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 EntryNo: 3412
 Date: Saturday
10:49 AM
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OLYMPIA is in Deutschland? Yep! So:



I received your email and also Irene’s email.

I am so sorry about the mix up. Please advise – would you like a room confirmed asap?? No more mistakes, this can happen asap.

The front desk will be ready for you.

Lani Dalrymple, CFP®

Vice President
Special Needs Trust Services


You mean the Super 8 front desk?

Goddam this shit, I went to Walmart, bought frozen stuff, had to take it back!

I did feed the cat, anyway.

So, how in -BADWORD- do you move me, to Santa Cruz, given you have UKs who
can't read or write in -BADWORD- English?

============================ ===


I am sure you must have felt really annoyed about the clerk not calling me and confirming the reservation!

Let me know if you w my me to try for a reservation this weekend
That get booked pretty quickly
Mike at front desk said he is there tomorrow
The weekend folks seem less efficient.

Sent from my iPhone

WHAT a moron is Irene, a lumpy, former -BADWORD-ON, who can't say more than -BADWORD- HODOR, so Bob be like:

Look, Mike at Super 8 told me he needs the card, on site, to pay.

Work out some kind of timing, for you to get over there or whatever, when you can do that, A WEEK AHEAD OF TIME.

You work out with Mike, when you PAY, not just reserve or confirm.

Truth be told, dykes who -BADWORD- IS by loading my dock up, with YOU and Nancy Allshit have another group we've heard of, Al Qaeda.

Their attack is due up, but when you assclown -BADWORD- muck up a conversion, on a RS Mueller III witness, getting harassed over that, locally, hey now!

We see Eagles metas and local dude metas, in the last two big sleeper
cell attacks.

Eagles include MVHS Eags Ted Templeman, a music biz ripper, unseen but large.

Shucks, when your number's up, it's up, then, or maybe it's a Stones knock-off.

WTF is Lani doing, leaving you in charge of something or anything?

============================ ==


Sure, I've been "annoyed," before, Reenies.

You happen to be someone, with intent, to annoy, illegally, all going on.

Want to describe that, more thoroughly, you lumpy, baiting moron?

Pfreudian Pfishing during Pfraud, I'd first-guess.



And then OLYMPIA happened:

This Olympia attack is ominous.

It likely reinforces already decided points of attack, in the USA.

Say, you probably need to stop getting the girls to slug down that green death beverage.

You drink green death, up there in Seattle.

And then, there's the mountain. It will blow up, all over you.

So why in heck are you in contempt of court, in California, and you don't even mind, 40 floors up, inciting riot, all over the world, from

Irene can't even get me a motel, and I'm getting ready for a shower, after all.

And I should have been a resident of Santa Cruz, with successful
expungement AND a settlement, by 2015.

What went haywire, Lani Dalrymple?

You and Nancy Aldritt being out-there O.C. dykes means big football and big trouble, both. OR DON'T YOU GET IT ABOUT SONNY DYKES BEING MORE THAN A GOOD FOOTBALL COACH, but also, he's a media person, of your personal destiny?

You will get rolled up, Lani. Heard of it? Cal rooting section calls
for this, at Memorial Stadium, during slack moments.

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 EntryNo: 3411
 Date: Friday
11:24 AM
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Wells Fargo evidently has been pushing sub-prime loans on the "mud people" in Baltimore. They called them "ghetto loans" and I assume the "mud people" are African American who are descendants of the slaves that got Wells Fargo started in the first place.
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 EntryNo: 3410
 Date: Thursday
02:13 PM
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Admin, hahahahaha, JJ Kapp of Alternate Defender SCC go boo-boo!

Those darned BOB GAEBLER posts about athletic Wells Fargo collusion and racketeering seem to lead right to JJ KAPP, as possible interstate co-defendant, but wait.

He's got a PRODIGY, Ben Stewart of the Public Defender, or PDO, re C1634716:

Hi, Ben and Sarah PDO/SCC,

No supervision, after THREE DAYS OF CONTROVERSY? OK, check wellsfargosucks.com and Google+ for your details.

Doink. Your guy or gal doesn't have to run against Mr.Simitian, OK? Get 'em.

I see I've filled you two in on quite a lot!

