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 EntryNo: 3394
 Date: Sunday
01:50 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Lani Dalrymple of the 13 suspicious letters, in that investigation-baiting name, re July 2, 2016:

Hugo got let out of wherever someone had him, so he showed up, right at 11 or so PM, last night, July 2, needed to eat right away and hang out, stayed around, got fed at 5 AM, and I was no way getting used to semi-nocturnal cruiser-patrol kitty hours, and the PAPL does not open until 10 AM, so he was long gone, when I got up.

Our camp is good for both of us, if we are unmolested.

This is not usually the case, either with me or with abused animals I meet.

Here's your Sunday lessons, like get back in school, for cause.

You and your activities have become known, to notorious unseen persons, since you are criminals, evading review, and you think you get to play -BADWORD--basketball and faggot-football and queer-baseball, with anyone and anybody, any goddamned time you want, and then, you hit the road, and damn any persons, in your devastating, punk--BADWORD-, Catholic-shitbag with catechism issues leading to DEATH OR OUR CONTINENT.

When you ignored my rehab, my expungement, my re-housing, and all actual personal needs, Wells Fargo failed basic business aptitude, necessary, to manage a special needs trust program.

YOU FAILED, and your failure has been seen, but persons, UNSEEN, in whom you punk-shit Catholic-spawns better believe, -BADWORD- NOW.

The suppression of both my RS Mueller III and local contempt and sedition witness needs rehab, as of 2007, in SCC Super Court for notice because I had a 2254 court, injured by collusion, between the Alternate Defender and DA, with the court informed I was a threat, per CPC 422, sufficient to charge me and remand me, to prevent a traverse, IN MY POSSESSION, AT REMAND HEARING, ARRANGED BY THE ALTERNATE DEFENDER.

In its contempt, SCC Super Court has connected itself, to sedition, since JJ Kapp continued BB98-41297 73 times, in bad faith, while trying to engage me to fight, while RS Mueller III and the USA established collusion, with USDC, the FPD, and their despicable private defenders AND Co.San Mateo, an illegally interested similar court, connected by known fraud SC33559A.

So, when I tell you how at the last Eagles reunion, Joe Walsh blurted, "WE ARE ALL PRETENDING TO BE BOB GAEBLER," and my material witness at Bataclan is suppressed, and SB50 happens, and then Lani Dalrymple, Nancy Aldritt, SCC, inferiors, and VTA spring total conversion of the Robert S. Gaebler SNT, BY CSG-ABETTED CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT RIOT, to murder me, to finish all conversions, neglected, we have Sharia issues, SINCE THAT IS ALL ABOUT AQ AND ISIS AND EXPORT OF SHARIA, TO COUNTER STATE TERROR AND EXPORT OF TORTURE, TO ABET SUBORNATION OF PERJURY AND ALL WAR CRIMES, while illegally imposing a Jihad, silly little girls on molly, wishing to be McGuires, at this late date.

So when I was then subjected, to SCC Super.Ct DELAYED INFORMATIONS, in the modus, of the sedition-tainted RS Mueller III USDC, RIGHT INTO RAMADAN, you helped doom 50 people in Orlando, since Omar Habbas and SALA were both going to blow me off, those who planned that attack knew this, so they executed the attack, right as local representation failed, WHILE YOUR CONTEMPT, SEDITION, RACKETEERING, AND PROFITEERING invited Omar Mateen to adopt the similar look, to Andrew Martinez, the late Naked Guy, who went to CAL and perished, after returning to reside in Cupertino, for wanting a naked state.

California didn't play THAT. This is a Jesuit-affected RICO paradise, with a whole lot of CSG incentives, rolling.

ISIS is all about whacking all of North America to freeze it up and use it as a thermal sink, during the waning Holocene, or did the freezing-cold mud of the sea floor give up half-mile-diameter methane bubbles, and you were too full of David Koch's -BADWORD- tool, to notice WHEN THOSE ISLANDS GET TOO WET, SOMEONE POISONS OUR WATER, Wells Fargo deep fools?

