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 EntryNo: 3448
 Date: Saturday
06:14 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Wells Fargo.com at Google+ got me banned from their group as they engage in illegal dialog with IS and AQ, having illegally colluded in Washington and California and in the several states, to incite response, to violation of hidden but logically anticipated FATWA, from a predicted group of violent Islamists.

THAT means Wells Fargo is getting us dead, on the out and about.

WF likes to prod away for IEDs, wearing a jockstrap or thong, eh?


Lani is a gross lezzie hustler, who hands down conversion nuisance to IRENE BELL KEENAN, of Palo Alto, via the UK, and mind this year's ABC programming, to the comic SPEECHLESS.

A really hot bunny is in charge of a young bozo, named J.J., and so I can predict producers got ahold of J.J.Kapp's metas, by the time he was posting at this site, urging "Admin" to delete my posts.

WellsFargo.com at Google + got that done, but JJ is under watch, actually.

THAT is how hot you get when you deliberately violate a fatwa, from a nearby Sharia counsel, in session.

If you do THAT, here comes trouble, kafir douchebags, including J.J. KAPP PDO/SCC, after an Alternate Defender gig in Co.Santa Clara, to churn sedition, from that hole in the wall.

J.J. seems jealous, of those who actually play football, as opposed to flagrant II jocko, John Joseph KAPP PDO/SCC Assistant to Molly O'Neal and Jose Guzman.

J.J.'s -BADWORD- is apparently all Boston Strong and such, but here comes New York.

That's how Tom Brady would get Michael Strahan for a talk-show buddy, yo.

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 EntryNo: 3447
 Date: Friday
12:48 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/52.0.2743.116 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Please note heavy Sharia-tags are building up, re Paly, Palestine, and Zionism, in the several seditious contemnors, in re Gaebler, in re FB, in re Google, in re punk, in re LSJU secret surveillance plan for LBJ, et al contempt and sedition, locally, and then we know you have some Bill Graham Presents ripoffs playing overproductions of Bob riffs, or there is only derivative musicianship.

SJPD knew it was getting into this, by issuing a false police report, alleging I was in San Jose, the day after the March 1 CSG mob attack and attempted murder for profit, so that Ofc.Miller SJPD moved me out, right in front of the suborned perjurers, alleging I was in San Jose, March 2, so they passed it to MVPD, for arrest, and if Palo Alto lets Wells Fargo PRIVATE BANK suppress the RSG SNT and call PAPD, like it did, yesterday, well now.

Don't lapse jurisdiction, when a big old bunch of us Muzzies are in town, for whatever.

Since you invited a WHOLE LOT OF US, I have no idea just how many.

Just to let you know, we are at a hot riot, with a deadly faction trying to get a Sharia review to issue specific fatwa media, so there are deadly incited attacks.

You need to tune into my thinking because part of the problem is all the lawyers, punks, and perverts are into getting a lot of state terror to export, from the US and California, while all courts neglect this and cross-contaminate each other and all agencies, AROUND THE WORLD, from fraud C1634718, for discovery, with contempt and sedition, by all court officers, for purge by trial, for all courts and agents on earth may not stand, in undiscovered contempt of one another, by Paul Bernal OR Superior Court, but by both?


I would re-do the Pat Tillman whitewash, at least, down there.

D48 Bernal received a brief, from the DA, in despicable contempt, failed to serve me, yet continued, ex parte, to relinquish, to D53 K.S., known to be in contempt for ex parte continuance of C1634718, but then on July 18 D48 filed denial, without hearing the petition, the traverses, or my testimony, at a hearing, required by law.

A Sharia court, within range of ALL of BATACLAN, DALLAS, ORLANDO, NICE, MUNICH, and AUSTIN, with all of Asian, Africa, and Arabia will issue fatwa and orders for your compliance, given YOU KNEW YOU WERE ABUSING ME IN FALSE CUSTODY, WHILE HIDING FROM ME THE INFORMATION AND DENIAL OF HABEAS, WITHOUT A HEARING.

You have therefore deliberately and continuously conspired against my
security and my cat's, as a Muslim-American, and his rescued cat,
suffering your many incitements to riot, mayhem, and sedition, and
your contempt, to profiteer, on your several degrees of racketeering,
issued since the illegal denial, WITHOUT A HEARING.

So you seem to beg that lengthening list, of hidden Sharia courts, now
in several nations, to convene in our direction, toward our current
let Wells Fargo assist in grinding me and my cat, with racketeering and racketeers, but now comes Sharia, known better to you, than to me,
although I now claim to be a Muslim.

You will learn Sharia, better still, for your impending hidden review,
of your INTENT.

You have deliberated, to pass falsehood.

I have now discovered this, you resist review, at all times, in all ways knowing Islam.

And now, WE know you are guilty, of murder and conspiracy to mass murder, who continue State v. Gaebler.

Don't reap any WHIRLWINDS without moving me and Hugo to Santa Cruz, Wells Fargo cruds.

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 EntryNo: 3446
 Date: Thursday
08:35 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Hi Bob,

Just checking in with you. I’m sorry you had a difficult time out at the Palo Alto branch. It might be best to use the bank branch in Mountain View, where they are familiar with you. If there’s something I can help with, let me know. I don’t think you should use the Palo Alto branch again.

