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 EntryNo: 3643
 Date: Monday
03:15 PM
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To Florida's US Rep. THOMAS J. ROONEY, Select INTEL Committee, Mon.7/24/17:

California is throwing you over. Orlando and Ft.Lauderdale I.S.U.S. actions happened in Florida, relative to California sedition, by RS Mueller 3, Jerry Brown, and the entire state, refusing to report then failing oversight, to allow Mueller to churn as USA/SF, then migrate to trash FBI on UBL, so 911 eats at us, today, as Mueller will ground more Sharia. This Sharia by I.S.U.S. is hot, migrating from rundowns, shootings, bombings, and stabbings, to set fires and eventually, to cruise missiles. This happens BECAUSE YOU CONDUCT RICO PROFITEERING OR ALLOW THIS, and California is completely unregulated, by USA, so Mueller and Brown get things done, like move my guitar surveillance to overproductions, all over the world, which I.S. knows and incorporates into attacks, SO! If Wells Fargo and Santa Clara Co. collude to injure me, UC Merced and since contain tags for me to know, and this is so. You got shot up because California prosecuted me to incarcerate me for trying to report Wells Fargo fiduciary fraud, for years, so right as the SEC investigations went public, they threw me in re C1634718 ex 1368 PC because Wells Fargo is de facto converting the RS Gaebler SNT, during elder abuse, noted by I.S.U.S., which now kills as a matter of Sharia, defied, by you kafir, who ought to smarten up, bust Mueller, Wells Fargo, Bush, Clinton, Brown, and all the way down to all California cop shops and seditious administrations, profiteering on failure to report, but at least bust Wells Fargo! SCCo. and Wells Fargo knew they engaged I.S.U.S. by injuring me and my cat, but continued, and the hot trend is Manchester and London, UK, followed by fires, wherever and in California, to be followed by an attack in a state or nation of origin, of someone injuring me and others, involved with Islam and Muslims. So when Florida native GABRIEL beat up his old lady, the 250 lb. Michelle Terrell, SJPD took a false statement from slumlord Semih Sabankaya's son, Ali, who claimed I was evicted from The Contemporary Victorians, 98 No.5th St., SJ, a bed bug rack, where Wells Fargo and HHS/SCCo. stuck me, when they caused my former residence to close, where I was on an illegal chain of possession, and a suppressed RS Mueller 3 material witness, since 1998. So when SJPD refused to report a CSG attack with Ofc.MILLER, then prosecuted me for 2 counts of battery on chunky Michelle, who attacked me all the time, without a report getting taken, the prosecution sought warrant, only after I tried to report Wells Fargo for fiduciary fraud and dependent adult abuse, AGAIN, March 23, 2016. SCCo. held the warrant, then executed, having suppressed IA and IPA, so corrupt IPA Director Walter Katz suddenly resigned, and when City Council O-S gets back, in August, there's a lot of work to do, since an international class and me may sue SCCo. and City of San Jose the hell out into unincorporation, under a bankrupt state, but you neglect reports in your state. So you act all clueless that since YOU are also a peninsula, like SF, YOU are the state of origin, of GABRIEL, who actually thumped his fat g.f. and evaded, while I was getting rolled, by CSGs in illegal custody, so they knew I.S. shot up The PULSE, and a latino punk, one of many underneath 8C34 (C pod)would hit the commode for a pulse-rhythm, any time of day or night, while the whole place would sketch. Thing is, I.S. then straddled D61 hearings, and one of THOSE was 1/19/17 before queer Judge Cole, replacing one-eyed Judge S.M. Manley, who is the takeoff for when IA Sgt."Almudi" called, 1/10/17, 8B34 (cell in B pod) MJN, on West Hedding in San Jose, a Mujahed named Esteban Santiago made a left at Minneapolis, where involved PDO JJ Kapp was conceived, also why Dahir Aden stabbed 9, Ramadan 2016, then landed at Ft.Lauderdale to shoot up the 2d floor loading area, when Santiago looked like a cross between #12 Osweiller who would defeat the Raiders (note one-eyed helmet guys) and 8B18 Daniel, another Muslim on 2d tier, like me in 8B34. We transferred to C pod, and the I.S.U.S. kept straddling D61, laying down tags for me to note, including Steve Stephens killed Robert Godwin, 74, as a heads-up there were related killings to follow, a cop-shoot in Paris, then a Taliban attack in Afghanistan. You Florida folks enjoyed ripping my guitar into 3 punks and a keyboard, so when you go to concerts, you really should avoid this, during Ramadan. But SCCo. had to release me, after letting Wells Fargo racketeer all this up, in collusion with State of California and Santa Clara Co., WITHOUT REPORTING A CRIME OR ANY OVERSIGHT, so hey. Muslims will -BADWORD- you up, when you mess with me, these days. Plagiarize and fail to report crime? THAT'S YOU, eh? USA! Get Trump, fire FBI and USDOJ until they bring me to you! I'm in California, btw.

