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 EntryNo: 3459
 Date: Sunday
12:17 AM
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Ah. Jintz r back to winning, BIG.

But Arizona is problematic at football, as well, tomorrow because Wells Fargo is a conversion scammer, which knows it engaged IS and AQ, so that before Moroccan-Belge BATACLAN attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud died in a Paris raid, he did selfies, suggesting MVPD Ofc.Chris Kikuchi should arrest any of the Filipino gang members at San Antonio Manor, with a nod to the Texas Trust, under conversion hookers Lani Dalrymple, for Nancy Aldritt, two -BADWORD-s in a world of trouble, for KNOWINGLY engaging named terror organizations. Stupid Obama just de-alerted on AQ, when they are due, TOMORROW NIGHT or any time soon. When Abaaoud points at his eyes, he knows he looks like Chris Kikuchi, who should arrest HENRY or ROY or any other Filipino gang member, abusing me and other dependents, but also, he knows his eyes will become WELLS, and in the Henry 8 getup, he warns WELLS FARGO, in the near future.

Naturally, Lani Dalrymple of SNT Seattle and while contaminating Texas SNT engaged corrupt Co.Santa Clara and inferiors to try to kill me for the conversion, but so far, I am homeless, in an illegal encampment, with my cat, Hugo.

Lani and Co.incited the Orlando Massacre trend of attacks, with a specific murder, of Teqnika Moultrie, in Texas, to warn busy -BADWORD-s Lani and Nancy that their associate provocateur, Irene Bell Keenan was bringing too many narrow-eyed crooks, to see me, without producing a Subaru or residence, in Santa Cruz.

My cat and I have been homeless for six months, while Lani arranges for nuisance and attempted murders, and MVPD has notified me my encampment is illegal.

Moreover, HERE COMES 9/11/16, and with attacks certain to come to the western USA, incited by your agents and those in collusion with them, you have murdered, en masse, while evading review.

The Robert S. Gaebler SNT is choked, for your profiteering, while local branches are now under defense and showbiz-level surveillance, while definitely attracting Sharia counsels, to review any abused fatwa media, by YOU and YOUR PERVERTED ASSOCIATES.

Yes, Abaaoud really was looking down the road, to when he would be dead, but you will be certainly subjected, to Sharia review, for letting me go to 1040 Grant Road 200, to get my fingers grabbed, by tatted banger-banker Martin Cruz, a gross Salvatruchan suspect.

Like the other international punks, likely all with Super Salvatrucha, your bankers at the Castro St. Mtn.View branch could not access the RSG SNT, and the Filipino female let me get all the way into her cubicle, before telling me she'd dispensed with me the previous week, since your punks know they dug into me, right into RAMADAN, so then Orlando happened, and AQ is due, any day now (tomorrow), while YOU INCITED A LOT OF DEADLY RIOTING, already.

What else have you got, to prevent me and my cat from timely move to Santa Cruz, IN OUR OWN SUBARU 5-DOOR?

You have that trust, but AQ is now about to adjust your thinking because YOU KNEW YOU WERE PUTTING LANI DALRYMPLE UP TO INCITE AN INTERNATIONAL RIOT, or to incite CSG elements to kill me in Co.Santa Clara, while your punk bankers pretend the RSG SNT does not exist, knowing Lani Dalrymple tried to kill me then got me homeless, AND I'M 64, WITH A CAT, Wells Fargo.

And yes, that was about 10 months ago, that Bataclan happened.

And AQ is up, at cricket.

What, weren't YOU playing?

I thought you guys brought the bats.

Helmets? NO? Get some.

See also wellsfargosucks.com.

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 EntryNo: 3458
 Date: Saturday
12:31 PM
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I had opened an account with them. The first red flag, and should have been my clue to stay away from them, was that the rep went down a list of things I had to do or else I would have to pay a fee. I don't remember all of them but it was a lot of hoops to jump through. After telling me all these fees, she followed up with "we do t want your money."