So your fraud has more than instant consequences, such as if you ignore me, SCC Super Ct. continues, at known fraud, profiteering, and sedition, to injure me, to hinder any witness and relief of actually related courts, NOW IN THOUSANDS, AROUND THE WORLD, you Wells Fargo -BADWORD- need to notice your failures, to communicate or perform any other basic, necessary tasks, AS THE NFL CONTEMPLATES YOUR EFFECT, ON ITS UPCOMING SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 OPENING DAY!

You Wells Fargo SNT-shitters need to buy me a Subaru WRX-Impreza or better.


It's July 4 weekend, turdburglars.

Your usual trends beckon courts of law, negligent, so your trends to be divested for me and for Sharia, gaining proximity are as usual:

Lateness, with our vital issues, 1. NO rent-income referral; 2. NO
prompt replies 3. NO address or development, of major issues, between
us, over going on six years: 4. NO reaction to any urgent development,
over four months, since March 1; 5. NO reaction, ever, since Paul
Gaebler died, to engage this illegal instrument, of abuse and neglect,
in his deliberate, dangerous errors, which led to his death, by
over-ingestion of See's candy, to go see Mary Alice, my late mother,
or Mary See, who looked like my paternal grandma.

This guy wanted to die, and he wanted to diarrhea his way out, at the
PA VA, so he did.

But he painted me up, as a RICO racketeering target, for Wells Fargo,
State of California, and inferiors, in collusion and incitement, to
riot of criminal misconduct.

And so, Wells Fargo has persisted, unto shot-calling, for profiteering, on anything and evasion of review, on any possible conversion scam, positive or negative or grinding, between evenly conflicted forces, at a sweaty standstill.

Wells Fargo is a public nuisance, in County of Santa Clara, for any
discovery and for removal from all false process, until purged, by due
prosecutions, to even enforcement of contaminated law and review.

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 EntryNo: 3393
 Date: Saturday
02:17 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.103 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
FBI online tip, 7/2/2016 11:11 AM:

I am homeless, by Wells Fargo conversion, which has let LANI DALRYMPLE follow DAVID FOSTER-KOTH, as SNT Seattle chokes payouts and calls shots, to try to kill me, to cause me to be homeless, while I am a neglected, abused, dependent adult, with Hugo, a partly rescued abused cat. The RSG SNT features NANCY ALDRITT as trustee, but she imposes cost-conversion loops, via SNT Seattle, 3rd Ave. W/F Bldg, Seattle. ALDRITT and SNT Seattle subjects engaged SCC/HHS, to incite riot of smokers at San Antonio Manor, 2404 Gabriel, knowing it would close and when, February 2016, so instead of sending me to Santa Cruz, LANI DALRYMPLE took of the RSG SNT neglect, to impose illegal interests, as "intermediaries," actually agents, serving as shills, for unseen agents, like DAVID SILVA HHS/SCC, who with landlord SEMIH SABANKAYA and his two adult sons, OLLIE and TAREK, a turned USMC Sgt. did arrange daily assaults and attempt murders, at 98 N.5th St., SJ, The Contemporary Victorians, at any and all times, Feb.7 - March 1, 2016 and subsequently, by collusion with SJPD, MVPD, DA/SCC, and all at dire fraud, to issue LATE, VINDICTIVE, known false police report, false warrant, false arrest, all from alleged incident, 2/25/16, to report, 4/1, to warrant, 5/11, to IA investigation, 5/16, with no SJPD action, during sham investigation by IA/SJPD, but false arrest and abuse in custody by MVPD and Sheriff, May 21, to hinder known ESA/SSA ADA meeting, with Teresa Hayes, of scofflaw fraud, SSA/SCC, which publishes known fraud 800-414-2002 to New Jersey, while issuing further abuse, for attempted reports.

