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 EntryNo: 3203
 Date: Wednesday
08:52 AM
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If you need s contact on the east coast Deena Brumell is the area President 804.697.6439
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 EntryNo: 3202
 Date: Monday
10:25 PM
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JUst another punch in the face. You can't cash your check and then deposit. Isn't that what a bank is supposed to do... cash and deposit.I thought the teller was joking today when he told me that. We all know what that means. They needed to come up with another nonsense policy to screw you over to make them more money. There interest in not in customer service, but how can they make money off of you. GREED, GREED, GREED! Oh and to top that off. The online banking... you make a purchase it shows up immediately and then disappears for a few days before posting. Then they say "oh no its not a conspiracy". To hell if it isn't. They do that hoping you will forget about that purchase and overdraw your account to get whacked for their $35 fee.
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 EntryNo: 3201
 Date: Thursday
11:53 PM
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Wells Fargo opened 2 business bank accounts in my name for a third party, without my knowledge, my permission, my signature or any of the federally required supporting documentation, using a phony driver's license and other fraudulent information about me. The people who opened the accounts stole over $250,000 from me. Then, as a reward for their crime, Wells Fargo foreclosed on my home and sold it for more than double what I owed on the loan. Cal-Western Reconveyance, the company that Wells Fargo outsourced my foreclosure to, filed bankruptcy, closed their doors and went out of business several months BEFORE they foreclosed on my home, but they went ahead with the foreclosure anyways, because they knew there would be surplus money to be had, and they wanted it. After the foreclosure sale, Cal-Western paid Wells Fargo what I owed on the loan and then kept the rest. Over $300,000.
I am terminally ill, with not long to live and Wells Fargo spent months lying to me and covering up for the people who stole my money.
At one point, they went as far as to tell me that I wasn't owed any money, in the hopes that I would just go away.
Please consider signing my change.org petition at: https://www.change.org/p/ret urn-the-money-owed-me-before -i-die
Who's watching YOUR money?

Follow me on Twitter at: @WFB_Fraud
Visit my blog at: http://wf-bank-fraud.blogspo t.com

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 EntryNo: 3200
 Date: Thursday
10:19 PM
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Wells Fargo Bank Fraud:
http://wf-bank-fraud.blogspo t.com

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 EntryNo: 3199
 Date: Wednesday
07:37 PM
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Wells Fargo blocks any IP address other than their approved ones such as your home location. You then have to call them and listen to their constant, "Due to heavier than expected call volume, you will have to wait" (paraphrase).
You then have to sell your soul and first born male child by answering questions from public records databases.

Since I am constantly getting blocked by Wells Fargo and not the other 7 banks I use I discontinue using them.

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 EntryNo: 3198
 Date: Tuesday
10:12 PM
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Very bad service at wells fargo.
I am out of country for a while, and i called 39265 PASEO PADRE PKWY
Phone Number:
510-792-3512 been waiting on a phone for a more than 10 mins, and my problems sti did not get solved.
I was out of country to deal with bank everything become so inconvenience.
The banker there, his name is Daniel did not help at all. And then I Called it again , there manager picked up, but still both of them were rude, never hear about my problem, asked me not call back again and hung up on me without saying anything.
How wells fargo treats their customer ?

