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 EntryNo: 3438
 Date: Friday
12:28 PM
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David Silva and Semih Sabankaya are hostile witnesses, which you suppressed, while inciting international RIOT, for discovery.

You suborned perjury from his oldest son, Ali, who lied for you, while Semih and his sons knew Semih had arranged for me to stay, day-to-day, at TCV 98 N.5th, until I could be housed, yet unaccomplished.

I was not in San Jose after the morning of March 1, until at least a week, later.

Known to SJPD, Miller SJPD came to the SJSU campus police kiosk, after Michelle Terrell's CSG stole my toilet paper and assaulted me, Feb.29, Cortez SJPD refused report, with Horn SJPD on Feb.11, of battery, riot, incitement, animal abuse, code violations, and FAST report requirement, for Wells Fargo.

SJPD failed, then stabbed me in the back, by sending Enterline and Black to suborn perjury, from Michelle Terrell and Ali Sabankaya, ignoring me, Ali's father and brother, David Silva, and Wells Fargo conversion scammer Lani Dalrymple, for whom David Silva was arranging to murder me, on March 1, 2016.

IT SEEMS YOU SENT MABANAG/IA to suppress your subornation guilt, while continuing this matter, to enable MVPD to perform false arrest, for you, while your IA and IPA/SJ are now for purge, with SJPD, Sheriff, DA, AD, PDO, and any officer you cross-contaminated, in a thousand courts.

You also deserve DP review, when you go down for MASS MURDER, re riot and your sedition issues, now ripe with those of RS Mueller III, whom you entered, by sending MILLER to that kiosk, then suborning perjury and concealing this and the riot you incited AND THE CASUALTIES.

SJPD/IA report 8/26/16:


You have abetted conspiracy, contempt, and sedition.

You incited a deadly riot, by fraud on court C1634718.

You killed, by manslaughter, some of you, others, by MURDER ONE.

Some of you are direct contemnors. Others are indirect contemnors.

All of you in contempt are in contempt, in multiple affected courts, for discovery.

SJPD IA fails.

SJPD IA let Mark Mabanag suppress an actual review.

SJPD knows it riots, incites, and accesses sedition, by infamous review evaders Robert S. Mueller III and all so disposed to international treachery, and to cross-contaminate San Mateo County at a time when prominent current and former residents are jeopardized by your incitement and neglect of all consequences, to deadly rioting.

You continue in all courts, illegally, unnoticed, as contemnors and seditious conspirators, now for purge in re C1634718 next D23 Flint September 14, 2016, for any intervenor or superior review, as direct incitement, to radical Islam, IS, AQ, and for discovery.

You knew when I was at The Contemporary Victorians, I discussed Islam with the landlord and his punk sons, who are criminals, born into a twisted Islam, assimilated as Ukrainian-Russo-Turk immigrants, and so these men are criminals, with aspirations, not good Muslims.

And so, SJPD has now controverted itself, while refusing to rehabilitate, while concealing its errors, while knowing its errors incited an ongoing riot, since BATACLAN in Paris.

SJPD knows by sending 3821 Enterline and 3318 Black to suborn perjury that SJPD has incited massacres, while suppressing discovery, of any material fact in re C1634718 or Gaebler, lest the incitement to deadly riot be discovered, and SJPD shall purge ALL OFFICERS AND THE CHIEF, while the DA, PDO, AD, and Sheriff shall likewise purge.

SJPD knows and intended fraud on court should incite mayhem, and this occurred, without discovery, with a hot 9/11/16 NFL Opening Sunday Nite Football on the docket, as Patriots at Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.

This game is DANGEROUS. The abominable tags from corruption fill a stadium. This game should not be played, if only one agent were alert enough, to be named Charlie, but former FBI John O'Neill is also deceased, from the related misconduct.

You incited massacres, and you would take no reports and you issued no facts, in re BOSTON BOMBING, to the distraction of current Boston-area residents, jeopardized by a second related incident and Boston, Massachusetts,

You knew that BLACK and ENTERLINE filed a known false police report.

Their report alleges the incident in question occurred on March 2, 2016, after SJPD sent only MILLER to the SJSU campus police kiosk, to get me and my scooter out of town, while yet leaving a lot of my possessions, with Semih Sabankaya, not interviewed.

The report claims I caused "too many problems," for you racketeers, profiteering, at mayhem and incitement to riot and sedition.