So Wells Fargo and SCC evade US racketeering, including to pass profiteering handoffs, of any false process or abuse, to other proximate illegal subjects, at the SCC and state criminal misconduct riot, day after day, year after year, while rumoring, to CSGs, to incite unrelieved, unregulated HATE CRIMES, directed at me, to kill, for those profiteering, at misconduct and misappropriation, to the trillion level, since you are late, to filter 'BOB GAEBLER' in any concert metas, since those HOF in Cleveland riffs all came from MY guitar, Joe Walsh blurted this, at the Eagles reunion concert in the 2000s, and since SB50, things are going to hell because our local courts are at fraud, in collusion with RS Mueller III and USDC-connected actors and conspirators, to suppress all proper reporting, while profiteering, at that and SEDITION, so Bill Clinton, RS Mueller III, Sandy Berger (incarcerated) and several conspirators, including local Alternate Defender JJ KAPP could co-conspire, during fraud on court, including BB98-41297, for discovery with any actually related cases, like my injured 2254 court in Oakland, by hindrance, and that unseen actors watch this, now attracted, by suppression of my BATACLAN and ORLANDO witness. Sept.11 in the NFL can be troubling, given Dire Wolfe v. Led Zeppelin controversy went to jury, while related to us, and your several degrees of NEGLECT.

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 EntryNo: 3392
 Date: Saturday
09:35 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/48.0.2564.109 Safari/537.36 ASW/1.48.2066.114 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Hi Bob,

I have received your emails. Thank you for the updates.

I understand from your emails that you have a court hearing July 18, 2016, and that you will be working with a public defender. Please let me know if you would like any assistance with your case.


Vice President

Special Needs Trust Services
============================ ===========

Lani Dalrymple, not-ready-for-MEDIATION, but you call Irene Bell Keenan a "mediator:"

Let's review!

My sister Martha Jean Gaebler-Shearer teed off September or so 2015, by all-capping she does not care about neglect and abuse or mandated APS reporting or anything, related, to the ROBERT S. GAEBLER SPECIAL NEEDS TRUST.

That was bad because Wells Fargo had engaged HHS/SCC, to punk San Antonio Manor, in the way San Mateo Co.punked courts and Cordilleras, so smokers rioted, IN A STATE LICENSED FACILITY, WHERE KIDNAP VICTIMS ARE HOUSED, BY THAT COUNTY.

We don't go THERE, from Co.Santa Clara, perps. THAT takes kidnapping, federal.

THAT takes fraud on court, flipped, so I farmed out to a Filipino-CSG-affected B/C, which was easy for Junior and David Sliva HHS/SCC to incite, to riot, for closure.

And then BATACLAN, November 11, 2015.

You people being a little slow to play inspiring tunes just aren't getting it, about what happened, at the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL show, there.

A man named Muhammed escaped, and one named SALAH, as in Salah al-Haddin, which also suggests SENIOR ADULT LEGAL ASSISTANCE, 160 Virginia St., SJ, where a woman named MICHELLE SCHROEDER finally told me that group does not actually assist seniors or dependents, suffering fiduciary fraud and related abuse, AND I'VE GOT PLENTY, LANI DALRYMPLE.

A lot is when APS/SCC publishes a fraudulent 800-414-2002, with no actual support media, for walk-ins, but rather, MORE ABUSE.

The ORLANDO Massacre killer knew us, and he knew who was Andrew Martinez, the late Naked Guy, from Cupertino, who went to CAL.

BATACLAN planners knew us and The EAGLES.

They knew Ted Templeman, ripoff WB producer went to old MVHS Eagles, campus demolished, where are now pet-friendly apartments LANI DALRYMPLE CAN AFFORD.

And they knew, for a long time Melissa Frink from CAL and Barrington Hall was a punk BGP attorney, then to abet fraud, as an "investigator," for the Federal Publc Defender, in re CR9 087(JL).