Early on, I mentioned a C.O. Signorino-led maiming a received, during a known false arrest and report, by MVPD, then released, to beg a report, by two SJPD cops; this is September or October 2004, then to habeas, but Palo Alto Division simply did not continue.

ALL THAT MISCONDUCT LED TO NEEDLESS DEATHS, SINCE, but you guys just continue shit, at me, while failing to report anything, INCLUDING I am a Riders victim.

You and your psychiatrist seem to want to take me for a ride. And wtf about no CNN New Day Sleeper Cell reports OR cases? No wonder you churning assclowns got Sharia.

You need to tell D48, before I do it, about conspiring, to cheat discovery, such as NOW.

When I got stomped, at Main Jail intake, SIGNORINO, WHEELER, et al gathered, around the surly female interviewer, and then Signorino threatened me and jacked me, wrecking my right arm, with a break or two and lasting tendon damage, which I feel.

When I was finally cuffed, Wheeler shoved me forward by the wrist-shackles or back and then stomped on my shackles, alternately, trying to make me fall, after Signorino broke my right arm, trashed it, variously, and broke my right front tooth, since fixed.

What's this shit, about a shrink getting in the way of, Robert S. Mueller III AND be nice to straight-thinkers, for you all, cheating us nice people and such, to victimize us, repeatedly, for lingering Wells Fargo?

You get right to D48 and tell the court Wells Fargo is up to no good, while illegally proximate, and I also am due a FAST report, so the DA is in aggravated contempt, for the Mueller sedition and federal contempt, while trying to help racketeer at me, for Wells Fargo, DURING THEIR BRAZEN 2016 SHOVE, FOR TOTAL CONVERSION, OF THE RSG SNT, illegally held by Lani Dalrymple and Nancy Aldritt, scofflaw W/F VPs.

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 EntryNo: 3409
 Date: Tuesday
05:56 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko JJ
Mozilla United Kingdom
ADMIN: Please delete all of the Bob Gaebler posts they are ruining this site and making sure this site doesn't show up in search results...
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 EntryNo: 3408
 Date: Tuesday
11:06 AM
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Wells Fargo has me homeless, during a security hassle, for which I am material witness, so I posted this at Google+ Carson Palmer, working THEN, for the Oakland Raiders:

Damn! FB won't let me in, during denial of service, so I am supposed to recognize "friends'" pictures, even if they are landscapes.

Since security issues are heating up, do you REALLY want to host the Pats down there in Arizona, on September 11, 2016, given you all went FB, so no Palmer AZ Cards G+ is up, and FB is punk, DURING THE CNN NEW DAY SLEEPER CELL ATTACKS, expected as an AQ reply to the ISIS attack in Orlando, recently.

My take on this is the hot target is YOUR upcoming NFL opener, when the Cardinals host New England in Glendale.

Now why would SB50 halftime go over all that cold plagiarism, but I don't get paid, to work security, yet?

That's a far throw, there. See why FB punk is inconvenient, with Orlando and Ramadan past, accurate fire is happening, and then, without a better Pat Tillman re-write, the crickets will start chirping, out of season, in ARIZONA.

Don't be like that battleship.

You know the one!

Erin O'Neill IPA/SJ and Ofc.Mark Mabanag IA/SJPD:

When I typed up that now-denied out-of-hand C1634716 habeas petition, in JUNE, I did not know Orlando Massacre shooter Omar Mateen was an I.S. agent and that my buddy from the 1980s, PAT WILDER was certainly intended as one of the facial recognition components, with CNN Nude Day Sleeper Cell Attack-evocative ANDREW MARTINEZ, the late Naked Guy, from Cupertino and CAL, into a naked state.

But this was California, with a lot of jurisdictions, and all are
corrupt, with naked greed, evident, here continued, severally, in actually related, CHURNED CASES.

The Orlando event happened the way it happened because the criminal misconduct riot that led to failure of the FBI to stop 911 is the same riot, preventing intervention in D48 OR FRIEND OF COURT, in the current matter, while the Public Defender is now late, at contacting me, by e-mail, as promised, but now, circumstances have changed, to the Public Defender has deliberately become an illegal interest, proposing to appoint another illegal interest, a psychiatrist, WHEN DISCOVERY HAS BEEN DELIBERATELY AND TREACHEROUSLY DELAYED FIVE MONTHS, SINCE THE FEBRUARY 25TH INCIDENT BEFORE THIS NOW DERELICT COURT OF FRAUD.