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 EntryNo: 3642
 Date: Monday
03:01 PM
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Firefox United States of America
Former $2 billion private equity fund now nearly worthless: WSJ

https://www.reuters.com/arti cle/us-hedgefunds-oil-idUSKB N1A10UX?ito=792

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 EntryNo: 3641
 Date: Sunday
08:14 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.115 Safari/537.36 Robert Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Your Police employee complaint form has been submitted.

Form Data (Palo Alto PD)

Full Name
Lt.Zach Perron
ID Number (If known)
Employee's Job
Police Officer

What is the nature of your complaint?
Lt.Perron fronts for all refusal to take reports by PAPD, by all officers, which like MVPD and SJPD now neglect Wells Fargo Pvt.Bank misconduct, elder abuse, and neglect, connected to IRENE BELL KEENAN, her husband Michael, and Wells Fargo Pvt.Bank, which as RICO racketeering and local violations moved my Robert S. Gaebler SNT to Walnut Creek, at the death of my father, in Palo Alto VA, 3/15/10.

PAPD, MVPD, SJPD, Sheriff, APS, DA/SCCo., State, USDOJ all neglect elder abuse, financial abuse, now SEDITION, by Wells Fargo, so since 2015, Co.Santa Clara and inferiors use me as judas goat to incite I.S. attacks, since UC Merced, including all in locations of national or state origin of subjects in collusion with Wells Fargo, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.
Location where incident occurred.
PAPD station. No reports ever taken, while Wells Fargo leaves me homeless by action of Irene Bell Keenan, office at 555 MIDDLEFIELD ROAD, PALO ALTO.

Date when incident occurred.
(12/07/15 to 07/15/17)
Time of incident.
8:00am to 5:00pm
What are the details of your complaint?

PAPD, SCCo. stonewall how Wells Fargo not only colludes with agencies, but also with CSGs, so when Islamic State kills, it is with the same intel from old RAMONES productions by Phill Spector, via local corruption, to use late Ray Estelita's voice, with my guitar, a gross rippoff, but this was during AC-ZZ ripp orgy, all using my guitar, but now comes I.S., knowing you won't take reports from me, including about Wells Fargo and court collusion, IN YOUR JURISDICTION. The Grenfell fire was about Keenans being from UK, to incite Manchester, but Grande came back during Ramadan, so London Bridge and Grenfell, with others, since Mayor Khan is Muslim, but this is about because PAPD neglects MY facts, President Trump needs to know about VP Lani Dalrymple up Fl. 40 in Seattle, re towering inferno on his 71st. Lafayette Chamber fire is the WE ARE HERE-announcement, by Islamic State US, as Turkey, Saud tighten up, during the end, of ISIS, which is just one wave, of what is coming and ongoing but unreported, THANKS TO PAPD, WHICH LETS WELLS FARGO CONTINUE TO INJURE ME, DIRECTLY INCITING I.S. ACTIONS.