I was in Mountain View, arranging storage, at ABC Wyandotte LLC storage, by March 2.

I spent the night, at the end of Wyandotte Avenue, in a folding chair.

I was not in San Jose, on the day in question.


I say DP case for SJPD shitbags and court punks, and this is at wellsfargosucks.com and Google+, only because Facebook cheated me, by imposing a picture-recognition scam, allegedly of friends, but actually their photo-collections are not of their faces, so I cannot log in, by recognizing someone.

SJPD incited general riot and seditious riot and MASS MURDER.

TRY OR -BADWORD- OFF, from sending me any more shit, from Luzon, to -BADWORD- people on Mindinao, and YOU DON'T EVEN LET ME KNOW THAT'S WHAT YOU DID, until August, and -BADWORD- Ben Stewart and the PDO had this paper, since June 21, still too late.


Don't make my day, by -BADWORD- up some more, this afternoon, shit-jerks who won't let an old man and his cat move to SANTA CRUZ, like you really need to get Muslims to burn you all down, without telling me, and it be like ISHA, and then it isn't bed-time?


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 EntryNo: 3437
 Date: Friday
07:11 AM
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Lani Dalrymple in To is going on her quarterly vacarion, soon.

Lani is a -BADWORD- organized criminal VP, with Wells Fargo SNT Seattle, 40 floors up, at the 3rd St. Building, at 999.

They are cooking up 666 for you and yours, right now, from that location.

I am a suppressed RS Mueller III material witness.

I also happen to be where your bands, titled AC-ZZ got their music and musicianship.


So why are you listening to any of that, and you don't know to get the bassist and drummer over here because Joe Walsh got up at the reunion to alert you all: "WE ARE ALL PRETENDING TO BE BOB GAEBLER."

Except for MEEEEEE!

I don't have time for guitar because Wells Fargo has been trying to get me murdered, so they can 1. evade review of material facts and 2. convert my special needs trust instead of paying out, so 3. I am homeless, in an illegal encampment, in Mtn.View, but 4. ISLAMIC STATISTS AND AL QAEDA SAW ALL THIS, people.

When Wells Fargo started to try for the finish, they, HHS/SCC, and my board and care all appointed CLOSERS, as if this is baseball, neat of racketeering and profiteering.

False process is available, to Wells Fargo. I am subject of D23 1368 PC review, while MVPD notified me my encampment near Google Mayfield is illegal, but where will my cat and I go, given NO FAST REPORT, for Wells Fargo and Lani Dalrymple, in Co.Santa Clara or inferiors or in State of California?

Lani gets to loaf it in Seattle, while rumoring me to death, down here.

She appointed this barfly, Irene Bell Keenan, who has been making a nuisance and controverting one-night-per-week hotel accomodations, while MVPD has noted my encampment is illegal, and an officer carded me, noting I can be arrested.

With C1634718 upcoming on September 14 at 9 AM in D23 before the contemptuous Judge Flint, for the PDO's 1368 PC travesty, I have a poser.

I am charged with two non-specific counts of battery.

The particular counts are not defined, not even the proper cite, for sub-sections.

The acts constituting battery are not alleged.

SJPD would not accept reports from me, in February, when LANI DALRYMPLE colluded with DAVID SILVA HHS/SCC, to put me at The Contemporary Victorians, 98 N.5th St., San Jose, California, and they kept me there, 64 y.o., with a cat, from the board and care, with the Filipino gang at the B/C first telling me I could move back in, then getting abusive, as I was homeless.

SJPD let the CSG at Semih Sabankaya's The Contemporary Victorians assault, batter, and abuse me, a couple months from senior status in -BADWORD- California.

Horn SJPD took no Feb.11 report, Cortez SJPD took no Feb.29 report, and when the CSG all jumped me in a locked-down yard, arranged and anticipated by Semih Sabankaya and David Silva, Lani Dalrymple had just left for another dyke-in at a Lanai.

She expected I would be all nice and murdered for her profiteering, by her return.

She could depend on Miller SJPD telling me to move, without backup, to bust the CSG, deployed all over N.5th and St.John, waiting for me to come back, so they could finish.

Instead, Miller SJPD let me get my scooter and leave. I still need other belongings.

But Lani Dalrymple and Wells Fargo kept me homeless, while MVPD, SJPD, Sheriff, APS, DA, and all agents refuse FAST, GANG, or APS, so I have no Victim-Witness Assistance, but I am in an illegal encampment, and I could be arrested, at age 64 or 65.


