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 EntryNo: 2240
 Date: Saturday
12:12 PM
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Screw Wells Fargo! They told me if I got my check in by 5pm on Friday my funds would be available Sat morning. Well, they were not, surprise-surprise. So, I call customer service and the woman tells me that the cut off time is 3pm on Friday. Now, as is my recent custom, I have to wait untill Tuesday to get the paycheck I am owed on Friday. F*** you very much Wells Fargo.
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 EntryNo: 2239
 Date: Saturday
06:12 AM
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I asked via email how I can find out what a charge was on my account and they immediately filed a claim and stop payment on the charge. All I wanted to know was how to look up what and who it was, not to stop payment and file a claim . . . yet. It might be legitimate and I don't recognize it. So when I replied to the email saying I never authorized a stop payment and claim, they responded with a phone number I should call to check on the status of my claim. They are so inept.
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 EntryNo: 2238
 Date: Friday
02:36 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0) Kathy
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Well$ Fargo $teal$ money from MINOR$

I opened a checking and debit card account for my minor sons. Upon the opening of the account I was asked if I would like to receive the statements via USPS or email. At the initial opening of the account I chose USPS. Shortly thereafter I was notified that if I wanted to continue to receive USPS statements I would be charged a fee of $3. If I wanted to negate this fee, I would need to request e-statements. I did so sitting at a desk of a local branch bank employee who assured me that the change was made and I would no longer receive statements by mail. I never looked at an online statement however because I could just go out about every three months and check the account behavior online. On one of my reviews, I noticed that both of my sons were being charged a $3 fee to their account (easy to track because of little to no activity). I called the branch bank, explained that we didn't change anything and were however being charged a fee monthly. They told me that the online statement fee indicator had been changed, initially suggesting that I had done this. I assured them I had not made any changes and they updated the account for online statements and returned the fees to my childrens accounts. A few months passed and again, same issue presented forcing me to make a call to a local bank for correction. Correction made and again several months later, same problem - you guessed it. A call to a local branch, reversal of fees, moving on. Today I again noticed that fees had been charged to my sons account, called local branch and was told they couldn't verify an account over the phone, that I would need to present to a local branch for consideration or call the call center! I was obviously frustrated because this is a historical problem with Wells Fargo. I called the call center. They located my sons account and I was told by the representative that she could only go back 3 months at which point I countered the fact that I could see 18 months online and told her the exact dates of the charges. She stood her ground that she could not make a return to the account and with this I had-had it! First and foremost, this is a minor account with a limited amount of funds. Secondly, she has a note screen, put me on hold and use it to review the account history. Third, how are they allowed to charge a fee when they have no proof of me ever authorizing them to change the online status? I get it, if people don't monitor these MINOR accounts, certainly dollar$ can disappear in the form of "BANK CHARGES" at the MINOR's expense. How much is that worth to Wells Fargo? They make it impossible to work with them with all of their "virtual banking processes." When I signed my kids up for banking with Wells Fargo - I wasn't sold on a virtual experience, I was sold on a live experience. They are impossible to deal with today - if they don't want brick and mortar banks then drop the blocks around towns all over the country and attack the ING market. But before they do they better improve their C/S cuz at this point, I believe taking money from a MINOR is illegal without a ton of documentation to prove the reasoning - of which they have none.......cuz we didn't change anything with them ----- can you say - SYSTEM EDIT! I want my sons money back!

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 EntryNo: 2237
 Date: Thursday
11:10 PM
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I recently opened a Wells Fargo checking account, because I bank out of state and wanted local banking service. They included a savings account at the time even though I said I didn't need a savings account. Was told it was required. I was also told that each month $75 would automatically be transferred from my checking to my savings. I asked what if I had no funds in my accounts. I was assured that that was not a problem. I asked THREE specific times " are there any fees associated with these accounts?" I was assured all THREE times that there was no minimum balance required and no monthly fees.

Was I surprised a few months later when I received a letter from the bank stating I owed them $20. I was being charged $10/month for a savings account I wasn't using. I then find out that I had to keep a $300 minimum balance in order to not be charged fees.

I called Wells Fargo's 800 customer service number and was treated very rudely by the woman on the line. I in turn treated her the same way. Then called the branch where I opened my account and was asked to speak with the woman who opened my account. I was asked to leave my number and told she would call me back in a few minutes. I received a phone message 4-1/2 hours later by someone named Amanda, branch manager, not the woman who opened my account. Unfortunately since I work a night shift I had gone to work.

This is why for years I have not banked with large corporate banks. I am closing my accounts tomorrow and will NOT do business with Wells Fargo ever again. This includes using their ATMs.