I know that you are interested in changing hotels, but I think Irene has things set up at the Super 8. It may take some time to switch it to a new hotel, so for now, plan on staying at the Super 8.

I will be out of the office next week. Irene can assist you if you need help.


Lani Dalrymple, CFP®



Here's the thing. You and Urene and your Wells Fargo Bank got people MURDERED, and you are choking RSG SNT payouts because you arranged to get away with this, in states, like CALIFORNIA, where there's no enforcement against serious crime, and punks just shop, for ways to act up and out.

You can get away with misconduct,in California, from way up in Seattle because the USA failed.

But you are in illegal dialog with hidden Sharia courts, which decide whom to murder and when BECAUSE YOU KNOW HOW TO VIOLATE A FATWA, by avoiding a FAST report, down here in Co.Santa Clara, re fiduciary fraud.

You have incited both murder and mass murder, you know this, yet you intend to continue this incitement, during PROFITEERING.

To continue, you have intent to commit murder in the first degree, while profiteering.


And so, you and yours are death penalty cases, going up and down 40 floors, all night.

Urine or whomever cannot get a motel room because SHE'S HOSTILE.

She tried to get me to whack on her and two other people, and AQ put Teqnika Moultrie down, in your -BADWORD- honor. Don't mess with Texas, when they are shooting, queer girl.

They were actually warning a lot of punks, to stand down, with just one murder.

But YOU and Urine and Mr.Keenan were main media targets, of the Moultrie murder, while your API gal-pal Nicole from EPA is THE main media target, even if MY willow trees have the white mold, and there's a lot of it on the grounds, in City of MV.

I'm sure there will be more, before we leave.

I had a favorable discussion, with MVPD, but a bad one, with X, a punk company at the Google campus, while Google is shitting all over my + and my mail, like they are FB.

So 9/11/16 is very likely to be deadly.

You perps all think NOBODY watches you, looking to chill your riot, ultimately.

ULTIMATELY, your riot will chill. One way, or another way. Your choice, of ways.

The OAK in Palo Alto across from CABANA or The County Inn on Leong, Urine.

Don't get IS to pISlam all over you, you -BADWORD- morons. AQ is up at cricket, dead-heads.

So don't injure more than your already-dead heads, by -BADWORD- me around, too much.

TOO MUCH has this way, of going pop-pop-pop, and the punks drop-drop-DROP.

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 EntryNo: 3445
 Date: Wednesday
06:22 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/48.0.2564.109 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

I checked in at PAPD today, to make sure I am all on board and not too
hot, re my border encampment, which we all agree is on City of MV property, so I'm going.

Thing is, I am a victim of crime, so the FAST report won't happen in Palo Alto, and I am still in MV, BUT Heiri Schup-BADWORD- of Momentum on Cal Ave in Paly came to see me, exactly two weeks, before last night's free one at Loma Verde kirche, which means Tuesday, August 16, he came waltzing across the MV flood-plain, to my lean-to and rapped.

Hugo, my cat approached. Then my information about how APS' 800-414-2002 goes to New Jersey and not to our state, or to San Jose, not Mtn.View, so hey.

THERE'S NO APS, and what there is won't do a FAST report, AND YOU KNEW
TO PUNK RAMADAN, over me, old 64-y,o. judas-goat, and you got bites and runs and a lot of flops, and you let torture accompany subornation of perjury, and now, we suffer C1634718, surely the result of a DA that knows, in detail, it has incited ORLANDO and other massacres.

Surely Wells Fargo, SNT Seattle, Lani Dalrymple, Nancy Aldritt, and a host of negligent tort-feasors know they incited both massacres and singular murders.

Surely some agent takes a report, which will bust Lani and Nancy, but
the Irene Bell Keenan appointment, so Irene introduces subjects, without qualifications, severally devised by conspiracy to incite riot and sedition, during all California neglect of trust fraud surely
incited the Moultrie murder, relative to Irene and her slitty-eyed companions, Mr.Keenan and Nicole, from EPA, surely.

Someone over there must know the willows beg a hard knock, from the east.

Given nobody reports what the CNN New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks really are, Wells Fargo is being allowed to take advantage of me, in Co.Santa Clara, to collude, to keep me here, without housing me, while possibly intriguing the City of Palo Alto, in that Momentum should NOT be sending any punks, who have no intent to report to the USA.

From talking to Lt.Perron, today, we must seek the United States, or wait, for MVPD and SJPD corruption, to incite a massacre, among us, but some among us, are murdered, to stop possible factional misconduct, directed, at me.

REALLY. Bataclan planner Abdelhamid Abaaoud did selfies to suggest MVPD Ofc.Chris Kikuchi was being too slow to arrest a pair of Filipino "-BADWORD-s," actually gang members, operating a B/C for ROSE CARRERA, in the To field.

Ofc.Chris accompanied Ofc.Kyle, who looked like actor McLaugthlin, on
a stop, in Dec.2015, maybe Dec.7. Shouldna! IS and AQ were all over
ROY and HENRY, in Abaaoud's selfies, in the Henry 8 get-up. And all
over Ofc.Kooter's mug, as well.

Shoulda arrested them, Kooter-dude-superstar po-meister.

Such as when ROY TIBAYAN repeatedly got in my face, to growl: "BRING
IT!" 20x on any Saturday night or Sunday morning, to impress Clifford
Rundell, Rose, and Bernie Carrera, those kind of bangers, neglected by
our county, with no APS or ADA.