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 EntryNo: 3640
 Date: Saturday
09:12 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Hap Call
Mozilla United States of America
I applied for an auto loan from Wells Fargo for $10000.80 (yes, that 's 80 cents on the end, dealer screw-up). My income is considerable since I work as an engineer for one of the largest companies in the world and I have over 25 years experience. I have a credit score of 822. Wells Fargo declined issuing the loan despite mentioning my excellent credit score in their letter to me. Can someone please tell me how I am a credit risk?
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 EntryNo: 3639
 Date: Saturday
04:37 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_5) AppleWebKit/603.2.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.1.1 Safari/603.2.4 Ethel
Safari United States of America
Closed all my family's accounts for no reason. I suspect racism, since we are all Asian.
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 EntryNo: 3638
 Date: Thursday
02:46 PM
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Firefox United States of America

As a turnaround expert, banker and shareholder wrote to the BOARD to turnaround the bank around.

No response from the BOARD at all.

Very interesting.

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 EntryNo: 3637
 Date: Thursday
01:46 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.115 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Suspicious FIRES are in the hood.

One smoked up the hills in back of the res.

That won't be much news, UNLESS Lafayette, CA. has no fire last night, where the Chamber of Commerce and a popular restaurant were engulfed, in a fire described as 'VOLCANIC.'

So you should -BADWORD- off if you are trying to make ME the victim of your punk kafir crime wave.

IT JUST MAKES GOOD SENSE! See? I was born, on Jimi U-know-who's birthday.

Hadj knows. He's gonna wire this place, -BADWORD-s! PAY ATTENTION!

And a bare wire or two is gonna be EXPOSED, -BADWORD-wits.

So you need to read. HERE IT IS.

By now, WE SHOULD ALL KNOW to avoid concerts because the music is
stolen, or the ripoffs remain, and we need not make a sound, for who
listens because the tune is GONE.

Keep playing that rock'n'roll? BUT PUBLIC PERFORMANCES ARE NOW OUT,
since public officials held me out of reports, FOR TWO RAMADANS WORTH

What could you people have in mind?

Jimi and his opening tune, at a whole lot of shows? You know which tune.

Smoke, if you gottum. AA

This would be a different campaign if only the feds would bust LANI DALRYMPLE at Wells Fargo Bldg. on 3rd Ave. in Seattle and with the Lafayette fire?

Just intro'd myself to a Cal Fire guy, picking up his covfefe.

He was too Catholic for me to get in how there's a place called FRANCE, so during the revolution, Lafayette showed up.

In WWI, AEF went: "Lafayette, we are here!" What a stupid war!

Eat shit, east bay. Hey?



SO NOW, you have a suspicious set fire.

EAT SMOKING SHIT. It's what's for dinner!

Or we can talk, if you're smart. Catholic schools graduate complete -BADWORD-tards, now.

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 EntryNo: 3636
 Date: Wednesday
09:26 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.110 Safari/537.36 Jesse
Safari United States of America
WF sucks! I opened up a SECURED card about 7 years ago in college to help build credit.

7 years later and my card is still "secured" bc I dont qualify for an "upgrade". The funny thing is I have a Chase CC with a limit of 10k, and an AX with no limit, so how do I not "qualify" for WF?


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 EntryNo: 3635
 Date: Tuesday
03:24 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.115 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Lani Dalrymple, SNT Seattle VP, 999 Third Ave., Fl.40, neglected by King Co., SPD, FBI, the lot:

I could have been crashing in a JEEP, then I could be all over any of these listings in Santa Cruz Co., THIS VERY MORNING.

Instead I have to go get NBC to explain why they ignore my e-mails, better than you do, in the course of inciting ISLAMIC STATE attacks, UC Merced and since.

Including Bataclan, Orlando, Manchester, Nice, et al. Lots of casualties.

Don't you forget! It led to me sending e-mails, featuring explanations for the bad fumes and news, BOTH, oozing out of your private bank area.


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 EntryNo: 3634
 Date: Monday
04:54 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.1.1; LGL51AL Build/LMY47V) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.83 Mobile Safari/537.36 Fed up
Safari United States of America
4 have been trying to correct credit report since may 9 they keep reassigning investigation which restarts clock to have it remove no one cares just send info again im homeless because of their -BADWORD- people think i am a deadbeat and won't accept that they have never contacted me in 5 yrs this bank should be barred from exsisting
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