Thing is, I am also a suppressed CNN NEW DAY Sleeper Cell Attack witness, Boston through today.

I am programmed to receive, apparently. I did play all those hits, first, for the microwave.

I do know why Boston, Paris-Hebdo, Paris-BATACLAN. Don't punk with my ripped metas, please. THEY ARE MONITORED BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW YOU RIPP.

Bataclan was too hot for Halen. U2 proteges EAGLES OF DEATH METAL performed.

But they are rippers, concocted, from homosexual overproducers, like Ted Templeman, from old Mtn.View HS EAGLES, campus demolished.

Maybe that is why after MVHS grad Carlos named SANTANA, queer protege Glenn Frey pupped The Eagles, for his boyfriend, Ted, from old MVHS.

Or no Halen, maaaahn. Ted was an overproducer, including for Linda Ronstadt, who once had Governor Brown by the joint, in Africa, so Redford and Streisand.

I told the animal-abusing creeps at The Contemporary Victorians who I was, and they began abusing ME and their cats, but SJPD and Semih Sabankaya were there, to make sure the CSG killed me, for Lani Dalrymple and Wells Fargo, after showbiz ripped 4K tunes and left me wondering.

But BATACLAN showed someone else watches, unseen, and then they show up.

When SJPD would not take a report, about the punk CSG smokers trashing me and their cats, I gave notice, but David Silva and Semih Sabankaya arranged for me to stay, until I could find another residence, the gang redoubled their assaults and batteries, c.2/25.

THAT is when SJPD alleges I attacked and battered Michelle Terrell, in a non-specific way, while suborning perjury, form shit-turk Ali Sabankaya, who perjured that I was causing "too many problems."

Thing is, Semih is a former original SJ Earthquake and a punk, not just perjuring Ali's and code-red retired Marine Sgt.Tarek;s punk gangster daddy. He's the responsible slummer.

He's the best possible witness, with David Silva HHS/SCC, even though they are hostlie and committed, to organized criminal profiteering and riotous outcomes.

Or, SJPD could interview ME. I am the material witness they are screwing, like I'm Madonna, and it feels good.

But then IS hit. See? ORLANDO. The punks kept their shit way up, into RAMADAN.

Get me a Ramada Inn or anything, right? HOUSE ME IN SANTA CRUZ, -BADWORD-S.

Orlando introduced facial recognition, certainly, in Omar Mateen. The killers knew Omar Habbas and Senior Adults Legal Assistance would blow me off, after the murders.


Who was not negligent, here?

Who did not let Slick engage GW Bush, to trash the FBI, so 911 could happen, and GW could wait out the Pennsylvania crash, not making it all the way, to the White House?

And then 15 years of riot, not really war, and the USA is like 18 trillion down, not just $6 trillion in the hole.

What did you kids do, a lot of conversions that only gave two points, if you get in there?

So Orlando shooter Mateen looked like Pat Wilder of Frannies in the day had one with the late Naked Guy, Andrew Martinez, the Nice driver did selfies, evocative of local talk-host Ahmed Fareed, of Feldy and Fareed on Comcast, and Ali David Sonboly in Munich looked like D49 Judge Cynthia Sevely's husband, tennis pro John from Frannies and CAL had one with the late Naked Guy.

Seems to me a lot of conversion scams are abetted, by public administrators, who won't take reports, and our 800-414-2002 leads to New Jersey, not APS in SCC.

Seems to me you let the Moultrie murder slide on by, and that is all about how Irene Bell Keenan has slitty-eyed Nicole and Mr.Keenan, to kink with, and she would not house me, but she'd bring these strangers, right in front of IS and AQ.

Tom Brady is like Teqnika Moultrie, from the San Mateo area, and his N.E. Patriots are a favorite, to go down to SB51 preview Patriots at Cardinals in Arizona, AND THEY MIGHT NEVER COME BACK, now that you will not take reports, bust Irene Keenan, and make her talk, about LANI DALRYMPLE, and feed that dyke, to the feds, before you all get sued to NOTHING, for letting Orlando, Munich, Nice, Austin, and others happen, from YOUR INCITEMENT TO RIOT, while failing to prosecute gross fiduciary fraud, by LANI DALRYMPLE, NANCY ALDRITT, or any other of your favorite -BADWORD-s.

