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 EntryNo: 3269
 Date: Wednesday
11:13 PM
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 EntryNo: 3268
 Date: Monday
05:49 PM
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 EntryNo: 3267
 Date: Monday
08:40 AM
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So i was changing the overdraft protection b/c it would charge me over CENTS PENNIES TO BE EXACT and saw they came out with a new one where it transfers funds from savings to checkings. Thought it was awesome cuz i wouldnt have to waste time transferring once i ran out of money. I somehow started losing my savings faster than i thought. A week later i see that i got hit with fees for every transaction made that had to be transferred WITH MY OWN MONEY. I am so done with wells fargo. once im sure everything has come through i am done. Sadly i'm stuck with their cc and has to get a school loan. my paycheck is definetly not going top stick with them tho.
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 EntryNo: 3266
 Date: Saturday
09:39 PM
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I hate WELLS FARGO with a passion. My husband and I were approved for our Loan,.... All throughout this ordeal I'm pregnant with our daughter...
***during this time I was under a lot of stress, in the beginning I was threatening a miscarriage, and by the end, I had developed preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure, during the last trimester of your pregnancy***...
- Anyways, we were set to close on May 28th, 2015, we moved into our new mobile home on May 22, a few days before closing ....may 28th came, we didn't close, the underwriter that had our loan was still requesting information..
, got a 2nd closing date of June 6th, then June 8th...we didn't close on neither days. By this time im out on maternity leave and on July 3rd , we welcomed our baby girl Avery into this world. Months pass, I never heard from anyone regarding the loan/loan process....
somehow the UW that was working on our loan mysteriously got fired, a new UW picked up our loan... He started requesting the same information our previous UW had asked for... Submitted everything
(paperwork legal docs etc) once again...
Over the next few months I NEVER heard a word from our mortgage lender nor loan processor.
January 8th, I received an email that stated..."You guys should've gotten an Denial letter in the mail"... I asked , a denial letter for what, ....she said your landlord said you guys were behind on rent and that KILLED THE LOAN... * our previous landlord said we had gotten behind 3-4 months rents, which is a total crock of shit... We were just ready to leave that dump. * So I emailed her back and asked, why didn't they contact us, we could've provided the receipts... So basically we got denied because of a "SIMPLE LIE"!!!
I'm out luck, out of money, and now after being in our home for the last past 8 months, WE ARE OUT OF A HOME!!!
I'm at a total and utter lost for words.. How in the hell did all this happen. Now all of a sudden no ones knows nothing..
My question is if we were days away from closing, then why didn't they just pick up, were the old UW left off??? And close on the set date of May 28, 2015...What happened to the old UW, why was she fired???
The loan processors voicemail states, that he no longer is affiliated with that department, where is he now????
If we were APPROVED then why get DENIED at the last minute???
Why didn't they ask for documentation regarding my rent???
They screwed us over, so at least you guys, can give us some answers!!!!
I mean that's the least they can do, I mean my credit score was pretty decent, now I can't even buy attention. But I will get to the bottom of this , one way or the other.
Warm regards
LaKeisha Jones Stokes

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 EntryNo: 3265
 Date: Saturday
05:55 PM
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My personal and business accounts as well as my adult son's account have all been closed. They will not state why, but offered bogus excuses (like $$ owed or non-existent collection, stating accounts were delinquent and then having to acknowledge they were paid in full). I believe some of this could be discriminatory or ANTI-SEMITIC.

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 EntryNo: 3264
 Date: Thursday
10:41 PM
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They -BADWORD- suck. I had PayPal apparently try and take money from my bank account twice, the bank said no twice, and I still got charged 2 $35 overcharge fees with no exceptions. It's ridiculous. They lost no money yet they still charge me $70 for some bs
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 EntryNo: 3263
 Date: Tuesday
02:56 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 9_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0 Mobile/13C75 Safari/601.1 Peter
Safari United States of America
Those -BADWORD-s charge me $7.50 to cash a check written to me from one of my clients. If my bank ever charged someone money to cash a check on an account that I held with them I would drop them in a minute. Wells Fargo sucks!
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 EntryNo: 3262
 Date: Wednesday
12:52 AM
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Safari United States of America
I can not stress to anyone looking to buy a house enough, to not go through Wells Fargo. Our close date has been pushed back 4 times now. We have been done on our end for a month now, but because the underwriter can't seem to make it to work to finalize everything, we may possibly loose the house. This has been going on since the beginning of October. PLEASE do not do business with them. They are horrible and don't care at all about the stress they have put us through. Then today we get an e mail stating the underwriter didn't catch a mistake on the appraisal that was done back in October and it needs to be corrected...irate doesn't even begin to explain my anger.
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 EntryNo: 3261
 Date: Monday
08:04 PM
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If I'd sum up my experience with this bank with a single word, it would be HASSLE. Transfering funds from an external account is an adventure. There are constant random charges that occur and go away as you complain. If you want to talk to them over the phone, it will at least take you 20 minutes. They seems clueless about the requirements of 21st century customer service and banking practices. I work with various banks and have excellent standing with all including WF. There are much better alternatives out there, this company is not worth your time.
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 EntryNo: 3260
 Date: Sunday
03:57 PM
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko Jeff Dimov
Mozilla United States of America
I discontinued the automatic payment option to pay my WF credit card payment from my WF checking account. About two weeks later they took out my credit card payment with no authorization. This is an illegal banking practice. I went to the branch and I had them call the credit card division and we told them that the payment was taken out and there was no authorization for that withdraw from my checking account. At the time this all started I was current on payments. I also have a Mortgage with WF. I had previously had a business account and paid to use their payroll services from the business account also. No late payments on the mortgage or the business account which has since been closed by me. The following month they did the same exact thing. The stole money out of my checking account with no authorization. Then the 3rd month in a row They did it again only this time I did not put any money in the account for them to take. They took money out that was not even there. They created a negative balance. They (CC division) threatened to close my checking account and report me. Then the Closed my checking account which has at least 600 dollars in rewards associated with it. The balance was about -461 dollars. So they report me for the negative balance that they created by making an unauthorized withdrawal from my checking account. Now I go in to pay cash on my mortgage and I don't use that bank for anything else and I am being reported to the credit bureau for a negative balance and they put me in for collections on the checking account and the credit card. There has to be at least 3 illegal banking charges that they have committed against me. I don't know what to do to fight this issue and protect my credit. But these -BADWORD-s are out of control. The branch always act like they are concerned but they have zero power over the CC division apparently.
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