No cops, no reports, but Wells Fargo absconds and incites riot, surfs your local criminal misconduct, with reckless abandon, and after that IS gig picked up a free agent and he hit 49, you need to adjust your damn football.

I suspect attacks in Asia may accompany any punk activity, involving
neglected Asians, such as happened, with Ofc.Mark Mabanag IA/SJPD, who
knew I was out of San Jose by March 1, and that his agency suborned perjury March 3, to issue a false report, seeking warrant May 11, right before Mabanag's March 16 interview, to let MVPD arrest me, at Starbucks, May 21, to make sure that this year's RAMADAN would feature ORLANDO, with a lot of accurate fire at cops, incited, with wildfires, deliberately set.

Wilder fires will issue, per the Mateen appearance, as part Andrew
Martinez, forgotten, and obscure but St.Francis HS graduate Pat Wilder, so you will experience WILDER fires. You won't like life on the lines, then.

When you let the feds crank out years of thanks obama, we have an upcoming problem, on 9/11/16, and for letting punks Roy Tibayan and Henry Santos do us, MVPD may be letting the Carreras open back up.

Come on, MAN. Wells Fargo went in and did attempted murders in San Jose, with CSGs and local cops all beholden, and they won't quit this C1534718, for pecker attorneys, so the "defense" got an ex parte 1368 PC review by Dr.Yen, who has been hoodwinked by a court, trying and which knows its guilty, murdering colleagues are inciting active IS and AQ planners to KILL, KILL, AND KILL.

Happy 911 quiceanera, everyone and Dora the Explorer, who has a monkey
to help her talk to -BADWORD-tards and such.

Google is trashing a lot of these, so they may not continue.

FB imposes a facial recognition scam, to help incite the deadly attacks.

And BATACLAN is a go, from the selfies, from the Belgian Abaaoud.

Likely Elmer Bangalisan recognized this and ran off to LA, then let his g.f. Sheena back up to get $10 each from me and Jerry Salinas, later in November, to see if we knew San Antonio Manor was closing AND if we got it about Abaaoud targeting Filipinos, in the US.

MVPD then stopped me on or about the night of Dec.7, 2015, with the egregious Chris'n'Kyle clown act just to make sure IS and AQ were still watching, but they didn't share this. The Kyle McLaughlin-looking MVPD touched my -BADWORD-, deliberately.

This was to feel me up, to see if IS and AQ were on, and any subsequent false process and conversion by Wells Fargo, since the appointment of Lani Dalrymple is designed to use me as a judas goat, to incite terror attacks, past and future.

Try homicide and mass murder, or you suck. Riot must be noticed, for chill.

NDCA may rescue us. Or shit is what's for dinner, yo.

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 EntryNo: 3444
 Date: Wednesday
02:56 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/52.0.2743.116 Safari/537.36 dion Payne
Safari United States of America
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 EntryNo: 3443
 Date: Tuesday
11:14 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

DON'T FORGET~! Molly or not, REMEMBER.

No Momentum is needed.

We have no contract.

I don't live in a B/C.

I am not a B/C sort.

There are FATWAS PLUS, coming your way, Lani.

I sure hope you understand, you deserved a FAST REPORT, in California.

But from sucking, YOU have drawn, with a lot of help from punk cops and attorneys the very famous Al Qaeda, toward us, out here in the
western USA, with me having no idea in the modern world why YOU, even a really -BADWORD--stupid-tardy lezzie, with a lobe missing but in a VP gig up 40 floors in a kennel would think to -BADWORD- continue, but that's shit in YOUR slit, -BADWORD-.

Lezzies and pissed Muzzies won't share the same zzzzzS, stupid--BADWORD- in Seattle.

Now get me and my kitty to Santa Cruz, -BADWORD-. Or send the Subie and wonder where i went, -BADWORD-. Or get both, and we won't be loud, at all, OVER THERE, -BADWORD-.

SO get'r'done. Why not? It means less c-word in caps, cross-posted to lots of cops.

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 EntryNo: 3442
 Date: Tuesday
09:55 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

A FATWA is a ruling on Islamic law or process by an authority.

Do you believe in the unseen, to the point where you predict, and outcomes bear out your rationalisms, with empirical data, which appears, later?

Do be a philosophical dickbag, if any of TOO FATWA'd TO FLY happens in Arizona, with Tommy Brady already baked, since last season's -BADWORD- Roger episode.

Give the game balls to John Brinkus, and stop all your brinkmanship and -BADWORD-.

REFORMS ARE NEEDED, NOW. When your officers and courts are trying to
kill us, we need to stop them, wicked now. Such is the case, here in

When MVPD stopped me with a Kyle and backed with a Chris, when San
Antonio Manor unleashed resident punk HENRY SANTOS and care-giver-abuser ROY TIBAYAN, Abdelhamid Abaaoud of Belgium sketched this out, in selfies and DIED, in France.

WHAT?~! Which is why the Henry 8 outfit, to suggest you are leaning
on a FATWA, Henry Santos and Royce Tibayan, but Abaaoud introduces the
concept with a Jeff Goldblum appearance, in one or more photos, which American actor was at COP-21.