They knew she helped HILARY FOX concoct fraud, to induce me, to magistrate trial, so known false police report and arrest could translate, to delayed information, in collusion with BB98-41297 SCC Super Ct., in 1998, featuring collusion, by JJ KAPP, of the Alternate Defender, to connect him to former USA Robert S. Mueller III and the sedition of Clinton-Bush-Cheney RICO activities, to then cause the FBI to fail, to protect us from the 911 attacks.

Don't mess with my metas, to put up more of your Fox News or CNN style, please.

And LANI DALRYMPLE? I have had no TV, in the time you colluded with David Silva and Co.Santa Clara, to cause me to be homeless, for an extended period, so Hugo is abused, by YOU and YOUR POSSE.

So I don't get it, right away, when some incident happens, and I need to sort old data and fresh TV news, BOTH, you -BADWORD-.

I am LATE, at getting up a response, from the 49ers, AND NOTE HOW MANY DIED, IN THE ORLANDO MASSACRE. I thought it was 51, but it was 50, and the numbers were likely part of the plan.

There's more numbers where THOSE came from, you car--BADWORD- who won't get me a Subie, but you did get me homeless and suppressed, as a federal witness.

Tyler Haskell of Supervisor Simitian's staff told me APS would take a report, a month ago.


And then Orlando happened, didn't it! Do you Super Joes think you are on top of this post-SB50?

NOT! I'm going to have to access the NFL, while discredited, by all the gits.

Good thing quarterbacks pay attention.

Erin with IPA, you are in fact entitled as intervenor or friend of
court, in re the third and I sure as shit HOPE the July 18 date is the
last, for gross travesty C1634718, given MICHELLE SCHROEDER and OMAR HABBAS were both hanging me on the phone, to blow me off, but Habbaslaw chases ambulances.


Since MICHELLE SCHROEDER told me the county gives them their money, so they won't sue those at misconduct OR Weils Fargo, WE NEED TO DISBAND THIS NUISANCE, WHICH ADVERTISES THEN FAILS, while gathering donations.

In fact, the local bar needs to back me the hell up.

YOU, LANI DALRYMPLE need to get me and Hugo a Subaru WRX-Impreza or maybe even a -BADWORD-in', surfin' WRX-Outback Legacy, if such a ride is made.


SINCE 2015, AND YOU KNEW IT, but you crashed my MV house, and you put me in San Jose, to be abused, THEN MURDERED, and you were on board with the false charges, here because they are vindictive and LATE, crafted, while false, to serve as rumor-mill media, for the many CSG
punks, rolling in Co.Santa Clara, neglected by all PIGS.

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 EntryNo: 3391
 Date: Friday
04:48 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaelbler
Safari United States of America
WEEK ONE NEEDS TO BE ERROR-FREE, PLEASE, contemnors for purge and profiteers, for notice, post SB 50 and recent Ramadan-false process abusers, including in Co.Santa Clara and in actually related cases:


Green Bay Jacksonville 10:00 AM FOX EverBank Field, Jacksonville 2,413 tickets available from $164
Buffalo Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore 2,732 tickets available from $113
Chicago Houston 10:00 AM FOX NRG Stadium, Houston 4,341 tickets available from $129
Cleveland Philadelphia 10:00 AM CBS Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia 4,930 tickets available from $107
Tampa Bay Atlanta 10:00 AM FOX Georgia Dome, Atlanta 10,374 tickets available from $43
Minnesota Tennessee 10:00 AM FOX Nissan Stadium, Nashville 2,402 tickets available from $75
Cincinnati New York 10:00 AM CBS MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford 8,078 tickets available from $67
Oakland New Orleans 10:00 AM FOX Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans 4,003 tickets available from $114
San Diego Kansas City 10:00 AM CBS Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City 13,058 tickets available from $33
Miami Seattle 1:05 PM CBS CenturyLink Field, Seattle 3,066 tickets available from $258
Detroit Indianapolis 1:25 PM FOX Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis 5,640 tickets available from $53
New York Dallas 1:25 PM FOX AT&T Stadium, Arlington 11,600 tickets available from $32
New England Arizona 5:30 PM NBC U of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale 7,320 tickets available from $170