Billie Jean keeps bringing Sir Elton John, to town, and it's going to backfire, people.

You need to house ME and my cat, HUGO, now.

We've been homeless since March 1.

We are abused.

I am a suppressed and oppressed material witness.

And you sure are -BADWORD-, for not noticing IS and AQ, but for inciting their attacks and then failing to notice YOU INCITED THEIR ATTACKS?


Tommy Brady's folks? Will you please find the any remaining licensed attorneys, and we will sue, IF that shit does actually happen, won't we.

WON'T WE!!!!!!

IF we had courts, instead of sitting, then absconding queers, perhaps review would settle this.

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 EntryNo: 3436
 Date: Thursday
07:00 PM
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Mozilla United States of America
I want to file a formal complaint against Jacqueline Pethers of Wells Fargo. She pulled my credit with out my permission, denied me a loan based on credit when I was told she could get me a refinance loan WITHOUT pulling my credit and continues to send me boat loads of emails and documents to this day even though I was denied a loan after my credit was pulled without my permission.
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 EntryNo: 3435
 Date: Thursday
10:06 AM
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Would you believe late last year, three punks from St.Francis HS in Mtn.View tried to roll me off a basketball court, in Palo Alto? I'm 64, with -BADWORD- Wells Fargo VP Lani Dalrymple hooking a million dollar Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, so I am ducking a lot of not only ASSAULTS, but ATTEMPTED MURDERS, and since they missed, I am homeless, with my cat, Hugo.

-BADWORD-s be like let us -BADWORD- you all up some more and grab that gold . . .

Hello folks who just let me go talk to Dr.Yen for a 1368 PC review in a court of fraud, D23 Flint, continuing illegally for D24 Ryan, continuing illegally for D53 K.S., continuing illegally for the fabulously culpable and absconding D48 Judge Paul Bernal and the PDO.

Did you continue any of this C1634718?

You saw the known false SJPD report and the DA's non-specific
information, and you knew this case was a fraud, BECAUSE YOU WERE ALL CONSPIRING TO PROFITEER AS A SINGULAR RICO, evading review and committing mass murder, to hide how you profiteer on ALL mayhem and fraud, including conversion of the RSG SNT.

Your conversion of the RSG SNT is why I remained in Santa Clara Co., injured, now in an illegal encampment, warned by MVPD of arrest, but MVPD has refused FAST or GANG reports, when I am a stranded victim of both fiduciary fraud and attendant racketeering, which reaches to both RICO and CSG elements, to command these, TO ATTACK ME.

And attack me they have, with no reports taken or offered.

I just saw the C1634718 information, 8/22/16, and from this, Mr.Thompson Sharkey would be wise to turn himself in, straightaway because HE, ALONE SHOWED ME THIS PAPER, which I repeatedly asked, from Ben Stewart and the PDO, which restrains none of their incited contemnors, now murderous, for discovery.

With tainted former Alternate Defender JJ Kapp as assistant, the PDO conspires as criminal RICO to mayhem and murder, to incite riot of criminal misconduct, reaching to sedition and murder for profiteering, cross-contaminated since 1998, with the seditious Robert S.Mueller III, which is why SJPD, to show its intent but not all its illegal acts sent MILLER SJPD to the SJSU campus police kiosk, after the 5th St.CSG jumped me, known to their landlord, Semih Sabankaya, absent from the report and information.

Semih also knew he and David Silva arranged for me to continue to stay at 98 N.5th St., San Jose, AFTER I gave notice, whereupon the gang and assailant Michelle Terrell became more violent, including to instigate daily batteries, in addition to daily assaults and daily death-threats, without a shred of assistance from Semih, Ali, or Tarek Sabankaya or David Silva HHS/SCC or SJPD, all notified and conspiring to incite riot and to murder me for Wells Fargo, which had engaged Silva, for this, via Lani Dalrymple, and they continued together, AFTER their attempted murder on March 1 failed.

But SJPD sent only MILLER to respond, to warn me of their RS Mueller III culpability and intent, to continue Mueller's infamous local and international sedition, by suborning perjury from Ali Sabankaya and Michelle Terrell, knowing I was a Mueller witness, but also I am a music conversion victim and BATACLAN material witness, per the
suppression of the CNN New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks, starting with Boston, continuing twice in Paris, but then SJPD, the DA, and all at conspiracy to murder for profit incited the IS massacre in Orlando,
Florida, by Omar Mateen, who knew attorneys from Omar Habbas and worse, SALA would blow me off, right after Mateen blew away 49.