The other characters surprised me, and I did not re-examine faces, here, until I was shown how Facebook would impose a bogus recognition scam on my log-in, and SJPD and SCC Super Ct. made me wait, until August 22, 2016, to get the known false police report from a corporate attorney, not even the PDOs that continued to 1368 PC, without discovery, playing Mark Mabanag, Dr.Yen, and who knows how many out-of-order persons, who might wake up a sleeper cell in the western

Of course I won't play football, on NFL Opening Sunday Nite, and nobody should.

The tags read bagfulls of bodies, but hey. MAYBE it'll only be a couple of burning tires or something, on a freeway.

Don't bet on it. Stay home, after SJPD assclowns and the DA and the
PDO punked up a case, to continue, into RAMADAN, knowing afterward
DALLAS and other accurate fire events, with Sobranes and other wildfire events, and expect a nasty 911, upcoming.

Yep. I am a material witness about a zillion things and RS Mueller III.

When SJPD wanted some of this, they jumped on board the Wells Fargo
conversion of the Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, so LANI
DALRYMPLE won't pay out, and up in Washington, being a -BADWORD- dyke,
from punk Catholic background, Lani is an -BADWORD- -BADWORD-, who with her boss, Nancy Aldritt in Walnut Creek and Lani's appointee, the absconding irene Bell Keenan, who covers for abandonment, we have the kind of ABSCONDING and ABANDONMENT, which bring out ALLAHU AKHBAR, for a Muslim administration, since admit you suck, at APS and education, folks.

At law? You suck.

At observations and reports? You REALLY SUCK.

At football? We're about to lose it, likely with a blacker sunday than I ordered.

I do not suck, at football. But I'm 64, so I do tennis and play with hella kitty Hugo.

How would the SHOW-OFF MURDERERS and CONVERSION SCAMMERS like to chill, just a bit? You seem to fat, up in wa-wa-Washington, to fly, Lani.

You got other people dead, with other crooks, BUT YOU ARE THE ONE HOLDING UP HUGO AND BOB, WHEN YOU HAVE A MILLION BUCKS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO SPEND, not on Irene Bell Keenan and her slitty-sleazes, who trigger sleeper cell pops, in ORLANDO and AUSTIN.

Get the Wells Fargo -BADWORD- off me, with a FAST report, since you were trying to find out where the FATWA was, on your stupid heads, show-offs of Co.Santa Clara and punks.

We can't even write shit down, for reports or for legal docs, here.

PAPL took out the Google CLOUD copier to "fix" it, when the PAPL problem is it hires punk activists, like any other punk city in California, and no administrator fixes anything or intends to fix anything, so it works.

I am told different stories about the CLOUD printer, but yesterday, with it down, again, I found my PC station prompted me for the usual Adobe and other administrator-enabled updates, always neglected, at libraries and centers, with PCs, where punks gather, and many find jobs, but punks RIOT.


And so, nobody is going to fix the CLOUD printer.

Nobody is going to update Adobe.

What happened is PAPL hired a lot of punks, and one is named RuthAnn.

So nothing but punk will issue.

The CLOUD printer did not work because librarians are hired, who are not PC people.

And they do not want to be PC people.


Not in Palo Alto. Around the corner, from where the new branch took FOUR YEARS TO BUILD, there's a playground, with NO TOILET, and the city likes to put the pickleball tourneys, on that side of Arastradero Creek, at Mitchell Park.


And there is -BADWORD--traffic, everywhere, on paths and on the roads.

Yesterday, after NOT typing up a habeas corpus so MAYBE we have a chance at not getting a hard 9/11/16 over my particular corner, of hidden Sharia review, I rode my bike back on Nelson, and the punks were in their SUVs and rally cars, all over the place.

One punk in a white BMW SUV took aim at me and did a cut-off maneuver,
with his window open so he could start a fight, and then he rode UP AND DOWN NELSON, doing acceleration exhibition, threatening.

Some punks want to fight an old man before picking him up. DON'T.

They were like speeding diplomatic caravans, at Walmart, in Mtn.View.

One of the tweakers rounded a corner in the parking lot, ACCELERATED right into me, slammed, and my Schwinn took off his front license plate.

He gave me a surprised look.

Like his meth should have made me avoid him, as he rounded and ACCELERATED.

What's a brake, anyway? Just old shoes, on some of these cars.

Anyway, your agencies do not take reports or issue due process.

All this is leading up to RUSH HOUR FOUR, I just know.

I just spent a half year getting Jackie Chan's extras, trying to mess
me up, AND IS and AQ are on their way over here because you all are SO
responsive, you like how your colleagues and their punks are inciting Sharia review and massacres, related to this, so YOU DO NOT TAKE

You have NO WAY of knowing how much Sharia or how much review or how
much fatwa or how much sleeper cell activity you incited, in total,
and hey?


If you wanted the Muslim to mess with, you found him.

If you want problems, they are ALREADY happening because you -BADWORD- me
up, ALREADY, and we can see you are not finished.

Neither is Hadj, meats.

They are headed our way.

The tricks you do, at me, have incited a series of massacres, SURELY.

C1634718 SCC Super.Ct. continued in any way through RAMADAN and to D23 9/15/16 9 AM will surely have an interesting 1368 PC hearing, given it is and was in contempt of court and Islam.





So you want MORE massacres, and here comes 9/11/16?

Where's the Fubars? You know. Hoovers? Faggot Beavis and the -BADWORD-S?