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 EntryNo: 3390
 Date: Wednesday
02:31 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Dear Mr. Gaebler:


Subject: Housing Discrimination Inquiry

Gaebler, Robert v San Jose Police Department

HUD ITS Number: 31320

This administrative closure does not represent a judgment upon the merits of the allegations contained in the claim.

The federal Fair Housing Act provides that, notwithstanding this action by the Department, a Complainant may file a civil action in an appropriate United States District Court, or a State Court, no later than two (2) years after the occurrence or the termination of the alleged discriminatory housing practice(s). The computation of this two-year period does not include the time during which the claim was pending with the Department.

If you have any questions about this closure, please contact me at Debbie.L.Harmon@hud.gov or (415) 489-6535 or (800) 347-3739 Ext. 6535.

Debbie Harmon

============================ =====

not the response we wfsux.communists are willing to accept, lil deb~!

---------------------------- ------


I alleged a criminal RICO was neglected, which reaches to racketeer,
with neglected CSG elements, so that LANI DALRYMPLE of Wells Fargo is
the shot-caller, for months of attempts on my life, as RACKETEERING,
neglected by you, certainly, since you didn't even get it that Wells
Fargo is prima facie converting the Robert S.Gaebler SNT, which is
contempt of court, in several USDC and inferior jurisdictions, but
also, a housing complaint must arise, somewhere, SINCE I HAVE BEEN
HOMELESS FOUR MONTHS, and if this goes on, to November, I will be an
officially abused elder, in California.

You make my sick, with your evasion of review.

Lani Dalrymple is an interstate abuser, since she's at 3rd Ave.Wells
Fargo Bldg., IN SEATTLE, Ms.Harmon, in your defective federal
blind-area, which may cause such several degrees, of neglect, so that
the NFL has to cancel, in September, or cancel everything, for 2016,
for neglected federal fraud, at all reporting, enforcement,
rehabilitation, review, or any reduction, of rampant, waste, fraud,
and abuse, by all degrees of neglected federal nuisance, to enable all
abuse of process and in custody.


Thanks, Obama.



Since you are in arrears, at noticing federal neglect, of interstate
fiduciary fraud perp and abuser of dependent adults and elders, while
evading US and local contempt trials and a ripening sedition beef, from a wide-awake USDOJ, let me personally assure you, with the IPA/SJ in the Bcc, THAT SJPD IS NOT THE SINGLE RESPONDENT, WHILE AT CRIMINAL
MISCONDUCT, despite your fabulous, Obama-gen tunnel-vision.

Shall we go over my e-application, for IPA/SJ and other respondents, for whom you are making a lot of phone-tag work, SINCE THE RELATED CONTEMPT AND SEDITION REACH, TO THE UPCOMING NFL SEASON, or didn't you get it, when the Dubs dove?

Because I am an abused, suppressed Bataclan, Hebdo, and Boston witness, and because I am media-deprived, I was surprised to learn actually proximate CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo is Gov.Andrew Cuomo's brother, not son, which explains why the Tsarnaev brothers attacked Boston, severally, with a Super-Mario evocative attack, at Hebdo in Paris.

But BATACLAN pushed up my musical metas, right as Wells Fargo sprang
CONDITION, WITH YOU NEGLECTING ALL ILLEGALLY PROXIMATE ABUSERS, WITH IMMINENT FURTHER INJURY TO ME, MY ABUSED CAT, HUGO, MY NEIGHBOR, KEREN WEN, HIS CAT, IMI, and our old neighborhood, afflicted, for years, by MVS-13 and Filipino gang money-laundering, at abuse-central San
Antonio Manor B/C, two doors, from the abused Wen family home, to be
disparaged at 2404 Gabriel Avenue, planned, to close, by all illegally

So why do you think the USA is so late, here, HMMMMM?