Don't you underestimate the significance of your profiteering and murders, of dependents and elders, for conversion scams, like Wells Fargo's, here following one known best with WARNER BROTHERS.

ATCO, WB, and related labels ripped my playing, the most of all, but CBS/SONY also got a lot of plagiarism off of me, so maybe 4000 illegally copyrighted tunes float around, and MOST ARE HITS OR PART OF HIT ALBUMS.

Robin Abcarian of LA Times Online came up to me and Toni Ratner at Wheeler before class and upped how Keith gets girls for Mick, etc.,and naturally, Robin found out that to get five albums in three years, 1971-73, junkies with Mick Jagger and Jimmy Miller were waiting around in the south of Muzzie-phobia-infected FRANCE, and when I played something over coffee, they got to overproducing my playing, all the way, through Mixed Emotions, years later.

If it's a Buberian? Send it to Robin. Maybe it fell off her front side.

Joe Walsh got up at the reunion to proclaim, "WE ARE ALL PRETENDING TO BE BOB GAEBLER."

I am not yet pretending to this.

Who prevented discovery in re C1634718 incited riot and committed acts of MANSLAUGHTER.

But then you scuds let this continue, past ORLANDO, past NICE, past MUNICH, to AUSTIN and the suspicious murder, of Teqnika Moultrie, which I contend will be the last easy-to-spot sympathy crime, WHICH MEANS YOU COURTS OF FRAUD ARE MURDERING FOR PROFITEERS, so down you go.

ALL OF YOU, at once, if you want.

Start making plans, for a safe evacuation, -BADWORD-S.

You went too far, with MVPD Ofc.Chris Kikuchi's brand, of benefit of doubt.

You see, being an -BADWORD- is NOT illegal, despite your shit floating with the dead bodies, which are your responsibility.

Which is likely why my fellow Muslims came up with SHARIA.

You bought it, and YOU are going to pay for it, with murder ONE beef, punks, or I suspect someone unseen is going to know what you did, they will predict your -BADWORD- reactions, AND then they will -BADWORD- you way, WAY UP, for RUSH HOUR FOUR, my -BADWORD-s.

You made my day, already. DON'T TRY FOR THE AFTERNOON, -BADWORD-s.

Ofc.Chris might not be on doody-duty, then.

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 EntryNo: 3434
 Date: Wednesday
10:18 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Shit happens, Semih Sabankaya, former San Jose Earthquake in short pants, from Turkey, slumlord to many, at The Contemporary Victorians 98 N.5th St., San Jose, CA

Wells Fargo still has me homeless, so I have been unable to get to you, to retrieve my belongings.

Your number one son Ali lied to SJPD.

I just found out, when a lawyer gave me the report.

They suborned perjury from Ali and Michelle Terrell.

Ali delivered. He told SJPD I was causing "too many problems."

It seems to me YOU cause problems, and I couldn't move my cat to San Jose.

YOU caused so many problems, when you and David Silva arranged for me to continue, day to day, your gang, including Michelle Terrell and all your residents got rougher, until they all jumped on, March 1.

You, Ali, Tarek, and David Silva all knew that March 1 attack would happen.

Some of you wanted an Al Qaeda response.

When you got one, did you notice?

In the Orlando attack, shooter Omar Mateen looked like the late Andrew Martinez from Cupertino and CAL had a kid with my old St.Francis HS and SJSU buddy, Pat.

Pat's LAST name is not Tillman, but WILDER. That is because WILDFIRE season is here, and AQ is involved. And then come WILDER fires.

Semih, do you understand SEDITION?

Do you understand Ali is guilty, of perjury, to abet federal crimes?

The other attacks are also related, including the Moultrie murder in Austin.

Here comes Al Qaeda, to see you, Tarek, and Ali.

Don't you -BADWORD- up and lose my stuff.

Wells Fargo has to house me, and I want it all back.

You know who was PAT TILLMAN, don't you, Semih.

He sure was NOT a code red Marine, like Tarek.

Don't you go see that red team, on September 11, or what?

Allahu Akhbar, -BADWORD-. Rush Hour FOUR, I expect.

You -BADWORD-s wanted me to be Jackie Chan for you, so you'll get it.