OK, Loretta Lynch-mob. Where dat?

Bar Court time, punks. Your day must get made, somehow, before 9/11/16.

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 EntryNo: 3441
 Date: Monday
04:47 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Rotten peaches!

The contempt-driven misconduct riot of 1998-2016 had a 2010 stop in Co.San Mateo, for me. I was charged by James and Marty of Caltrain detachment from the Sheriff, of e-harassment.

Actually, I had another one of those habeas corpus dilemmas, with administration not being in the ordinary course and scope of business, but knowing my dad was going to die, and there was music conversion, and rights conversion, SM Co.Super Ct. shot the moon and conserved me, then sent me to Cordilleras, to evade discovery.

In that county, where Tom Brady went to HS, at Serra, we have a poser.

Father Junipero Serra was like a Latino Hitler, into mass murder, of the natives.

He was just canonized. I say Jimmy G should start, and Julian is also sick.

Pats have this, if they bye the Arizona gig, on 9/11/16.

See, when you do false process, for a long time, maybe you think you get good, but if you leave a lot of debris, lying around, in someone else's yard, like the USA and California like to, there will be a problem, with injured persons, and SMC is where RS Mueller III hails, and the 1998 misconduct riot is where he and JJ Kapp the pro's kid cut their teeth at incitement of riot, of criminal misconduct, simultaneously, so what?


Co.Santa Clara and Co.San Mateo share misconduct which set RS Mueller III on all of us, to stop Slick's FBI from catching bin Laden's group, on whom the Fubars had the drop, under President Slick.

Slick and GW got this all done, with appointment of Bob Mueller to FBI Director, to suppress all investigations of value, to abet the 911 attackers and their mission, AS SEDITION.

CONSPIRACY and contempt cannot be purged, while incited riot may not chill.

And so, factions are violent, in different ways.

You all should know I am a material witness against Bob Mueller and a lot, up in your Co.San Mateo. You guys perp, you see. And you don't fix things, and it's 2016.

And injured by YOUR CONTEMPT Judge Armstrong is now Chief Judge of the NDCA, and Gina Jett up there knows an attorney or two in contempt, but she's sitting on all this.

Mark Mabanag is or was with SJPD IA. He knew but concealed that SJPD ran me out of town on March 1, then on March 3 suborned perjury, for a known false police report, alleging I was in Mtn.View, to assault and batter Michelle Terrell, thereby earning a non-specific, undefined count for that AND for any Feb.25 activity, not described, accurately.

Both SJPD, which filed the known false police report as conspiracy to mayhem and seditious conspiracy and contempt of several USDCs and of interest to any fed, but there's the Obama question:


AND the MVPD which filed the known false arrest report in re C1634718 next D23 Flint for 1368 PC report and eval, in contempt and at known sedition and contempt of USDC are illegally continued in any venue, if this gets to a certain point, where suddenly, venues explode into action and issue order after order after injunction after injunction, at Co.Santa Clara and its negligent inferiors, continuing this, ALL THE WAY TO AND THROUGH RAMADAN 2016, to directly and knowingly incite all infamous massacres, starting with ORLANDO, NICE, MUNICH, AUSTIN, and others for discovery.


YOU SEEM TO HAVE CAUSED SOME COLLATERAL DAMAGE, and fire is not yet returned, perps.

This local travesty jocks seem aware MVPD officers stopped me in 2015 to do a pat search which was devised, when I was yet a resident of San Antonio Manor, and the intent of all persons involved in this stop, on the day I picked up a Huffy recumbent 3-wheeler from Walmart, assembled it, and rode it home, to be picked up by an MVPD cruiser, who looked like actor Kyle McLaughlin, for discovery by subpoena of WALMART, in Mtn.View.

Joined quickly, by Ofc.Chris Kikuchi, this Chris'n'Kyle combo snooped at me, knowing Al Qaeda was active, but as the Kyle-lookalike dug nails into my wrists and touched my -BADWORD-, with particular deliberation, I THOUGHT THIS WAS JUST ABOUT THEIR BLONDE HOOKER BUDDY, living nearby.


These guys knew what happened at BATACLAN was directed at Officer Chris Kikuchi MVPD AND at both Roy Tibayan and Henry Santos at San Antonio Manor, from the Henry 8 getup, as a further warning to hard punks, like Roy, supposedly a care-giver, to not do what a lot of residents saw him do, to abuse ME, known to AQ, namely, Roy Tibayan used to get in my face, from across the counter, while I was eating, usually on a Saturday night or Sunday morning, to challenge me, as "BRING IT!"


"BRING IT." And I'm this 64-y,o., trying to chew food.

All the guys saw THIS happen, repeatedly.

And so Allahu Akhbar, Royce Tibayan, you punk abuser, of dependent adults, for Rose and Bernie, who stole my good bike wheels, while MVPD Anziotti would take no proper report or action.

I thought this was about only my Eagles analysis and maybe to connect to all CNN New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks, Boston, Paris-Hebdo, and Paris-Bataclan, but now that SJPD is rolling around, and C1634718 is for 1368 PC, you all did NOT learn to watch your deployment, of totally corrupt ASIANS.

THAT is paramount in the Henry 8 sketches, by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Belgian planner, who died in a raid, days after the November 11, 2015 attack on The Eagles of Death Metal, apparently a punk U2 client, with a load of deadly plagiarism all going on.

