerous managers, tellers, district managers, etc. to NO avail. My husband (a Veteran!) and I deposited $2522.50 into a local branch in ABERDEEN NC on Feb. 26th. ALL of this deposit was cash - except for $125.00 in checks. A week later I received a letter informing me that we were $1000 short in our deposit and that the bank was taking that money back! We immediately opened a case with the assurance that it would be resolved in our favor within 5 days. Spend 4 hours the next day at the bank trying to get provissional credit...was ultimately turned down two days later. It has been 3 weeks and we have NO resolution. NO nanager at branch, NO manager at corporate, NO district manager has attempted to call us or return our calls. This is a CRIME. Wells Fargo still has our money! We do have our deposit ticket and copies of all the checks deposited. This is UNHEARD OF and will not go UNHEARD any longer! I have had ENOUGH.
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