Later, because I went 30 days without putting at least $150 into my savings account, they closed it with no notice to me, kept the money that was in there and then charged my checking account a fee for not having a savings account. Had to go in and fight with them to open it again and I never got my money back. Needless to say I left them real quick and went a credit union and never looked back.

Later I posted this on their Facebook page and all they said was to send them an email about it. Of course that never went anywhere.

Wells Fargo lies and is a crook. Let's not forget the recent news of them being in hot water with the law because fake accounts were being opened and their customers were having money withdrawn from their accounts to run the fake accounts in order to meet aggressive quotas. They have fire more than five thousand employees and kept their aggressive quota and have to pay millions upon millions of dollars.

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 EntryNo: 3457
 Date: Saturday
12:03 PM
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When I write to you about "showbiz" apps for defense-level intel, such as all the pigs pretend they do NOT have but I happen to know YOU SUCKLE, so quit punking at me, I KNOW YOU KNOW YOU ARE PERPS.

Here comes Hadj, to America, meats.

You invited him, meats.

OK, the SF Giants are slumping. THAT'S A BAD OMEN.

Going into Arizona for the D-backs, the SF Giants have management, intel, players, everything actualized, to continue.

What will we into baseball want to think, about the impending NFL Opener is of import, to Sharia.

Of interest is how commercials use intel.

I notified you that a healthcare coverage plan did a cute cat and biker commercial.

The biker is at the allergy specialist, complaining of allergy, to cat-hair.

This is old and blue, re CAL, of components, Al Lloyd of Barrington, with Fittipaldi, a venerable tabby, from 1973, at Barrington Hall in Berkeley, with Madbum, who pitched.

The cat-hair allergy comes from another black-and-orange source, my brother-in-law, DAVID SHEARER, who did grad work, at CAL. Black and orange are colors for the SF Giants and Oregon State Beavers, where my sister, Martha met David, and they married.

What this means is you guys did NOT like hearing or reading about St.Francis HS Lancers OR their brown, yellow, and white or the ASU Sun Devils and THEIR -BADWORD-, shit, and -BADWORD-, which is going to be all over some field, from the look of things, do to neglect.


And you need to house ME, or Mr.Shearer is going to have to sneeze up an award, when the treble gets turned up, in a civil court, -BADWORD-S.

Here comes Hadj, and he won't be hidden, this weekend.

OR, WE GOT LUCKY, NEGLIGENT -BADWORD-S and gapers, waiting this out.

Even so, a number of you did MURDER by incitement to riot, and you did MURDER WITH SPECIAL CIRCS, when you determined the MVPD Chris'n'Kyle stop on 12/7/15 was observed by insurgents, and you attempted to then impose as much abominable punk processs as you want to, on me or other Muslims, right into RAMADAN, so you incited the ORLANDO trend.


That means you are fugitives, from MURDER ONE BEEF, and a lot of it.

Thanks, Oshit I mean OBAMA.

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 EntryNo: 3456
 Date: Thursday
06:23 PM
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Safari United States of America

Won't do a FAST report, earlier in 2016, with APS, SJPD, MVPD, PAPD, HHS, and more?

Won't report gang activity, either. Hmmm. Wells Fargo does need that FAST report.

You let a gang form, in collusion, to commit criminal misconduct, with corporate crime, so Wells Fargo gets to grind me, Co.Santa Clara and inferiors grind me, with fraud on court and abuse in illegal custody, and suddenly BATACLAN happened, and YOU KNEW THIS WAS DIRECTED AROUND ME, IN MTN.VIEW, AT 2404 GABRIEL AVENUE, to the Filipino gang, running San Antonio Manor B/C, particularly when in the Henry 8 getup, Moroccon-Belge attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud made Chris Kikuchi, Henry Santos, and Roy Tibayan faces or allusions, after his intro, in tac gear, looking like Jeff Goldblum, which American actor was at COP-21.

They ignored, SJPD, MVPD, DA, and PDO did a back-stabbing, known false info, to continue C1634718 to 1368 PC hearing, 9/15/16, which won't hear habeas, filed, any time, before.