That's BONO! Go Bono, go Bono, you punk.

AQ was right on top of me, THEN. And THEN you SJPD, MVPD, PDO, DA, and D48, D53, D24, and D23 diesels incited further deadly rioting, by several factions, not just the ones who know me or I happen to analyze them, well enough.

So what do you think you are doing, dangling Dr.Yen at D23 Flint, with an illegally conducte 1368 PC interview, after all those clown courts, after D48 absconded, on holiday?

You are all letting Wells Fargo convert my trust, while keeping me in Co.Santa Clara, who will not serve, while reports are thwarted, and the county and SJPD illegally use me and their fraud on court to make me a JUDAS GOAT, FOR THE UPCOMING 9/11/16 EVENTS, CERTAIN TO BE DEADLY.

Or do you think anyone we know is Charlie AND alert, both? Haven't seen it.

Heiri Schup-BADWORD- of Momentum in Palo Alto came to see me, last week.

He left his card. Like when he was with Alliance, his e-mail won't accept mine.

He ran off, after I told him APS 800-414-2002 went to New Jersey, and it's neglected.

I wanted to know WHO SENT HIM! Goddammit.

Who sent him, without a Momentum contract may be involved in the Wells Fargo abandonment and absconding, by degree, of all conversion scammers, taking over the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, while arranging for misfortune, including a lot of riot, incitement, and attempted murder, directed at me, to benefit Wells Fargo, any time it happens.

So I went to Momentum, this morning, on my Schwinn, and no Heiri.

The foreign-born secretary didn't get it, about there is a lot of crime to report, so Heiri clowning it right now is uncool. I NEED TO KNOW WHO SENT HIM, with no contract or intent to follow up any specific business because I am headed the other way, to Santa Cruz, as soon as any APS mandated reporter gets through, of about a million, negligent.

But then there's that ADA-violating physical barrier, as fraud, abetted by 414-2002 to NEW JERSEY. Not even to an agency, over there.

See Tere Hayes in To? She won't fix any of that, for SSA/SCC. So I'm about to get a 1368 PC for the PDO, which can't continue, but courts let them in, and Dr.Yen is from China.

If you take Belgians, seriously? OK, then take Muslims from Morocco more seriously.

DON'T SEND OVER YOUR PUNK ASIANS, trying to be bad. it'll blow up, somehow.

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 EntryNo: 3440
 Date: Monday
09:50 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America


You need to get your raw perpetrators out of the pool, for this back to school.

This is important because I've been involved with events, but from poor cooperation by people with better access to media, I have been slow to understand material facts, relative to each of our needs, to know what to expect, from important events.

It turns out that Bataclan attacker and mission planner Abdelhamid Abaaoud did selfies, evocative of people, known to us.

Facebook intended, by that time, to impose a nuisance log-in device, to insist that I identify FB friends' faces, but the pictures are of landscapes or animals, mostly.

Belgian attacker Abaaoud knew Ofc.Chris Kikuchi once told me "BEING AN -BADWORD- IS NOT ILLEGAL." This was back in the 2000s or earlier when I was at 1525 Montalto.

I knew this would be important because late last year, possibly AFTER the Bataclan attack, Officer Kikuchi participated in a dubious stop, backing up an officer who looked like actor Kyle McLaughlin, who pulled over my Walmart bent-trike, dug his nails into my wrist, and touched my -BADWORD-, THEN I thought over blonde what'shername from LAHS and UCLA, whom the piggies were likely poking, but not just THAT was up because Chris and Kyle and all the other dead-head gun-nuts into inciting a deadly international RIOT, for late--BADWORD- notice and order to chill KNEW that Abdelhamid Abaaoud with his 7-letter last name and facial sketching KNEW Officer Chris Kikuchi AND my fellow San Antonio Manor B/C residents, particularly Filipino thug HENRY SANTOS and replacement caregiver ROY TIBAYAN, also a killa from Manila.

After BATACLAN, the Filipinos at San Antonio Manor, particularly former Filipino soldier and cop ELMER BANGALISAN knew the house would

This is because they were setting up conversion of the Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust for Nancy Aldritt, Wells Fargo VP in Walnut Creek, but SNT Seattle would also put in am closer, as would Downtown Mental Health.

David Foster-Koth retired from Wells Fargo, after setting up the cost-conversion loop, taking the principal from the illegal trust to Walnut Creek, then to Seattle, and sometimes, after ignoring me, Seattle scams with locals or SCC, including to abet total shut-down of all APS, FAST, GANG, or other crime reports of vast import, so as to kill dependents and seniors, wholesale, I surmise.

LANI DALRYMPLE took over, so she and NANCY ALDRITT visited, hooked up with DAVID SILVA HHS/SCC, and they placed me, instead of Santa Cruz, where they knew I scooted, all 2015, into The Contemporary Victorians, to be murdered by the CSG, there.

The problem is by the time Officer Kikuchi and this Kyle punk pulled me over and poked at my pecker over the blonde ho, they were feeling me up, to see if I knew Belgian attacker in -BADWORD- FRANCE Abdelhamid Abaaoud knew who the -BADWORD- they were.

I didn't figure it out, until exactly YESTERDAY because these punks intended to incite a deadly riot of factions, now headed west, and they were FEELING ME OUT.

