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 EntryNo: 4002
 Date: Wednesday
04:49 AM
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6 months to refinance an investment property with nearly perfect credit scores and high equity in the property. The clowns that work at this bank can’t even get that right. 6 months into the process they were still requesting the same documents over and over again, what -BADWORD- can’t do a simple refi this bank you guessed it, if you want to waste time and money this is the bank for you
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 EntryNo: 4001
 Date: Wednesday
09:13 PM
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Safari United States of America
Easily the worst bank in the world. I would rather walk across a field of glass than talk to the representatives at Wells Fargo. Awful company. Don’t work with them.
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 EntryNo: 4000
 Date: Tuesday
04:47 AM
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So a little bit of a different perspective here, but I believe definitely relevant. I was offered a role with Wells Fargo at the end of a contract and needed work. It wasn't my favorite option, but between needing solid work, and naively believing they had changed, I took a stab at the role. From day 1, I could see the lack of professionalism, due diligence, and more. I really don't know where to begin, so here are a list of some of the things I saw at this horrendous excuse for a company:
-They sent my badge to the wrong city
-There was no tech support until day 3 so I pretty much did tech support's job for them.
-There were hidden terms that they only introduced once training began.
-I found out that I needed to disclose all of my investment activity.
-When I asked them if I could get the same transparency and get the names of those overseeing my account information they ignored my request.
-They set me up with the wrong bank account.
-They set up software developers (like myself) with systems that were unreliable; I had one that crashed 6 times in 4 weeks.
-They broke their own policies multiple times (not honoring good faith efforts, providing the lowest rate of black home ownership lending despite preaching diversity, and generally writing employees up for pointing out issues they saw with management).
-They had high paid software developers waiting on the sidelines for work (and wondering if there would be work) due to incredibly poor planning by managers that truly didn't understand how to use the skills their staff had.
-Constant intrusion into their employees personal lives (they wanted us to report if we went on vacations with co-workers).
-Complete lack of transparency/follow through when any employee presented evaluators with ways management's actions contradicted their actions.
-Blatant lies like telling employees that a survey was "completely anonymous" and then following up with those employees on what was said.
So, to provide just one example of what was mentioned above, I honestly found it a bit intrusive that I was told where I could invest my money, and that I had to share with them all of my investments. I enquired with the manager of their "Compliance" department about some of the policies, like whether I could get the names of the personnel that had access to my account information. This request was simply ignored. I also opened an account with one platform they considered approved as opposed to Robinhood. I was prompted to update my information on their site, and shared that information (despite my distain with the process).I was approached by a member of their team asking why I hadn't submitted this information earlier. I mentioned that I thought I had, and obviously, they knew of this information because of my own volition. I actually received a "violation" due to this. This is not due to being careful, but lazy, as I researched and found that in their own policy booklet, they mention that employees should not be punished for acting in good faith. Of course, they refused to remove such violations, and I proceeded to evaluate my legal actions pressing that department for better information.
Ultimately, they twisted my inquiries, and objections as something they weren't, and I kept records of their responses. I am CERTAIN, that if they could have fired me, they would have. While I had marks on my record, I challenged almost all of these effectively, and ensured that there was email correspondence that captured the lack of transparency, hypocrisy, and culture of corruption that protected higher-ups who were quite frankly some of the worst managers I have seen at any company. The simple threat of legal recourse that had been set up due to multiple incidents like the one mentioned above kept me there for 2 years while I looked for something else.

I was appalled at the waste I saw at this company. I believe this experience provides a deeper understanding of why there has been so many issues. I URGE you to contact any regulators and put PRESSURE on THEM to put pressure on these guys. I worked with data and saw projects that had no sense of direction. These reports were to go to regulators, and nobody seemed to have any idea how this was going to demonstrate compliance. When I asked for transparency, and an exemplification from managers that they honor their own policies, I was reprimanded. Again, I never was fired because they KNEW they were wrong. If this company has wronged you, I would honestly keep record of any complaints you send to agencies, and track the responses. This company has no inhibitions about sending out a PR campaign that is laced with lies, lying to employees, and lying to customers. It is corrupt to the core. I know I am preaching to the choir, but if you think I am exaggerating, please see these two articles on diversity at Wells F:
https://www.wellsfargo.com/a bout/diversity/diversity-and -inclusion/
Now here is how they implement it:
https://www.bloomberg.com/gr aphics/2022-wells-fargo-blac k-home-loan-refinancing/