Wells Fargo has dishonest business practices and should be shut down and not allowed to be in business. Oh, by the way, I could not find in any of the verbiage/documentation given to me by the Wells Fargo banker disclosing these monthly fees or the minimum required balance. Pathetic!

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 EntryNo: 2236
 Date: Thursday
08:34 PM
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I have been with Wells Fargo for 10 years. I opened my first account with them in college and I've never had any big issues. Minor things would happen but usually they could be fixed easily.

I jumped on my account today and happened to notice that I had been charged a $13 service fee for the last few months. This has happened before and it turned out it was a mistake and I was refunded the fee easliy. This time was VERY different. Debbie told me that my account was changed in May and I no longer met the requirements. I have had this account for 10 years, why would my requirements change? She told me that I was sent information on the changes with my statements (really who reads all the fine print with banks?). I guess I missed this. I asked to be refunded and I would switch my account so it would be free like it always had. She said she could not refund it and that it was not her mistake. Not her mistake? What the ef?

I asked to speak with a Manager. Matt told me the same thing (though a little more rudely). I asked again to get my money back. He told me no. So I closed all 3 of my Wells Fargo accounts right then and there. He was a dick about it. He told me he could refund half (after checking with someone else). I thought half would be aprox $26 (makes sense right?). Turns out half means of the last 2 months because they only take complaints within the last 60 days. So i only get refunded half of the fee for the last 2 months. So "half" means $13!

How is it a bank can just change requirements? I am so livid. I felt as though $52 was stolen from me (minus my "half" refund of $13)! I realize it's not very much but it makes me feel so vulnerable that a bank can just start taking money away from me. That's my money!! You can't just change requirements!

I had $4000 in that account and now I must maintain a balance of $5000. I also need a direct deposit everymonth!!!! This account started as a minimum of $300. How does that jump to $5000!

I am so mad. I'm also mad that I now have to change all of the information for my bills that were automatically charged to this account!

Angry Claire

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 EntryNo: 2235
 Date: Thursday
05:50 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_7_4) AppleWebKit/534.57.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1.7 Safari/534.57.2 Stacy Cates
Safari United States of America
Warning: Wells Fargo signed me up for their $35-per-overdrawn-transactio n overdraft protection WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, and the manager of the branch gave me the run-around, a hard time, very poor customer service, told me untruths, tried to portray me as an disrespectful person, and made it difficult and stressful for me to obtain a refund for $70 of charges that they unlawfully took from my checking account.
I am a long-time good customer of Wells Fargo and virtually never overdraw my account. The time I did was an oversight due to a distracting family health emergency. They were supposed to deny the charges at the merchant site because I told them I did not want overdraft protection, in which case I would have been alerted to my error and paid with cash or credit, thereby avoiding the $35 fees.
A good many months ago, a teller at their drive-thru window told me that I HAD TO make a decision whether or not to sign up for their overdraft protection service. She did not inform me that if I did nothing I would not be enrolled in the service, which I have now been informed was the case due to a new federal regulation in the U.S.
When the overdrafts occurred and I was trying to get a refund, the manager of the branch told me in person today that he had no way designed in their system to look up that interchange and decision that I informed the teller about that I did not want the service. There is much more ridiculous info about this case. He never apologized for his behavior or the bank's poor practices in this regard. You may email me at stacy@stacycates.com for more information. ------But beware of this and demand written proof from Wells Fargo that you do not have the overdraft protection, if you have told them you do not want it.

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 EntryNo: 2234
 Date: Wednesday
05:23 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/21.0.1180.60 Safari/537.1 James Kim
Safari United States of America
I have a Wells Fargo Credit card for over ten years in which I maintain a very small balance and make sure to pay off every month. However, the interest rates kept being raised on me, despite carrying a zero balance most of the time.

Then my card was set to expire July 2012. A replacement card never arrived, even though on wellsfargo.com it was prompting me to activate the new card. Toward the end of July I called to report I had never received the card. They promptly expedited a replacement and advised to wait one to two business days. I waited. Never arrived.

August 8th, my card already expired, I called again. They said they sent a replacement card and charged me $16 for shipping since it was the second time. I have not received a single card! They would not take off the $16 charge, nor would they issue another card. Instead the told me to refer a complaint with Fedex if I did not receive anything. I requested they close my account which they promptly did, advising me that the account is closed and I must still pay the $16 charge. This for a replacement card that I never received! They wouldn't take the charge off! So I registered a complaint with the BBB.