OK. NOW I -BADWORD- know you incited riot, mayhem, and MURDER, concealed this, and now, you sent Dr.Yen to do a 1368 PC travesty, KNOWING AQ knew YOU, but you let me wait until you sent MILLER SJPD to roust me from San Jose, March 1, 2016, then two days later, you sent ENTERLINE and BLACK to suborn perjury from MICHELLE TERRELL and ALI SABANKAYA, knowing better witnesses, including myself but also better
HOSTILE witnesses as DAVID SILVA and SEMIH SABANKAYA, while watched, AND YOU -BADWORD- KNEW YOU WERE WATCHED BY AL QAEDA, and you let me find out, THE HARD -BADWORD- WAY, over six more months, of getting run down, over you rumoring shit from C1634718, as it meandered, illegally, toward warrant and arrest.

NOW I -BADWORD- know you intended to not report or take reports.

NOW I know you intended murder and mass murder, while evading review for incitement.

NOW I know you are seditious.


FB and its funny face log-in scam have helped incite this mass murder.

MVPD and SJPD evade review and some payouts.

Wells Fargo still isn't doing payouts, I am lucky to survive all the rundowns and assaults, in County of -BADWORD- Clara, and I always wanted Santa Cruz or Pacific Grove or Carmel, PUNKS FROM WELLS FARGO, LEAVING ME STRANDED.

Now why would Wells Fargo be permitted, to leave me in Mountain View, while hogging a million in a trust, named after me, which apparently just funds -BADWORD- conventions at Lanai Hilton -BADWORD-house-hotels, on islands, with people getting pissed at mainlanders?

GET ME TO SANTA CRUZ, LANI DALRYMPLE. It's been six months, you hooker.

And AQ is up, at bad, BAD cricket. You know that game? It ain't football, punks.


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 EntryNo: 3439
 Date: Sunday
10:00 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2683.0 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
PDO/SCC online complaint form Sunday 8/28/16:

Ben Stewart acquired the non-specific indictment by the DA and so he and the courts knew at that time the DA was in contempt, to not file proper charges, but to continue.

Further, the PDO knew the DA and court were attempting to incite an ongoing insurgent riot, which is related to Islamic reaction to earlier contempt, by JJ KAPP, in collusion with RS Mueller III and other local contemnors migrating, to D.C. and sedition.

The PDO, courts, and DA also knew I am a conversion target, since the 1970s, for a trillion dollar music industry, now collapsing for being made entirely of overproductions, of my music, and now, the musicianship which is copied is not enough, to fill stadia.

Further, the PDO is in illegal dialog with incited terrorists, to produce further terror attacks, as in contempt and at sedition and evasion of review, the PDO knew to avoid corruption or its appearance, into RAMADAN, but continued overt fraud on court, to incite INFAMOUS MASSACRES, in Orlando, Nice, Munich, Austin, and elsewhere, for discovery, with my witness.

The PDO is fronting for Wells Fargo conversion of the Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, while attempting to have me murdered to evade review.

And so, the PDO knew what I did not know, that at BATACLAN, Belgian planner Abdelhamid Abaaoud did selfies, in a Henry 8 getup, which was directed at FILIPINO GANG MEMBERS AT SAN ANTONIO MANOR IN MTN.VIEW, namely replacement care-giver ROY TIBAYAN and resident thug HENRY SANTOS, who were directed by the county and management, to harass me and assault me, during the conversion efforts, ongoing, since 2010, at San Antonio Manor, unrestrained.

MVPD would take no reports in good faith, in the 36 years I knew the agency, since I moved back to MV from Oakland, in 1980.

So the gang at the B/C was getting away with all sorts of mayhem and smoking in and around the trashed house in Mtn.View, with our cat, then Dudeson, now IMI getting cigarettes and ashes and filth, all over him and his food and water, while HENRY SANTOS injured this cat, at will, so the cat now resides two doors down, with Mr.Keren Wen and Hua, while Henry Santos eventually threatened the Carerras, who ran the house, so MVPD hauled him off.

Usual was to let any resident or passerby, of many into Super Salvatrucha simply assault me or abuse me or steal, and so when the state came to close the house, known to the BATACLAN attackers, Asian gang-members were all over the place, while the state sent ZAID HAKIM and ANNA GARCIA, to tell the landlord, Rose Carrera to move my bike from its shelter, 10 feet from the front door so smokers could smoke and get the house all full of this, while my GT bike was suddenly subjected to the storms of Super El Nino.

MVPD let MIKE McCARTHY run smoker riot, and he assaulted me, as he pleased, called MVPD, and they would take no action, but to let him back in the house, when I was still lingering, with my cat, HUGO, whom I could not house, until April 19, at the Wen's, with their cat, formerly ours, IMI.

ALL THIS TIME, SJPD WAS COOKING THE KNOWN FALSE POLICE REPORT, OF THEIR SUBORNATION, MARCH 3, 2016, after HORN refused Feb.11 report and Cortez refused Feb.29 report, Ofc.MILLER responded to the CSG mob-attack, so when I survived, March 1, I went to the SJSU campus police kiosk, and Miller came by to allow me to retrieve a scooter, with the riotous assailants, deployed, ALL OVER NORTH 5TH STREET, with no squad in sight.