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 EntryNo: 3433
 Date: Monday
08:51 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; LGLS775 Build/MMB29M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/52.0.2743.98 Mobile Safari/537.36 Matthew davis
Safari United States of America
Got my check and putit in the atm....itsaid monday my money would be available....that sucks, but ok, i can live with that....monday comes and i get declined with a counter full of stuff at the store....i am ticked of, so i go to the bank....they tell me it wouldnt clear till after 6ish.....so i try to use it again and bam.....denied. So after callingthe bank and speakingwith ine rude person to tge next finally got the executive office.....not only was she rud, dut then hung up on me
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 EntryNo: 3432
 Date: Monday
08:41 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

This afternoon, Thompson Sharkey presented me with the delayed,
vindictive, non-specific information, with counts one and two for
non-specific battery charges.

The state fails to allege what constitutes battery and to allege acts, constituting battery.

The state has a victim statement, without any physical evidence
gathered, from me.

The state knows I attempted to report actually related CSG activity,
including by the perjuring witnesses, Michelle Terrell and Ali Sabankaya, on Feb.11 to HORN SJPD at the 10th St.funeral home SJPD kiosk. Horn declined to respond and indicated no report should be attempted, despite me allegations Wells Fargo colluded with HHS, to put me at the 98 N.5th St.location, INSTEAD OF IN SANTA CRUZ, where I scooted, in 2015.

David Silva HHS/SCC put me there to be murdered.

Ali Sabankaya knew his father and he arranged to put RICHARD, in room
33, with me, to vandalize or steal my belongings, put mature bed bugs, from his bed onto mine, and assault me, on Feb.29, after stealing my toilet paper because the cooks and other residents would try to murder me, when i went for more toilet paper, in the locked-down yard, serving three CSG-infested houses.

Ali Sabankaya perjures in report about my departure.

He knows I tried to report RICHARD's assault, Feb.29, to CORTEZ SJPD,
and when the gang jumped me, the next morning, known to Ali, Tarek, and their gangster father, Semih, and to David Silva HHS/SCC, in every detail as they unfoleded, only MILLER SJPD responded, to the SJSU campus police kiosk, and Miller ordered me to leave the dangerous situation, for homelessness in Mtn.View.

Wells Fargo was then enabled to keep me homeless in Co.Santa Clara
because you all knew that SJPD had a known false police report, from March 3, a couple of days AFTER Officer Miller told me to leave, so I was in Mountain View, arranging storage and feeding Hugo, my cat, now with me at an illegal encampment, in Mtn.View, neglected by all responsible and the DA, which prevents me from Victim-Witness Assistance, by trashing all reporting media in the county, which would prosecute FAST, GANG, or APS issues.

Wells Fargo now continues to choke out payouts from the RSG SNT, after
conspiring to do this and racketeering at me, to finish converting this abused trust.

Hugo and I are long overdue to be properly housed, in Co.Santa Cruz or Monterey.

I would not have Hugo if Wells were not conspiring to injure me in this county, since they knew I wanted to Santa Cruz, by 2015, but they were conspiring to close my house and put me at The Contemporary Victorians, with the racketeering Sabankayas and Silva all calling shots, to keep me in this county, by more racketeering, for Wells Fargo.

Ali Sabankaya claims I was making too many problems, so I had to leave.

I was not evicted. He is in contempt of court for this perjury.

The Sabankayas were abetting code violations and animal abuse, on premises, and so they not only wanted to injure me, for Silva and Wells Fargo, they had to injure me because I knew they had cat food and water bowls full of cigarette ashes, matches, butts, and related filth.

They wanted to let me stay, longer, but when the CSG found that out,
Michelle Terrell upped her usual assault to BATTERY, by picking up her
bags, which she had, in the 98 N.5th St. yard, to suddenly run at me,
at her fiancee Gabriel threatened me, as usual.

What was unusual was the suddenness and violence of her charge, so I judo'd her to the ground, beside the stairs, as her fool fiancee ranted at me.

He grabbed me from behind to pull me up, without attacking, so he didn't get injured.

But Michelle went to his side, without her bags, he shouted a death threat, and she charged, again.

This time, I kicked her with my left foot, under the right -BADWORD-, so she got it about getting a liver kick, IF she continued her assault and mayhem.

SJPD refuses to investigate facts of any sort, and the courts will not
have facts, if entered.