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 EntryNo: 2233
 Date: Wednesday
12:41 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/5.0) Sara
Internet Explorer United States of America
When reviewing my statement online it said that I had an available credit of approximately $250. My computer needed to be repaired, I slid my card for $160. I thought I had enough credit to spend the $160. This would have left me with $90 of available credit.

However, on 08/02/12 Wells Fargo randomly charged me the interest of $158. This made me go over my credit limit of $10,000. I went over by $3.75. Wells Fargo should let consumers know when the interest is going to be charged. If I would have known when they were going to charge me the interest this situation could have been prevented.

Just because of that I had to pay my monthly credit card bill of $255 right away. I paid on 08/03/12.

Even after the overlimit was paid, Wells Fargo had the nerves to report it to the credit beuros on 08/06/12. I had even asked a rep if it was going to affect my credit score and be reported and the rep said "NO". They lied to me about this.

I do not understand why if I paid on 08/03/12 did Wells Fargo report the overlimit on my credit card.

I called and asked Wells Fargo to clear the overlimit and they said it will take 30 days to update in the system. 30 days is too long. Especially that I paid right away even before the date they reported it.

In the end my computer repair ended up costing me 160+ 158 from interest and $255 from the amount I pay monthly for the credit card bill. The grand total for my computer repair was $573. I even had to take money out of my saving. Had I known I would have paid the $160 with my debit card.

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 EntryNo: 2232
 Date: Tuesday
08:41 PM
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Internet Explorer United States of America
Sent Wells Fargo check for the amount of the default at end of June. They never cashed the check and sent it back on July 21st which was the date of loan default. Called Wells Fargo to obtain information about the pay off amount. I was told I could not receive that information as my name was not on the loan; therefore, I was not authorized. I told the rep Wells Fargo sent me the letter with the loan number, amount of default, and forclosure notice which I assumed meant I had access to the account as they breeched the account by sending me the information. My sister, loan holder, called and was given an amount and told they could not be sure that this was the correct amount.
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 EntryNo: 2231
 Date: Tuesday
08:24 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:14.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/14.0.1 Steve
Firefox United States of America

Aug 11th- . I sent an email to your office (exec complaints).

Aug 23rd- Naomi Jackson calls our home #. Again we faxed in our paperwork to her.

Oct 13th- our own agent called the direct line to wells fargo and talked to someone named Gwen. Gwen explained that a Adarius Maruf had been assigned to our account (the 3rd wells fargo rep to be assigned). Our agent called him daily with no response, until my wife called at some point and actually got a hold of Mr Maruf sometime in Nov (we think). Mr Maruf explained to my wife that he would not be dealing with any 3rd parties regarding our case. My wife tried to explain our reasoning for having an agent, but Mr Maruf was not interested (and per my wife was VERY rude).

April 30th- Still not having heard from Mr Maruf, I emailed Carrie Tolsted directly (keeping in mind I never got a return mail from any exec. Directly). explaining our our troubles.

Amber actually called us back within a few days and explained that she received the papers, and asked that we be patient.
June- contacted offices of Nora Campos

July 13th- for some reason we have been RE-assigned ANOTHER "agent"- Billy Ferante (5th agent!)
July 26th (approx)- Spoke with Maria Noel Fernandez of the Office of Assembly member Nora Campos. She agreed that this "Special Forbearance Agreement" did not sound right. Ms. Fernandez said she would call a contact at Wells Fargo to discuss our case. Needless to say we are a bit hesitant to spend that kind of money not knowing if we will even be able to afford a possibly new, higher mortgage.

Aug 2 - received call from a Paul Gruber from Wells Fargo. We were out of town (actually heard msg on Aug 5th).
Aug 6- Received a letter Mr. Gruber notifying us that he had received correspondence from Ms Fernandez, and stated he would be handling our case from now on (our 6th agent !). The letter Mr. Gruber sent to us states the following verbatim, "I am the specialist who will be your single point of contact while you are working with our office. I will be working closely with you to research your inquiry and provide you with resolution. During this time, I will keep in regular contact with you and provide you with updates as they occur". I called Mr Gruber three times and left 2 messages (third call I hung up out of frustration!). I received no return calls today from Mr. Gruber. From past experience, I don't know why this still upsets/shocks me. I guess since it's not their home they are losing, it's not important.

Aug 7th- Wife called Mr Gruber had to leave msg at approx 11am, I called Mr Gruber at approx 2:50pm and shockingly had to leave another msg. No return call as of yet. Again, refer to the quoted statement above (which I put in bold lettering) and tell me if at any point during this 13-14 month process that statement can be applied...?

And the notes will undoubtedly keep coming...................... ...

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