Without an evening investigation or four, since my delayed May 21 arrest, by MVPD, now a further subject of IA, up here, D48 is illegally continued, FIVE MONTHS, without a discovery hearing.

A psychiatrist may not serve, who knows APS publishes 800-414-2002, which the Public Defender knew, when it cut in on my habeas petition, without contacting me, by today.

This un-named doctor is now an illegal interest, in a county which has no SSA overseer, for HHS, where all know APS is a fraud, during a violent Wells Fargo conversion scam, now floundering BECAUSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SUCCESSFULLY MURDERED, DURING D48's UNDISCOVERED TIMELINE, while abuse of this undiscovered information has been deployed, up and down VTA, for FIVE MONTHS, leading to numerous assaults, batteries, and attempted rundowns, for which no SCC or inferior agent will accept a report, KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC DEFENDER, now cheating D48 of discovery, for the DA and all so contaminated.

Bust a move, Erin O'Neill.

Get the Bar Association, NOW.

The trend of attacks, incited in part by SCC and inferiors will be to come west, featuring accurate fire, then WILDER fires, than before, and if no improvement in the Pat Tillman story, or if no CNN New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks OR my facts of fraud and contempt, the NFL should not open, on Sunday September 11, for cause, for discovery, in any court.


Or we know which county and city want to get really sued down, by Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, and more at the door.

Hell yeah I want to sue!


I can help.

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 EntryNo: 3407
 Date: Monday
09:23 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America

Public Defender cut through my habeas petition, to order an eval, on a case that is TOO LATE, as in illegally continued, by all degrees of corruption, now.

That seems to have all come to pass because Lani would not have me in
Santa Cruz or at The Woods, in San Jose, down 1st, toward Santa Cruz,
WAY BACK IN FEBRUARY 2016, prior to me getting slammed and crammed and
abused, at The Contemporary Victorians, a witness to dependent adult and animal aggravated abuse, then to be assaulted, by a CSG mob, where in front of SJSU campus police at King Library, SJPD would not send
more than MILLER, a play on my suppressed witness, against seditious

Then, by MILLER's illegal order, for neglect, he told me I could not
reside at TCV, 98 N.5th St., to then become homeless, not in San Jose,
where Lani Dalrymple of SNT Seattle and David Silva wanted me, but in
Mtn.View, with my BFF Senor Chavez, who seems to thrive, if I feed

He's part tabby-American shorthair, really good, Manx-affected shape
and all, awesomeness, with fur, on there. Funny as shit about being

BUT HE'S STRICT. Don't be harboring agendas on me or Senor Chavez, por favor.

He's like Santa Claws. He knows when you've been bad stanks, and if he knows, SO DO ISIS AND AQ, doinks.

Heard of Santa Cruz or CAPITOLA? I suggest a safe move, over there, for cause.

Yeah, dykes? Don't! And already called OUT, for sending David Silva
back at me!

YOU ARE OUT, WHEN YOU NEGLECT AS MUCH AS YOU HAVE, vis baseball, now moving out of All-Star Break, for MLB.

When Orlando shooter Omar Mateen looks like Andrew Martinez had one with Pat Wilder of San Jose, oh wow, actually.

There will be WILDER-fires, this season, after the accurate fire
displays, then wildfire season will be upon us, with perhaps also accurate fire and worse, IEDs.

And then we get to make it through NFL Opening Day Sunday, 9/11/2016, with a very hot game, coming up from possible SB51 teams New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals, in Glendale Arizona, to kick off the final year in Glendale, before fresh Tempe.

But since I AM a suppressed Bataclan and New Day Sleeper Cell Attacks
and Robert S.Mueller III victim-witness, I suppose the reason I never
made it to Santa Cruz was YOU KEEP PRETENDING SAN JOSE IS FOR TRANSIENT RESIDENCE, when you both -BADWORD- up permanent residence plans, Lani at The Woods, Irene at Westwinds.

So no more delays, at SANTA CRUZ, for me and Hugo since there are rents avialable.

GO GET ONE, or buy the shed, and pay the rent, at Anza Park or somewhere.