SCC Super Ct. is a farce, in federal contempt, at racketeering and
profiteering on continuances, a public nuisance, for any intervenor to

That MVPD should be involved and report my encampment and warn my of
arrest, while preventing FAST report is a massive local travesty.

But SCC Super Ct. refuses to discovery APS publishes 800-414-2002 to New Jersey, so no APS accesses FAST or GANG or Victim-Witness Assistance, while courts are at fraud and aggravation, all the way, to collusion, with Robert S. Mueller III and all at sedition.

And you peckers won't get it that you incited riot, around the world, just now?

IS and AQ are known, to be among the violent rioters.

AQ is due, peckers, in contempt.


Ali Sabankaya claims I left because I was causing "too many problems," with not one specific allegation.

This is the same character of the illegal, non-specific information,
with all timelines cheated. to evade discovery and incite an undiscovered, deadly riot.

His father, Semih Sabankaya did not clarify that I gave him notice that I would move out, March 1, 2016.

David Silva HHS/SCC and Lani Dalrymple with SNT Seattle had no idea why they wanted to let me house myself, at The Woods, so they prevented this, during February.

They did not want to actively house me, since they knew I am a victim of illegal state chains of possession, which cross-contaminate bloody
everything, now.

They knew I wanted to move, to Santa Cruz and began to alienate me, after the murder attempt, which SJPD would not report or respond to, but for MILLER and unlawful detainer pronouncement, by him, per the
situation, NOT FOR CAUSE.

Semih told me I could live at TCV, in room 33, day-to-day, until I could be housed.

At this time, the residents began more aggressive slamming into me, physically, including Michelle Terrell's battery, uninvestigated and
neglected, to our peril.

IS and AQ saw this, peckers. I -BADWORD- mean it.

The Sabankayas are in some shit, that won't always smell or slop they way they know.

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 EntryNo: 3431
 Date: Monday
06:54 PM
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Ridiculous charges. Horrible representatives. No empathy. Money hungry with no ethics.
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 EntryNo: 3430
 Date: Saturday
03:29 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
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Calbar enables, abets, and neglects riot of criminal misconduct, now dire, for evasion of contempt, neglected by courts and Calbar, to enable such profiteering at fraud that IS and AQ attacks migrate, westward, from the local incitements.

IRENE BELL KEENAN, Lani Dalrymple's messanger, in the 3rd seat, of the unfair, aggravated criminal behavior, around the Robert S.Gaebler Special Needs Trust is the second "intermediary," as Lani calls them, after SAGE ELDERCARE SOLUTIONS tried to get David Silva HHS/SCC back in with me, after he plotted to kill me, on Lani's behalf.

OK, letters up. Sage Eldercare = 13. Lani Dalrymple = 13. Punks seem attracted.

So naturally, after trying to kill me, at The Contemporary Victorians, David Silva and his accomplices under him, Semih Sabankaya, his two sons, and the CSG residing at Semih's The Contemporary Victorians knew what to do, to abuse me, themselves, their cats, anyone proximate, and the grounds, in the course of assaulting me and battering me, DAILY, starting Feb.11, unreported by HORN SJPD, from 10th St.funeral home stop, by SJPD cruisers.

By the 29th and CORTEZ SJPD and March 1st to MILLER, who came alone to the SJSU campus police kiosk, to evict me, NOT to enforce law against Wells Fargo or the CSG or the county or landlord shot-callers, who all knew what would happen, as an amplified version of what Silva's DMH predecessor, Sipaia Fatuesi, Jr. tried and did, at San Antonio Manor, to incite riot, among the residents, for Wells Fargo, when I called for an audit of my trust fund.

AND SO, Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13 and variants got into this house, via the neighborhood Mexicans AND the Filipino gangsters, running the board and care, unregulated by Mountain View or the state and county, until it closed, KNOWN TO ALL, INCLUDING WELLS FARGO AND MS-13 AFFILIATES.

The US, down to City of MV just let this gang swell up, to be Super Salvatrucha, from El Salvador, originally, but now associated with a zillion Mexicans, in the US, with Chinese and Filipinos, all looking for dirt, to do, until their Al Qaeda-affected shot-callers kill any rank-and-file, too punk to do a Salah, at the same time anybody and everybody gets dead, around here.

Mtn.View did nothing, until some local kids were slinging dope at Rengstorff Park and tagged tennis area walls, with MVS-13.

Now they don't sling to the queers with no 420 cards, anymore.