So two punks claimed to be from the Sheriff, after all this went down and ORLANDO series massacres started up in the states, indicating an imminent move, westward, over issues not resolved, including by the Chris'n'Kyle stop, Dec.7, 2015, by MVPD, per the use of at-range shots, to kill most of the Orlando victims, while shooter Omar Mateen knew Omar Habbas and SALA would blow me off, re Wells Fargo hanging me up in San Jose, TO GET MURDERED, and I'm 64 with a kitty, but APS 800-414-2002 goes to NJ, so oldies get popped, for an SNT.

The Sheriff likes to help, and today, two gits came on over, to hassle me, in Mtn.View, after ignoring all the FAST, GANG, and DHS issues, so they came on, like punks, trying to get Cher to sing I've got YOU and blow herself up. Yo? YO!

The claimants to Sheriff/SCC do know they were trying to incite more certainty of high-casualty and destructive action, on the upcoming 9/11 event, doomed, by their faction and others like it, at RICO profiteering, on false process and abuse of process and abuse in custody, to with of shit, a RIOT OF CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT.

Two redundant -BADWORD-S evade review.

They were -BADWORD-S. They know it.

They are trying to follow in the Chris Kikuchi tradition, of starting up some real SHIT, when you over-sold how being an -BADWORD- is not illegal, per se or per Kooter's Words of Wit.

Here comes 9/11/16, then, -BADWORD-S.

With shit about to, and turd-sucks coming up to me, at Starbucks, claiming Sheriff, but not a badge or I.D., for me.

Sharia-dar will relay all this, about claimants, to Laurie Smith's Co.Santa Clara Sheriff, with MAYBE two perps, at large. Who are they? Gotta, Sheriff. GOTTA!

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 EntryNo: 3455
 Date: Thursday
04:31 PM
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It's a shame, it's really senior management's fault, now all these "low" employees are now fired.

The bonuses were a joke. So it wasnt greed driving it on the person opening the accounts. They just opened the accounts to keep their jobs.

It was them fearing for their job, so they just opened accounts to get credit for their obscene branch goals required per day. Senior management would yell at the employees sometimes on 3 conference calls per day

Senior Management looked away. I worked there I know.

Such a joke.

**************************** **************************** **************************** *************************

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 EntryNo: 3454
 Date: Wednesday
10:19 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; SAMSUNG SM-N910V 4G Build/MMB29M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/4.0 Chrome/44.0.2403.133 Mobile Safari/537.36 Paul
Safari United States of America
I had a home fire. They lost my check between branches. Not a big deal. Then it got to where it should be. Florence sc. Window lickers the lot. First was told the paperwork we just needed one piece to get the money started. Then 2 days later needed all the paperwork signed by myself the contactor and jesus to get the money coming. Meanwhile going 14000 in the whole just to keep the contractor working. Filed a federal complaint. We did nothing wrong was all the was concluded. Got a name and number of someone to be a central contact number. Called to find out about a other check. Never called back. Wow what a shocker. Avoid this bank at all cost. Douchers out to make money off of your loss and all the money from your insurance is kept just to make interest
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 EntryNo: 3453
 Date: Wednesday
07:26 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.63 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

I visited PAPD station today for registration issues, but also to enquire about a FAST report for Wells Fargo, which has been trying to kill me, while state and inferiors refuse to access a FAST report, for negligent Co.Santa Clara review.

The females at the desk became abusive when I assured them I needed the FAST report AND that the Wells Fargo conversion scammers had indeed attempted to engage Islamic extremists, by violating my rights and a hidden FATWA, which is no longer hidden, right?

But the blonde trash at PAPD dispatch refused to refer me, pre-9/11/16, EVEN AFTER I described how the "Private" branch at Cal Ave and El Camino lied to me and held me up, concealing Zina Mikhail and Adeeba Durani and Lani Dalrymple, et al with Nancy Aldritt, who with Co.Santa Clara tried to murder me, severally and on March 1 in San Jose, while SJPD then ordered me out of town and suborned perjury as to my alleged presence in San Jose, March 2, in known false police report from suborned perjury, March 3, 2016.