I won't be voting for Trump, so send your best over here, whomever they are, like Muzzies or somebody smarter, than I'm reading, here.



BTW, I post notice of Wells Fargo-related outrages, at WELLSFARGOSUCKS.com.

Since you blew off an obvious "LANI DALRYMPLE IS THE CENTRAL SHOT-CALLER, FOR GETTING ME HOMELESS," or whatever my complaint is, in summary, you get in today's WELLSFARGOSUCKS.column, right after multi-contemnor and seditious conspirator JJ KAPP, trying to be as slick as Willie Clinton AND GW Bush, both, but downlow.

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 EntryNo: 3389
 Date: Tuesday
06:01 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.4.2; 306SH Build/S7232) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.89 Mobile Safari/537.36 Becky
Safari United States of America
Got paid on the 24th. Transfered my rent money on the 25th to my savings so I could go grocery shopping without worrying about it. App showed it transfered just fine with no problems. Got hit with an overdraft fee because I went over on groceries. Transfered some money from my rent to that so I wouldn't be hit with more on the 28th. Checked a few hours later, wells Fargo decided to charge me overdraft for not "having enough money in my checking to be transfered to my savings"I called them and asked why all of a sudden I'm being charged for transferring money, they say it takes a few days to process and wouldn't do anything. So basically it takes 3-4 days to transfer YOUR OWN MONEY TO YOUR OWN SAVINGS! I'm moving to another bank as soon as possible.
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 EntryNo: 3388
 Date: Tuesday
12:49 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.103 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

We suffer racketeering, with collusion in courts, so officers are contaminated by both federal and local CONTEMPT, FOR TRIAL.

This includes scofflaw assclowns, connected to JJ KAPP and the Alternate Defender/SCC.

Mr.Kapp is in collusion, with the RS Mueller III RICO mob, that did two sham trials, to injure me, 1998-2003, including federal probation, when I was stabbed, by who the USA said was the victim, a cruiser with HIV, showing off, for his young bf from Colorado.

See how IF I am an RS Mueller III suppressed material witness-victim, getting a grind, since 1992, but worse, since JJ Kapp got involved, NEGLECTED FEDERAL RACKETEERING BEEF PUTS THE NFL ON THE TABLE, FOR A BIG ATTACK.

I think it will be dangerous, for the Chargers.

I think by September, any of those opponents or the Chargers could get hit, particularly Niners and Arizona Cardinals.

The Niners hosted Super Bowl 50, the halftime was all about cold plagiarism, neglected, and naturally, Wells Fargo in local collusion tried to kill me, got me homeless and constantly threatened and assaulted, often battered, with NO REPORTING, POSSIBLE, FOR COLLUSION TO RACKETEER.

This means Niners v. Chargers could be hot, but I think the Arizona Cardinals are more the team, to worry, with S.D. because this team celebrates Pat Tillman, with a big display, but NOBODY BUSTED GW BUSH, whose RICO perps .50d Pat and his Afghan, back in the day, and then everyone and the NFL swept away the blood and due RICO prosecutions, now for conspiracy beef, or what?

OR THE ARIZONA CARDINALS NEED TO ADMIT PAT TILLMAN, FROM SAN JOSE WAS BUSH-WHACKED, with .50 ammo, so don't pass SB 50 and wonder who is guilty, of cold plagiarism AND conspiracy to obstruct justice and sedition, SINCE IT'S LOTS OF PEOPLE, but in San Diego and Arizona, these perps get their attitude out and about.

I think the hot game will be September 11, after all, in Arizona. Watch the -BADWORD- out, lest 50K casualties turn up, suddenly, and YOU CAN BE ONE OF THESE.