But MS-13 is still everywhere, or Wells Fargo would not profiteer, on all the rackets and punk flipping, of contaminated assets and persons, all the way, to punk publishing.

MS-13 is in Best Western PLUS Mountain View Inn, where I just stayed.

Last night, as I checked in, JULIO, the general manager was waiting for me, to get back from Walmart, on my bike, to let me in, to get coffee, but he followed my out, toward my bike lockup, to berate me, from the parking lot, out of sight of his desk employee.

JULIO told me to leave, that I could not be there, I could not call him "THAT," in his semi-incoherent Mexican accent because although I was showing him MY I.D. and door-card, to 209, JULIO would not identify himself, since he is a PIMP, and pimps can't have an old man like me, all hacked by Wells Fargo and LANI DALRYMPLE.

See, Lani's very name has 13 letters, and she is a modern, organized-crime superstar, or she'd be doing time, this moment, for interstate fraud and racketeering.

Lani is to pander to the modern Salvatruchans, since she is a -BADWORD-, with a degree from a Catholic university, of many to be abolished, for cause, during reforms, against rackets.

Any -BADWORD-s, like Lani or her boss at the Wells Fargo cost-conversion loop, NANCY ALDRITT are gang-bangers, these days, or no 40th floor appointment, for Lani, in Seattle, where nobody stops her interstate nuisance, yet, to kill elders, for conversion scams.


So Super Salvatrucha is everywhere.

And that includes Co.Santa Clara Superior Court, watching C1634718T, which by now has better AQ contacts and media analysis, than I can provide.

I am just not that good at housing myself, with Wells Fargo AND the state screwing me.

And so, you run RACKETS, without tennis.

They are running rackets, at BW Mtn.View Inn, concurrent with whatever punks play the Shoreline Amphitheater.

I saw -BADWORD-s, walking on in.

I saw -BADWORD-s, getting picked up.

I saw -BADWORD-s, hos, and that JULIO is a pimp, who issued "NO PARTYING IN ROOMS" because HE RUNS A -BADWORD-HOUSE, ON PREMISIS.

His morning desk-clerk is named REYNA, with pretty good Mexican English, possibly as good as it is because she was a street prostitute, who came here from San Jose, according to REYNA, when she weighed a lot less, and Safeway had me, from San Antonio Manor, doing my internet, and a lot of homeless and hookers were there.

REYNA was a nice-looking hooker, trying to look light-skinned and light-eyed, so she occasionally sports blue eyes.

She did start up down the street, at Performance Bikes, but she disappeared, likely into the Best Western -BADWORD-house and scam-center, run by general manager JULIO.

JULIO got Reyna nice and fat, since he's been tooling her, and she did not want me to figure her out, so as soon as I checked in and headed for Walmart, JULIO took up position, across from the front office, to pick me up, as I returned, with groceries.

He said nothing, at first because he did not want to immediately alarm the desk operator, but REYNA was due, in an hour or so, for the swing-graveyard desk shift, at BW MV Inn.

They won't rent a room, to ME because they are the same stinking punk crook shitters, as LANI DALRYMPLE and SAGE ELDERCARE, all up to punk local adults, for imported criminal gangs and their money-laundering, into board and care and nursing.

THAT is why courts continue, to profiteer, while enabling and abetting their cadres, in CSGs.

The riot continued, so I need another hotel.

But that Super Salvatrucha has one I know about, in Mountain View.

BEST WESTERN PLUS Mountain View Inn, at 2030 El Camino Real.

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 EntryNo: 3429
 Date: Friday
09:12 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Attorneys and Wells Fargo perps:

We are continuing a 1368 PC matter for D23 Judge Flint, with you all
in contempt, in Co.Santa Clara Super.Ct.

Judge Flint and Calbar have a serious poser because ALL OF YOU NEED TO FAIL.

We don't have bar court, in here, and you don't do contempt trials or even citations.

I can tell because you all went -BADWORD-, as of 1998.

You riot, you incite, the Mueller family gave me hell and sent Bob to
Washington, where he made sure 911 happened.

So now you have a LOT of Muslims, -BADWORD-tards.

And they are watching US.

We need Calbar to come in here, before this moves to the stadia and to
the LS graduating ceremonies, PUNKS.

Don't make my day, PUNKS.

Something BAD always happens, when you -BADWORD- punks shit up my day and
night, both.

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