Continuing this as C1634718, into Ramadan holiday incited riot of criminal misconduct, to which IS replied, with the ORLANDO MASSACRE, killing 49, with attacker Omar Mateen, whose handlers knew local attorney Omar Habbas and SALA would blow me off, within a week, of Mateen killing 49, mostly from a distance, in light of the Chris'n'Kyle MVPD stop, on Dec.7, 2015, concurrent with Wells conversion RICO's appointment of LANI DALRYMPLE, all 13-balling letters into getting me dead, while choking payouts.

But the selfies by BATACLAN attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud indicate Henry Santos and Roy Tibayan of defunct B/C San Antonio Manor in Mtn.View should be arrested by Chris'n'Kyle stop Ofc.CHRIS KIKUCHI, but this did not happen.

PAPD is entitled to investigate Wells Fargo, since Lt.Perron is informed and refused to report, but then Wells Fargo and FOONG TEOH delayed me, for a silent alarm call.

PAPD dispatch females became agitated, against my attempt to report, then disrespectful, right before 9/11/16, the quinceanera for 911 and all neglected reports in favor of the Clinton-Bush RICO and the Catholic RICO, which needs to back up to Rome, before PAPD gets Hadj to be less hidden, out west, in the USA, such as in PALO ALTO.

The creepy dispatch blondes would not give their names, but for "HEIDI."

These females have not seen ALL the Raiders at Jets games, I know. Ask Tom Burt.

Our word HIDDEN is likely from a source, similar to our word FEAR.

I suggest MUJAHIDIN and KAFIR as Arabic source media, for your reflection, upon 9/11.

Do not employ blonde Catholic hounds, during Charlie or heightened alerts, period, but who am I to judge who you guys let get everybody dead?

After all, you let Jerry Garcia give fateful lessons, to my creepy, adopted latino-punk cuz, Stephen Johnson, in the day.

Jerry killed himself on the 50th anniversary of NAGASAKI. YOU know why, right?

A lot of reasons AND Frank Zappa did a tune about CATHOLIC GIRLS, so no more songs are needed, here.

He knew we are DEAD people, of the pretty near future, over CATHOLIC girls, plural.

Like the two creeps, who won't get a FAST report, with a FATWA sure to follow.

I guess blonde hounds of Paly missed MTV and The Real World and everything.

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 EntryNo: 3452
 Date: Tuesday
04:58 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 9_3_4 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0 Mobile/13G35 Safari/601.1 Baustin
Safari United States of America
Went through Wells Fargo drive-through today to cash a check from an employer Per our company policy, all expense checks are paid with a live check rather than direct deposit. Customer service representative demanded that I come inside even though I am handicapped so that they can get my fingerprint on the check. I guess you can send pens through the machine but not ink for fingerprints. When I got to the customer service desk, they charged me $13 as a service fee for not having a bank account with them. They are not ADA compliant do not have a wheelchair accessible ramp and do not have a wheelchair accessible teller. They did ask if I'd ever thought of opening an account with them. After this experience, not a chance in hell
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 EntryNo: 3451
 Date: Tuesday
04:52 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/38.0.2125.111 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

We suffer a riot of criminal misconduct, but the party in collusion, indirectly in contempt, of thousands of courts, around the world is WELLS FARGO BANK.

This load of clowns hooked me for the Robert S.Gaebler SNT, now neglected and for abuse by LANI DALRYMPLE of SNT Seattle, neglected by NANCY ALDRITT and Texas Trust, which acquired the account, in bad faith, several years ago.

LANI DALRYMPLE and her recent nuisance-appointee, to harass me, while I am homeless, following numerous attempted murders, in support of :Lani's closer-role, in the conversion scam, Irene Bell Keenan have incited Orlando in part and the Austin murder, of Teqnika Moultrie, particularly.

At the Mountain View branch are two bad bankers, of many, St.Francis HS grad Alex Ofori-ATTA and Mohammad IDRIS. The BATACLAN attack describes local corruption, and these two are part and parcel of the local corruption, keeping me in Mtn.View.

