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 EntryNo: 3041
 Date: Sunday
07:52 PM
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Last night I used my card, today I went out for lunch, my card was denied. I had checked my balance this morning and everything seemed fine, tons of money.

Called the bank, they cancelled my card when they sent me a new one. Cancelled my ATM card on a Sunday? Thanks for not telling me about that, said there was a suspicious charge, what? Nothing big or out of the ordinary on my account only a few decent charges where I live in the small town of Cody, WY.

About the 10th big screw up. Now the people at the restaurant I love think I'm an -BADWORD- and my buddy I had to borrow cash from thinks I'm an -BADWORD-.

Also, why is it whenever I used another bank that I just showed up and handed the teller a deposit slip and an ID and it took about 30 seconds to deposit my check?

Me and a coworker were having the conversation about how annoying it was that a stranger at the bank (which people don't do in Wyoming) ask you all these personal questions like "what are your plans for the weekend?" And stop asking me how I'm doing 5 times, you don't care and I don't really care how you are doing. I said howdy and smiled, dont sit there and ask me how I'm doing again a second time, get your -BADWORD- in gear and stop having a 10 minute conversation with the person in front of me who you don't know.

Good customer service is getting things done efficiently and in a friendly way so I can get on with my business.

Seriously, hurry up, it shouldn't take so damn long to put a paycheck in and why is there some kind of controversy every time where they have to call the manager over and type 1000 words. Its my same check I get every couple weeks and this is the most basic transaction?

FFS, when I used a local bank I would walk in hand them my stuff and walk out a minute later and not have to wait a friggin week to withdraw money.

Same thing when I was in Colorado for a rodeo recently. I went in to a Wells Fargo and stood in line forever, employees kept coming up to me and asking "how I was doing" wich wasn't that bad but then they would make some comment like "where did you get that hat? I've never seen a hat like that" FFS, a black cowboy hat? Probably at the western wear store, its really a plain looking cattleman style hat like half the people in the west own, you are clearly trying to hard to act cute, man these people are annoying. If it was a single hot chick asking me this that would be OK but it was a dude in pants that were too short and fruity looking socks.

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 EntryNo: 3040
 Date: Saturday
12:56 PM
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We have been having lot's of problems with overdraft fees, even though, this summer WF promised to stop reordering transactions from largest to smallest. They still seem to be messing with the account and reordering things and posting items in a way that creates overdrafts. The account can start the day looking one way, change by the end of business day and then the next day 2-3 overdrafts appear. The explanation is that there was no money at the time the withdrawal occurred, it does not matter that there was an electronic deposit made before the item actually posted to the account.

Anyone else sensing something is very wrong with what is happening to their account?

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 EntryNo: 3039
 Date: Thursday
03:55 PM
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 EntryNo: 3038
 Date: Tuesday
06:41 PM
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We recently bought a mattress from Mattress Firm and Wells Fargo is the finance company. On our first payment it was paid on the day due but we were charged a late fee. After calling to inquire about this, we were given the run around and told that we would have to still pay it, but it would be credited back to our account on the next bill. Yes, it was resolved but the process was an hour ordeal on the phone. I hate finance companies/banks. I typically pay in cash and will be doing so in the future!!!
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 EntryNo: 3037
 Date: Thursday
12:02 AM
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On10/5 to my totally surprise my car was repossessed without any warning I pay bill $100.00 on 10/2 and I was going to pay bill another $200.00 10/7 and the another part of the payment was going to be done before THE DUE DATE of 10/14/14. This was the due date Wells Fargo send me on the statement issued 9/24/14. On that statement specifically tells me that the date payment date is 10/14/14.
The statement specifically says PAYMENT DUE DATE. YOUR current payment due of $208.86is due on 10/14/14. IT DOES NOT mentioned anything about having to receive a payment before 10/14/14.

1) Please forward this s message to the following:

I spoke with Derek Wolf ph # (877)250-2265 and here are the way he answered

3) When I mentioned that I was going to keep writing to the president of Wells Fargo

Answer: This is not an option

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 EntryNo: 3036
 Date: Wednesday
06:50 PM
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I started the home modification process with Wells Fargo in July. After months of often ridiculous requests for information and clarification, I received their "HOPE" offer today. 6% for 40 years. (I was at 6% for 18.) My payment would go down by $260; the cost of the home -- and profit to WF -- would go up over $300,000, and I'd be 91 if I lived to pay that loan off. They could have simply reduced my interest rate to 3%, left me at 18 years, achieved the same payment reduction, and given me true HOPE. WF thumbs its nose at Congress' efforts to keep home owners in their homes. Today, I lost mine.
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 EntryNo: 3035
 Date: Monday
10:12 AM
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I called wf and received automatic credit approval. They said take it into the bank to get a debit/credit. When I did the stupid bank manager told me I had to wait for a card in the mail. I called her on it and said BS. The bank staff from 2013 had no problem helping me with this matter so I asked her what her problem was. She said she was too busy. I say you are too stupid and lazy and if you called customer service they would walk you through the steps. Then I told her she didn't know how to do her job and should be fired.

Sandy most-kinney

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 EntryNo: 3034
 Date: Sunday
10:43 AM
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Christopher David Frye

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 EntryNo: 3033
 Date: Friday
04:45 PM
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Had a savings account that I thought I closed and was charged 10 dollars each month. There was nothing in it before so now it was -30 dollars. I asked if it could be adjusted and closed and after 20 minutes on phone they kept saying it was IMPOSSIBLE to remove fees...yeah ok. F you WF.
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 EntryNo: 3032
 Date: Friday
11:11 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0 Ray
Firefox United States of America
I contacted WF home loans since the builders preferred lender seemed expensive. WF promised they would do it cheaper and faster. It seemed like it at that time.

First flag I should have noticed is the way the charge fees up front which usually are done in escrow. They supposedly give them back in escrow, but it locks you in with them, so when you see their incompetence you are stuck.

I emailed the 'loan consultant' and the loan processor almost daily asking them if they had everything they needed from me, the builder, my agent, etc. They were all smiles and assured me everything was on schedule right up to a week before closing. Then the consultant called me and accused me and the builder of not ordering the final appraisal (which was their job of course). They had only done the per-appriasal up until then. (This was new construction.)

After that it took almost a week to get the appraiser back out. If I had not got involved it would have been longer. When the appraisal finally got submitted no one could figure out why the appraiser thought the house was un-finished. (It had already been certified for occupancy for a week.) We came to find out that the lender had only sent him part of the contract addendums (1-4 and 9), and it looked like a basement room had been left out. It is amazing that neither the lender or appraiser could figure out that 5-8 were missing, when they had 1-4 and 9 - Duh! It is now a week late for closing and WF still is messing around. They are so very incompetent.

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