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 EntryNo: 3197
 Date: Sunday
09:19 PM
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August 20, 2015
On 8/4/15 I went to Wells Fargo, the Continental Ranch Branch at 7820 N. Silverbell, Tucson, AZ 85743. At 10:55am I made a payment of $40,000.00 toward the principal on my home loan. I referenced this number at the bottom of my check and had a payment coupon. I looked at the receipt to make sure it said $40,000.00. On 8/11/15 I went back to the same branch to pay the balance of $51,488.78, I got that payoff amount from Wells Fargo home loan department. Before making this payment I found out that my $40,000.00 had not been applied to my loan. Jose Peralta called the loan dept. and found out that the $40,000.00 had been applied to the wrong account!!! I had to go to my bank Chase and get a printout that showed my forty thousand clearing my bank on 8/4/15 he same day I wrote the check to Wells Fargo. Back I went to Wells Fargo too show the printout from Chase. Now another call to the loan dept at Wells Fargo, I said I wanted to pay the balance. I was given the amount of $51,488.78. Jose walked me to the teller to make sure the 51,488.78 amount went to the correct account.
On about 8/17/15 I received a letter from Wells Fargo that verified that the amounts I paid $91,488.78 was the PAYOFF AMOUNT AS OF 8/11/15.
On 8/19/15 I went to the Wells Fargo branch Continental Ranch and
found out that $51,488.78 did not show as being posted to my loan. This was 7 days after my payment. Alejandro Paz manager, was the banker I spoke to on 8/19/15, He was HORRIBLE to me. At one point I ask him if he would talk to my husband who by this time was on my cell phone. Alejandro said NO. His tone was rude. Said he would call my husband later. I told my husband what Alejandro had said. Alejandro had the attitude that he was going to put me in my place. He would roll his eyes at me and tried to stare me down. I am POISITIVE that he treated me this way because I am a woman. No doubt about it!!!! IF THIS HAD BEEN MY HUSBAND OR ANOTHER MAN HE WOULDN'T HAVE TREATED THEM THAT WAY!!!!
Calls to the loan dept and a transfer to Janna Stubbs now telling me my $51,488.78 was just sitting in limbo, they didn't know what to do with my money. My money cleared my Chase account on 8/11/15 same day I wrote the check to Wells Fargo. I received no letter or call from Wells Fargo asking me what the check was for. When I made the 51,488.78 payment on 8/11/15 I wrote my loan number on my check and had a payment coupon with the check number on it. Janna STUBBS WAS very HELPFUL. At the end of the call with Janna, I ask Alejandro Paz if he was now going to call my husband he said NO. I told him that he had lied to me and he ask me to LEAVE, EXIT THE BANK 3 TIMES. I was horrified at the treatment I received from him. I am quite sure he would not have treated my husband or another man that way. On 8/20/15 my husband checked to see if all the money had been applied to our loan. NO it had not!! I then called Cynthia Jones District Manager, she was nice and said she would look into problem. At the end of the day her assistant called me back and said it will take until 8/24/15 to get straightened out. I still can't understand how Wells Fargo can have had the $51,488.78 since 8/11/15 and still it will take till 8/24/15.
Janna Stubbs and Cynthia Jones were nice and helpful. The way I was treated by Alejandro Paz needs to be addressed. Women cannot be treated this way. This is not the way any Bank should do business or treat a client.

Linda LANGE-Kelty

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 EntryNo: 3196
 Date: Friday
12:51 PM
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Thank you for hosting this site as I need to vent!

We have a special no-interest 5yr loan we took out for an emergency furnace replacement. Every month when I go to make a payment online, which is supposed to be oh so convenient, my user ID and password never work. When I ask for password/ID help, my account is frozen "for security reasons." We call, wait anywhere from 9-20 minutes to speak to CSR, who helps us change our log on info. It works, but apparently only for that day. Let a month go by and here we are again trying to log on to make a simple payment!!!! aRGGGHHH! I'm going back to paper statements and mailing in my payment! That is, if I can get through to someone to make the change.

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 EntryNo: 3195
 Date: Friday
12:38 PM
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They took my money and my chicken and my gf and made me fat
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 EntryNo: 3194
 Date: Saturday
02:40 PM
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Waked up to a counter clerk and ask if they took plastic to pay on mortgage - they said yes - ran the transaction - came home to my citi statement saying it was ran as a cash advance- $42.02 PLUS $4.34 interest since date of payment. I was not told this when transaction was made. Citi says Wells fargo must correct it - wells fargo says citi must correct it My money is gone - my citi acct is closed - my Wells fargo mortgage will shortly be paid in full and then I shall never work with either again WELLS FARGO SUCKS
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