OR Belgian attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud does not do a selfie-barrage, starting in like American actor Jeff Goldblum in tac, when Goldblum was at COP-21, as Abaaoud and other survivors of BATACLAN were gunned down, in Paris, later.

Abaaoud directed the Henry 8 sketch at Ofc.CHRIS KIKUCHI, which MVPD should have long ago arrested Henry Santos and Roy Tibayan. at the Filipino gang-run San Antonio Manor, 2404 Gabriel Ave. MV.

On November 11 the attack was carried out, and I believe on the 19th, the Paris shootout happened, but by Dec.7, MVPD incited the next big attack, at ORLANDO, with a lot of misconduct, leading all the way, to RAMADAN, joined by Wells Fargo, SJPD, DA/SCC, PDO/SCC, Sheriff, and all local misconduct, including by MVPD and City of MV neglect.

I should have had a FAST report out of MVPD by March 1.

SJPD was due, by Feb.11, when I tried to get HORN to report gang activity and W/F.

Same for CORTEZ, Feb.29, but on March 1, 2016, SJPD sent MILLER to the SJSU campus police kiosk, to simply help me navigate the deployed CSG, up and down N.5th St., after they mob-attacked and tried to murder me, AFTER landlord Semih Sabankaya arranged with David Silva HHS/SCC, to house me, until I could be re-located, post notice.

ONLY AFTER they arranged this did attacks and treachery increase, including as daily batteries, by body-slam and challenge to fight, by most residents at The Contemporary Victorians, yet SJPD won't even pick up my sunglasses, scratched in an alleged incident.

SJPD Miller functionally evicted me, March 1, SJPD and MVPD know I was in Mtn.View, as of that morning, and I have not returned, to that part of San Jose, only one block from City Hall.

Yet SJPD suborned perjury from Ali Burak Sabankaya and Michelle Terrell, alleging I was in San Jose, to attack Michelle, who was only one of many, who battered me, until Mar.1 and my move, to Mtn.View.

SJPD held this known false police report, then sought warrant in the RS Mueller III modus, also hiding all process and allegations, to then assert a non-specific information, WITH NO ALLEGATIONS BY THE DA/SCC AS TO WHAT LAW I BROKE, HOW.

This may not issue, yet I found out this had happened, and so Co.Santa Clara suffers fraud and dependent adult abuse and hate crimes, directed at me, to profiteer, but also SCC injures me and a class by using me as a secret JUDAS GOAT, injured, to attract IS and AQ.


So Wells Fargo has two buttclowns, particularly abominable, MOHAMMAD IDRIS and ALEX OFORI-ATTA, who have both attempted to prevent my discovery of the RSG SNT and LANI DALRYMPLE or her contact information, to get her pulled over, in time, for?!!

9/11/16, which is likely rough.

If it isn't, bet on the next opportunity, for someone with a fatwa to uphold, to whack you negligent, greedy -BADWORD-s, profiteering and evading review, for contempt and sedition.


You Wells Fargo gits need to clean out some clowns, like Lani and Mo and Alex, to start.


Not without a lot of you really begging for it, ALL THE WAY, into NFL openers.

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 EntryNo: 3450
 Date: Sunday
02:38 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Update on cultural tagging, for notice as to possible 9/11/16 outcomes, UPCOMING:

1. Canadian JOE WALSH up and blurts "WE ARE ALL PRETENDING TO BE BOB GAEBLER." The Islam will then update to be borne, by the wings, of EAGLES, while you let eggs get all sucked by Wells Fargo and LANI DALRYMPLE, inciting facitons, interstate and yet getting in four to seven vacays per year, from Seattle SNT.

2. Don't get THAT close to Canada and Wells Fargo, lately for your incitement of western US Sharia counsels, by the ORLANDO attack and incontinent SCC Super Ct.contemnors, inciting riot, intercontinentally and evading reviews.