Miller and I got a scooter, and I was in Mtn.View, for awhile, before I had to come back, for any reason, not to N.5th St., known to SJPD and all officers of the now-seditious courts, actually baiting the infamous terror attacks, to continue, in the same series, as the CNN New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks, starting in Boston, then two in Paris, then Orlando, Nice, Munich, and I contend the Dallas and other police shootings are part of this same riot, to include the Moultrie murder in Austin and any suspicious incidents, of lesser toll.

This trend indicates attacks will move toward the western USA, with a high-casualty attack likely incited, by all who are abusive and negligent, in collusion with inciters, in County of Santa Clara and the despicable PDO.

The PDO and all officers had to know these attacks better than I did, to get IS to do ORLANDO, with a shooter, who looked like PAT WILDER, a graduate of St.Francis HS, known to me had a kid with the late Naked Guy, Andrew Martinez, who went to CAL, and if Andrew had one with D49 Judge Cynthia Sevely's husband, St.Francis HS - Foothill - CAL tennis player John, there'd be the late Munich shooter, Ali David Sonboly.

The Nice driver issued selfies, in which he resembles CAL-grad Ahmed Fareed, of Comcast's FELDY AND FAREED, and in earlier shots, he looks like a cross between the two hosts.

The PDO has illegally engaged in fraud, contempt, riot, incitement, mayhem, manslaughter, murder with special circumstances, and SEDITION.

The PDO knew BATACLAN attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud was doing his selfies, to warn Asian gang-members to leave Muslims alone, INCLUDING ME.

They knew I was a functional Muslim, by then, if not declared for Islam.

YOU knew this by the time I found out you'd let APS publish 800-414-2002 to New Jersey, so Wells Fargo did not have to move me to Santa Cruz, with my cat, Hugo, also formerly abused by the Filipinos, including the Carreras, at San Antonio Manor and wherever else they had my cat, before he arrived at 2404 Gabriel Ave.in Mtn.View, in a little cage, about 6 months of age, covered in about 10 cat-diarrhea-piles, from being cooped and fed dog-food, occasionally.

He still does not like to be picked up, and being held really made him nervous, although this is receding, and I can hold him and remove burrs.

THIS FAMILIARITY TOOK SIX MONTHS, and we live in an illegal encampment in Mtn.View because no county or inferior agent, including MVPD takes a FAST or GANG report, which would expedite busting Wells Fargo for fiduciary fraud and pinning the mayhem, on THEM, but no, you want IS and AQ to hate YOU, as much or more than they feel, for others.

But Muslims do not like to hate.

You will only make experienced Muslims KILL. And when they kill, they will do something I do not expect BECAUSE YOU SAW ABAAOUD DO HIS SELFIES, AND YOU KNEW BETTER THAN I DID THAT HE WAS WARNING ASIANS, to be good.

Naturally, you hid that SJPD suborned perjury from Ali Sabankaya, ignored his fellow hostiles, David Silva and his dad, Semih, who arranged for me to continue at their house, AFTER I WAS BEING ATTACKED AND GAVE NOTICE.

SJPD MILLER essentially issued unlawful detainer, and since the morning of March 1, I do not return to the North 5th St. area, but SJPD ENTERLINE and BLACK suborned perjury from MICHELLE TERRELL, who all claim I was in San Jose to assault and batter her, non-specifically, per indictment.


Since you incited and perhaps knew, better than I knew all the Asian gangsters would get in their Toyotas and do rundowns at me, with the other punks, such as any Catholic turd, not properly flushed, and so cars were flying at me, March and April, and I did not know it was because you were illegally disseminating case information, as RUMORS, so I'd suffer assaults, at VTA stops or on busses, and the corrupt drivers would tell me to not report incidents, of stalking and assaults, FOR MONTHS, incited by your fraud on court and invisible rumor-mongering, to incite riot.

For this reason, I can see YOU knew the BATACLAN attackers knew I am the actual composer, of The Eagles and most AC-ZZ titled groups' hits, including a lot of careers AND one-hit-wonders.

JJ KAPP knew this, well, and so, with MUELLER et al he colluded, to continue BB98-41297 as Alternate Defender, while MUELLER et al continued fraud CR9 087(jl), through your current modus, of delayed fraudulent information, suborned perjury, fabricated evidence, continuances to oppress and incite riot, and as illegal vehicle for sedition and conversion of the RSG SNT, but my cat and I face arrest, in a Mtn.View field, for managing to survive multiple attempted homicides, by your favored CSG and RICO elements.

Then, noting Abaaoud is warning, from the grave, against oppressing me with Asian gang members, Ben Stewart, Gilda Valeros, and now THOMPSON SHARKEY continue for Dr.YEN, born in China, who completed Ben Stewart's ex part 1368 PC interview, to prejudice the illegally continued courts, WHO KNEW SJPD SUBORNED PERJURY, TO INCITE MURDEROUS INSURGENTS, ALSO AT RIOT, but not of your misconduct.

Insurgents riot, but YOU INCITE.

And we have a dangerous 9/11/16, upcoming, from your incitement.

You are unrestrained, by the USA, to our peril, and Dr.Yen must hear, while you have involved him, to injure himself and a class, as THOMPSON SHARKEY advised me to not inform this doctor he is WATCHED.





YOU ARE BEGGING D.P FROM THE USA and from Sharia review, guaranteed.

How'd you like to -BADWORD- OFF AND GET TRIED, before it's D.P. for everyone?

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