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 EntryNo: 3999
 Date: Friday
11:36 PM
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Safari United States of America
I looked up Wells Fargo sucks and was not disappointed in finding this page. I see others have it much worse than me, but here’s my experience. I’ve been baking with WF for three almost four years now. It pisses me off that they began offering the option to access your account with a code, took that option away, yet still have the option on the ATM.
Since I have had my account there has been an annoying theme to their theatrics. They do NOT process transactions in a timely manner and they do it in such a way that I am consistently getting charged the $35 insufficient funds fees. Here’s my most recent example: I get paid, pay my bills, get groceries and gas, buy a few things online. I have some spending money, all good. I check my account and I have about $200, I look at my transactions and everything is authorized but not yet posted so it has reflected on my balance already. Cool, grab some snacks from the store, more gas. Next day my account says I have $46, a little lower Im than expected. I see some charges had gone through that we’re mine from a few days ago. I tracked my charges this time to see when I’d hit 0. And according to my memory I hadn’t made additional purchases. Next day I go on and my balance is $80, confused I looked back at my history and it looked the same only a few transactions had moved around. I knew this was -BADWORD-. I figured something had cleared, but I had no positive charges. I spend $50 on gas and $15 on cigarettes. That shouldn’t make me go over, I hadn’t made additional purchases. I go on today, -$56. HOW?? Well, a gas purchase for $49 went through from over 5 days ago, it just now cleared my account. i tracked my charges this time and I saw this coming. I shouldn’t have to track every single dollar I spend that’s why I have a -BADWORD- bank account instead of cashing all of my $$. I know this isn’t the gas stations fault because I’ve seen their charges hit my account on the same day, if not the next day. Also this is a small local town and I’ve met the owners, their system is automatic. Wells Fargo does this every single time I make purchase. They show my balance as higher than it is because they take forever to process things. I swear they do this on purpose just for those $35 fees for EACH overdraft charge.

Another time they royally screwed me was when I had transferred money to my savings (savings acct is at another bank) for my auto loan, only I had forgotten I just set up auto pay. I had $1200 in my account, transferred $500, and then had $500 auto-pulled from my WF checking. I still had $200 on my account right? I pulled the extra $500 from my savings account (dif. bank) for groceries and bills and gas..
I spend said $200, again their -BADWORD- system doesn’t track my charges efficiently enough so I go in the hole. Not much to do about it and I wasn’t going to use the last of my $$ paying WF off. So what do they do? They reverse the auto-payment with my other bank, even though it had already hit the other account, 4 days after I had made the auto-payment pull from the account. I had already used most of the $500 cash on groceries and bills. Their justification on my account was that I did not have enough funds in my account to make the payment, BUT I DID when the payment went through. Had they processed my other charges within at least two days I wouldn’t have gone negative. This is a constant thing, I want to close my accounts but they keep -BADWORD- me over into the negative. They are preying on poor people who they know can’t do shit, I s-BADWORD-e by each paycheck only to owe them -BADWORD- money each month.

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 EntryNo: 3998
 Date: Saturday
06:38 PM
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 EntryNo: 3997
 Date: Wednesday
07:41 PM
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Safari United States of America
Never got my direct deposit shown it went through from my company not on their end been with same company for two years been with wells for almost 20 years sat down with a rep couldn’t figure it out ridiculous! They should have credited it anyway horrible inept company not dealing with them again!!!!
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 EntryNo: 3996
 Date: Wednesday
01:08 AM
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Safari United States of America
They took 50k from me for a recast and nobody is doing their job and I am asking over and over again where the paperwork is and was ignored and then I had to call their general 800# and beg for the paperwork and still nobody is helping me or showing me what needs to be done. I figured it out and now they are telling me notarize and mail that and fax a bunch of stuff. There are no clear directions and nobody is helping. I asked how we are supposed to meet the recast deadline if nobody is willing to help or do their jobs (these folks make a lot of money from our home mortgage interest rates). I am ignored, scoffed at and treated like garbage by these greedy, disgusting criminals. We are going to miss the deadline and when I pointed out the illegality I finally got a lame response from a lazy VP who said "we can always backdate things." Oh wow...if that doesn't scream corruption, what does? I need to find a lawyer and we all need to sue this corrupt bank into oblivion once and for all!
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 EntryNo: 3995
 Date: Friday
12:42 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/98.0.4758.82 Safari/537.36 David Schroeder
Safari United States of America
We were originally a Wachovia business customer, but when they went under and Wells Fargo bought them out, we became a Wells Fargo business client. 14 years as a business client, processing millions of dollars of business through their bank every year. In January, we received a letter from Wells Fargo out of the blue stating that they were closing our account.....literally no reason given, but it also stated that even if asked, they would not give the reason. THANKS for nothing Wells Fargo! 14 years of being a fantastic business client returned with a huge FU from Wells Fargo. What a joke of a bank. I have never wanted a business to fail and implode as much as I would love seeing this shit company go under. They continuously treat customers like -BADWORD-, literally get caught defrauding clients and the government and then pull stuff like this
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 EntryNo: 3994
 Date: Wednesday
12:27 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:95.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/95.0 Den
Firefox United States of America
So i had filed a claim dispute of $165 because a company i bought from didnt ship my items. They refunded me the $165 so I waited a few weeks and assumed the money is mine now because they put it in my bank and let me spend it. So a few days ago they take back the $165 and slap me with an overdraft fee. Was it intentional so they could make a few dirty bucks? Who knows, but i know i hate this company.
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 EntryNo: 3993
 Date: Monday
10:40 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/98.0.4758.80 Safari/537.36 Edg/98.0.1108.43 A concerned ex-employee
Safari United States of America
To the WFB Commercial Credit Dept:

How does the bank along with Blackrock fund software technology companies with a negative EBITDA and has never been profitable for the last 5 years?

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