3. Hadj will pop you in your gut and point at what you think are fences, around your gobs.

4. I warned you. Then I told you so. What's wrong with this process? Ain't due, is it.

5. Nancy Aldritt in To is on the RSG SNT trust deed. She knows she is up for D.P. review, with Lani, IF THE USDOJ HAD A BRAIN AND PERHAPS -BADWORD- AND GOB.

6. Lani told me not to go back to the "Private" W/F branch, at Cal Ave. and El Camino in Palo Alto, after they held me up and called PAPD. Good luck with benefit of doubt, there, Lani.

7. Colin Kaepernick's number. If you go to Steve Young's number, I hope he gets you on TV, on his show, dead or alive, getting a roasting, and hand off, to Boomer and Tommy.

8. Steve Young's number. THAT'S ENOUGH. See how EASY public safety can be?

OK, if you -BADWORD- THIS lesson up, WE have to review, no doubt.

Google and FB sure suck. W/F won't let me out of Co.Santa Clara, to spite Sharia, enjoined by SCC Super Ct., SMC Super Ct., USDC/SF, USA/SF and all contemnors at sedition and migration of incitement to riot and conspiracy to profiteer, on MASS MURDER, with murder one, evident, at the riot.

Stand the f down, yo, rioters? Get'r'done. CHILL, BIG, for me and Boche, today.

Don't play anything, post Johnny Winter AND, his last pre-Bob corporate release.

Don't play anything, not Canadian overproductions of Bob, to smarten up, just now:

1. Anything that came off Under-Assistant West-Coast Promo Man should cause FEAR.

The kafir should listen, closely, to the muse, but failing this, MUSIC will then serve.

2. Pat Travers' overproduction is critical, as BOOM-BOOM, OUT GO THE LIGHTS.

See why?

3. Joe Walsh's EAGLES REUNION blurt is critical. Wells Fargo and SCC colluded to whack me, in San Mateo Co., then grind me, back home, then kill me, in 2016, after repeated attempts, in 2015 weren't at all successful.

"WE ARE ALL PRETENDING TO BE BOB GAEBLER." And if I -BADWORD- this up, then MVPD has a guy who knows. HE knows who HE is. I do it better, nigas. So LEARN.

4. Don't get it that IF you are a Weezer and you punk-dick an Eagle, why then! Your punk ain't nothing but a WEASEL, sez me and Nick Cage and that Bob-dupist he has.

5. The ROCKY MOUNTAIN VIEW WAY is upcoming, for neglect of traverses, in Co.Santa Clara Super Ct. D23, next 9/15/16, when the punk clerk would not schedule an earlier hearing, while at riot and incitement, with the entire county and inferiors, to murder for profit, in collusion with WELLS FARGO AND ASSOCIATES.

6. Turn to Stone will happen. Oops. I haven't figured this out yet, but don't tread too hard, on WALK AWAY, the one tune I might try to cover, again, if this all peaces out.

7. This is a holy number. When you ABUSE, THEN NEGLECT? Woops, if you go 3,4,5,6,7,8,72,73, then more abominations, like JJ KAPP PDO/SCC knew how to do way back in 1998-2000 egregious case BB98-41297 (dism 8-4 acquittal) over Travis Doerres MVPD suborned perjury, claiming I played tennis, with a woman whose husband was at the tennis center, but I was wearing an illegal leather jockstrap, but he was not at trial.

Hmmm. JJ Kapp's dad's number was 22. Shit gonna happen, betcha.

8. This is Steve Young's number. STOP YOUR FAT SHIT, OR FATWA, -BADWORD- BUDDHIST DIP-BADWORD-. mmm-kay? Alright, that was easy.

Now you company people try to think your scud-apples out of a paper bag, filled with a fart. OR FATWA, MEATS.

Thinkin' of thangs I cud name yuh!

Arizona CARDINALS, perhaps.. Perhaps.

Right in between Texas and California, lately subjects of Jihad, related to contempt, in SCC Super Ct., to incite murderous riot, internationally!

Was that SEVEN PIPELINE PROTESTORS got bit, by dogs? Wow.

No NFL but TV, for me.

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