The NFL ripps, and JJ Kapp just tried to post at WellsFargoSucks.com, but I think it's wise, to leave his quip up there because he is evading federal racketeering beef, since 1998, and it's time he signed off, paid up, and DO YOUR DAMN TIME, JJ KAPP.

Watch out for the football, this year, pilgrims.

And Lani Shitpips? Some potato head in a green jacket with a 4-leafed clover on it parked illegally, on Middlefield, yesterday, as I was ponying my habeas petition, to SJ, and sure enough, as I biked past it, some shit in a big, black, Toyota wagon was hanging on my left rear shoulder, ready to run me the -BADWORD- down.

This shit keeps happening, so you -BADWORD- green mobsters are OUT, now, Shitpips.

Mind Conor and stay home, green shitbags. That's three strikes and NFL danger, turds.

FROM YOU, TO EVERYONE! Get the -BADWORD- away from all of us, punks into U2.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: San Diego Chargers <newsletter@chargers.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 12:24:33 +1000
Subject: Welcome to the Chargers Newsletter

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 EntryNo: 3387
 Date: Monday
10:47 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Lookie here, but "JJ" has to be young Kapp, the pro's kid. I have an stfu or two, for you, JJ:

Look, Wells Fargo,


We can share the same case-number, for a split-second, but then you go
get your own.

And then you get the federal dilemma, as in WHERE WAS OBAMA, JACKING

Don't go to Chargers games, in 2016-17. This won't be your last warning.

I was thinking Pads might get hit, but no, YOU GUYS CHARGE AND CHARGE

So what gets popped, at the stadium is liable to be Niners v.
Chargers, so let's see.

1 Aug. 13 @ TEN 5:00 PM PDT
2 Aug. 19 vs ARI 6:00 PM PDT
3 Aug. 28 @ MIN 10:00 AM PDT
4 Sep. 01 vs SF 7:00 PM PDT
5 Sep. 11 @ KC 10:00 AM PDT
6 Sep. 18 vs JAX 1:25 PM PDT
7 Sep. 25 @ IND 1:25 PM PDT


September 1 is Niners in S.D., so that is a hot date, given trends, on
September 11, the following week.

Given Djokar Tsarnaev survived Boston, and the recent Orlando attack
suggests Novak Djokovich, on the downlow, as in this attack happened
ONE DAY, before Omar Habbas blew me off, for representation at
litigation, this is all about MEET THE BALL EARLY, which I know really well, now.

Do YOU know about this, Wells Fargo meats?

Ramadan was followed, by Wimbledon, this year, so I bet Islam-hating
punks in contempt of court and abuse and neglect with racketeering
action begged a Chargers disaster, v. Niners, September 1, or maybe my
little detective spiel and boo-ya will get some other thing to happen,

YOU ARE IN CONTEMPT, IN RE C1634718, and you -BADWORD- need to de-stink
AND de-stank your punk--BADWORD- contempt of court.

Then you eat federal shit, and do your joint, with all the little
rocks you can make, by yourself.

So get that WRX-something, like a WRX-Outback or Impreza, NOW.

Hugo and I have to move, shit-bags in Seattle and Walnut Creek.

TO SANTA CRUZ, QUEERS. Not to your punk-hole San Jose locations

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 EntryNo: 3386
 Date: Monday
05:33 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko JJ
Mozilla United States of America
ADMIN: Please delete all of the Bob Gaebler posts they are ruining this site and making sure this site doesn't show up in search results
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 EntryNo: 3385
 Date: Friday
08:50 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
And which tunes did AC-ZZ marketeer, for profiteering, to establish RACKETEERING?

Lots and lots.

One of 'em was DANCING WITH MR.D.

Now lookie here, at Novak Djokovich. Dance with him?


See his wife? That's Mrs.D. See ginger coach? Boris. We can't mess with this.


Grab some damn pine, and SWING, WITH WRISTS, not with -BADWORD--cheeks, still sitting but somehow grasping all that wood.

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