I just appeared before Judge Bernal, and the Public Defender cut in on
my habeas, so since he claimed he had not read it, beforehand, his office fails any test, of competent representation, by several ethical
degrees, from public service, to public safety and trust, of a court
officer, to report APS issues, MANDATED.

So when part of my habeas corpus was that IF the Public Defender wished to remain ethical, for cause, in my sight and knowledge, the Public Defender must hear habeas corpus and represent, AFTER the court rules on the issues, therein, INCLUDING LATE AND DELAYED KNOWN FALSE REPORTS, WARRANT, ARREST, AND CUSTODY, intended to injure me and due process of law.

The Public Defender as BEN STEWART told me he would speak in court,
today, which was ex parte, before the bench, in low tones.

So I am to appear again, 8/14/16, 1:30 PM.

The cut-in by Ben Stewart means HE NEEDS TO E-MAIL ME AND TAKE HIS
CONFERENCE MEDICINE, now that Erin O'Neill did not friend, and San
Jose did not intervene, in some way, to let all this continue and continue and continue, abusively.

And nobody thinks he has to fix APS or their ADA or their reporting or their fraudulent 800-414-2002 hotline, to NEW JERSEY, which lets all conversion criminals, from my family, the actually illegal, now badly contaminated Robert S.Gaebler Special Needs Trust, which has served as
illegal object, for overt acts by Wells Fargo and Co.Santa Clara, ad

As criminal media, it must cease.

What's for Subies, Lani Dalrymple?

Because you are Nancy's stolid protege, you need to get me that WRX
5-door, as when you won't budge, I can later, with turbo and Hugo.

The AQ outcome for us, out west won't be good or sweet, at all.

Stop throwing up so many hot numbers, -BADWORD- AND GERMS.

When Ben Stewart starts getting these e-mails, I suppose I will let you off my mailers, Erin. But you or San Jose should have put a stop, to that churn, going on, between the now illegally-interested Public Defender and illegally continued DA, which now needs to purge, in all directions, for massive contempt and Bar Court trials, NOW.

Shit, Benji.

Anyway, since he can be presumed familiar, with JJ KAPP, ERIN O'NEILL,
and other attorneys, in the local system, Ben Stewart of the Public
Defender needs to address why that APS trouble happened, and that number hasn't cut through, while his tactical idea to replace civil rights objections, based on his obtuse position that habeas is for too
little, too late issues addresses NONE of the fatal errors, to the court, now injured by this illegally continued churning partner, to impress me, with illegal, deliberate, vindictive, malicious LATE ACTIVITIES, WITHOUT EVENING INVESTIGATIONS, now neglected in several illegally continued, churned courts.

So we wait, for the Public Defender to e-mail me, so I can let Erin go, form Bcc, since there will be an attorney with duties, sufficient to if he does not serve up contempt motions, in one quick hurry, we have federal kidnapping issues, imposed on D48, by the illegal joinder of now illegally continued Public Defender, to illegally continued DA/SCC, to introduce a court-appointed psychiatrist, where the APS is
taken out, by service denial contemnors, neglected, evading review,
and ABSCONDING, at this time.

And YES, Omar Mateen did observe more Ramadan than I did.

He DID know that immediately, Omar Habbas and SALA would deny legal assistance.

He DID know homosexuals were incited to attack me and then perjure,
for Robert S.Mueller III, during delayed informations, featuring a
false report set of fabricated evidence, destroyed, then after
vindictive superseding information, a second set was fabricated, not at all like the first set, entered into evidence, to secure conviction, destroyed after trial, and then the corrupt attorneys of Mueller's USA/SF-tainted 9th padded and churned, including Daniel Horowitz and Peter Robinson, somewhat infamous.

When there is a CONVERSION going on, the perverts doing the conversion
cost-loop need to -BADWORD- off and get to SANTA CRUZ or CAPITOLA, plus WRX, since Irene is always about to fart and Mr.Keenan will appear, and I'll think badly of Irene, WAY BADLY.

What do you have for THAT amount of BAD, Lani? I suggest WRX 5-door,
or get this steamlined, from Nancy Allshit, down to my local W/F branch, NOW.

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 EntryNo: 3406
 Date: Monday
03:49 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:47.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/47.0 Shawn
Firefox United States of America
Wells Fargo recently ruined my credit by denying payment to a credit card company twice in one month. The credit card company cancelled my account and reported it to the credit reporting agencies. I found customer service and a banker at a local Wells Fargo to be rude, empathetic, heartless, and just out right mean. They claimed that I stopped payment three years ago. They were half correct. I stopped A (as in one) payment, not for eternity. What's worse is that I had been paying the credit card out of my Wells Fargo checking account for three years after a single stop payment. Then out of the clear blue Wells Fargo decided not to pay the credit card company because of the single stop payment three years ago. When I asked about this I was told that I authorized the stop payment so Wells Fargo did no wrong. When I asked how come they had been paying for three years after the stop payment request, they couldn't give me an answer.
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 EntryNo: 3405
 Date: Thursday
11:07 AM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.103 Safari/537.36 Bob Gaebler
Safari United States of America
Why is Wells Fargo allowed to hack my Robert S. Gaebler Special Needs Trust, with Co.Santa Clara?

You -BADWORD-s incited famous violence, since I'm a suppressed material witness, to several famous issues, neglected.

BUT WHEN NANCY ALLSHIT IN WALNUT CREEK IS A -BADWORD- CRIMINAL, HANDING OFF, TO ANOTHER -BADWORD- CRIMINAL, HER PROTEGE, LANI DALRYMPLE, OF SNT SEATTLE, and this continues, forever, this is because you lezzies must be all up to kill a usual 64-y.o., never mind the animal abuse, on the side, to Hugo, my cat.

You punks in Seattle and SF Bay Area definitely hit the queer button, too hard and too often, so ORLANDO.

You didn't get wildfires, so you incited some direct fire, lately.

There will be more wildfires, -BADWORD-s.

Then there's NFL OPENING SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016.

You have to be a pretty serious -BADWORD-, to NOT get footballs, to John Brinkus, all at once, and then you did SB50 halftime about how you have been ripping, HARD, since Brad and the Steelers were doing SBs.

You have to be a serious -BADWORD-!

You made everything into derivative SHIT, -BADWORD-s.

Your shit-souffle is always about to -BADWORD- out and flop.

Wells Fargo funds the whole -BADWORD-!

Wells Fargo gets to grind us seniors, with punks, up 40 floors, in Seattle, and never -BADWORD- mind the AQ, at bat.

Excuse me, but dykes don't just ride BIKES.

They like to drive on up, with some vehicle, with a spotter nearby, and when the spotter sees me, the dyke in the vehicle will gun it at me, but you know?

Even if I'm on a scooter or something, the -BADWORD- won't get it done, on the hunt!

But you -BADWORD-ons didn't count on Islam throwing in, did you.

You just thought you were George Lucas' downlow problem, in the movies, right? RIGHT?


And here be dykes, in the USA, for Francis Catholic paradise, all organized crime, not else.

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 EntryNo: 3404
 Date: Wednesday
11:12 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.103 Safari/537.36 John Rockafella
Safari United States of America
I lost my job and had just enough to pay for my discover card monthly bill. I called Wells Fargo twice and Discover card twice to double check on each end. Discover got the $95 payment yet wells said my account was up to date. 3 days later they Wells took the money out and dumped my account into -$99. What am I going to do? I was supposed to be $30 over. I was depressed and wanted to get a cheeseburger and fries but I GOT DECLINED AT BURGER KING. These banks and our "system' is out of control. I am beyond fed up. I am angry. What would happen if everyone who made less than 50k a yr just walked away from these corrupt corps. What would they do if they couln't take our money? Forced to be fair?
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 EntryNo: 3403
 Date: Monday
04:03 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/46.0.2486.0 Safari/537.36 Edge/13.10586 Al Turner
Safari United States of America
On Dec 25 2012 I suffered. And within a 2 1/2 year period I had 5 heart attacks, 2 open heart surgeries, 3 strokes, and appox 40 stents put in my body. We went thru our life savings and had nothing left. Wells (HOUND AND STEAL FROM YOU) Fargo called me 3 times a day and my wife that had just lost her job Wells (HOUND AND STEAL FROM YOU)Fargo called her 3 times a day as well. That is 30 calls per week. And we was only 2 payments behind.. I to those SORRY HOUNDS my health issues and their response was (QUOTE WORD FOR WORD) Mr. Turner your health issues is no concern of ours and you need to get caught up on your payments now make your payments or LOOSE your house !!!!!
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